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In sleep he sang to me
In dreams he came
That voice which calls to me

And speaks my name
And do I dream again?
For now I find
The Phantom of the Opera is there
Inside my mind

Not everyone can be the Phantom of the Opera, but everyone can be an Online Phantom. Is Avira the best choice for this role? Our casting crew breaks it down in this Avira Phantom VPN review.

Avira Phantom

Avira comes in Free and Pro versions. The difference is an added kill-switch, tech support, unlimited volume (The Free version gives 500 MB/month, which means no streaming/torrenting whatsoever), and Wi-Fi encryption.

Security is questionable with Avira (the majority of its servers being in 14-Eyes countries), but it states that it doesn’t log traffic or IPs.

This VPN doesn’t offer blistering speeds, but if you choose nearby servers, they’re enough for online gaming and streaming. Others provide less than acceptable ping and speed. The worst part is that there are only 82 servers in 27 countries.

The pricing model is great because the Avira Phantom VPN free version is the same as the Pro version save for the Kill-switch and Support, therefore, what you see is what you pay for (WYSIWYPF). The prices themselves, though, are less than great. For $10/month or $6.5/month (paid annually) you can get a way more powerful VPN which would also support multiple devices. Avira is available on the four main platforms (Windows, Android, Mac, iOS) and also has a Chrome plugin.

Netflix support is an on and off thing, so if it worked with the Free version, it might not work with Pro a few weeks after you paid for the whole year.

This VPN is easy to use, but the main point is you will have difficulties using it for Netflix, torrenting or online gaming. Netflix support is an on and off thing, so if it worked with the Free version, it might not work with Pro a few weeks after you paid for the whole year. As for torrenting and online gaming, it’s fine until you need to connect to more distant servers. But since the upload speed is sub-par, heavy torrenting can be an issue. Using Avira Phantom when in China provides mixed results at best, and you should rather choose one of the best VPN services. Finally, their support is limited, with no live chat option even with the Pro version.

Feel free to try out the free version, and if you like what you get – buy it to get the kill switch enabled. Using a VPN without one simply beats the purpose.

Security: Is Avira Phantom VPN safe to use?

This Avira Phantom VPN review focuses on security as the key VPN feature. We firmly believe that if a certain product fails to get a good grade, it can be recommended only to a small batch of users with specific needs.

Security features

Avira bolsters AES-256 encryption with SHA-512, using an industry standard OpenVPN security protocol. You couldn’t expect less from a company that offers multiple security solutions. Yet you would expect some more information about the protocols, not just the chance to configure them. For Mac and iOS, it uses L2TP/IPSec, considered a bit less safe because of Edward Snowden speculating about the NSA finding how to crack it. Also, L2TP/IPSec is slower and more easily blocked by firewalls when compared to the OpenVPN.

Our tests for DNS (Avira has its own DNS and supports both IPv4 and IPv6) and WebRTC leaks ended up with negative results which is a positive thing for Avira and its users.

The kill switch is available with the paid version. This kill switch ensures that your IP will not be revealed if the VPN connection drops, meaning you should use the free version only to test Avira VPN and see if it’ll be good enough for you as a paid service.

Installing Phantom also means installing a kind of Avira Software Manager for all their apps.

There are no anti-malware or ad-blocking features but, as a security software company, Avira offers many other solutions for that. It could, however, do this in a slightly less intrusive manner – installing Phantom also means installing a kind of Avira Software Manager for all their apps. And of course, you have grey areas with an “Install” call-to-action button for each missing piece, tickling that collect-them-all nerve in you.

Legal context

Legal jurisdiction

38. At first, this might look like a decent number of locations, but when you check the countries they are in, the situation worsens. 12 are in the US, and nine more are from the 14-eyes group, meaning more than half of the servers have privacy concerns because of the government surveillance. If you’re lucky, there’s about a 5% chance you’ll be using Romanian or Swiss servers (these countries are known for having more active data protection measures).

And since the main office of Avira is in Germany, you can be sure they can be compelled to transfer anything “suspicious” to their partners. There are also tidbits of information that Avira’s US-based department covers users in Canada and the US, meaning their data can end up in a totally different and not the most VPN-friendly climate.

Privacy policy

Avira states that they do not track what sites you visit, your virtual or real IPs or “any information that can link you to any action, such as downloading a file or visiting a particular website.” But they do track “diagnostic data,” such as bugs, though you can switch this off. What you have to live with is them knowing whether you’re a free or paid user and the amount of data you use.

