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Last updated Jul 4, 2024 at 2pm ET

Norton antivirus suite is a modern solution against dynamic cyber threats lurking behind every corner. Unparalleled malware protection, the richest feature package, and beginner-friendly interface cement Norton’s seat among the best antivirus in the industry.

Minimum Price:
$19.99 / year
Works with:
windows macos android ios
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Norton is one of the most prominent names in the antivirus software market, keeping the competitors on their toes and users jubilant. This antivirus is an excellent anti-malware engine, boasting the highest caliber real-time protection. This reputation is all fine and dandy, but what exactly does Norton’s protection suite have to offer? Is Norton Antivirus good for real?

When it comes to antiviruses, the most tedious part is picking the right choice since many brands promise big things, but ultimately, it’s all bark and no bite. However, it’s not the case with Norton. Why? Because it exceeds the expectations of a regular antivirus. We tested Norton’s in-built VPN, password manager, real-time malware scans, identity protection service, and other nifty features, pushing them to their limits to determine whether they’re worth their salt.

We run the tests on 4 different operating systems: Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. Apart from inspecting the in-and-outs of Norton antivirus software, we also experimented with each feature. Well, Norton surely has the richest feature suite, for that we vouch undoubtedly. Of course, it’s not to say that the service is perfect like the almighty.

Norton is reported to have their features scattered through desktop and mobile apps. Also, RAM use may make the antivirus a little laggy at times. Though there’s room for improvement in other areas, Norton eliminates a whopping 100% of malware and other cyber threats, optimized systems, upgraded browsing experience, and granted overall security that felt like an impenetrable digital fortress.

In this Norton antivirus review, we’ve learned a great deal about the perks and the drawbacks, explored every nook and cranny. Thus, we learned that while desktop apps can be clunky and consume quite a bit of RAM, they falter in the face of unparalleled security Norton delivers. Impenetrable real-time anti-malware protection left our jaws open, which other tools like password manager and system optimization are the unpolished gems of the whole package.

Spoiler alert: Is Norton antivirus good? No double. It passed with flying colors and we confirm that it deserves the title of the best antivirus software in every aspect.

Norton antivirus overview

⭐ Rating:⭐ 9.1 /10
💵Price:Starting at $19.99/year
🥷Free version: No
✂️ Free trial:30 days
💳 Money-back guarantee:60 days
🖥️ Supported platforms:Windows, Android, Mac, iOS
🎮 Number of devices protected:1–10
🦠 Real-time malware scans:Yes (read more here)
🎯 Phishing protection:Yes
💥Firewall:Yes (read more here)

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What is Reddit’s opinion about Norton antivirus in 2024

User reviews are one of the best sources of information about any products, antiviruses included. And what better place than Reddit? Here, folks’ collective voice highlights insights based on their first-hand experience with Norton. In fact, we see that users are satisfied with Norton’s protective qualities.

Norton antivirus review by Reddit

Redditors praise Norton’s firewall since it doesn’t let viruses slip past. Naturally, we rushed to try its firewall ourselves and were greeted with an advanced protection that allowed us to toggle with the settings for fully customized protection. So, whether it’s simple, puny spyware or ruinous ransomware, Norton has your back. We did notice that some complained about Norton’s persistent advertising campaigns, but few complaints touched upon its functionality.

Norton security features

One of Norton’s greatest strengths is that you get several additional cybersecurity features in relation to the standard antivirus suite. The latter, such as malware scans, real-time protection, and firewall, already are the cream of the crop. However, Norton further steps up the game with the extra features that, as we saw for ourselves, actually optimize and secure protection. Therefore, you get an expansive package of features conveniently laid out under one reliable name.

Here is what Norton antivirus software has to offer:

Real-time threat protection

Norton antivirus software employs AI (artificial intelligence) and machine learning to monitor all cyber threats lurking at every turn. Norton particularly emphasizes its focus on malware, viruses, spyware, and ransomware. And so, our testing began from this very feature. We delved into various websites, whose reliability varied. Plus, we stimulated real-time protection by downloading a variety of files and stimulating our own malware-infected files.

The software periodically freshens up its data thanks to machine learning and AI. In turn, it allows Norton to adopt comprehensive protection for your device and personal information on it. We witnessed that as real-time protection halted all the suspicious operations and visits to web pages. However, let’s delve into this feature with a more in-depth examination.

