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Ivacy is not the most popular VPN service but it is one of the most solid. Here’s what we’ve managed to learn from our Ivacy VPN review.

Our Ivacy VPN review proudly presents to you “The most advanced VPN” as claimed by PMG Pte. Ltd. based in Singapore – the stepfather of this VPN service. The origins of this VPN can be traced back to Russia. As is often the case with VPN service providers, little is known about either of the companies behind Ivacy.

Ivacy VPN has been around for more than 11 years now and has managed to attract around 50+ thousand active users into its online privacy circle. If you compare this number with the 150+ million users of Hola VPN or the 44 million of ZenMate, that doesn’t seem like a lot. However, this has nothing to do with better or worse service. In fact, Ivacy VPN cannot be compared to these two – it’s so much better. Now that Ivacy started to offer a 7-day free trial, things may also change on the user front.

This VPN service has 1,000+ servers in 100+ locations in 50+ countries. Unfortunately, although it’s based in an exotic country (Singapore), this is not one of those offshore privacy havens. Singapore is a partner of the Five Eyes international surveillance alliance. The Five Eyes has earned the attention of privacy-conscious people when Edward Snowden leaked those infamous top-secret NSA documents back in 2013.

With that said, we must also add that our Ivacy VPN review finds the Privacy Policy of this service quite user-friendly. This is a big plus even if the company is located in a Five Eyes partner state.

With Ivacy, you get a good level of security, performance, and an awesome list of features. As such, it’s a great VPN service for virtually anyone, except, perhaps, enemies of 5/9/14-Eye states. All this, for impressively affordable prices.

This VPN may not be perfect, but it certainly offers great value for your money. Let’s see now in more detail what our Ivacy VPN review have found.

Security and privacy: is Ivacy VPN safe to use?

First off, let’s look at Ivacy’s privacy policy. The so-called zero-log or no logs policy claim is fast becoming a cliche of the VPN industry. Lots of VPN providers use it as a marketing weapon and wallpaper their websites with outrageous statements – complete anonymity, no logs whatsoever, etc. And then, you open up the Privacy Policy and find paragraphs that contradict all of those declarations about what is and is not logged.

So, is Ivacy VPN safe to use?

Privacy Policy

This is what our Ivacy VPN review team has found in the Privacy Policy:

We strictly do not log or monitor, online browsing activities, connection logs, VPN IPs assigned, original IP addresses, browsing history, outgoing traffic, connection times, data you have accessed and/or DNS queries generated by your end. We have no information that could associate specific activities for specific users.

This is how “no logs” should work.

You can clearly see that Ivacy keeps no usage and no connection logs. This is great news. However, if you go on reading the policy – and you should always read it word by word – you can see that your name, email address, and the payment method you used to purchase a plan are also collected. This would be concerning, but of course, it doesn’t have to be a real name, a real email address, and you can pay in BitCoin if you wish.

Additionally, this Privacy Policy quite clearly explains how the collected information may be used. In short, your identity and physical location can never be linked to any VPN traffic.

Does it really matter that Ivacy VPN is based in Singapore? With this VPN, probably less than with some others. Even if the authorities were to demand logs, Ivacy VPN would probably shrug its shoulders and wish them good luck. However, we wouldn’t necessarily recommend it for those engaged in truly security-sensitive activities.


This VPN offers all the best and most popular protocols, including OpenVPN, PPTP, SSTP, L2TP, and IKEv2. Being the father of the popular Split Tunneling feature, Ivacy can’t leave this useful security feature out of its palette either. With split tunneling, you can decide what traffic to send through your ISP (Internet Service Provider) or a protected VPN tunnel.

Furthermore, you also have an internet kill switch as well as IPv6 leak protection, which is off by default.

All in all, our Ivacy VPN review has found that despite the mysterious background, Ivacy VPN offers good online security and privacy features. It also seems that they have a true no logs policy. But we still don’t consider a Five Eyes-friendly country the best basis for a VPN operation.

We do miss some extra security features, like Tor over VPN or multi-hop (as seen with NordVPN or Perfect Privacy). These can provide an extra layer for those who need it, but they’re features very few premium VPN services offer anyway.


After performing download and upload speed tests for our Ivacy VPN review, we found the service to be solid and fast.  The speeds are good enough to use this VPN for seamless streaming on video platforms, including Netflix US, BBC iPlayer, and Amazon Prime. It’s also great for use with Kodi. Please note that speeds depend on more than just the VPN service. Your hardware, baseline speeds, distance from the chosen VPN server, and other factors play an important role as well.