We can say they’re pretty fair about their policies. Yet we must mention a few caveats.

First, they log bandwidth (they must do that at least for the Free version where it’s limited). Then, Avira logs your online presence which is said to be necessary for billing, but we see no apparent reason to do that.

What’s more, your personal data from surveys (product satisfaction, etc.) is pseudonymized before being sent to Avira’s partner, SurveyMonkey (SurveyMonkey Europe UC).

This sounds pretty weird because survey data can and should be fully anonymized, except you explicitly allowed your account data to be linked to your survey data. So you can only be happy that Avira is trying to protect you from third-parties, such as SurveyMonkey. But after the survey results come in, they can and do label you as an (un)satisfied customer and target their marketing efforts accordingly. Thank you for participating!

Although the VPN itself doesn’t log that much data (only timestamps and bandwidth), Avira is legally obliged to collect other kinds of information about you, such as accounting documents. Here are two quotes from their Privacy Policy:

However, we would like to point out that we are legally obliged to store certain data for longer periods of time (e.g. the retention periods for accounting documents are currently 10 years (The Fiscal Code of Germany)).


Additionally, we would like to point out that we are able to block your data immediately but due to technical restrictions it may take up to 180 days to permanently delete your data, provided there are no legal obligations and statutory rights preventing deletion.

This probably means that after your request the company has six months to do whatever it wants with your data before it’s gone (forever?).

To conclude, our answer to the question is Avira Phantom VPN safe is simple: there are clearly safer alternatives to Avira – VPN services offering better privacy and security.

Avira Phantom VPN Speed and Performance

Avira Phantom VPN speed test was made from Europe with a 75 Mbps no-VPN connection.

The Free version speed test turned out to be quite OK with nearby servers. The trans-Atlantic situation is much worse, though. Below are our 3 Free version tests for the USA, Singapore, and Germany.

Avira Phantom VPN Speed in USA

The ping score is quite bad, so you might run into problems when gaming. Same goes for HD or 4K streaming – the download rate of 27 Mbps is just above the required 25 Mbps to make sure your NASCAR vehicles do not slow down before the finish line.

Avira Phantom VPN Speed in Turkey

Ping score is atrocious, meaning gamers will be aiming at an enemy who has already shot them. Upload speed is abysmal. Download speed quite surprised us, though, so chances are you’re ready for streaming Tokyo Olympics 2020.

Avira Phantom VPN Speed in Germany

Surprise surprise, the best numbers we got came from Germany. A ping score of 47 ms and 50+ Mbps ups and downs means you can blame only yourself after losing that WoW PvP, and streaming your favorite movie at 4K means the only way you will experience stuttering is if you’re streaming The King’s Speech. Speaking of movies, we have a separate chapter about how Phantom fares with Netflix and other streaming services.

The Avira Phantom VPN Pro version test results turn out to be quite the same, with a 35% drop-off in speed which is not that uncommon among the most popular VPNs. So as our tests for this Avira Phantom VPN review have shown, this happens to be an average-to-fast VPN. Yet the reader has to be aware that multiple factors, such as location, time, and equipment, can either improve or diminish the aforementioned results.

How to download and install it

The Avira website is user-friendly and doesn’t attack the visitor with technical mumbo-jumbo. This also means that advanced users will have to dig deeper to get the technical answers they’re looking for.

download avira phantom

Downloading and installing the Free version is too easy for us to go into detail. During the installation, the Wizard offers additional software like the Software Updater that checks if all your software is up to date. You should probably skip this by clicking “Skip” on the top right (which is almost invisible).

Sadly, it also installs a general Avira Software Manager, which really acts like bloatware. Don’t be surprised – you’re also a happy Identity Scanner owner now, never having been given the option to disown.

install avira phantom vpn

And the saddest part is that you cannot cut these benign lumps out because trying to do so prompts the message: “Phantom VPN is not self-sufficient and needs Avira Software Manager, so if you want to get rid of the latter, remove the former first.” That’s the price of the free software.

How to use it

Using the Free and Pro versions is pretty easy because there’s virtually only one important difference between them – the ‘Enabled’ button for turning on the kill switch, which in any case should be a mandatory feature for anyone seeking a decent VPN without indecent exposure.

Basically, you can just click the biggest button on the first screen (no need to bother about registration or anything) and wait for the connection to happen. You should bother checking the Settings though because by default you’ll be sending diagnostic data which doesn’t necessarily end up in Avira’s hands. Selecting specific servers is also possible if you want to manually search for a better connection.

