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Last updated Jan 18, 2024 at 12pm ET

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Disclaimer: Affiliate links help us produce good content. Learn more.
Disclaimer: Affiliate links help us produce good content. Learn more.

PersonalVPN boasts some serious speed but what other benefits does this service provide? Read this PersonalVPN review to find out more.

Perhaps you have been hearing a lot of buzz about the superior speeds of PersonalVPN. You may be struggling to make your own informed opinion about whether it is worthwhile for you to use. This PersonalVPN review will shed some light on the details of this VPN to help better inform you.

Is PersonalVPN safe to use?

Like any other worthwhile VPN provider, PersonalVPN uses the standard AES-256 bit encryption. Furthermore, tunneling protocol options include OpenVPN, PPTP, IPSec, and L2TP. Naturally, a kill switch feature is available to prevent any IP leaks.

Depending on your pricing plan, you may also have the obfuscated VPN traffic option, which is essential in places like China. Plus, Premier customers gain the ability to manually configure their routers to secure their entire home networks.

PersonalVPN is known as one of the first VPN services to deploy its own anonymous DNS service. This, in addition to its solid no-logs policy, makes for a very private and secure VPN. However, some may dispute this since the service is based in the US, a member of the Five Eyes alliance.

Speed and Performance

PersonalVPN advertises itself as a service that guarantees ludicrous speed. We’re not here to dispute that, as customers are fairly happy with the connection speed and quality that they get.

However, I do think it’s worth pointing out that WireGuard is the de-facto standard for ludicrous speeds nowadays. If a VPN has not implemented this modern tunneling protocol yet, it cannot be considered as a contender to become one of the fastest VPN services. Some providers make do with proprietary tunneling protocols, yet they are the exceptions to the general rule.

Regardless, PersonalVPN will suit you just fine since there are no bandwidth limitations on any of its plans.

Apps and Extensions

PersonalVPN has apps for macOS, Windows, Android, and iOS. Other platforms can be configured manually. Supported devices include:

  • Linux
  • Amazon Fire Stick
  • Microsoft Surface
  • Chromebook
  • Boxee
  • Blackberry

A router can be configured manually with PersonalVPN as well, but only if you subscribe to the Premier plan. Furthermore, the number of simultaneous connections also depends on your subscription plan, but the minimum number of devices is five.

PersonalVPN for Netflix and torrenting

PersonalVPN can be used as your personal home theater as the service works well at getting around geo-blocking. It is well suited for unblocking various streaming services, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and HBO. Additionally, the good connection speeds will ensure that you do not experience any stuttering or lags.

In terms of torrenting, the VPN is quite suitable for this task. It’s fast and does not block P2P traffic, although some additional features, such as port forwarding and SOCKS5 proxies, are absent.

Pricing and Customer Service

PersonalVPN is considered to be quite affordable, with all plans costing less than seven dollars per month.

  • The Basic plan works out to cost $3.06/month with the 36 month plan.
  • The Pro plan equates to $4.44/month with the 36 month plan.
  • The Premier plan costs $5.83/month with the 36 month plan

Furthermore, all plans come with a 30-day unconditional money-back guarantee. Payment options are PayPal and credit card.

In terms of customer support, there is live chat, email, social media channels, and a knowledge base on the website, all of which are available 24/7, every day of the year.

Final Verdict

PersonalVPN is quite good in terms of speed, but it could catch up with the trend of implementing WireGuard. Additionally, it is not the most versatile service and could do with some additional security features. Whether it is port forwarding for torrent use or split-tunneling for general usability, customers will appreciate these kinds of improvements that other VPN services offer.


  • Lightning fast speeds
  • Good encryption and tunneling protocols
  • Compatible with a wide range of devices


  • Lacks security features
 5.5 / 10
Total score
$3.06 / month
Minimum Price
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  1. Olap June 1, 2019 at 7:29 am

    Never heard about Personal VPN and from what you’ve said they could have been something special. But poor customer service is unacceptable. DNS leaks is also a serious problem. Too bad but maybe they’ll work on it?

  2. aagarop April 6, 2019 at 5:04 pm

    I use the mobile app all the time when traveling both domestically and Internationally. It’s wonderful to know that I have a secure VPN protecting my data. In the middle east, their service is one of the very few that work, giving me access to whatever websites I want to use.

  3. Aaron English III February 14, 2019 at 1:26 pm

    Speed is important but so is security. As someone who uses a VPN, I value security over everything. Yes, I want fast speed from my VPN service, but it doesn’t do me any good if it has DNS leaks or is being snooped on by the government. I hope people read these reviews closely before choosing a VPN service.

  4. Louie Lloyd February 6, 2019 at 10:39 am

    Inability of the customers to use the services Netflix in the USA is a strong downside to this VPN. There is the need to review this position

  5. Karim Ka January 31, 2019 at 9:19 am

    The security issues are like a big no-no to me for that particular VPN. VPNs are supposed to keep you safe so if there’s security issues it’s not even worth trying it and put yourself at risks. Thanks for the review it’s clear and thorough !

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