Ivacy VPN has 1,000+ servers in 50+ countries, which is quite broad coverage. But we’ve seen better as well. While you can find lots of complaints on the web about horrific speeds and annoying connection drops, these may be things of the past. While doing research for this Ivacy VPN review, we found that it had gone through some serious changes. Right now, it’s one of the fastest VPN services in 2019.

Let’s see the numbers now. Our baseline speeds right before connecting to Ivacy VPN were as follows:

Ivacy VPN speed

It’s always important to view VPN speeds in relation to your base connection speed. That’s the only way to judge how much your download and upload speeds may drop for you. So, these were the results of our tests using OpenVPN over UDP:

New York, United States

Ivacy VPN review speed New York

London, United Kingdom

Ivacy VPN speed London

Sydney, Australia

Ivacy VPN review speed Sydney

These are relatively fast speeds for any type of internet use. You can enjoy HD and even 4K quality streaming possibly from anywhere in the world. Online gaming, torrenting, and other general VPN activities should be absolutely fine too.

Of course, keep in mind that we had a base speed of approximately 300Mbps. So, if your speed is 30Mbps, you may not get good enough speeds for 4K, for example. In other words, while Ivacy may have fast speeds for us, you may experience otherwise.

How to download and install it

Ivacy VPN offers a great range of clients covering all major platforms and more. You can use this VPN with Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android, Chrome, and Firefox. But, you can also use the detailed guides on the website to configure it for other supported platforms like Linux, Blackberry, Smart TV, Openelec, Routers, Consoles (Xbox), and Kodi.

Ivacy VPN clients

You can either mouse over the Our Apps menu at the top and select your desired client. Or, click the orange Download Apps Now button to end up on the Downloads page, where you can choose the platform. Another way for you to get on with your download is to scroll down the page and find the link for your client in the Products section of the footer.

Finally, you’ll also find Get Ivacy or Get Ivacy Now buttons on the website, which will redirect you to the purchase page. Here, you need to choose a pricing plan and buy your subscription.

Once you download your installer, the installation process won’t take a minute. Very simple indeed. A few Next buttons and you should be ready to use your Ivacy VPN to protect your online activities.

We conclude this part of our Ivacy VPN review by saying that the clients look quite nice and they are all very easy to use.

How to use Ivacy VPN

When you launch this app for the first time, you may think that you can use it for free. Why? Because unlike most other VPNs, Ivacy only asks you to log in when you try to connect to a server.

Ivacy VPN initial screen

That’s when you’re prompted to log into your premium account. Connecting to an automatic or optimal server is just a click away on the Smart Connect screen. All you need to do is click the Power button.

If you prefer a certain server, click the drop-down menu for more locations. Ivacy VPN offers you a choice between Country or City servers. Select the desired radio button and choose a server.

Ivacy VPN server choice

We found it a bit annoying that it requires an extra click to connect to a server. So, it’s not enough to select it from the list, you still need to press the Power button to connect.

Ivacy VPN click on power button to connect to the server

Once you’re connected to an Ivacy VPN server, you will see your new location, the time you have spent on this server as well as some basic information about your connection (No Logs, Encryption Enabled, Hidden IP, and Secure Browsing).

There’s another annoying extra click on this screen – a small window pops up at the bottom. “Did it work?” Ivacy wants to know. Well, mostly it does work and you can just click Yes every time. If for some reason, the connection were to fail, you get a warning pop-up anyway: “There’s a problem with the connection, please try again later.”

But this is not the last useless click we encountered when running tests for this Ivacy VPN review.

The Ivacy VPN menu

Let’s see now what the menu has to offer you!

Ivacy VPN menu

The Smart Connect (default), Secure Download, Streaming, Unblocking, and Dedicated IP options represent the purpose of your VPN use. It’s actually a great feature, allowing you to choose from different purposes and connect to optimized servers.

If you select the Streaming option, for example, two lists of servers are presented. One sorts servers by media streaming platform (Select Channel), and the other one sorts by country (Select Country).

Ivacy VPN streaming

Here, on the Select Country screen, it’s enough to click on a server location or the Power icon, and you’ll momentarily connect to your chosen server.

On the Select Channel screen, you can select from dozens of online media streaming centers, including Netflix US, Amazon Prime US, ABC, HBO Go, and more.

The Settings menu offers some general preferences and security customizations. However, there are minor differences between the Ivacy apps for various device-types in terms of what settings are available and what they are called. The desktop app has two sub-tabs.

How to use Ivacy VPN

On the General sub-tab, you can change general settings like whether you want your VPN app to start up automatically with your system, redial automatically if the connection drops, or protect you from IP/DNS leaks.

