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Happy 12th Birthday, NordVPN: exclusive 67% deal and gift

NordVPN birthday deal

NordVPN, the top player in the VPN industry, marks another year brimming with innovations and stories of success. But the company knows the best way to celebrate its cakeday is through gifting its clientele. Well-met, we say. Still, it’s hard to believe that an idea between childhood friends sparked back in 2012 would see such prosperity today.

But the enterprise is all too aware it wouldn’t be here if it’s not for you, folks. As a token of gratitude, you’re eligible for a treasure trove of gifts. Hurry to grab the two-year plan while NordVPN is blowing candles. You’ll get a free Uber Eats voucher or 3 months of added service, if you subscribe February 7 to March 20, 2024. Don’t miss out on the NordVPN birthday fiesta if you don’t want an extra subscription time.

Oh, and don’t forget the icing on the cake – the exclusive 72% discount!

It's NordVPN birthday, let’s celebrate together

Join NordVPN in on the 12th cakeday party with a hot 72% discount and an unexpected gift! Hurry up because the party lasts from February 7 to March 20, 2024. The world-class VPN propels the fastest speeds and top-tier security. All wrapped in intuitive interface built for all, from newbies to seasoned netizens.

9.8 /10
Top-notch VPN service
Obliterates geofences
Innovative feature suite

NordVPN birthday: limited offer

This VPN doesn’t need wrapping paper for the allure. But imagine getting the award-winning service and the bargain of the year. Whether you’re new to NordVPN or just in time to freshen up your subscription, you’re in luck. The 2-year plan (Standard, Plus, and Ultimate) is 72% cheaper starting February 7, 2024.

NordVPN birthday

Exclusive deal: USA, UK, Australia and Canada

Users will get Uber Eats vouchers if they buy any of our 2-year plans. The voucher’s value will depend on the plan you purchase:

NordVPN planUber Eats GiftPlan benefits
2-year Standard$10 (£10)VPN and Threat Protection
2-year Plus$20 (£20)VPN, Threat Protection, NordPass
2-year Ultimate$30 (£30)VPN, Threat Protection, NordPass, and NordLocker

The standard plan includes the VPN and Threat Protection, an advanced ad blocker with real-time malware protection. The latter keeps you safe on public Wi-Fi, unauthorized sites, and even from various scams and prying eyes. And the VPN? Breaks down virtual barriers surrounding hubs like Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Max, Disney+, Hulu, etc.

The NordPass password manager and the NordLocker private vault are extras worth considering. As you can see, they’re part of bigger 2-year plan bundles. May seem extra, but trust us that you won’t want to give them up once you try them.

Note: the vouchers will be sent after the 30-day refund period, so don’t worry about not getting your gift right away.

Don’t miss out on NordVPN gift

What if I reside in another country?

Folks outside the US, UK, Canada, and Australia won’t sit empty-headed. NordVPN saw to it. The rest of the world receives extra subscription time. We mean the extra 3 months free of charge along with any of the 2-year subscription plans.

Zero to hero: NordVPN’s milestones

NordVPN’s journey is one-of-a-kind in the VPN space despite the batch of popular success stories. None match the achievements of this provider. Its story began in 2012, hoping to emancipate the internet from watchful eyes. A year later, the VPN hit 1,000 users enjoying privacy. Today, this number exceeds 14 million.

The company played with changes over the years to achieve the best result. Thus, 2019 witnessed the birth of NordLynx, the fastest VPN protocol. Not to mention the ever-growing security suite, like the fresh Threat Protection and Meshnet. After all, all these efforts bore fruit. In 2021, NordVPN won the award of CNET’s Best VPN for reliability and security.

Trust is the cornerstone of any relationship with users. Evidently, NordVPN never ceases cementing building clientele confidence. In January 2024, the enterprise had Deloitte review the no-log policy for the fourth time. The year started with another incredible feat, and so much more lies in wait.

NordLabs is cooking innovations to reshape the internet and enhance online security. Meanwhile, the brand collaborates with content creators worldwide, creating fantastic campaigns like YouTube codes. Looking at how things stand, one thing is clear – NordVPN’s silent first steps in the industry have long since turned into giant footprints for competitors to follow.

Get NordVPN 72% cheaper + gift

Special VPN deals: honorary mentions

NordVPN is but one of many providers with spoiling tendencies. We’ve got plenty of other VPNs with top-notch deals all year round. Of course, we’re talking only about the juiciest deals, tendentious of the first-rate VPN services in this market space.

  • Surfshark VPN. Second best to NordVPN, but quite ahead cost-wise. This is the holy grail VPN for the budget-conscious, with an 83% discount jiggling before you. And that’s for the 2-year plan, mind you. The final price tag is no more than $2.19/month. This includes an ad blocker and all the hefty features complementing the VPN.
  • TotalVPN. A rising star flailing through the tough competitors wins people over with a pocket-friendly price. You can grab the security-dedicated VPN for just $1.59/month. It’s a whopping 85% cheaper than the initial cost. If you’re looking for a low-price solution for a tenfold privacy boost, TotalVPN is the one.
  • Bitdefender VPN. Rebuilt fresh from the ground, Bitdefender VPN seamlessly liberates online entertainment and surveillance. You can get your hands on the massive server fleet and fast-growing feature bundle for just $3.33/month. The cost doesn’t bite and comes with the 43% deal. An optimal bargain for a VPN of this caliber.

You’ll never miss it with a VPN. It is a multi-use service for those craving online freedom, whether from geographical restrictions or snoopers. The trick is to choose the one that won’t disappoint. And if you’re still rummaging through options, take advantage of the NordVPN birthday gift. It’s the provider that never ceases to exceed expectations.

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