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Private Internet Access for Kodi in 2024


Kodi has emerged from nowhere to become an essential entertainment tool for millions of people around the world. Based on open source software, this app makes it easy to stream music, films, TV, sports, social media content, and even video games via computers, TVs, or consoles. So its success isn’t a mystery.

But as Kodi has become more popular, it has become less safe to use. Spurred by rising copyright violations, some rights holders have taken legal action against Kodi add-ons which allow illicit streaming.

As a result, Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) have become a popular way to protect Kodi users. Private Internet Access (PIA) is one of the best of the bunch, but it’s not perfect. This review will explain why it’s useful for Kodi users, and offer some tips to help you decide whether PIA is the privacy tool you need.

How to install PIA on Kodi

Kodi VPN Manager

If you’re a PIA VPN user, Kodi setup is fairly easy. Basically, you have two options – either to run PIA dedicated app or configure PIA via Kodi VPN Manager. This tool is designed purely for Kodi’s interface and should give the best results. Here are the detailed step-by-step guides for both methods of using PIA with Kodi.

Option 1. Using Private Internet Access app

  • Step 1. Download PIA client
  • Step 2. Make sure Kodi isn’t running before installing PIA on your device
  • Step 3. Login by providing your details on the main screen
  • Step 4. Connect to the server location of your choice
  • Step 5. Keep PIA running in the background
  • Step 6. Start the Kodi app and stream your desired content

Important note: If you install PIA with Kodi running in the background, you might end up with an IP conflict.

Option 2. Setup PIA via VPN Manager on Kodi

  • Step 1. Download the Zomboided Kodi repository from Kodi’s repo library
  • Step 2. Start Kodi and choose the Add On option
  • Step 3. Click the installer icon in the top-left corner of the next screen
  • Step 4. On the next screen, select Install from zip file
  • Step 5. Search for the Zomboided repo zip file and open it
  • Step 6. Choose the Install from repository option
  • Step 7. On the next screen, choose Zomboided add-on repository, followed by Services, then VPN Manager for OpenVPN
  • Step 8. Choose the Install option.
  • Step 9. Head back to the Kodi main menu.
  • Step 10. Navigate to Program Add-Ons then Settings. Enter your PIA account’s login details, choose a protocol, and you’re almost good to go.

How to use PIA on Kodi

Now that you’ve created a PIA VPN Kodi configuration, you’re not quite done. You still need to know how to use PIA with the streaming platform, and there’s a bit more to this than meets the eye. Below you’ll find a step-by-step guide on using PIA on Kodi:

  • Step 1. Head to the VPN Manager for OpenVPN. On the left, you’ll see a menu marked VPN Connections
  • Step 2. Choose First VPN connection on the menu to the right
  • Step 3. The VPN Manager will authenticate your Private Internet Access account
  • Step 4. After the authentication, you’ll see a list of available PIA Kodi servers. Choose a server you’d like to use and press OK
  • Step 5. To change the server, go back to VPN Manager for OpenVPN and choose Change or disconnect service connection.

Why is it important to use a VPN with Kodi?

use VPNs with Kodi

Before getting into the details of whether PIA is the right VPN for Kodi, it’s probably useful to summarize why all Kodi users should invest in a reliable Virtual Private Network.

Fundamentally, it’s all about privacy. In recent years, the legal environment has become more hostile to illegal streaming, and Kodi is one of the biggest platforms for streaming movies, TV and sports. As a result, it (or Kodi add-on developers) has been the target of law enforcement actions across the world.

VPNs provide an extra layer of protection for Kodi users, allowing them to neutralize this new scrutiny from law enforcement agencies.

By scrambling your IP address, VPNs make it very hard to detect your identity and location

By encrypting your traffic, they make it almost impossible for an outsider to know which services you are using, and what you are downloading.

Another reason to use a VPN with Kodi is to work around geo-restrictions. Many legitimate Kodi add-ons impose geo-blockers on users, limiting access for those in certain jurisdictions. This can drastically reduce your entertainment options, and nobody needs that. By changing your IP and location, VPNs can render these barriers inoperative – freeing users to enjoy any content.

We mentioned the word “reliable” earlier, and there’s a reason for that. If you’re worried about your ISP or the state detecting your IP address, you can’t afford any IP leaks. Free and low-quality VPNs are notorious for disclosing IP details, but industry leaders like PIA are far less prone to these problems.