Ivacy VPN connection settings

On the Connection sub-tab, you can choose your VPN protocol, as well as toggle the Kill Switch and Split Tunneling on or off. Our Ivacy VPN review team has found that the default protocol is IKEv2, which is fine.

Changing the VPN protocol is somewhat cumbersome. First, you need to go back to the home screen and disconnect from the server you are currently connected to. Strangely, you can’t do this from the Connection sub-tab, although it does show you a warning pop-up. After disconnecting, you need to go back to this Settings tab and change the protocol. Then, go back to one of the purpose options for server choice, and finally, click the Power button to connect.

You have very similar tabs on the mobile apps as well, but they may be grouped differently. For instance, you can choose an optimized server for streaming, secure downloading, or unblocking. Tap the Purposes tab, and choose from the options. For the rest of the settings, you need to tap the Menu icon in the mobile app.

Ivacy VPN purposes setting

Basically, these clients are quite straightforward to use and relatively neat as well. Our Ivacy VPN review team agrees that this service is ideal both for beginners or intermediate VPN users. More advanced users may want more freedom and more options for customization.

Ivacy VPN for Netflix

Yes, you can use Ivacy VPN for Netflix US and many more media streaming services, including ESPN US, Spotify, Hulu, Sky, Amazon Prime US, and BBC iPlayer. This is what Ivacy claims on its website and it delivers on the promise. However, user reports suggest that you may have issues at times.

Ivacy VPN with Netflix US

To stream Netflix US or any other major channels, choose and connect to a dedicated server. Open the Menu on the left and go to the Streaming tab.

The dedicated Netflix US streaming server proved to be pretty fast compared to other US servers. This is what the Netflix speed test ( showed:

Ivacy VPN Netflix US speed test

This speed is more than enough for seamless 4K streaming. We were quite satisfied with Ivacy on this front.

Even if you fail to stream a channel, no need to panic. You can always use the live chat support to help you with accessing Netflix US or any other services. They’ll probably provide you with a server to connect to, which will actually work.

Of course, Netflix and other providers are also cracking down on spoofed IPs and VPN services. Therefore, there’s no permanent solution. If Ivacy stops working for you in this regard, try the support or choose one of the other reliable streaming VPN providers. NordVPN, ExpressVPN, or PrivateVPN are among our best VPN for Netflix picks.

Ivacy VPN for Kodi

First off, before you start wondering – no, Kodi is not illegal. Kodi is an open-source media center/player. As long as you use it to access official channels, you’re a good citizen in the eye of the law.

You can use Ivacy VPN for Kodi, as promoted on the Ivacy website. As a matter of fact, there’s even a dedicated Ivacy VPN Kodi add-on, which is a very nice touch.  You will find detailed installation guides on how to install Kodi on different devices and how to install this VPN on Kodi.

You may have issues with accessing certain services – neither Kodi nor Ivacy are in any way perfect. You can find more choices on our best VPN for Kodi article.

Ivacy VPN for torrenting

Optimized P2P servers, but choose carefully.

Good news for BitTorrent users: you can use Ivacy VPN for torrenting. As a matter of fact, this service has optimized P2P servers (outside the UK, Mexico, India, Switzerland, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, France, Brazil, Egypt, Hong Kong, Italy, South Africa, Indonesia, Taiwan, South Korea, China, Czech, Finland, Jordan and Kuwait). Make sure you always choose the right server for your intentions.

Ivacy is both secure enough and fast enough to be a very formidable VPN choice for torrenting. Perhaps the only reason why it’s a level below the very best is the lack of a free socks5 proxy.

If you’re wondering whether there’s a better choice, please read our best VPN for torrenting post as well.

Ivacy VPN works in China

Ivacy VPN works in China

China and its Great Firewall have become the preeminent icons of online censorship and surveillance. So when we mention China, we usually mean other countries with long-standing censorship traditions like Russia, Iran, and Saudi Arabia as well.

Since China cracked down on VPNs and now only allows state-approved services to operate behind its Great Firewall, lots of VPN apps have left the race. With that said, we’re glad to inform you that Ivacy VPN works in China.

This means that you can use Ivacy VPN in China to access censored and geo-restricted pages, stream videos, play online games, and whatever else you want to do on the internet.

However, before you hastily install Ivacy, you need to know that this won’t be that easy this time around. As a matter of fact, using Ivacy VPN in China requires manual configuration. For instance, you’ll need a dedicated installer for your desktop. Don’t worry though, the configuration steps are quite straightforward for all clients.

Unfortunately, the “how to set up Ivacy VPN in China” information isn’t available yet on the official website. But still, it’s not like you’re left in the dark. You can always contact the support team to help you out with the process. Speaking of which, let’s see how Ivacy’s live chat support performs.

