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Astrill VPN vs ExpressVPN comparison in 2024

ExpressVPN vs Astrill VPN

In the age of high-tech, Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) have become immensely popular because more people realize the importance of online privacy and security. If you are into VPNs, you might have heard of the two most reputable VPN providers, such as Astrill VPN and ExpressVPN, each offering a range of features and benefits.

Both VPNs offer strong encryption, fast connection speeds, and the ability to bypass geo-restrictions, yet there are also key differences between the two. So, if you are wondering which VPN is better than the other, this Astrill VPN vs ExpressVPN comparison is for you.

Here, we present to you a detailed comparison of both VPNs, from their pricing to speed, features to ease of use, and customer support. Read on to better understand which VPN is the right fit for your needs.

Astrill VPN vs ExpressVPN: specifications

While comparing both VPNs, we found that ExpressVPN takes the crown in many categories, such as pricing, servers, faster connection speeds, and more advanced security features. Astrill VPN, on the other hand, also offers a wide range of perks, however, they are not enough to persuade users to get such an expensive VPN.

AstrillVPN logo
⭐Our rating8.4 ⭐8.2 ⭐
💸Current offerGet ExpressVPN 49% OFF!Get Astrill VPN 50% off
💰Price starts from$6.67/month$12.50/month
💳Money-back guarantee30 daysNone
📖No-logs policyCourt-proven and independently auditedNo-logs policy
🎮Simultaneous connections85
🌐Servers3000+ servers in 105+ countries3000+ servers in 57+ countries
🔒VPN protocolsLightway, OpenVPN, IKEv2, L2TP, PPTPWireGuard, OpenVPN, OpenWeb, StealthVPN
🍿StreamingNetflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, HBO Max, BBC iPlayer, and moreNetflix, HBO Max, YouTube
🖥️PlatformsAll major OS, Android TV, Fire TV & Fire Stick, Kindle Fire, Chromebook, Router applet, Kodi, Roku, browsersWindows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, routers

ExpressVPN vs Astrill VPN: pricing

Plans and paymentsAstrill VPN
Free trialNoYes (Android and iOS)
One month$30.00/month$12.95/month
Six months$9.99/month
One year$15.00/month$6.67/month
Two years$12.50/month
Money-back guaranteeNo30 days
Payment optionsCredit Card, PayPal, Bitcoin, MoneroCredit card, PayPal, Bitcoin, Paymentwall (AliPay, UnionPay, and more)

A glaring issue with both of these VPNs is their higher-than-average prices.

Surprisingly, Astrill VPN is more expensive than ExpressVPN, with a minimum price of $6.67/month (annual plan) compared to Astrill VPN’s minimum price of $12.50/month  (two-year plan). However, ExpressVPN includes a free trial, a money-back guarantee, and more payment options than the opponent. As such, it’s the winner.

Astrill VPN pricing

It’s hard not to notice that this VPN service is significantly pricier no matter which plan you pick:

  • $30.00/month for the monthly plan
  • $15.00/month for the annual plan
  • $12.50/month for the two-year plan

Furthermore, there’s no trial or free version, forcing subscribers to go with the most expensive plan if they want to test it. And to make matters worse, you won’t be getting back all that cash if you decide to cancel – there’s no money-back guarantee at all.

Astrill VPN pricing options

It’s also possible to add even more costs to the Astrill VPN bundle with a VIP package for $10/month, which gives prioritized traffic and the Multi-hop feature. Plus, dedicated IPs will set you back another $5/month.

The payment methods are at least okay, with the option to pay using regular credit cards or crypto. Previously, Astrill VPN had a free version on Android, but as of the time of writing this comparison, it isn’t available anymore.

ExpressVPN pricing

While ExpressVPN is more expensive than other VPNs in the market, in comparison to Astrill VPN, it offers affordable pricing plans and a better price-to-feature ratio.

Plus, you may come across various promotions and ExpressVPN coupon codes, which will grant you discounts up to 49%. And if you end up not satisfied, at least refunds are on the table.

ExpressVPN subscription options

All subscribers get ExpressVPN keys at no additional cost. It’s a built-in password manager tool that lets you generate, store, and share passwords securely. Lastly, payment options include regular means and cryptocurrencies, which we always value.

Speed comparison

Astrill VPN uses the standard WireGuard tunneling protocol into their software, which is common among the fastest VPNs on the market. Meanwhile, ExpressVPN has their Lightway protocol, which is not based on WireGuard, but does use the WolfSSL cryptography library, which has been audited and vetted by a lot of third parties.

Both VPNs also offer different tunneling protocols to optimize their performance. Astrill VPN has OpenVPN, OpenWeb, and StealthVPN, while ExpressVPN provides with IKEv2, and OpenVPN protocols.

