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Last updated: December 30, 2022

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Founded in 2012, FinchVPN is a Malaysian-based VPN provider which offers a reliable service and a decent number of servers for an affordable monthly cost. So, if you’re in search of a VPN that will offer you enhanced online privacy and will allow you to get around any geo-blocking restrictions, you can’t go too wrong with this particular service.

If you rarely make use of a VPN or would simply like to test out FinchVPN, then you’ll be happy to know that there is a free version with a limited allowance of 3GB a month. If you’re looking for a little bit more, then you can opt for the Pro plan which should be sufficient for light surfers. This starts from just $1.61 a month on a one-year plan and provides a decent allowance of 25GB each month. Finally, there is the premier plan – providing unlimited usage from just $3.21 a month on a one-year plan.

FinchVPN has dedicated applications which means it is able to support multiple platforms. FinchVPN for Windows can be easily downloaded and installed from the home website. This comes complete with built-in OpenVPN & PPTP protocols ensuring that your personal information will be kept well out of harm’s reach (just don’t use PPTP if that’s your goal). You are also able to manually set up and connect via other platforms using an OpenVPN config. This is possible to do on MacOS X, Ubuntu, Android, and iOS (with no jailbreak required).

The following review will delve deeper into all of the features that are available with the FinchVPN service, its suitability for users in China, and much more. Read our complete FinchVPN review and discover everything that you need to know.

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Is FinchVPN safe to use?

The fact that FinchVPN is based in Malaysia and follows decent security protocols means that you are likely to be safe while using it. The services offered with FinchVPN includes the likes of OpenVPN, PPTP, and L2TP/IPsec.

OpenVPN is the protocol that ensures maximum security and privacy. With this particular protocol, you can choose various encryption ciphers: Blowfish 128-bit, 160-bit, and up to 256-bit AES. While Blowfish 128 is decent, it is worth mentioning that this doesn’t offer as solid security as 256-bit encryption.

Those who are concerned about privacy also need to know that FinchVPN might not tick all the boxes in terms of optimal privacy. This is because even though no data is logged, your IP address and email are known to the provider, and your connection time and bandwidth are logged. So, it is most definitely worth bearing this in mind if you were planning on investing in a FinchVPN subscription and have any privacy concerns.

Speed & performance

In total, FinchVPN has approximately 22 servers to choose from in 13 countries. This is considerably less compared to many other VPN services. But, for those who are looking for a reliable VPN that won’t break the bank, these are not terrible numbers.

In terms of speed and performance, FinchVPN certainly isn’t anything to write home about. In certain instances, we actually found that our connection was slowed down considerably. Although, given the low-cost of the service and the limited number of servers, this is to be expected on occasion.

How to download and install FinchVPN

When it comes to downloading and installing FinchVPN, you’ll find that the whole process couldn’t be easier. If you’re installing the client on Windows for example, simply head on over to their main website where you can download the dedicated Windows client. The same goes for the Android platform which has its own app available on the Google Play Store.

It is a little more complicated when you attempt to install the service on other platforms such as MacOS X, Ubuntu, and iOS. You’ll need to make use of the OpenVPN service in order to get FinchVPN up and running on these particular operating systems. However, the FinchVPN website features handy step by step tutorials which will guide you through the OpenVPN setup process.

Apps and extensions

As was mentioned earlier in the review, FinchVPN has a Windows client which can be downloaded and installed from the official website. The download link can be found in the ‘setup guide’ link in the support section of the website – which isn’t so easy to spot at first. It would, therefore, be appropriate to mention that the navigation of the FinchVPN website could be improved.

FinchVPN for Netflix

In recent years, popular streaming services such as Netflix have implemented geo-blocking practices in order to stop people from accessing content which isn’t available in their country. However, the issue is that not all VPNs work for bypassing these restrictions. When testing out the service for ourselves, we found that Netflix was able to identify that we were using a VPN.

So, if you’re in search of a Netflix-unblocking VPN, FinchVPN may not be the answer. There are many other viable alternatives which do give access to geo-restricted content. Therefore, it really pays to look around to find a VPN that suits your particular needs.