Live chat support

Another plus for Ivacy VPN is that they provide good quality support over live chat. You can access the live chat window through the official website if you click the hovering Chat button or Chat now window header in the bottom right corner of your screen.

Our Ivacy VPN review team has found the responses fast, though not necessarily instant. The help this live chat support provides is quite useful. Even though the chat connects you to an actual person, you may occasionally get automated replies or links to related pages, such as the Privacy Policy. On the whole, we are satisfied with the live chat support experience we got during the research phase of this Ivacy VPN review.

If you visit the Support page on the website, you will also find a good knowledge base.

The VPN apps also offer help. You can, for example, read FAQs, submit a support ticket, or send feedback to the support team if you choose the Help menu.

While this service does provide good customer support, our favorite picks for the best live chat support are still ExpressVPN and NordVPN.

Pricing: one of the best on the market

Without a doubt, Ivacy VPN offers some of the best prices on the market right now. Of course, it’s hard to keep up with all the VPN pricing changes. Nevertheless, we do our best to update our reviews to show you the freshest possible price tags.

When writing this Ivacy VPN review update, we found the following pricing plans:

Best VPN deals and coupons Ivacy VPN

Apart from these tempting deals, there’s also a 5-year plan or “lifetime plan.” It comes as a pop-up a few seconds after you load the Pricing page:

Best VPN deals and coupons Ivacy VPN

This VPN service has no free version. Nevertheless, finally, there’s a 7-day free trial available. And we can count the 30-day money-back guarantee (7 days for the 1-month plan) as a 30-day premium free trial, right? The Ivacy pricing plans are very affordable when compared to other competitors.

Just make sure you’re aware of the refund conditions. If you want to make sure you get all your money back, you should read the Refund Policy very carefully. We did that for this Ivacy VPN review. Therefore, we would like to stress that refund is only possible if you paid via PayPal or credit card.

Speaking of payment methods, Ivacy VPN offers dozens of them. Apart from the usual credit card and PayPal options, you can choose Bitcoin, Blackcoin, Dash, Ethereum, various Paymentwall options, etc. Yes, this VPN offers anonymous payment options, which is yet another layer of security.

When you are purchasing your chosen plan, you can also select optional add-ons, such as Port Forwarding for $1.00 per month and a Dedicated IP for $1.99 per month.

Ivacy VPN free trial

Would you like to have a chance to try this VPN for free? Well, now you can. Our Ivacy VPN review team has found out that now there’s a 7-day free trial for 3 plans:

Ivacy VPN review pricing free trial

But this deal isn’t really advertised on the website yet. You need to contact live chat support to get the link and information. Or, you can also find it through a Google search.

You are eligible for this 7-day free trial only if you enter your payment details. Read the small print though. Because you’ll be charged after the 7 days expire for the plan you chose. So, to have these 7 days as a free trial, you need to cancel your subscription in time.

Also, you should know that you can only pay via PayPal or credit card for the Ivacy VPN free trial plans. Yep, strangely enough, no anonymous payment options there.

Ivacy VPN according to Reddit

Although you will find dozens of threads and comments on Reddit about Ivacy VPN, most of these are too old to be of interest or help. The majority of these threads are lifetime subscription and other Ivacy promotions anyway.

We only found one thread interesting. The user in question was using Ivacy VPN for torrenting (qBittorrent) and was occasionally experiencing connection drops. Of course, the torrenting part is irrelevant here because the user wasn’t connecting through some Ivacy SOCKS5 proxy. Either way, this thread is already one year old, so it may not be an issue anymore. However, we did find more users reporting similar issues with connection drops after a few hours of use. Thank god, there is a kill switch. Remember to switch it on for the best level of security and privacy.

Bottom line

When writing this Ivacy VPN review, we discovered that the service certainly has good security and privacy features, including split tunneling, IPv6 leak protection, and a kill switch. It has all the basic features to make sure that your anonymity is protected at all times. This VPN service is also serious about its no logs policy and keeps no logs of your internet usage or connections. In other words, no one can link you to any traffic or find out your physical location. Sounds secure enough?

This VPN has generally fast speeds. You can use it for anything you please, including torrenting, accessing geo-restricted websites, and streaming videos. You should also be fine with Ivacy VPN for Netflix US, Kodi, and other media streaming services. If you encounter any issues, you can always turn to the live chat support for help, and it will likely sort your issue out.

Because of the generous pricing, it may be a good choice for beginners or even intermediate VPN users. And, let’s not forget about the 7-day free trial. However, if you are looking for something even more secure for your needs, you should read our best VPN services post for more insight.

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