Kodi is probably the world’s number one entertainment streaming app, allowing TV owners to turn their sets into portals, leading to a vast library of entertaining content. From the latest movies and TV shows to sports and classics, it’s all there for Kodi fans to enjoy.

However, it’s also vital to use Kodi safely. Kodi is regularly under attack from law enforcement bodies and copyright holders, so users should always keep their activity as private as possible – and that’s where Virtual Private Networks like NordVPN come in handy.

What makes a NordVPN Kodi combination so appealing?

NordVPN is one of the world’s leading VPNs, offering over 5400 servers, superfast speeds, 256-bit AES encryption, unbeatable IP leak protection, and plenty of additional features that make it easy to use, fast, and effective.

But it also offers specific benefits for Kodi users which set it apart from the crowd. Zero logging and full anonymization mean that whatever you stream via Kodi boxes will remain confidential. So you can add whatever movie and TV libraries you prefer, and forget about falling victim to copyright enforcement. The same applies to sports events, such as English Premiere League fixtures or Test cricket.

The software used by NordVPN is totally suited to Kodi’s interface, with a seamless setup and the kind of client even entry-level users will be able to use.

So how can you set up NordVPN on Kodi? Let’s dive into the specifics and help you protect your streaming with the best VPN available.

How to install NordVPN on Kodi: a step by step guide

If you like the sound of using NordVPN for Kodi streaming, it’s not hard to create a working configuration. But you do have to follow certain steps in sequence. And if you make the wrong setup decisions, the quality of your protection may suffer, so try to get everything right.

1. Download the NordVPN client

Before doing anything else, you’ll need to purchase a subscription for NordVPN and download the client. When it comes to the payment, you can make anonymous transactions using cryptocurrency, or use standard credit cards among other options – it’s up to you.

When choosing a package, it makes sense to buy for the long term. Monthly prices dip dramatically when you opt for long-term plans. Moreover, NordVPN offers a generous 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can redeem it if you aren’t 100% satisfied.

At this stage, you have a couple of installation options which we’ll look at in turn.

2. Set up NordVPN on Kodi via the NordVPN client

The first option is to use the NordVPN client. This is the simpler of the two options and works well if Kodi is installed on your desktop or laptop.

  1. Download the NordVPN client.
  2. Open the client and enter your NordVPN login details. Do not open Kodi before the VPN as this could compromise your IP protection.
  3. Choose a server that suits your needs. If you want to work around geo-blocking, try servers in other parts of the world.
  4. When the connection has been established, simply minimize the client and fire up Kodi. You should now enjoy total IP leak protection and NordVPN Kodi encryption.

3. Use the VPN Manager to install NordVPN for Kodi

The second route is to use Kodi’s own software to integrate NordVPN into your streaming. This option is the one to choose if you have Kodi installed on a box or other digital device. It’s a little more complex, but if you follow the guidelines below you should be fine.

  1. The first step is to download the Zomboided Repository, which includes the VPN Manager. You should be able to find the files you need here, where they are stored in .zip format.
  2. When the .zip has been downloaded, transfer it to a USB stick and plug the stick into your Kodi device.
  3. Now, load up the Kodi front end and navigate to the Add-Ons menu.
  4. You should see a box-like icon in the top left. This is the package installer icon, and you’ll need to click on it.
  5. On the next menu, choose the option to Install from zip file
  6. When the select file menu appears, head to the USB stick and choose the Zomboided .zip file.
  7. Choose Install from repository -> Zomboided add on repository -> Services -> VPN manager for OpenVPN.
  8. Now click the Install option and the VPN manager will be added to Kodi.
  9. Return to the Kodi front page and navigate to the Add-Ons menu again. Now, choose the Settings menu.
  10. At this menu, you can enter your NordVPN login details and toggle a few protocol options (don’t worry about them for now).
  11. When you’ve entered your login details, press OK. Now head to the VPN connections menu and choose First VPN Connection.
  12. Your NordVPN details should then be validated, and you can pick a server that suits your needs.

You should now be up and running and fully protected by NordVPN Kodi encryption. As we said earlier, the second option is much more complex and time-consuming, but it is definitely preferable for most Kodi users. This way, whenever you load Kodi, your VPN protection will be automatically triggered. So you won’t need to remember to load up NordVPN every time you want to stream an episode of your favorite show.

Why should you use NordVPN for your Kodi streaming?

Now that we know how to install NordVPN on Kodi, it’s important to reiterate how valuable VPN protection can be. Many of the addons used by Kodi skirt the borders of illegality, and there is always a security risk involved in using them. With a VPN, that risk is massively reduced.

And when you bundle in the opportunity to work around geo-blockers, having a reliable VPN is simply a no-brainer.

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