Norton antivirus: real-time protection

During Norton antivirus review, we were more than pleased to learn that the software comes with an option to install Norton with Norton Safe Web. It’s a dedicated implementation on your browsers. Moreover, its premise is simple: each time you look up something on the web, an icon will be next to each search result, indicating whether it’s safe. Here’s a guide:

  • Green. It indicates whether the search result is completely safe
  • Grey. This one means the URL is unknown
  • Yellow. The color is saying there is a potential risk
  • Red. Best not to open it, it’s a risky webpage

It’s a straightforward system that allows you to safely navigate the internet space.

Norton antivirus preventing access to unsafe website

In fact, the feature also works on e-mails and social media platforms, including X and Facebook. While it may seem like Norton Safe Web is more likely to clutter the interface than help, you’re wrong. Social media websites can be used for scamming, so checking every URL is extra useful.

Another added feature that caught our eye in the real-time protection section is Isolation mode. This cool tool allows you to explore risky bank or credit card websites without any harm to your device. It loads the webpage on Norton’s secure server, removes any harmful stuff, and then shows it to you. Plus, it blocks any sensitive data from being harvested, phishing attempts, and banking trojans. Note that the feature is turned off by default, so you’ll have to activate it.

Malware and virus scans

Unsurprisingly, Norton antivirus offers all manner of malware and virus scans. It’s a remarkable feat for an antivirus software to offer a variety of scans. Why? Because it means you get a well-rounded system for seeking out malware online and offline. Research conducted by illustrates the strength behind Norton’s malware protection.

Norton antivirus malware protection rate

Norton scores as high as 99.99% in protecting users from malware and viruses. This success rate is one of the best in the industry, if not the best. Now, it gets better because Norton antivirus presents several malware scan types for well-rounded sweeping of your system’s corners. Let’s take a look at the scan types that Norton antivirus software brings to the table:

Scan typeOverview
Quick scanIn just about 30–40 seconds, the rapid scan covered the entire system and approximately 7,000 files. It didn’t detect any of the 10 intentionally placed malicious files, which were meant for research purposes. It doesn’t come off as surprising since the scan is focused on speed rather than quality. Throughout the scan, the CPU usage stayed between 17% and 30%.
Smart scanThe smart scan was completed rapidly, taking roughly a minute to examine approximately 7,000 files. Although the scan identified certain unnecessary files and problems within the registry, it, unfortunately, couldn’t locate any of the 10 deliberately inserted malware files. This time the CPU usage hovered at approximately 35–48%.
Custom scanIt scans selected folders or files, so the time of each scan varies depending on the number and sizes of files. However, we didn’t need to wait longer than 2 or 3 minutes. It detected 8 out of 10 malware files hidden in the folders we scanned. The CPU usage did not exceed 65%.
Full system scanUnlike the other scans, the full system scan demanded considerably more time, clocking in at over 12 minutes. However, it outshone the other scans by a wide margin. Among the approximately 270,000 files scrutinized, it successfully detected all 10 malicious files that had been strategically placed. The CPU usage fluctuated between 70% and 100% throughout this thorough process.
Norton insightThis measure evaluates the trustworthiness of files and applications on your device based on a database of known safe files. This helps improve scanning efficiency by skipping files that are already deemed safe. This whitelisting feature worked perfectly, missing files we deemed safe during other scans afterward.

No more malware with Norton

Password manager

A password manager incorporated into Norton antivirus software stands out among the non-dedicated password managers we’ve tested. It handles tasks like password replay, form filling, syncing across devices, and password strength evaluation flawlessly. The setup is a breeze, extended to other devices via a QR code. Consequently, you can easily manage existing accounts and take advantage of the auto-saving of new login details.

Norton antivirus password manager

Put simply, Norton’s Password Manager is a solid contribution, allowing you to remember just one master password that grants you access to a secure vault. The hassle of entering multiple logins becomes a thing of the past; this also empowers you to opt for stronger, harder-to-crack passwords. However, it comes with a minor hiccup: the manager lacks 2FA (two-factor authentication) on desktop apps. Luckily, that’s not the case with mobile counterparts.