FinchVPN for torrenting

You’re likely to be safe torrenting when you are using FinchVPN. This is because of the decent security protocols which are in place, as well as the fact it is based in Malaysia. However, it is always worth being cautious when using this particular service. This is because the provider stores your connection logs including timestamps, user IP address, and more.

As well as this, you’ll also find that it keeps your name and contact details stored. Therefore, if you’re looking for enhanced privacy, you’re probably better off looking elsewhere for a VPN which has proven themselves in the privacy for torrenting department.

Is FinchVPN good for users in China?

Before you make an attempt to use a VPN in China, it most definitely pays to do your research. China is a country that takes online censorship very seriously. So, if you were found to be using a VPN that hasn’t been approved by the Chinese government, you could find yourself in hot water with the authorities (if you are using an unapproved VPN).

In terms of whether or not FinchVPN is suitable for users in China, there is no definitive answer available. However, it does state on the website that you are able to surf, shop, and watch movies online in countries such as China. It is always worth taking caution when using a VPN in the country to avoid getting into trouble.


In terms of support, FinchVPN certainly delivers. Even with the free version, you can expect a maximum 24-hour turnaround. But, if you upgrade to one of the paid plans you can make use of ticket-based support. This is perfect for those who would prefer not to email or use the live chat service.

There is also a dedicated FAQs section on the website which means that you might not even need to get in touch with the customer service team at all if your issue is one which has been reported previously.


When it comes to pricing, it can be said that FinchVPN offers great value for money considering you can make use of either the free service or opt for a yearly subscription which is available from just $1.61 a month.

When you make any payments via the FinchVPN website, no personal information will be logged. The FAQs section on the website specifically states that “there is no way to connect your payment information to your VPN usage,” and that all payments are handled by external payment providers. Therefore, this ensures that your payment information will not be shared with any third-parties.

Per license, you are only allowed to make use of FinchVPN on one device at a time. So, if you’re in search of a VPN which you can use on multiple devices simultaneously, you’ll need to look elsewhere.

Bottom line of our FinchVPN review

It is safe to say that FinchVPN is a great choice when it comes to enhancing your online privacy. A decent number of servers spread across 13 countries ensures that it will meet the needs of many people without breaking the bank.

Multiple protocols and encryption methods are available via the service – including OpenVPN, PPTP, and L2TP. Combined with the excellent support, it is well worth giving FinchVPN a try if you’re in search of an effective solution at an affordable cost.

However, those who want a serious tool might be best looking elsewhere. You will find that there is no kill switch on the service. This might just lead to a potential IP leak in the event of a connection drop. And FinchVPN isn’t very feature-heavy, either. It’s certainly worth bearing this in mind before you hit the purchase button.


  • Decent for torrenting
  • Has free version
  • Quite cheap


  • Lacks great security features
  • Only offers custom app for Windows
  • Not great for Netflix
  • No good for China
 5.8 / 10
Total score
$1.61 / month
Minimum Price
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  1. Quoghair7

    Depending on your needs, it sounds like FinchVPN would be a good option for some. If you’re looking for a cheap VPN and not real concerned about speed and service or don’t need to unblock Netflix then it should be fine. Thanks for the information.

  2. Jay

    FinchVPN sounds alright for someone just starting to figure out how useful a VPN is, but for anyone who’s really serious about online security, this isn’t the answer.

  3. Shaun W

    It sounds alright and it is really cheap, but honestly I wouldn’t even try the free version. It lacks security, It’s not great for Netflix, it’s barely decent in torrenting. I’d rather a little more for NordVPN or ExpressVPN and get real quality. thanks for the review though.

  4. acetrooper

    The FinchVPN free version was actually quite nice. I agree with your assesment: this is not a premier VPN by no means but it’s so darn cheap that it makes up for that. It’s a great entry VPN for people that are very new to all of this. Once you know more and have more money, you can upgrade to something like NordVPN.

  5. Ellen Stelling

    Reading the pros of this reviews is quite laughable! Not due to the review itself, just because FinchVPN is just that, a quite decent option. Sure, I’ll make you safer online, but you could probably get something much better by investing a little more.

    1. avatar
      Mikaela Bray Author

      Agreed, there are certainly better options out there at the moment.

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