The speed comparison between Astrill VPN and ExpressVPN may vary depending on your location, device, and network conditions. During our tests, the head-to-head comparison between Astrill VPN and ExpressVPN showed that ExpressVPN has overall a faster and more stable connection speeds than Astrill.

Astrill VPN vs ExpressVPN: which is more secure?

Astrill VPN
JurisdictionSeychellesBritish Virgin Islands
LoggingNo-logs policyIndependently-audited and court-proven no-logs policy
Kill switchYesYes
Leak protectionDNS, IPv6, WebRTCDNS, IPv6, WebRTC
RAM serversN/AYes

On the security end, Astrill VPN and ExpressVPN both put in extra work to keep their subscribers safe under wraps. Here as some of the key aspects these providers have in common:

  • AES-256 encryption
  • Privacy-friendly jurisdiction
  • No-logs policy
  • Robust kill switch
  • Leak protection

Alas, ExpressVPN has a slight edge over the competition. An independently-audited and court-proven no-logs policy and a RAM-only server fleet truly sets it apart from Astrill VPN.


Astrill VPN and ExpressVPN are based outside of the 5/9/14 Eyes alliance. Which is great as you don’t want these services logging your data on behalf of the government. And both don’t have a history of invading user privacy, so they are safe to use.


Both ExpressVPN and Astrill VPN have no logs policy. However, only the former has a court-proven independently audited policy, while the latter fails to publish third-party audit reports as its logging policy is unaudited.

Furthermore, ExpessVPN couldn’t even log you data as it runs its network on RAM-only servers. You can’t store information on them even if you wanted to as everything gets wiped on them with every reboot. As for Astrill, there’s no info whether they utilize RAM modules, only that the servers are bare metal.

Servers location

Server specificationAstrill VPNExpressVPN
Physical serversAllNo
Owns all serversYesNo

In terms of server count, Astrill VPN is lagging behind with only 3000+ servers in 57+ countries. However, this is offset by the fact that they also own all of their servers and all the locations are physical. This ensures peak performance and extra security.

Meanwhile, ExpressVPN has thousands of servers in 105+ countries. Naturally, with so many servers around the world some of them are bound to be virtual. But on the plus side, you get more versatility and location choices.

Furthermore, ExpressVPN’s TrustedServer technology, which has been independently audited, ensures that no information is stored on hard drives, making it more secure. But Astrill VPN has more servers in Asia. Both VPNs allow P2P traffic on all servers. It mostly boils down to your needs – we declare it a tie.

Features comparison

FeaturesAstrill VPN
Smart DNS✅VPN Sharing✅MediaStreamer
Ad & malware blocker✅Ads Blocker✅Threat Manager
Split tunneling✅Application Filter✅Yes
Specialized servers✅Yes✅Yes

ExpressVPN and Astrill VPN are impressive since both are loaded with many outstanding perks. Whether you pick one or the other, you aren’t missing out feature-wise.

Smart DNS

Both Astrill VPN and ExpressVPN offer Smart DNS features that allow you to bypass geo-restrictions. This feature is primarily useful for devices that you can’t install a VPN on directly.

Astrill VPN’s VPN Sharing feature is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems. With ExpressVPN, you get MediaStreamer. For it to work, you have to register your IP address on ExpressVPN’s website.

Ad & malware blocker

ExpressVPN and Astrill VPN include some form of blocking tools.

ExpressVPN offers Threat Manager. Available on iOS, macOS, and Linux, it prevents you from visiting websites known for tracking browsing behavior or engaging in malicious practices. This feature also disabled user trackers, diminishing the amount of personalized ads you see while browsing.

Astrill VPN comes with Ads Blocker. It mostly just disables ads and works only with web browsers.

Split tunneling

You can customize your VPN connection using the split tunneling feature. It lets you selectively route internet traffic through the VPN, increasing privacy and security while maintaining internet speed.

ExpressVPN has split tunneling for Windows, macOS, Android, and routers, while Astrill VPN has a Smart mode and Application filter for most operating systems, except for iOS.

Specialized servers

Specialty servers are great to have for boosting certain online activities or security in general. Astrill VPN and ExpressVPN have something to offer.

Astrill VPN comes with VIP servers with optimized speed and reduced latency for clients in Asia and gamers. Traffic on these servers has to be bought in bundles of 100GB/month. You can get servers in Hong Kong, Taiwan, USA, Japan, Singapore, Korea, China.

ExpressVPN includes streaming-optimized servers for boosting your connection speeds while streaming, leading to UHD quality. Then there’s built-in Stealth servers that hide the fact you’re using VPN software in the first place.