Norton’s Password Manager comes packed with:

  • Password generator for robust passwords
  • Form filling that auto-completes personal info
  • Wallet to store and autofill card details
  • Safety dashboard for an overview of password security

Smart firewall

A conventional firewall defends your device from external threats through a web connection. That’s where Norton’s complexity and ingenuity shine through – by bidding traditional firewalls farewell. During our Norton antivirus review, we learned that its firewall is a two-way feature. In short, it monitors the network traffic, both incoming and outgoing. It monitors everything related to your web activities, basically.

Norton firewall settings

As you can see, Norton’s firewall has more functionalities than its competitors, like TotalAV or Bitdefender. We can start by having a look at Intrusion protection. Active web monitoring and unwanted communication prevention protect your device from intrusion attacks.

General program control and Advanced program control allow you to tinker with certain applications and files in a manner of whitelisting and vice versa. However, it’s the Smart Firewall feature that requires a closer look. In simple terms, it sniffs out all possible venues through which cyber threats could potentially occur. So, if your device has vulnerability points, it won’t after Smart Firewall’s investigation.

Secure VPN

Norton’s 360 packages include a Secure VPN. If you’re unfamiliar with this technology, a reliable VPN (Virtual Private Network) bridges the web traffic and your device. In other words, it routes your internet through an encrypted tunnel and fashions you a different IP address. Thanks to that, your activities remain hidden from snoopers, including your ISP (Internet Service Provider).

Norton VPN

Yes, it retains your anonymity online but a VPN also serves as a security tool by preventing hackers from accessing your data. We must note that the best functionality can only be expected from stand-alone VPN services. Still, our testing yielded satisfactory results, since Norton’s Secure VPN showed no IP and DNS leaks on websites like

Keeping in mind that this VPN is a feature only, it’s simplistic and comes with basic tools found in most services: ad blocker and split tunneling. Upon turning it on, the VPN automatically connects to the nearest and faster server.

In fact, Norton’s in-built VPN is security-oriented. We tried unblocking streaming sites with it, but unfortunately it faltered before defenses of Netflix and Hulu. But it managed to bypass a number of geo-blocks to access regular websites. On the other hand, Norton’s VPN protects your data and device from snoopers when connected to public Wi-Fi hotspots. For an in-built VPN, that’s good enough.

PC cloud backup

Seamless setup and usage define Norton’s cloud backup, echoing the simplicity of its other features. During setup, you have the flexibility to choose which files to back up and how often. Whether it’s a weekly or monthly schedule or an automated backup while you’re away from your computer, Norton ensures data protection without hampering your device’s performance. We checked out that PC cloud backup didn’t use up more than 5% of RAM.

Norton’s cloud backup offers, and we’re sure we’re not overestimating, unmatched convenience. We were pleased to get effortless access to files on a computer, phone, or any connected device. That way, your data is always within reach. Besides, you don’t need to worry about losing your precious files if your device crashes or goes missing thanks to the data recovery feature.

Norton antivirus PC cloud backup

But, as is the Norton tradition, security remains the top priority. Notably, the PC cloud backup shields your sensitive data from the clutches of ransomware as well. Ransomware attackers encrypt your files and demand payment for the decryption key. Norton’s cloud backup acts as a formidable shield against this menace. Even if someone breaches your files, your securely stored backups on Norton’s servers remain intact.

Protect your data with Norton

Norton antivirus software additional features

We covered the main stars of the show, but there are several more features that Norton antivirus software adds to your device protection:

  • Parental control. This feature comes as part of Norton 360 Premium or Norton 360 Deluxe packages. You’ll find it in a separate app called Norton Family. In a nutshell, parental controls supervise a plethora of things: time spent on devices, YouTube videos, visited websites and web searches, location, mobile apps, and limits online activities during school time or other set hours. We found it useful, especially if you have children whose internet time should be limited to safe spaces.
  • System optimization. It’s a pretty self-explanatory feature, but basically, it identifies old and duplicate files, prompting you to allow the app to delete them in one batch, which is super convenient. Moreover, the tool optimizes your disks and files, startup time, and allows you to choose which app to launch upon your device’s start.
  • Dark web monitoring. It scans layers of the dark web to identify whether pages not indexed by normal search engines have your information, such as account credentials, bank accounts, phone numbers, addresses, security numbers, and more. If your information is confirmed to be circulating suspicious spaces, you’ll get a notification.
  • Norton AntiTrack. In a similar fashion, the feature protects your credentials. The internet is loaded with trackers, which lurk in online ads and harvest data about you. That’s how companies create targeted ads. Though AntiTrack is only available on Windows, macOS, and iOS devices, it’s an indispensable tool for those who prioritize minimizing their digital footprint.
  • SafeCam. It’s no news that certain dodgy websites can access your webcam. Luckily, this Norton feature blocks unauthorized access, guaranteeing privacy.
  • Norton Safe Web. This feature operates as a browser extension in the same way as real-time threat protection. That’s because it checks out websites before you enter them to let you know if they’re safe.