Is Private Internet Access Kodi-friendly?

PIA has a very strong reputation in the P2P and streaming community, and that extends to Kodi

Since Kodi became mainstream, PIA has been one of the most commonly used VPNs on the platform, and it offers a variety of features that make it an appealing option.

  • Encryption. When you use PIA on Kodi, you’ll benefit from 256-bit AES encryption, which is the industry gold standard. The VPN also uses OpenVPN protocol, which is ideal for working with the Kodi app.
  • Multiple devices. The chances are, you won’t just need your VPN to run Kodi, and you may want to have a VPN for a Kodi box, a smartphone, and a desktop. PIA caters to ten simultaneous devices, so it’s a good all-around security package.
  • Unlimited bandwidth. When you use the PIA VPN Kodi won’t struggle to deliver the content you love. With no bandwidth restrictions, it should be just like watching a cable TV connection.
  • Failsafe DNS and IP protection. PIA has a very good record when it comes to minimizing IP and DNS leaks. But if there is a problem, the VPN comes with a kill switch, which shuts off your internet connection until any issues are resolved.

Have there been any problems associated with using PIA on Kodi?


No software is foolproof, and users have encountered a few problems when using Private Internet Access for Kodi.

  • Firstly, while Private Internet Access Kodi speeds are quick, they aren’t ultra-fast. If you shop around, you should be able to find services that are a little faster.
  • What about unblocking sites like Netflix? PIA promises to “unblock censorship filters,” but this isn’t the same as combating commercial geo-blocks.

Many users have reported difficulties accessing Netflix when PIA is running, and this has been happening for a few years

So if you’re hoping to use Kodi to access major corporate streaming services like Netflix or Hulu, think again. It’s just not an option right now.

However, the team at PIA stated in mid-2018 that they “[did] currently have a project that’s in development on how to unblock Netflix (and other geo-blocked content streamers), but there is no definitive timescale on release on that.” So watch this space.

Additionally, if they are thinking of using the PIA VPN Kodi firestick users might want to reconsider. Amazon Firesticks are a popular way to run Kodi, and they can be protected with VPNs like any device. However, setting up PIA on a firestick is a complicated process, and other VPNs such as IPVanish or ExpressVPN will probably be better options.

Should you use Private Internet Access for Kodi in 2024?

Having weighed up the strengths and weaknesses of PIA, and discussed how to use the VPN with Kodi, it’s clear that there are many good reasons to use PIA for your streaming activities.

PIA is happy to host P2P traffic, offers unlimited bandwidth, installs easily with Kodi, and has excellent security features. These features make it particularly good if you intend to use third-party Kodi add-ons to access movie and TV libraries or live sports broadcasts.

But there’s an important catch. When you use Private Internet Access with Kodi, services like Netflix may be inaccessible. This VPN cannot work around many geo-blockers and can access only Netflix US library. This limits its effectiveness of using commercial add-ons for the Kodi platform.

It all depends on what you intend to use Kodi for. In any case, finding a good VPN is essential. PIA may or may not be ideal, but it’s certainly one of the best available.

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  1. Woniki P May 25, 2019 at 2:36 pm

    Yes, well said. Kodi streaming provides a rich experience for movie lovers. I think all Kodi users should invest in a reliable virtual private network as that will go a long way in reducing the challenges they face without a VPN.

  2. 0101 April 29, 2019 at 4:53 pm

    If you want to be absolutely sure that you are secure when using Kodi or any other similar platform then just create an account with one of the top 3 VPNs. I wouldn’t waste my time with PIA as it’s just not that good.

  3. Micah Adams February 21, 2019 at 10:10 am

    This is my best entertainment tool ever. I can stream videos, music, TV shows, social media contents and even games. Now you can see why I am excited about Kodi

  4. Shauna Yuril February 8, 2019 at 5:02 pm

    I feel we should all use VPNs even for the most meaningless tasks, but this particular VPN doesn’t seem to be the best out there, plus there’s the Netflix issue. Some VPNs don’t have problems with Netflix and are more interesting than this one. Thanks for the article though.

  5. CheskaJ February 2, 2019 at 7:04 pm

    If there are issues with the product with regards to Netflix it’s a no for me. How could they still not have resolved that considering it’s been going for years is beyond me. I don’t think this is something I will be purchasing.

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