If you’re looking for in-depth information which will tell you everything you need to know about one of the most popular Kodi add-ons available, then you’ve most definitely come to the right place. The add-on in question goes by the name of Elysium, which is a much-loved add-on that provides access to an endless amount of high-quality content.

If you would like to find out how to install Elysium on Kodi, then the following article is the answer to your prayers. As well as providing information on the add-on itself, we will give a full step by step tutorial which will fully explain the installation process.

Soon enough, you’ll be able to enjoy the wealth of material that Elysium provides you access to.

You’re probably already aware of just how popular Kodi is, and the sheer potential of the software when it comes to viewing all of your media. If you do decide to install Elysium on Kodi, you can expect your Kodi experience to be taken to a whole new level.

So, without any further ado, it’s time for us to get down to the details!

How to install the Elysium add-on on Kodi

If we want to install any add-ons in Kodi that are not really official, we’re going to need to first ensure Kodi can accept add-ons from unknown sources, including getting Elysium on Kodi.

For that, you’ll first have to click on the cog wheel (the Settings icon) when you’re on the home page:

Kodi setup 1

From there, click on System settings:

How to turn on other sources in Kodi

After that, go to Add-ons and turn on the Unknown sources option.

turn on other sources 2

OK, now that we’ve got that sorted, we’ll continue to install Elysium on Kodi. Go back (by hitting backspace on your computer or the return button on your remote) and then click on File manager.

Kodi setup 2

Next click on Add source:

Kodi setup 3

Finally, we get to the important step where we’re actually going to enter the URL where we’ll get the repository that contains the Elysium on Kodi add-on. At this point, click on where it says [None] and then type in http://androidaba.com/addons/

Next, you’ll need to name this file source for your Kodi. We decided to name ours “aba – Specto.” Then, press OK.

[Install Specto on Kodi]

Now go back to the homepage and click on Add-ons.

Kodi setup 5

Then click on the box icon in the top-left corner.

Kodi setup 6

Now we finally come to the point where we can unpack the repository files. Therefore, our next step is to click on Install from zip file:

Kodi setup 7

..and then we’ll locate the name of the repository we linked to. We named ours “aba – Specto,” so go ahead and click on that.

Install specto on Kodi 2

Then click on the folder named repository:

Install specto on Kodi 3

…and find the zip file named “repository.kodil”:

Install specto on Kodi 4

Afterwards, you’ll need to wait until you get the notification that says the Kodil repository has been successfully installed.

Kodil installed successfully

Now click on Install from repository.

Kodi setup 11

And then click on the folder named Kodil Repository

Install specto on Kodi 4

…and then on Video add-ons:

Kodi setup 13

At this point, you’ll see a quite impressive list of all the different add-ons you can find in the Kodil repository (and you are definitely free to install any add-on you’d like). But if you want to focus on how to install Elysium on Kodi, then you’ll just need to find Elysium in the list and click on it.

how to install elysium on kodi

From here on, you simply click on Install:

how to install elysium on kodi 2

And now you have Elysium installed in your Add-ons list that you can see from the home page. It isn’t a difficult process to install Elysium on Kodi, and it’s pretty easy to repeat the process for other add-ons and repositories.

What is the Elysium add-on?

Regarding the content that is available when you install Elysium on Kodi, you’ll find that you certainly won’t be short of options. This is because the Elysium add-on provides access to an endless number of movies, TV shows, kid’s entertainment, and so much more.

However, as the vast majority of the content available through Elysium is copyrighted material, it is highly recommended that you sign up to a VPN service first. This will be looked at in more detail later in the article. So, if you’re not sure how a VPN works or you are looking for suitable options, we will have you covered.

Either way, it is important to mention that Elysium is an unofficial third-party add-on which is considered to be illegal in many countries around the world. This includes the likes of Australia, the UK, and many other countries. So, depending on where you are based, you will need to take the necessary steps to keep your personal data protected.

Elysium is certainly one of the most popular options when it comes to streaming online content. But, it is most definitely not your only choice. Similar add-ons include the likes of Specto, Salts, and Exodus. So, if you do decide to install Elysium on Kodi, you can even install any of the add-ons mentioned above in conjunction with Elysium. That way, you have access to as much content as possible.

The update process is something that is plain and simple too. All that you need to do is let Kodi do its thing and update each of your add-ons automatically. However, if you prefer to update add-ons manually, then you’ll find that you have the option to do just that.

Why you should use a VPN

In the modern age, it really isn’t worth taking any risks when it comes to using the internet for various purposes. Streaming content via unofficial third-party add-ons such as Elysium on Kodi is indeed no exception, as plugins such as these allow you to access copyrighted content such as TV shows and movies. Accessing such material online is seen as a crime in many countries, and so you can get yourself in a lot of trouble if you fail to take the necessary precautions.

Without using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service, not only will your IP address be exposed for all to see, but you might also find yourself receiving warning letters from your internet service provider, who will no doubt threaten to cut off your service if any copyright infringement continues. For this reason, it is highly recommended that you install a VPN before using any add-ons such as Elysium on Kodi.

To hide your IP address from any prying eyes who are looking to snoop in on your data, you’ll need to use a VPN service on your chosen device(s). In terms of which VPN service to use, you most definitely have plenty of options to choose from. There is a whole host of VPN services out there, you just have to make a decision on which one suits your needs the best.

To help make your decision a little easier, it would be appropriate to mention that there are both free and paid for services to choose from. Free services such as Windscribe are a fantastic choice for occasional users of unofficial Kodi add-ons. This offers a fast and reliable service which will keep you protected at all times. But, it’s worth bearing in mind that there are limitations in that there is a 10GB usage limit per month.

If you are a regular streamer, then you might just find yourself hitting the 10GB threshold in no time at all. If you fall under that category, then it is most definitely worth considering upgrading to a paid for VPN service. Windscribe just so happens to offer a premium plan, which is available from less than $5 a month.

However, there are also plenty of other well-renowned services for you choose from. This includes the likes of NordVPN, ExpressVPN, and IPVanish.

All in all, it is safe to say that you’ll need to keep your IP address hidden and your data protected at all times. With a dedicated VPN service, you’ll be able to do exactly that. So, take some time to consider your options, and you’ll only be a step away from enhanced online privacy and security.


So, that concludes our complete guide on how to install Elysium on Kodi! All that you need to do now is get yourself a dedicated VPN service and away you go! Elysium is an add-on which has been around for some time now, and doesn’t show any signs of dying out any time soon. So, if you do decide to add this particular add-on onto Kodi, you certainly won’t be disappointed!

So, if you’re on a limited budget, then these two particular VPN providers might just fit the bill.

However, as there are limitations regarding how much data you can use with each of the services mentioned above, you might need to consider investing in a paid VPN service. These can be purchased on a monthly basis, or you can pay for a certain amount of time up front.

This is usually more cost-effective in the long run as it will end up costing you less money each month. This, of course, depends on your budget.

Either way, a paid service is usually worth the upgrade as they offer far more flexibility than their free to use counterparts. Some popular options include the likes of IPVanish, NordVPN and Private Internet Access – all of which offer a reliable and premium service for a reasonable monthly cost.

No matter if you decide to use a free service or invest in a paid VPN subscription, the main thing is that you will protect your data from any prying eyes. In the process, you will be able to massively reduce the possibility of receiving a copyright infringement notice from a government body or your internet service provider (ISP).

This has been a common occurrence among those who stream material via unofficial third-party add-ons such as Salts on Kodi. Therefore, by taking all of the necessary precautions, you will be able to safely use Kodi without having to worry about receiving such letters in the mail. As the old saying goes, it is much better to be safe than sorry!

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