Norton antivirus software doesn’t gatekeep features that bolster your security and could be decisive factors in protecting your data or device. In fact, even the standard Norton Antivirus Plus plan includes all of the above features save for VPN, SafeCam, and Dark Web Monitoring, and parental control. You can dabble in the wonders of the features yourself without having to worry about your online safety again.

Ease of use and setup

Norton antivirus software didn’t take more than 10 minutes to install, and a wizard setup is a nice touch. Plus, during the installation process, you activate the cloud storage for your backups, which is considerable on Norton’s part. However, it did insist on restarting the device to complete the installation process. It required a couple of permissions but nothing too annoying or hindering.

Once the app’s installed, we’re directed to the main dashboard. Keep in mind that you can choose between 2 different user interfaces: My Norton and Classic. My Norton is the default interface. Though the unnamed mountain climber is a stylistic choice in this design, we find it unnecessary for the lad to cover half the window. But hey, some folks may enjoy it.

My Norton dashboard

Whether you choose My Norton or the classic, either layout is simple and easy to navigate; browsing its settings, we didn’t get lost or confused. The choice of muted colors is great in terms of design, though something does feel amiss. Other than that, the user interface is dynamic.

Norton antivirus old vs new design

However, let’s compare both versions briefly. The color choice remains pretty much the same in both My Norton and the classic look. It’s the positioning of the layout that poses the starkest difference. Take the settings section, for example. In the older version, you get a very simplistic, even slightly clunky look with sharp icons. The design could just be a little more fluid, that’s all.

Norton classic settings

My Norton, the newer layout, depicts clear improvement. First, we’d like to say that we appreciate that the color scheme remained the same since yellow and gray complement each other nicely. Now, the layout is much more pleasing to the eye, without Windows XP feeling about it, and we finally get a more fluid design. However, we find that a picture covering half of the window is a bit excessive.

My Norton settings

The classic design, in our opinion, offers better usability. The settings are laid out clearly and all in one place. In short, it’s linear to a point where a beginner will feel comfortable navigating the app and even advanced settings. While My Norton design looks better visually, it seems that the design came at a price of usability. Settings lack clarity, navigation takes longer.

While major features are found in the main antivirus app, some of them require separate apps. It’s a bit of a drawback, considering that you need to switch between different apps. On the other hand, it doesn’t get confusing when toggling settings or features as the navigation is clear. Features and categories are laid out clearly in respected apps.

Mobile applications

It’s no news that typically companies give their most love to desktop apps. However, Norton 360 breaks the stereotype by bringing out the best mobile apps they possibly can. Whether it’s Android or iOS you’re using, you get an easy-to-navigate Norton app with delightfully laid out features and settings.

However, like with desktop counterparts, we’d love if Norton could bundle their features and apps into one singular app like its competitors. Now, both Android and iOS users need to install several apps if they want a richer security experience. It’s a drawback, but the only one we encountered upon testing Norton antivirus mobile apps.


Let’s start by saying that the Norton Android app currently has a rating of 4.6/5 on the Google Play Store. Visually speaking, Norton’s Android apps could resemble iOS more, which has a pleasant, fluid look with more color. That’s not to say that it looks bad. It’s not at all the case since it looks neat and the color scheme satisfactory. Above all, it’s super easy to navigate, whether you use the main app or additional apps like password manager.

Norton antivirus on Android

Here is a list of features that Android folks can use (depending on their plan):

  • Web Protection
  • Malware Scanner
  • Link Guard
  • Wi-Fi Network Monitor
  • SMS Spam Filter
  • App Advisor
  • Secure VPN
  • Safe Web & Safe Search
  • Device Security
  • Password Manager
  • LifeLock Identity Theft Protection
  • Parental controls

The exclusive Android features are Malware Scanner, Link Guard, and App Advisor. The first one is relatively simple. It scans your device for malicious files like the desktop variant, except you don’t get such scan variety.

