One thing you will find consistently across the various VPNs on the market is that many claim to have a no logging policy. However, not all of them have a Privacy Policy document that supports such claims. Often you will find inconsistencies between the promotional materials and the legalese.

Turbo VPN also claims to have no logging policy. We decided to take a deeper look at all of the publically-available information so as to make sure they can follow through.

What Turbo VPN Claims

Turbo VPN does seem like a VPN that takes privacy seriously. When you go on their website, you can see claims which are on par with the ones made by industry giants, such as NordVPN.

The Turbo VPN website does mention how you can use it to protect against everyone including the government. They assure you that you have a private internet connection but do not go into any technical details. The entire website is extremely vague, and it was hard to find any details about its security.

A deeper look at Turbo VPN reveals that there are lots of holes in their security. Let’s take a look at why Turbo VPN is probably not the right VPN if you want to keep your internet activity private.

China is a bad location for a VPN

Our initial assessment of Turbo VPN told us of one of its biggest flaws, the fact that China is where the company operates from. It is quite obvious to anyone that China is not the country well-known for its privacy. In fact, their Great Firewall is one of the best internet censors in the world.

Because Turbo VPN is from China, it is not a far-fetched assumption that the Chinese government could order them to spy on anyone they please. Although the chances of the Chinese government wanting to spy on you are minimal, the fact that Turbo VPN has no control over their own data if the government tries to step in does not look good for their logging policy.

It is very difficult to find Turbo VPN’s Privacy Policy

During our time researching and testing VPNs, we have come across many a terrible service. However, one thing that even the most obvious scam artists do is provide a link to their Privacy Policy page in their website footer.

We were really curious when we realized that there was no link to the Turbo VPN Privacy Policy on their website. Anyone can claim to not log your data on their website, but the Privacy Policy is a document which can be used in civil lawsuits and not having one is not an option.

Eventually, we did manage to find the Privacy Policy. And let’s just say that Turbo VPN’s logging practices are beyond questionable – they have good reason to hide their Privacy Policy.

Dissecting Turbo VPN’s Privacy Policy

Once we managed to find the Privacy Policy, we began to break it down to answer the nagging question: “Does Turbo VPN keep logs?”

Basically, there are a total of 3 ways your VPN provider can keep your data. One of them is through the information you provide yourself when you register for their service. Another one is through the data collected about you from your browser through the use of cookies. The last one (and the most important) is the data collected when you are actually connected to their VPN server.

Turbo VPN logging during sessions

When VPN providers log your data without telling you, their Privacy Policies can be quite vague so as to trick you into believing that none of your data is retained. Although it does seem like Turbo VPN does not record which websites you visit, it does log a ton of data including your ISP and IP address.

On top of this, there is a clause in their Privacy Policy that allows them to use your personal information for whatever purpose they wish. When you sign up to use their service, you are essentially agreeing to this stipulation.

Data collected through their website

As we have stated above, the company behind Turbo VPN is allowed to use your personal information for whatever purpose they wish. Although there is no way to prove this, we would not be surprised if Turbo VPN sells your information to advertisers so as to generate revenue.

Does Turbo VPN keep logs for law enforcement?

Considering the fact that Turbo VPN is based in China, we are not surprised at all that Turbo VPN does agree to provide as much information as they can to the authorities.


To sum it all up, Turbo VPN is definitely logging a lot more data than they should. Although this is not the worst logging policy we have seen, Turbo VPN is not the VPN for you if you want a VPN that absolutely guarantees your privacy.

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