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Last updated: January 6, 2021
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USA Network’s longest running original series is Suits, a legal drama taking place in New York city. Set at a fictional Manhattan law firm, the show aims to depict the heavy, fast life of corporate US lawyers.

Renewed for a ninth and final season, which premiered on July 17, 2019, the series generated a South Korean and Japanese adaptation in addition to the spin-off Pearson, which will centre on Jessica Pearson’s (Gina Torres) delving into Chicago law and politics. Although it didn’t collect many awards throughout its lifetime, the show’s ability to generate a well-grounded drama in the characters’ relationships has won the hearts of most critics. If you want to find out how to watch Suits online, all you have to do is read ahead.

Regional geo-blocking

Depending on where you are, you can stream Suits online on Netflix, Hulu, and USA Network. As you may already know, these companies enforce geo-blocking restrictions. They do this in order to prevent those who live outside of the United States or who are currently located in other regions from being able to watch this series online. The idea behind geo-blocking or geo-fencing is to enforce regional copyright licences on certain media. This means that, while the producers may sell their content to the US, they want to be paid once more for giving the same rights to people from other parts of the world.

This cycle of pay-per-view and market segmentation is continued for as many times as the studio deems it necessary. The practice is sometimes so ridiculous that people from the Americas who often travel to other countries are prevented from being able to watch their favorite show, despite them being able to do so before their trip began. What’s worse, producers will often enforce discriminatory, region-based practices. According to their own interests, as well as regional competition, they’ll often charge people from other markets more than those from the US, despite there being the same or even less content.

So much for a unified, global market. Fortunately, we have a way for you to stream Suits online wherever you are.

How to watch Suits online outside of the U.S.

The paradox with Suits is that it is one of the few shows not available on US Netflix, although you can get it on USA Network, Vudu, iTunes, Hulu and Amazon. The problem with the last four is that you need to have a cable or separate subscription, as well as be in the United States when you want to watch the series being aired.

Luckily, other regional Netflixes, such as the Canadian, British, and the one from New Zealand have Suits readily available for you. All you need is a workaround to help you out when you travel. The same solution will also enable you to continue watching the show on your cable subscription platform.

By means of a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service, you can connect to any regional Netflix, or your US cable provider’s website regardless of your location. Here’s a list of the 3 best VPN services that can help you do this:


With NordVPN, you benefit from maximum online security and privacy. Their outstanding list of features is only matched by their intricate level of encryption. The latter guarantees that your traffic, in the slight off-chance that it is intercepted, will never be deciphered by anyone who might be snooping around.

For the purpose of by-passing geo-restrictions, NordVPN will get you through any firewall with its impressive list of over 5,700+ servers.

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Astrill VPN

With an excellent support service, a spotless reputation in terms of data protection, and one of the fastest connections you can get through a VPN service, Astrill is an all-round great service that will undoubtedly help you bypass any geo-restrictions.

However, the value you can get from their subscriptions does not exactly match that of Nord, and, depending on the plan you choose, it can be slightly on the expensive side.

Ivacy VPN

Ivacy VPN usually manages to perform above industry average, and it remains consistent regardless of what you do online. Paired with their ability to unblock services like Netflix, you’ll also be able to stream your favorite shows in high definition while travelling to new places.

The only drawback that we could find with their service is the fact that they are located in Singapore, which is a Five Eyes partner. However, this does not seem to affect their zero-logs policy.

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What is Suits about?

Despite his lack of formal credentials, Mike manages to impress Harvey with his in-depth knowledge of legal matters, and, most importantly, with his street smarts. The two are an illustrative example of the power that unconventional legal techniques hold, as they try to get ahead and maintain Mike’s secret by any means possible, even if it means a bit of hustle on their part. Critics and professionals alike have long debated whether Suits is faithful to the New York corporate law scene. From their perspective, the emphasis on transactional law is spot on, and the amount of work an associate is faced with is similar to what is depicted in the show.

The first season of Suits mainly covers Mike and Harvey’s attempt to keep the former’s fraudulent status a secret from both friend and foe. The kernel plot of the second season is that Jessica, Harvey’s mentor and closest ally, finds out about Mike. This revelation is put on hold as one of the co-founding partners, Daniel Hardman, makes a return to the firm which forces the entire company to merge with a British one headed by Edward Darby. In the meantime, Mike fosters a relationship with fellow paralegal Rachel Zane (Meghan Markle).

In the third season, Darby’s presence makes it possible for Harvey to seek the much-coveted title of named partner, while the merger is dissolute due to some legal issues on Darby’s side. As he realizes the fraud can’t last forever, the season ends with Mike leaving the firm. For the fourth season, Mike and Harvey are on opposite ends of a legal takeover battle, while the fifth one finally brings Mike’s secret to the spotlight. Season 6 sees Mike try to handle the outcome of the trial wherein he was accused of being a fraud. Towards the end, Mike finds a way to straighten his past.

The 7th season brings a big change to the law firm, as everyone has to adapt to Jessica’s departure and two other main characters will follow her example. In the last season currently available, two noteworthy characters join the company and the action is centred on everyone getting acquainted with them. Now let’s find out how to watch Suits online!

The greenback boogie

Today, you’ve learned out how to watch Suits online with the help of these outstanding VPN services. The best part about them is that you don’t even need to be a US resident in order to benefit from the amazing regional content that media services offer in this region.

You might dance the greenback boogie with Harvey and Mike for a while, but after you’re done binge-watching the show, you’ll have a hard time choosing which engaging series to pick up next!

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  1. TheNextSenna

    Amazing characterization and great dialogue. Brilliant actors and writing. Certainly one of the best dramas there is right now.

    There is obvious brilliance in cocky and ambitious attitude of dialogues, It’s difficult to resist admiring writers and director. None gets stuck in one problem. They keep on solving their problems. Whenever some problem occurs, everyone starts seeking out some solutions.

    So, “Moving on” is the motto promoted by the show,

  2. Betygirl26780

    I have heard a couple of news on the quality of this series. May be this time I will get a VPN to aid the view since I am not resident in the United States. I hope to get the value of the time I will spend watching the program?

  3. Henrey T

    Oh wow thanks you guys so much for this guide ! I’m so going to use a VPN from now on. I had never heard of VPNs ! I can’t believe that ! Now I’ll get to watch all TV shows of other countries.

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