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Last updated: December 29, 2022

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Some people’s main reason for using a VPN is not the security it provides, but rather the potential to access and enjoy multiple streaming websites. It’s for those people that ChillGlobal exists.

The ChillGlobal website explicitly states how it is not a standard VPN, but rather a tool through which you can watch TV channels around the world. This is a vastly different approach than most VPNs take as they try to serve as many customers as they can in one go.

Of course, this does have a lot of disadvantages. One of them is the lack of security that you have whenever you are using ChillGlobal. Don’t get us wrong, using it is still way more secure than browsing the internet without a VPN, but simply not as good as a proper VPN with encryption and lots of servers.

Due to the nature of this VPN, there are certain limitations placed on the users (such as the fact that you cannot torrent), but that’s made up for by the low price that this VPN offers.

On top of that, the service does seem to be serious about how important privacy is to its users, so let’s go ahead and take a look at some of their security features that can protect your anonymity.

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Is ChillGlobal safe to use?

The first thing that you need to know is that ChillGlobal only comes in the form of a Chrome and a Firefox extension. This means that your internet traffic is not encrypted in any way and it could be possible for someone to intercept your traffic. For this reason, we’d recommend not using ChillGlobal whenever you’re connected through a public Wi-Fi.

Of course, the nature of the VPN does mean that you will not have a lot of customizable options such as a kill switch or a lot of protocols to choose from, but then again this is not a VPN that is meant to provide you the best protection. It’s supposed to be used for streaming and unlocking content, which it does quite well.

Overall, ChillGlobal has decent security for what it is, but we would not recommend getting ChillGlobal for protection or privacy.

Does ChillGlobal log your data?

One good thing about ChillGlobal is that they do not seem to log any of your data. Their privacy policy clearly states that they do not log anything apart from anonymous usage statistics (which are safe to log, and all VPNs log them), and we found no reason to believe otherwise.

ChillGlobal VPN is hosted in Germany which is a country with extremely strict copyright laws.

For this reason, we recommend only using ChillGlobal for legal streaming to be on the safe side. Still, it will be hard to nail you for anything due to there being no logs of your activity.

Speed and performance

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to speed test ChillGlobal as they have a firewall which prevents us from doing so. Because of this, we decided to test the connection on what it was meant for, Netflix.

On an unprotected connection, we were easily able to stream Netflix in 4K (UHD) quality. Once we connected to the US servers of ChillGlobal, we were still able to stream in HD quality but 4K was quite laggy.

Server coverage

ChillGlobal has servers in a total of 15 locations. As you might expect, all of the countries with major Netflix and other streaming content are available to you.

We found the service to be fairly inconsistent across servers. For example, the UK server was not fast enough to even stream Netflix in HD one day but was flawlessly able to do so the next.

Moving on to some of the other servers, we found similar inconsistencies (although to be fair, this could also be due to the distance between us and the servers which lead to high latency).

Multi-platform support

As we have stated above, ChillGlobal only comes in the form of browser extensions. You can either download the Chrome version of the Firefox version.

Both of the extensions are fairly similar to one another and quite easy to use. Once you open the extension, you can turn on ChillGlobal and select one of the servers to connect to. Once you have done that, all of your data will be routed through one of ChillGlobal’s servers and you can begin browsing.

While we would appreciate having an actual VPN client, ChillGlobal’s main purpose makes it okay for it to not have any dedicated applications. This way, they’re able to cut costs and make sure people can enjoy their service for a low price.

Streaming and unblocking Netflix

Since this is the fundamental purpose of ChillGlobal, we were not surprised when we found that ChillGlobal is not only able to unblock Netflix, but also most of the other streaming websites such as Hulu.

We found Netflix to be working in both the US and the UK regions.

However, we did see that the VPN failed to work with BBC iPlayer, which could turn a lot of British users off from the product.

As for the speeds, they were fairly consistent and we were able to always stream in HD. As we stated above, UHD did not work for us but it might for someone with a faster connection as a VPN usually reduces a percentage of your actual speed.

P2P and torrenting

Since ChillGlobal is a browser extension, it’s not possible to use it for torrenting. On top of this, it has been stated by the company behind ChillGlobal themselves do not expect their service to be used for torrenting as it can only be installed on your browser.

Considering the fact that ChillGlobal is based in Germany, we do strongly recommend that you only use it only for legal streaming and not engage in downloading copyrighted content.

China and online censorship

The company does not mention whether or not their service is working in China. However, we tested the service multiple times in China and found that it did not work at all.

Since China actively tries to ban VPNs, it is no surprise that ChillGlobal did not work. Only the big boys of the VPN industry have the technical advancement required to obfuscate their VPN servers and reliably work in China, which is why a mid-ranged VPN like ChillGlobal does not work for people in China.

Customer support

Although ChillGlobal VPN has no have a live-chat feature, we had a really pleasant encounter with their customer support. Our queries were answered within a couple of hours and the support was quite knowledgeable about the product.

Apart from this, there is quite a huge knowledge base on the ChillGlobal website which tells you about all of the basics. Not only do they give information about the VPN, but also how it can be useful and which TV Channels work on it. Just remember that not all of the TV channels that they claim to unlock still work on the service.


First of all, you get 20 hours every month for free as a trial. You can use this time to test their service and see whether or not it blocks all the channels that you watch. The other plans include the following:

  • 1-month plan for $7.50/month
  • 6-month plan for $3.45/month
  • 1-year plan for $5.70/month

The strangest thing is that the yearly plan is more expensive than their 6-month plan. We have no idea why.

On a positive note, you can request a refund at any time and receive your money back within 7 days. Of course, they will charge you for the service that you have already used.

Unfortunately, the service offers no untraceable payment methods such as Cryptocurrency so you must use your credit card or your PayPal account to pay for it.

Bottom line

If you are someone whose primary reason for using a VPN is to have the best possible security, then we recommend using something else like NordVPN.

ChillGlobal is perfect for people who want an app that can be used to access geo-blocked content. Not only will it help you unblock streaming services, but it will also help you go around the restrictions placed on you at your school or office.

Overall, we are quite impressed by the quality of the service they offer despite the few flaws that they have. If you are someone who loves to stream content but does not have the budget to purchase a full-fledged streaming VPN, then ChillGlobal might be perfect for you.

The breakdown


  • Great for Netflix and streaming
  • Does not keep any logs
  • Good speeds
  • Fairly cheap


  • Only available as a browser extension
  • No encryption
  • Torrents don’t work
  • No live-chat support
 5 / 10
Total score
$3.45 / month
Minimum Price
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  1. sonyfan

    It’s their copyright laws that make it a very, very bad VPN. Germany’s copyright laws make it way more likely to not value the privacy of a VPN, which some people use to break copyright laws. I would not trust this VPN, and you shouldn’t even. Germany is not VPN-friendly.

  2. nindy.layson

    I would try this VPN, not because of anything, but because ChillGlobal VPN is hosted in Germany and I can rely on their extremely strict copyright laws.

  3. Jenny

    The first sentence of this post totally makes sense! LOL! I guess I am one of these people 😉

  4. Jamila R

    This VPN sounds alright, it’s far from the quality you can get with ExpressVPN or NordVPN, but it sounds decent, although I don’t really like the fact that they don’t have a live support. It’s not a good sign.

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