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Last updated: December 27, 2022

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EasyVPN is a costly VPN that doesn’t quite match top-tier VPNs in terms of affordability, but it still delivers what it promises. Read more in our in-depth EasyVPN review below.

The setup is surprisingly uncomplex, with a simple dropdown menu allowing you to choose a new virtual location and unblock the internet while blocking ads. Greater digital freedom can be had with this software, but at what cost?

The pricing plans are quite costly and offer way too little in the way of extra-special features, which doesn’t quite justify the price.

However, being located in the BVI (British Virgin Islands) is an encouraging sign as far as VPNs go. This means they aren’t bound by jurisdiction to log your data, which is a threat in other countries such as those making up the 5/9/14 Eyes alliance.

Something to make note of is that this service is different from a similarly titled Easy VPN available only on Android (which we also reviewed), while this EasyVPN only serves computer devices.

Best EasyVPN alternatives

Is EasyVPN safe to use?

EasyVPN uses an OpenVPN protocol to encrypt its data. OpenVPN is considered arguably the strongest encryption protocol and is therefore an industry standard. It’s incredibly hard to breach or brute force, and this means that even websites and social media networks will have a hard time keeping track of your activity.

And of course, with your IP address already obfuscated by the VPN (which is the least you can expect from a VPN), this means you’re backed and protected in a robust manner.

However, VPNs themselves must either not track or retain your information. This is done in the form of connection logs or traffic logs, wherein the latter track your usage, what sites you visited, and what you did. This is a strict no-no. Connection logs, however, are a bit more common, and simply make note of when you logged in and out, how much total data was transferred, et cetera.

EasyVPN’s Privacy Policy claims a strict no-logging policy when it comes to traffic logs, which means it doesn’t store (nor does it monitor) what sites you visit, what services you use, and how you use the Internet.

However, it does track and retain cookies related to your “general Internet usage” which it claims will be secured and shared only with affiliates for advertising purposes. This is also a bit dubious, as the BVI have no data retention laws or requirements.

If a company does something it doesn’t need to, then either it’s supposed to translate into better service for customers or should be subject to some reasonable level of skepticism.

The site (and TOS and privacy policy) haven’t been updated since 2015-2016, which either points to a low level of progress or the encouraging fact that nothing has been changed in the Privacy Policy to pull a fast one over the heads of their customer base.

Speeds and performance

Running the trial version (functional for 7 days) does have its understandable limitations, with access to slower servers.

We noticed a drop of around 35-45% while EasyVPN was connected to the US, UK and Asia servers on the free version. As the site promises access to speedier servers once you’re subscribed to a plan, we can only imagine this would fare better. For a trial version, or an essentially free service, EasyVPN isn’t half bad in terms of speed. Though if you are searching an option that boasts 5408 ultra-fast servers in 59 countries all around the world, try NordVPN.

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The caveat, though, is that speed-testing is ultimately a subjective endeavor rather than a professional judgment and can be subject to change. Let us know in the comments how speeds fared for you when using EasyVPN.


How to download EasyVPN

While this is an uncomplicated procedure – the site offers an official download encrypted twice and provides installation for both the software itself and the OpenVPN protocol – there have been some reports by users that the app simply failed to load or install itself on their Windows systems.

Apps and extensions

EasyVPN doesn’t seem to offer any extensions or apps beyond the standard .exe file, but the software itself is simple, unobstructed towards your GUI, and fairly intuitive.

At the same time, however, you’re not allowed more than one simultaneous connection. There’s also a bit in the Terms of Use about a “non-transferable” and “non-exclusive” use of the VPN.

Given the price, this seems a bit absurd – but we’ll talk about more in our pricing section.

EasyVPN for Netflix

When you try to access the US Netflix using a proxy or unblocker, you’ll find that you won’t be able to stream anything, let alone things outside of your region.

This is because Netflix employs an all-around ban on VPNs and any type of software trying to get around the geo-blocking restrictions.

