Released in 2017 by Epic Games, Fortnite has been one of the biggest gaming sensations of recent times, racking up around 125 million players across the world with its mixture of zombie-infested shooting action, multiplayer modes and strategic play

But things haven’t been plain sailing for Fortnite fans, as technical issues have blighted the experience of many players. Most importantly, some players have found their Fortnite IP banned for no reason, leaving them totally unable to access the multiplayer servers.

So, where has this Fortnite IP ban come from, and how can innocent fans unblock Fortnite IP ban in 2018? This article will explain everything players need to know to enjoy their favorite shooter without falling foul of Epic Games’ overblown security measures.

Why did the Fortnite IP ban come about?

banned ip on fortnite

At first glance, it seems really strange that a multiplayer online game would annoy so many fans by clumsily blocking their IP addresses, but Epic Games did have a good reason for taking action.

The origins of the ban lie in the game’s Battle Royale mode, which is susceptible to cheating. Soon after the game was released, reports surfaced that savvy players were able to make their guns more accurate, earn more in-game money and generally hack the game’s engine in multiple ways.

Savvy players were able to hack the game’s engine in multiple ways.

Software became available which opened up these hacks to everyday players and, even if much of that software was actually malware, many players found ways to manipulate the gameplay. And that was bad news for ordinary players who wanted to play fair.

In response, Epic worded their terms of service to specifically allow them to ban players whenever they liked. Have a look at the T&Cs that came with your download and you’ll see that Epic can exclude anyone, and they don’t have to give a reason.

Epic targeted IP addresses for a number of reasons. Firstly, they could receive reports of cheating from other players, and simply take down the account of the accused. Or they could try to detect suspicious IPs and take them down automatically.

Unfortunately, this second technique meant that thousands of people who were simply using a Fortnite VPN to access the game, suddenly found themselves locked out and accused of manipulation. And plenty of people struggled to get back into the game’s servers after they had their Fortnite IP banned for no reason.

But the truth is that you can play Fortnite and use a VPN at the same time, without incurring the wrath of the game’s administrators. So let’s investigate the best ways to remove Fortnite IP ban and other problems encountered when playing one of 2018’s biggest games.

Why would you use a VPN to play Fortnite anyway?

vpn for fortnite

Before we move onto technical fixes and how to bypass fortnite IP ban issues, it’s probably worth asking the question why would players actually need to use a VPN when playing the game? There are actually quite a few reasons.

Beating censors

Users in some countries such as China rely on finding a Fortnite VPN because otherwise they wouldn’t be able to access the game’s servers at all. The Chinese government routinely block games like Fortnite, so a VPN is essential.

Privacy concerns

fortnite Privacy concerns

Secondly, some people like to engage a VPN whenever they are connected to the internet to make their online privacy as watertight as possible. There shouldn’t be a reason to force a trade-off between entertainment and privacy, especially if users are carrying out other operations in the background.

Fighting lag

Using a VPN can also deliver performance improvements which combat excess lag and stop Fortnite error messages appearing. For instance, if you are in a country a long way from the main Fortnite servers or you have to use a slow local server, you can use a VPN to patch through to a faster server and neutralize the effects of your location.


fortnite Throttling

Some Fortnite players have suffered from ISP throttling, which can also radically reduce the speed of play. VPNs are often a good route around throttling, helping players to speed up their frame rates and join the elite.

School bans

In some cases, people resort to Fortnite VPNs to unblock the game in places like schools and public buildings. Of course, kids and students in general should stay focused on their work, but every now and then a little gaming can let off steam, but for many people this isn’t possible without a VPN.


And then there are the deceivers. The cheaters who kick started the controversy about finding a Fortnite IP ban bypass in 2018 are still around and trying to gain an advantage. So if you are happy to use tools to enhance your gaming abilities, a VPN is vital.

Along with those reasons, VPNs have also been embraced by people who need to know how to unblock Fortnite IP ban. When your IP address is banned, you can’t simply log back on after a week or so. Instead, to get back into the action, you’ll need to mask your IP, which is exactly what VPNs do.

What’s strange is that the Fortnite T&Cs we mentioned earlier actually give VPN users a little cover. Read them closely and you won’t find VPNs mentioned anywhere, so if you pick the right service, you won’t be violating any agreements and you shouldn’t be banned at short notice.

Unblocking Fortnite IP ban

Unblocking Fortnite IP ban

Having run through a few reasons to seek out a Virtual Private Network, let’s move onto how to unblock Fortnite IP ban with a VPN. As you might have guessed, this isn’t simple, because Fortnite’s developers have worked hard to block many popular mass-market VPNs. However, some still work just fine and provide access to Fortnite servers around the world.

If you’ve had your Fortnite IP banned for no reason, it’s a good idea to check out proven VPNs. At the moment, five options which score highly include:


1. CyberGhost

CyberGhost for fortnite

Because of its massive 2,500 server network and automatic systems to find the fastest connections, CyberGhost seems made for Fortnite players. Easy to set up, it offers a useful service for any gaming platform.


2. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN for fortnite

Boasting a huge server network and rapid speeds, ExpressVPN is an industry leader. Based in the British Virgin Islands, it comes with no bandwitch restrictions and excellent encryption. All-in-all, it’s ideal for Fortnite fans.


3. IPVanish

IPVanish for fortnite

Specializing in military grade encryption, IPVanish hasn’t been cracked by Fortnite’s developers and that doesn’t seem likely to change. No logs and fast speeds are added extras that make it an excellent choice.


4. PrivateVPN

PrivateVPN for fortnite

Almost as fast and popular as leaders like ExpressVPN, PrivateVPN scores extra-highly in the customer service department, who should help to ease newbies into the world of VPNs and will know all about how to remove fortnite IP ban issues as well.


5. VyprVPN

VyprVPN for fortnite

Super cheap but reliable and fast, Vypr’s 700+ servers deliver good performance and there are no logs to worry about. It’s the perfect budget gaming solution.

All of them have a good track record at shielding the identity of Fortnite users (and players of other online games). As usual with VPNs, there are some differences between them. For instance, both ExpressVPN and IPVanish have large global server lists, so should be ideal for people who need to find the fastest local Fortnite server.

A good general suggestion is to download the free trial version of a Fortnite VPN and check server speeds. There’s a handy site called Fortniteserverstatus which gives a real-time read out of server speeds. Their speeds are measured in different regions (not on a server by server basis) and give a good idea of where the best connections are to be found in various locations and different times of day.

Change your IP address to gain access to the Fortnite universe

Change your IP address to get access to Fortnite game


When you’ve found a VPN that you like and which delivers the right mix of accessibility, value and speed, you can easily use it to remove Fortnite IP ban measures and get back into the heart of the battle.

Before you dive back in, however, you might want to take a few extra actions to make sure Epic can’t detect your return.

  1. Unfortunately, that means deleting your Fortnite install and then reinstalling it on your system. If you log straight back on with a Fortnite VPN, there’s a good chance that Epic’s alert system will bump you straight back off.
  2. The first thing to do here is to create a new user account on your computer and give that account “Administrative Rights.”
  3. Head to the Control Panel and switch to the new user you just created, then head to the Epic Games Fortnite website after firing up your VPN.
  4. Get hold of the Fortnite reinstaller and set up a completely new Epic Games account. Do this before you download the game itself. When that’s done, start the download and log on.

If the VPN you’ve chosen is effective and you’ve created a clean-skin account, there shouldn’t be any issues. Just remember that cheating can result in sudden IP bans, and there’s always a slim chance of being removed in error. Thankfully, now you know how to unblock Fortnite IP ban with a VPN, that shouldn’t be a massive problem.