The internet is becoming a more and more volatile place every single day. If you’re the type of user who needs an effective VPN for his browsing practices, you know that trying to find a decent VPN can be difficult.

Today, we’re going to help you out by giving you the low-down on HideIPVPN in this review. This is a VPN provider paired with Smart DNS, providing a broad range of services. Their main focuses are on IP hiding, online privacy, high speeds, and good geo-blocking bypass features.

HideIPVPN is a relatively safe option, employing two types of high-level encryption in order to protect your browsing. Despite its range of privacy features, HideIPVPN retains a good network speed due to its focus on delivering high-quality security without compromising connection quality. That being said, the actual speeds are a little lackluster compared to some of the faster VPN services out there.

Their prices are standard, with options for monthly, quarterly, and yearly billing. HideIPVPN also has free trials available for both the VPN client and the SmartDNS service. Another interesting quality about HideIPVPN’s price structure is that they offer a range of prices based on where in the world you are, as well as a specialized BitTorrent VPN option.

HideIPVPN has apps for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. Another cool thing that stands out about HideIPVPN is that their service is designed to unblock Netflix in other countries, as well. In addition to this functionality, HideIPVPN announced in 2009 that their premium VPN plans would be designed with software meant to bypass China’s Great Firewall.

We’ll go over more of this in depth in a second, but these are the main features to look forward to in our HideIPVPN review.

Is HideIPVPN safe to use?

HideIPVPN uses two separate encryptions, AES 256 and RSA 4096. These are both robust encryptions which would take an inordinate amount of time to crack with today’s computing capabilities, ensuring you have a layer of powerful encryption between your data and any malicious agents.

HideIPVPN goes in-depth on their website about which protocols are the best for use with different VPNs, stating that IKEv2, OpenVPN, or SoftEther are your best choices. Naturally, the HideIPVPN client allows you to choose which protocol to use from their settings menu.

Their choices include SSTP, IKEv2, OpenVPN, L2TP, and PPTP. You can find the details about the advantages and disadvantages of each protocol here.

When we performed a leak test to see if the VPN leaked any sensitive information, we found that although the HideIPVPN did not leak DNS information, it was vulnerable through IPv6. This is fairly standard when it comes to free options, and it may be different depending on the different protocols and locations used by HideIPVPN.

HideIPVPN also includes an effective kill switch for breaking your connection or closing specific programs when the VPN stops working. This is an important feature to go along with HideIPVPN’s other security features, as you may be using their service to hide activity that may land you in hot water.

The company is located in the USA and Moldova. They have 29 servers across 11 countries. Being based in the US puts them in the Five Eyes jurisdiction, which can be bad news for people using VPNs for sensitive activities. This means that data collected on your activity by the US government can be shared with the Canadian, Australian, New Zealand, and UK governments as well.

While HideIPVPN promises not to log any of your data, they still promise to take measures to curb illegal activity is detected through their services. Their privacy policy also notes that they “store the name of your internet service provider, the website from which you visited us from, the parts of our site you visit, the date and duration of your visit, and information from the device (device type, operating system, screen resolution, language, country you are located in, and web browser type) you used during your visit.”

These are pretty standard things for the VPN to track in order to function, but the red flag goes up when the privacy policy doesn’t mention how long the information is kept for. The policy simply states vaguely that they process this “usage data”. If they do in fact log this data, then their claim of not logging any of your data is dubious and should not be trusted.

Speed & performance

HideIPVPN’s actual speeds are kind of lackluster compared to some of the faster VPNs on the market. Despite claiming to focus on “swift internet” for its users, their service reportedly shows some slowing down based on which area in the world you’re connecting through.

When we did our own tests, we got some decent results. It’s slower than more lightweight VPN solutions but overall still usable.

HideIPVPN speed test connecting through Montreal

This was the baseline test we did, showing decent stats. Look at what happens when we try running the test with HideIPVPN connecting through Montreal.

As you can see, this slowed our download speed by almost 50%, and more than doubled our latency. Next up is the European test, which is done by connecting through one of HideIPVPN’s London servers.

HideIPVPN connecting through Asia

This caused another huge slowdown, which is fairly disappointing. Next up is the Asia test.

HideIPVPN connecting through Singapore

This one connected through Singapore, the only Asian location available on the list. These are pretty slow speeds, and it would be frustrating to have to browse at these, especially if you were concerned with transferring sensitive data over a possibly compromised connection.

As always, you’ll need to do your own speed test. Since users online are getting a wide range of speeds from a variety of different locations, you’ll need to download HideIPVPN app yourself to do your own test if you want a definitive answer on how this VPN will perform for you.

How to download and install HideIPVPN

HideIPVPN uses a similar design and layout on their website compared to other VPNs.

Their design is fairly standard, and the website has a lot of bite-sized, accurate information on how VPNs work and how HideIPVPN can accomplish these tasks for you.