Meanwhile, Ling Guard checks whether websites are safe and protects you from phishing attempts. And last but not least is the App Advisor. We loved this one so much because it scans both apps that are about to be downloaded and apps that are already installed.


Norton features score 4.7/5 on the Apple App Store, which speaks volumes about the success of the antivirus. Sadly, iOS users get fewer features due to Apple’s restrictive policies. On the flip side, our Norton antivirus review reveals that available features are enough to shield iPhones and iPads from cyber threats.

Norton antivirus on iOS

iOS users, on the other hand, get mostly the same features, though fewer than Android app (depending on your plan):

  • Wi-Fi network monitor
  • Safe Web & Safe Search
  • Secure VPN
  • Web protection
  • Secure calendar
  • Device security
  • Parental controls
  • Password manager
  • LifeLock identity theft protection
  • SMS spam filter

Norton’s web protections, doubled with Safe Web & Safe Search, survey the internet and protect you from entering malicious sites. Meanwhile, tools like identity monitoring, SMS, device, and Wi-Fi security are more than enough to browse worry-free on any iOS.

Secure your mobile device today

Norton compared to other antivirus software

Each antivirus in the industry has its own strengths and weaknesses. Still, what better way to put antiviruses’ advantages into perspective than through comparison? Let’s compare Norton with other products we reviewed – TotalAV and Bitdefender.

Norton vs. TotalAV

It’s an interesting battle since both Norton and TotalAV antiviruses are highly regarded by the tech community and users alike. In short, Norton antivirus software is the winner as it outshines TotalAV in many aspects.

For example, Norton boasts a 100% anti-malware protection rate, which is backed by independent testing platforms, as we mentioned above. TotalAV manages a 96% rate, which at times fluctuates. But that’s not all. Norton also beats TotalAV in customer support, variety of plans, web security, and overall offers a grander security pack.

On the other hand, TotalAV outplays Norton in other aspects, like VPN and overall better PC optimization. If a VPN is a deal breaker for you, then TotalAV’s tool performs better, has no leaks, unblocks streaming websites and bypasses other geo-blocks more effectively. Plus, this antivirus is also better if you’re focusing on a Windows device.

Norton vs. Bitdefender

Bitdefender and Norton are edging constantly, though Norton maintains the upper hand year after year. It’s not surprising, though we acknowledge that both antiviruses are superior in their protection game, to say the least. Let’s quickly overview how they compare.

Let’s start by stating that Norton’s 100% protection score remains top-tier as Bitdefender, according to sites like AV-TEST, maintains a regular 98%. It’s a close shave, but that 2% is still a lot when we’re speaking security. Anyway, Norton pushes forward with the widest feature variety, functionality, customer support, and overall security.

Meanwhile, Bitdefender isn’t too shabby, either. The antivirus puts Norton back in place regarding pricing and user interface. While Bitdefender may have fewer plan options, they are cheaper compared to Norton. Also, Bitdefender is more lightweight, which is quite an advantage considering that Norton can consume more RAM during more complex scans.

In summary, Norton is the right choice if you want to get the best out of all an antivirus can offer as a cybersecurity tool. Regardless, TotalAV and Bitdefender are also superb choices that have their own gems.

Browse safely with the robust Norton antivirus

Norton antivirus software wipes away any worries about getting infected or having your data harvested online. Labeled one of the best antiviruses by experts and users alike, Norton continues to adamantly protect users from malware, ransomware, spyware, and other threats lurking about. Subscribe to Norton today to finally have a taste of digital freedom to roam safely!

9.3 /10
Unparalleled malware protection
Richest feature suite
System optimization

Is Norton antivirus safe?

Norton is hailed as a near-perfect antivirus. Though it may appear a far-stretched praise, our Norton antivirus review has proven the title is well-earned. For instance, we can start off by stating that Norton secured 100% virus detection in independent tests from SeaLabs and AV-TEST. Besides, the most recent AV-TEST testing period shows that Norton antivirus review continues to get the highest points (on 6-point scale).