With EasyVPN however, this isn’t something we had to go through. Simply changing our region to the United States allowed us to watch Netflix unobstructed, and with no real hit being faced on the speed side of things, this is a blessing.

There’s also the fact that you can run the VPN on your system and stream Netflix through Kodi, which usually geo-blocks many add-ons and repositories. With a VPN, that’s not something you have to worry about.

EasyVPN for torrenting

With a torrent being run through a VPN, there’s usually one of two worries: will the torrent run at all, or be blocked? Secondly, will the VPN, much like some ISPs, throttle the speed and the bandwidth dedicated to torrents, thus rendering it completely useless to use the VPN in the first place?

With EasyVPN, we faced both these problems. We ran the VPN on a connection where torrents were blocked, and the VPN did nothing to unblock it.

On another system with torrent speeds throttled, however, EasyVPN did speed up the process significantly.

Ultimately, this one might be a bit of a trial-and-error situation, as different servers reported back different results on different connections. However, with the general security that EasyVPN provides, combined with the fact that there’s no real loss in speed, it might be worth it to try some different combinations of settings and see what works for you.

However, there are still much better VPNs out on the market and at a much lower cost than EasyVPN that will seamlessly unblock and protect your torrenting activity.

Is EasyVPN good to use in China?

Something that makes the best VPNs stand out from others is this question: is it effective at getting around what’s known as the Great Firewall of China?

Unfortunately, unless a VPN’s servers are located either inside or in close proximity to China, it doesn’t usually work.

There’s also a question of which encryption protocol the VPN in question uses. EasyVPN uses OpenVPN as its default, which means users in China should stay away.

Reports are made with varying frequency of the fact that China specifically monitors OpenVPN connections through something known as Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) based blocking, which analyzes encrypted traffic to distinguish regular secured traffic from traffic tunneled through an OpenVPN-based connection.

Unless your VPN employs a specific workaround (in which case it’d probably mention it in branding, which EasyVPN doesn’t), it’s not best to risk it in China.


While EasyVPN promises swift support, there are no guides or tutorials on the website, especially given the fact that it sometimes doesn’t work at all, right from the installation.

The email ID provided hasn’t yet replied to any of our concerns, and user reviews are scarce. The FAQ itself only lists fairly straightforward things that might be seen by some as stating the obvious, and don’t go into any technical details at all.


This is where EasyVPN completely falls apart.

With no simultaneous connections, EasyVPN makes you pay $25.00 a month (!) and the cheapest it goes is $100 for six months, meaning roughly $16.00 a month. This is almost 50% more expensive than some of the best VPNs out there and completely unreasonable, especially given the fact that it offers way less than anything any other VPN would.

Bottom line

While it does what’s advertised, what’s advertised isn’t much. With prices this high, you’d expect military-grade security and extra features of an innovative nature, but this comes with little-to-none of even the basics.

Our recommendation would be to keep your money and use it much more safely with a product that has a wider customer base, simultaneous connections, support for different platforms, gets you around region-blocks without fear of your identity leaking, and is regularly updated.


  • Secured encrypted communication using OpenVPN
  • Good for unblocking geo-restricted sites


  • High-priced
  • No extra security features
  • Logs cookies and has a less-than-transparent privacy policy
  • Bad for torrenting
 4 / 10
Total score
$16.00 / month
Minimum Price
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  1. Karmin P

    It is so expensive for what it offers ! I can’t believe it ! It’s such a rip-off ! Next to that you got NordVPN for a third of the price and with . two times more services and features !

  2. Zwani54

    It unblocks my favorite sites quite easily and as the name implies it is very easy to use. No technical drama, no registration, a user friendly interface. I like it!

  3. Andrey S.

    I envy everyone who is pleased, I am not pleased here. I will not describe the long problems, I will only say that after a month of use (although I bought a one-year subscription) I returned to my previous VPN. I wish they develop and improve their service. So far this is not much good. Not at all.

  4. CKL7

    $16 a month?? Whaat? That’s crazy! The people behind this VPN must know nothing about the VPN market! You can get Express VPN or Nord VPN for much less and with far better features.

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