Fans of online content streaming will already be familiar with Kodi; the free and open-source home entertainment software which provides access to a wealth of TV shows, films, music, games, sports and more.

Originally created for Microsoft Xbox users, it has grown into a huge community of developers and fans, managed by XMBC, the non-profit. The open-source nature of Kodi means that it is constantly worked on and developed by coders across the world, and it has been further refined by over 500 devs since it was launched in 2003.

This is where all the Kodi add-ons and Kodi repositories come in; you can get these builds for free. Kodi is also hugely flexible for working across a huge range of devices, from Amazon Fire TV sticks through to smartphones, as well as your smart TV.

However, although figures suggest that Kodi repositories are being used in over 5 million UK homes, the authorities are less keen on the software! In fact, there was a massive crackdown last Autumn and big add-ons such as Gaia, Bubbles and XvBMC were closed down.

The issue here isn’t the Kodi repositories themselves, but rather the sharing of illegal and pirated content. ISPs and government bodies are determined to stamp out the practice (or at least try to).

So, with that in mind, where can you now find Kodi working repositories at the start of 2019? We list the best sites that are still working. It’s well worth checking back here regularly as this list does change – we will have the latest information on the best working Kodi addons for your entertainment pleasure!

1. Exodus V. 8.0

Kodi Exodus has recently been given a new update and it just takes a couple of minutes to install. The Kodi Fork is a Genesis add-on that plays TV shows and films in an attractive, intuitive format. The creators no longer maintain the add-on but it is occasionally updated by others. The current version (8) pulls in a large series of links, smooths out a few user features and ensures that content access is working very well again.

2. The Magic Dragon

This is one of the most popular Kodi working repositories and it’s an “all-in” add-on from Supremacy, with categories for TV shows and films. You can choose from a range of non-standard links, such as Real Debrid and Oload Paring. Look out for content categories that include movies, catch-up TV, sports, kids, films, entertainment and plenty more. You can also access music and the speed is excellent.

3. Yoda

This video add-on from the Supremacy Repository is one of the Kodi working repositories that has been nicely updated over time, and an updated Fork from the original Exodus, with new code. It’s one of the favorite user forks as the layout is clean and looks good and it’s very easy to find the content that you want. The multi-source media has more than 40 inbuilt scrapers which scan media files online and offer great quality and fast access to everything from films to documentaries and catch-up shows.

4. Maverick TV

The great thing about Maverick TV is that it is always being updated thanks to its popularity. You’ll find a wealth of content, including quite a bit of older stuff – and right up to 4k UHD content. Yes, there are also plenty of SD TV shows and films with sections that include box-sets, films, kids TV and genres such as comedies and documentaries. One of the best features is a single click to play area, which automatically seeks out the best available stream and plays it for you.

5. Exodus Redux

Another one of the Genesis and Exodus add-on forks, this Kodi repository works extremely well once you’ve installed it fully. Again, it plays the content that you want in a format that is nicely laid out for users, but you must set up the Lambda scrapers correctly or the links won’t pull in. You can do this in the settings section by going to tools and selecting providers. Although the addon is very good, some users have said that it is crashing a bit recently, so keep an eye on it.

6. Movie Theatre Buffer

This is another of the Kodi working repositories that offers single-play click functionality so that the best working stream is automatically joined. Produced by Diamond Wizard Repo, it’s an updated fork from Incursions and has an enthusiastic group of users. You don’t have to use the auto-play feature for finding the best links – there’s an option to manually select the link that you want if you prefer this.

7. Supremacy

Another popular add on and one of the Kodi working repositories that has escaped attention! It offers a bit of everything that users like, with TV across a range of categories, films, sports, games and more. You’ll find content in SD, 3D and 4K HD. Look out for categories such as single click movies, box sets, live TV, 4K movies and more. Again, the ‘1-click’ feature will automatically seek out the best available links for HD or SD and play the content you want automatically and with the best quality.

8. 13 Clowns

This is another one of the Kodi working repositories that has recently been updated by enthusiastic developers. You’ll find a wide range of categories that span everything from cartoons and YouTube through to the latest movies. There are plenty of options for customizing set up and links default to auto-play setup. However, you can select manually from a long link list if you prefer and configure your preferences in tools (select playback and pick your directory.) Again, this is one of the Kodi addons that is working well and it’s a popular one.

Protect yourself

It’s important to add here that we don’t condone the sharing of illegal pirated and copyrighted material, and we encourage our readers to access legitimate content which doesn’t put them at risk of being identified by the authorities.

It is also very important that you use a VPN when exploring the latest Kodi working repositories and install Kodi or any addon. The VPN will protect you against any Kodi scams as well as spying or hacking. By cloaking your IP address, a good VPN will make sure that your location and identity are kept private at all times. This will allow you to access geo-locked content (for example, if you are located in China or Russia, or countries which have digital censorship, or if you are in the UK and want to see Netflix USA for free.) Similarly, it will mean that an ISP or government organization will not be able to see your data and identify you. VPNs prevent hackers from accessing your location, identity, and data and they also allow you to use public WiFi safely.

We regularly review the latest and best VPN systems, so make sure you are protected and only using recommended sites by staying linked into our site for the latest news and insights!

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