There’s also a blog that is accessible for users, providing accurate and interesting articles and updates on VPNs, how they work, and how HideIPVPN is progressing as a company. If you just want to get right into downloading the client, navigate on over to the pricing area via the button near the top-center.

website HideIPVPN

The pricing page goes into detail about their different plans, but there’s a link for a free trial if you scroll down a bit. The client will ask you to register and receive login information through your email. This is a kind of tedious little step, but it’s nothing too major.

One interesting thing that users will notice is that once you actually download the installer, it installs the entire client automatically, in under a minute. No need for you to agree to any terms or even hit “Next”. This is nice for users who might like simplicity, but it might be a red flag for users who like to have more control over the particulars of the installation process.

How to use it

Using the client itself is fairly straightforward – HideIPVPN runs in a quaint little window, with a big “Connect” button to start the VPN, and a drop-down menu to choose your location. The client minimizes to the system tray if you close it, and it has sections with settings to control the app killer or request support.

The setting page allows you to choose login options, minimization options, toggle DNS leak protection, as well as other goodies. The cool thing here is that HideIPVPN allows you to choose your VPN protocol from a drop-down menu.

Apps & extensions

Apps and extensions HideIPVPN

HideIPVPN supports Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. There aren’t any major red flags about any of their apps, and they also provide free alternatives for Windows, iOS, and Android.

It’s always nice when a company offers free versions. Although HideIPVPN’s coverage is good, they don’t have support for smaller platforms such as Amazon Firestick. A good thing to keep in mind, as well, is that HideIPVPN’s client only supports connections from up to three devices, which is more limited than some other VPN services.

HideIPVPN and Netflix

The good news is, HideIPVPN is great for unblocking Netflix. The company actually mentions this on their website and encourages users to use their services for accessing Netflix programming not available in their own country.

Our own tests for HideIPVPN have shown that it is, in fact, able to unblock Netflix US content with no problems.

Using HideIPVPN for torrenting

Torrenting is allowed and, in fact, encouraged by HideIPVPN, who claims that their client is effective at safeguarding your torrenting practice from prying eyes. Since torrenting has become a more and more volatile activity over the last little while, this is a nice assurance to get.

That being said, HideIPVPN only allows torrent traffic on certain servers, such as those in Germany and The Netherlands.

What about China?

In 2009, HideIPVPN announced that it had made changes to their service that would allow Chinese users to bypass the Great Firewall, as well as solve the DNS spoofing problem that plagued some of their Chinese clientele.

The client approaches this problem by giving users access to settings that, unfortunately, are only offered with their premium subscriptions.

They actually added additional configuration options that will allow Chinese users to safely and effectively bypass the Great Firewall.

It’s difficult to find information on whether or not HideIPVPN works in other restricted areas, but they have this article on the topic, which encourages users to use the client in certain areas of the world.


HideIPVPN support contact form

HideIPVPN offers extensive passive support on their website, which takes the form of comprehensive FAQ pages and blog articles about various VPN topics. They also offer direct support through a ticket system.

Although it can be a bit of a pain to have to file a ticket in order to speak to a support representative, their actual customer support reviews show pretty good customer satisfaction in this regard.


HideIPVPN pricing and plans

HideIPVPN has an interesting price structure focused on different areas of the world. This is nice if you don’t want to pay a standard fee when you only want to cover a small area to connect from. There are also options specifically for torrenting, which protect users intending to use the VPN for peer-to-peer file sharing.

  • Ninja Power is their best-selling plan at $4.08 per month, with 29 servers.
  • The specialized plans go for $2.33 per month and include a US VPN, UK VPN, and Poland VPN. The amount of servers varies depending on the country you go with. The UK has the most, Poland has the fewest.
  • Their BitTorrent plan is also $2.33 per month, with 8 servers.
  • They also offer a SmartDNS plan for $2.27 per month, which provides 200+ unblocked websites, unlimited device connections, and original IP speed.

Another good thing to note is that HideIPVPN accepts payment through all major methods, including PayPal and Bitcoin.

There is also a free trial available for their premium service, as well as free versions of their VPN for Windows, iOS, and Android.

The bottom line

HideIPVPN is a very versatile host with good price points for what you get. They don’t have any package deals for teams of people, and their renewal pricing is much more standard than their discounted startup prices. Still, the protection you get is very solid, and the company can provide you with very good coverage for exactly what you need.

Their performance and support are the main drawbacks of using HideIPVPN. Their speeds simply aren’t as good as what most VPNs can offer, although this might be different for you. The lack of support avenues is another definite drawback.

All in all, HideIPVPN is a relatively comprehensive option for achieving privacy with a specialized plan, but only if you disregard their vague logging claims. There are many better options out there for speed or specific tasks, but HideIPVPN could become a decent choice for the discriminating privacy enthusiast if they fix their logging issues in the future.