How to use avira vpn

For this Avira Phantom VPN review, we’ve run tests on two Windows 10 laptops. Sadly, one was unable to launch the VPN – Avira gave no error message and just went back to the main screen as if the button had never been pushed.

We also had a couple of disconnects with the lucky laptop, so don’t be surprised if this happens to you. And if you’re not a Pro user – congratulations, you just got yourself exposed due to the lack of kill switch.

So I’d say that the main question is not how to use it, but why use it when there are better alternatives for almost the same amount of money?

Apps & Extensions

This VPN offers support for the four most popular platforms plus the Chrome browser:

  • Windows 7 and later.
  • Android (4.0.3+ not TVs)
  • Mac OSX 10.11 (El Capitan) or later
  • iOS  8 and later
  • Chrome (browser plugin for spoofing geo-location)

Routers and other network devices, like Smart TVs or game consoles, are not supported, though you can try to make it work if the device uses Android as some TVs do. Linux apps are not available either – you could probably guess that from the simple GUI.

This is the point where Apple users might think whether they want to spend money on a VPN with a protocol that offers less security and has almost the same price.

The most important differences between the Windows and Mac version is the protocol used. Windows has OpenVPN, while Mac and iOS offer L2TP/IPSec instead of the expected IKEv2/IPSec. This is the point where Apple users might think whether they want to spend money on a VPN with a protocol that offers less security and has almost the same price.

As for Android, it also has OpenVPN and all the features of Windows version, not that there’s a lot of them.

Streaming shows

Avira Phantom VPN Netflix support

Avira gives no guarantees and offers to try the free version first to see if you get the content you want. That’s fair play, considering that all VPNs have more or fewer problems with Netflix and its counterparts. In a perfect world, all VPN companies would be honest about being able to offer certain services for all servers around the globe. And until we live in it, the best option is to try the VPN and see for yourself.

Seeing that Avira can do the job was a surprise.

As the number of VPNs that allow access to the USA Netflix library is fluctuating but not increasing much, seeing that Avira can do the job was a surprise. We cannot say you will get the same results, but luckily there’s the Free version for you to see if the content is available and if the speed is good enough for streaming (reminder: you will probably not get more speed with a Pro version, just unlimited bandwidth). We are planning to update this Avira Phantom VPN review later on so you could see if there any changes with regards to Netflix.

If you need only Avira VPN Netflix support, choose monthly payments.

Before you decide to buy the Avira Phantom VPN Pro version, make sure to check if you have a good ping and download rate with Avira US servers, because those are what you will need to open the American treasure chest for you. And if you’re happy with the result, don’t make a mistake by trying to save some bucks with an annual plan. If you need only Avira VPN Netflix support, choose monthly payments, because the chances are you might not see the last episodes of your show due to Avira Phantom no longer being able to connect to the service. Paying for it anyway would really be The End of the F***ing World.

BBC iPlayer and other streaming alternatives for Netflix

Users might have already noticed that BBC iPlayer restrictions are becoming more and more aggressive, leaving viewers with a similar struggle to what Netflix bingers deal with. Does Avira offer anything for British content lovers? And does it provide a decent speed? We advise checking it out for yourself – that’s what the free version is for, isn’t it?

Avira Phantom VPN for Kodi

Having in mind the shady nature of Kodi (or at least of some of its add-ons) and the locations of Avira’s servers, one might conclude that this VPN is by far not the best option. And it’s not only the possible region/legal restrictions, but it’s also the speed of the servers. Our inspection below-average results with distant servers, leaving us with dissatisfaction – the most prevalent of feelings we had while testing Avira Phantom.

What we can say with certainty is that Avira Phantom VPN Kodi support is not among the best ones. If you use Kodi more than a few times a week, there are clearly better alternatives.

Torrenting with Avira Phantom VPN

Avira doesn’t mention torrenting as a keyword in their presentation of Phantom VPN even though the service itself is not illegal and the VPN does allow P2P file sharing. There was a question posted in their forum more than four months ago, asking for a straight answer – is torrenting with Avira Phantom VPN allowed or not?

Avira Phantom VPN Torrenting

In November 2018, we’ve received a word from Avira, telling us that they are not tracking user’s activity, though one has to comply with the legislation. All ports and protocols are open, and only TCP port 25 is not allowed to block spam-bots.

Putting legal issues aside, the success of torrenting depends on the speed. But upload is where Avira usually suffers. So if you’re using a site where you need to keep a good upload/download ratio, you might want to check some other VPNs before buying the Phantom.