Norton antivirus review by AV TEST

Moreover, Norton continues to snatch rewards from its competitors in the antivirus industry. A prime example is the esteemed Advanced+ Malware Protection Award, which Norton received from AV-Comparatives in March 2022. In April of the same year, the software received the Advanced+ Performance Award. Besides, Norton antivirus software continues to uphold its title as the best malware scanner far and wide.

It’s clear as day that Norton antivirus protects your devices with utmost force. However, it’s also essential to overview the company’s privacy policy. This allows us to see if Norton 360 is safe in regard to your data. After checking out their policy, we have deduced that they collect and store this user information:

  • Anonymized geolocation
  • Anonymized IP address
  • Application names and versions
  • Connection activity
  • Internet usage time
  • Reported malware detections
  • Product serial number
  • Operating system, device model
  • Device identifiers
  • Visited websites, used search keywords

Most of the information is related to their own product, which is likely meant for analytics to improve their antivirus in future updates or releases. As for personal data, they collect nothing out of the ordinary. On top of that, as a reputable company, they don’t sell your data to third parties, so rest assured.

Norton plans and pricing

Norton presents flexibility through a variety of plans available. The main difference lies between the basic Norton Antivirus Plus and the rest of Norton 360 plans. The former is a cheaper option; however, it lacks some features that Norton 360 suites have to offer. So, if you’re looking for comprehensive security, any Norton 360 plan is a solid choice (another spoiler alert: users think that Norton 360 Deluxe is the best one).

Feature/planNorton Antivirus PlusNorton 360 StandardNorton 360 for GamersNorton 360 DeluxeNorton 360 Premium
Number of devices covered11 (3 for US users)3510
Money-back guarantee✅Yes✅Yes✅Yes✅Yes✅Yes
Malware scans✅Yes✅Yes✅Yes✅Yes✅Yes
Real-time protection✅Yes✅Yes✅Yes✅Yes✅Yes
Cloud backup2 GB2 GB50 GB50 GB100 GB
Wi-Fi protections✅Yes✅Yes✅Yes✅Yes✅Yes
Secure VPN❌No✅Yes✅Yes✅Yes✅Yes
Password manager✅Yes✅Yes✅Yes✅Yes✅Yes
Dark web monitoring❌No✅Yes✅Yes✅Yes✅Yes
Parental controls❌No❌No✅Yes✅Yes✅Yes
Webcam protection❌No✅Yes✅Yes✅Yes✅Yes
Privacy monitor❌No❌No✅Yes✅Yes✅Yes

Norton Antivirus Plus and Norton 360 Standard are the only plans out of a total of 5 paid subscriptions that lack some features. Meanwhile, we have Norton 360 Premium on the other side of the line, offering the most of all plans. However, you probably noticed from the overview of the pricing plans that Norton 360 for Gamers, Deluxe, and Premium options offer all of the available features.

So what’s the difference between them? Mainly, device coverage and cloud backup storage. It’s never unlimited, so if you have loads of files you want to protect from sudden loss, then it’s something to consider. That’s where Norton Premium comes in the clutch – offering coverage for 10 devices and a whopping 100 GB of cloud backup space. It’s by half more than For Gamer and Deluxe plans, and we won’t even compare the 2 GB of remaining options.

Personally, we found Norton 360 Deluxe to be the gold standard. It encompasses all the features and offers 3 device coverage along with the 50 GB cloud storage. Basically, it’s the top-notch plan if you don’t want to spend too much money. As for Norton Antivirus Plus, it’s a solid choice for people who prioritize both security and budget. While the plan lacks additional features like VPN or Dark Web Monitoring, your device still gets robust protection.

Of course, no matter which plan you buy, you’re covered by the 60-day money-return guarantee. It’s a super generous period of time to change your mind and opt for a refund. Besides, if you want to test any of the paid plans, you have 30 days of free trial to do so. Also, keep in mind that after the first year of subscription, the prices begin to increase.

Check out the best Norton deals

Norton free version

Unfortunately for the budget-conscious, there is no free Norton antivirus. However, Norton offers two tools free of charge: Norton Power Eraser and Norton Bootable Recovery Tool. Albeit, they’re for Windows PC users only.

