PersonalVPN boasts some serious speed but is there a high cost to this? Read this PersonalVPN review to find out more.

Perhaps you have been hearing a lot of buzz about the superior speeds of PersonalVPN. You may be struggling to make your own informed opinion about whether it is worthwhile for you to use.

This PersonalVPN review will shed some light on the details of this VPN to help better inform you.

Due to the usage of military grade encryption, PersonalVPN is highly secure. However, it is to be noted that the VPN does log some of your activities, and it is based in the United States of America.

Customers have noted that a downside is that this VPN service does not grant access to Netflix US. This VPN service allows torrenting and P2P but, as a US-based provider, they will comply with DMCA notices.

This VPN seems to work relatively well in China and other restricted countries.

Some customers have found that customer support can take quite long to get back to requests made by customers, which is sometimes frustrating. This is strange for a VPN based in the US, as US companies are notable for offering top of the line customer support.

One thing that cannot be denied is that this VPN service is impressively fast. The pricing is affordable and this VPN service is truly optimal when it comes to ease of use.

Is PersonalVPN safe to use?

This VPN service provider applies top of the line AES-256 encryption and four key tunneling protocols: OpenVPN, PPTP, IPSec, and L2TP.

Unfortunately, there are reports of DNS leaks.

In addition, some of your internet activity undergoes logging by PersonalVPN. This VPN service is located in the United States of America, which means it is under the jurisdiction of the Five Eyes. Overall, security is somewhat lacking.

This service does not provide access to a kill switch.

Speed and Performance

The reality is that often when one engages in using a VPN, it is common for the connectivity to be slow.

But this is not a problem when customers engage in using PersonalVPN for their online activities. Customers are impressed by the speed that this VPN service provides to them; it is lightning fast.

It is to be noted that customers do not usually experience any lag. This is why they are quite happy with PersonalVPN in this regard.

In this area at least, SecureVPN truly excels in its performance.

Downloading and installing

It’s quite easy to download and install PersonalVPN software. However, there are no custom PersonalVPN apps, which means you might need some assistance installing.

If you get stuck, there are installation guides available on their website for all platforms.
You can also configure it to work with TOR, which is great news for those seeking maximum security.

Apps and Extensions

There are no custom apps available for this VPN service.

Rather you will have to install the VPN manually, which can seem quite arduous for those who are new to using VPN services.

It does function well for a wide range of operating systems.

It works particularly well with Windows, iOS, Mac, and even Blackberry.

Furthermore, it was also designed to perform quite well for Linux, Android, Chromebook, and Boxee.

Thus, those clients who use multiple operating systems will have a good time with this VPN.
Note that you can use up to five devices simultaneously with this VPN service.

PersonalVPN for Netflix and torrenting

For many people, the reason for using a VPN is to skirt the geo-blocking that occurs on such sites as Netflix.

If your aim here is to get on Netflix then you’d best give PersonalVPN a miss.

Though the site claims to be able to access it, we were unable to get to Netflix even with lots of server-switching.

You can use torrents with this VPN service but as mentioned, the provider is somewhat limited by copyright laws because the service is US-based.

Pricing and Customer Service

PersonalVPN is considered to be quite affordable, with all plans costing less than seven dollars per month.

  • The basic plan works out to cost $3.06/month.
  • The pro plan equates to $4.44/month.
  • The Premier plan costs $5.83/month

In terms of customer support, there is a live chat, email, social media channels and a support section on the website.

But, we noted for this PersonalVPN review, that customer service support is not all that quick in getting back to clients. This can prove to be rather frustrating.

Final Verdict

PersonalVPN is top of the line in terms of speed. However, it is not the most versatile service and there are also some security issues to consider.