So just like with Kodi, if you use torrents or P2P from time to time, and don’t need much upload speed, Avira will do the job. If you set up hundreds of Gigabytes for transfer throughout the night, stop here and turn around – there’s a list of best VPNs for torrenting hanging on the wall.

Does Avira Phantom VPN work in China?

This part is important both for those who travel to China and want to have a free internet connection or those who live in China and want to break down the Great Firewall.

Again, it will not hurt just to give it a try. Probably. The free version is a risk because it has no kill switch and if you end up posting some anti-governmental content when your VPN crashes, your location might be exposed to the authorities. So, better run these tests in an internet cafe if you don’t want to flee the country.

To be honest, we didn’t fly to China so we could say we did the most complete Avira Phantom VPN review, but based on the extensive research in forums and reading expert reviews we conclude that while Phantom sometimes does work in China, more than often it’s a disappointment. You should better check our best VPNs for China list, coming soon.

Even Avira itself does not market the Pro version as a tool that guarantees you a decent connection in China, and the last user reply (from 7 months back) to the knowledge base question about Phantom’s performance in China states that nothing works.

avira vpn in china

As it uses OpenVPN protocol, it means there’s a chance China’s not going to let you slip in without using additional protection. Using Obsfproxy, SSL tunneling or similar obfuscation methods is your only hope not to wake the sleeping dragon. And you’ll have to walk in tiny steps when inside, not only because it could hear you, but because the connection speeds are pretty slow due to the lack of undersea cables.


Avira Phantom VPN Support page offers general stuff, mostly for Antivirus users, with a Changelog for the new version (which might be helpful only for older users as the last update was four months ago). It seems they either caught all the bugs or stopped working that hard with this product due to its lack of popularity.

Actual free support is the Forum or 24/7 experts that can be enlisted, usually not for free. Top Questions do not include the ‘VPN’ keyword, the most popular being “which iPhone is the best?”.

Experts are for all products or general “software consultations.” With the “VPN” search query, we found 6 active experts that didn’t seem trustworthy – no photos or bad photos.

avira phantom support

Seeing what their free Support looks like, I strongly doubted there would be a major quality jump with the paid version, for which you have to register with your name, email and everything else to be able to contact their team. Well, as it turns out, the Avira Phantom VPN Pro version actually does have OK email support.

Reaction time is usually 1-2 days, but sometimes you get the feeling that the answer could have been more detailed. So don’t be surprised that occasionally you will have to politely clarify some stuff to the Support that seemed obvious to you in the first place.

No live chat seems a bit strange nowadays. Maybe the overall lack of support is due to the simplicity of the product. On the other hand, the price you pay is also a bit lower than for most VPNs that do offer this while you also get a free version to try most functions for yourself – what you see is what you pay for (WYSIWYPF).

Avira Phantom VPN Pricing

This is probably the second most important chapter in our Avira Phantom VPN review because you cannot assess a product without knowing if the value it gives is priced adequately. The best part of Avira Phantom and its pricing plan is that you get to test almost everything for free (save for the kill switch and support) and decide if you’re willing to spend money on it.

Avira offers three options:

  • $5.99/month – Android & iOS only. Billed monthly. Cancel anytime.
  • $10/month – Multi-device. Billed monthly. Cancel anytime.
  • $6.5/month – Multi-device. Billed annually. Cancel anytime. You save $42.

Compared to the average prices of Top VPNs, Avira becomes quite uncompetitive because for the same price you can get much more powerful and secure software, like ExpressVPN or NordVPN.

In July 2018, they were still not offering payments in cryptocurrencies. It’s been a month since our last check, and we were pleasantly surprised to find the Bitcoin option, using which is an excellent way to keep your anonymity uncompromised. Let’s hope in the future this payment method will be available not only for the annual but also for the monthly version.

Avira Phantom VPN Pricing

Speaking of these two versions, don’t choose the annually billed option right away if the only thing you need is Netflix or a similar service that can easily block any VPN. That would leave you in a situation where you have paid the whole sum virtually for nothing, for Avira cannot guarantee and will not take responsibility for such cases.

To conclude, while the pricing plans look OK, the prices themselves are too steep, and you should not feel you’re overpaying (which you would be doing) only if any app harder than super easy to use is too hard for you.

The conclusion of Avira Phantom VPN Review

If Phantom of Avira is still there inside your mind, go ahead and try their generous free version before spending on something that gives an average bang for your buck at best. Yes, it’s simple and easy to use, but VPN is about security first, and you can get way better options for almost the same price. Be sure to check them out.