  • Norton Power Eraser. In short, it’s a scanning tool. This free Norton feature scans your Windows PC to detect and remove viruses. Though it’s not developed well enough to deal with all the viruses, some malware could slip through.
  • Norton Bootable Recovery Tool. It’s more of a post-infection tool rather than preventative maintenance. It’s a bootable rescue media on a DVD or USB drive to use for getting your Windows PC running again.

However, if you don’t want to spend money on an antivirus before you get the chance to test it out, Norton’s free trial is there to save the day. Its period includes 30 days, during which you can get your money back unless you’re charmed away by the antivirus’s supremacy.

Customer support

SpecificationsNorton antivirus customer service
24/7 live chat✅ Yes
Phone line✅ Yes
Social media support✅ Yes (Facebook and X)
Email✅ Yes
Knowledgebase✅ Yes
FAQs✅ Yes

Norton antivirus customer service offers all the possible help you could need. If you want to resolve an issue right now, you have a phone line and live chat available 24/7. Otherwise, support specialists can answer your questions via email. In fact, you’re redirected to a comprehensive knowledgebase and FAQs that answer the hottest questions and hiccups.

However, Norton’s customer support page appeared to be a little disorganized, and it took us a while to find the live chat option. You’ll be asked to either sign in using your Norton account credentials or continue as a guest. Once you’ve done that, you’re presented with help options, like social media (available on Facebook and X), live chat, a forum, and more.

Norton antivirus customer support

Regarding live chat, we first want to praise that customer support specialists were quick to answer, with average response time varying between 30 seconds and no more than 2 minutes.

Nonetheless, you must enter your full name, email, and phone number, choose what feature or product you’re having trouble with, and finally, must describe the problem before even connecting to a chat. While it could be a little hindering, we get it’s necessary for specialists on the other side of the screen to help us with whatever it is we need. It’s more of a warning beforehand than an actual drawback.

Overall, Norton has a great customer support range, varying from immediate forms of communication to self-sufficient databases, like FAQs.

Final verdict: is Norton antivirus good?

We can conclude our Norton antivirus review by saying that Norton is absolutely worth every penny. After all, it sits among the best antiviruses year after year, earning awards and trust among thousands of users. In terms of pricing, sure, there are several cheaper options, but very few compare to Norton security-wise. In brief, Norton antivirus software offers comprehensive protection with a protection rate of practically 100%.

Norton Antivirus Plus is a good solution for covering the basics of security. In fact, many casual users opt for this plan. However, if you’re a netizen who prioritizes security over money, then getting any of the Norton 360 plans would be a highly commendable decision. It boasts complete safeguarding against all forms of malware. Furthermore, it presents impressive device security, cloud backup, and parental controls.

The performance of Norton’s desktop and mobile apps is top-notch, although it’s slightly inconvenient that separate apps need to be downloaded for the VPN, parental controls, or password manager. Setting aside this minor inconvenience, Norton 360 demonstrates exceptional efficiency, effectiveness, and potency in delivering that ultimate security.

In fact, it wouldn’t be an overstatement to consider Norton antivirus software as one of the finest all-in-one antivirus products available for purchase.

Build your digital fortress with Norton

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Is Norton a trusted antivirus?

Norton antivirus is completely trusted. Its legitness is confirmed by thousands of users and independent test websites like AV-TEST and AV-Comparatives. in fact, they continue checking the effectiveness of the software regularly, and Norton antivirus delivers top results without fail. Norton antivirus is safe.

Who owns Norton?

Norton Antivirus is developed and distributed by Gen Digital (formerly known as Symantec) since 1990 as part of its Norton family security products.

Norton or Kaspersky: which is better?

Norton beats Kaspersky. While both antiviruses are good and reputable, Norton has a richer feature package and better protection rate (100% as tested by independent sites). It provides key features, like cloud backup or password manager. Plus, it has better pricing, interface, and customer support.

How good is Norton?

Norton is one of the best antiviruses in the market. It offers several plans, the most abundant package of security tools, a sleek user interface, and more. Most importantly, Norton antivirus shields you from any malware with the success rate of 100%. It keeps scoring high on AV-TEST & other sites.

Does Norton software include LifeLock?

Yes. Norton 360 Deluxe and Premium are the Norton plans that offer Dark Web Monitoring, powered by LifeLock. This entails searching for your personal data on the dark web, safeguarding your sensitive data, and ensuring online fraud prevention.

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Norton Antivirus review
Norton Antivirus
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