Other features

Additionally, Astrill VPN offers:

  • Multi-hop for twice the encryption
  • Smart mode for excluding local websites from the VPN tunnel
  • Port forwarding
  • SOCKS 5 proxy
  • Deep Web support

And ExpressVPN also includes port forwarding and Parallel connections.

Netflix and streaming comparison

Streaming platformsAstrill VPN
Netflix US✅Yes✅Yes
Other Netflix libraries❌No✅Yes
Amazon Prime Video❌No✅Yes
HBO Max✅Yes✅Yes
BBC iPlayer❌No✅Yes
YouTube TV✅Yes✅Yes

If streaming capabilities are a priority to you, then you’ll be better off with ExpressVPN. It’s one of the best VPNs for streaming for a reason as it facilitates UDH video quality and bypasses geo-blocks with ease.

Meanwhile, we had to change servers more often when using Astrill VPN to find a suitable server. And most of the time, there were no suitable ones. Apart from Netflix US, HBO Max, and YouTube TV, we couldn’t get our hands on other popular streaming services.

As such, ExpressVPN is the winner.

Device compatibility

Device supportAstrill VPN
Major dedicated appsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOSWindows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android
Other dedicated appsAndroid TV, Fire TV & Fire Stick, Kindle Fire, Chromebook, Router applet
Browser extensionsChrome (and Chromium-based browsers), Brave, Edge, Firefox, Opera
Manual setupRoutersRouter, NAS, nVidia Shield, Kodi, Roku, Chromecast
Simultaneous devices58

If you’re looking for a VPN with excellent cross-platform support and a simple setup, ExpressVPN is a great choice. It works on all major operating systems and devices, including Chromebook and Kindle Fire, with easy-to-use apps.

Astrill VPN, on the other hand, doesn’t offer much app-wise and lacks browser extensions to boot.

Desktop applications

ExpressVPN is known for its user-friendly Windows and macOS apps. The simple layout is easy to navigate, thus, very beginner friendly. Moreover, you get the same level of security and features across both.

ExpressVPN Windows 11 app

In contrast, Astrill VPN’s high-end reputation is let down by its outdated user interface. New users may find customization options overwhelming even though there are a lot of options to choose from. The macOS software is difficult to use, lacking critical functionality like split tunneling.

Astrill VPN on macOS

Furthermore, both ExpressVPN and Astrill VPN have Linux applications. The former comes with a command line interface, while the latter includes a GUI.

Mobile applications

ExpressVPN mobile apps are similar to desktop versions with an easy-to-use interface. The Android app offers customization options, including split tunneling, and shortcuts, that are unavailable on the iOS version.

ExpressVPN interface on Android app

In contrast, Astrill VPN’s mobile app is less user-friendly than ExpressVPN and lacks OpenVPN tunneling protocol and a kill switch feature.

Astrill VPN on Android


P2P specificationsAstrill VPN
Allowed on✅Dedicated servers✅All servers
Free SOCKS5 proxy✅Yes❌No
Split tunneling✅Yes (Win, Mac, Android, Linux)✅Yes (Win, Mac, Android, routers)
Port forwarding

For torrenting, you need a VPN that ensures security and privacy. And both Astrill VPN and ExpressVPN are great VPN options in this regard. They are both P2P-friendly and offer port forwarding for extra speed.

Astrill VPN provides servers that are compatible with P2P traffic and offers an SOCKS5 proxy for excellent speed. Just keep in mind it doesn’t encrypt your data. While ExpressVPN lacks it, you’ll be benefiting from greater speeds.


SpecificationsAstrill VPNExpressVPN
Works in China✅Yes✅Yes
Stealth VPN✅Yes (StealthVPN protocol)✅Yes (Stealth Servers)
Tor over VPN✅Yes (Deep Web support)❌No

If you’re traveling to China and need to bypass the Great Firewall, both Astrill VPN and ExpressVPN can help you do that.

Astrill VPN is known for its StealthVPN tunneling protocol, which is highly rated by users in China. Additionally, Astrill VPN allows you to visit .onion sites through a regular browser when connected to one of its servers.

ExpressVPN also has a Stealth server feature that helps users bypass the Great Firewall. The software automatically enables the feature when it detects monitoring. This feature is reliable and makes ExpressVPN a favorite among users in China. All in all, both VPNS are great choices for bypassing the Great Firewall of China.

Customer support

Support optionsAstrill VPN
24/7 live chat✅Yes✅Yes
Phone Line❌No❌No
Email ✅Yes✅Yes

Both VPNs do not disappoint you when it comes to seeking help from customer support. Whether you want to resolve queries by live chat or email, Astrill VPN and ExpressVPN offer 24/7 customer service options.

Furthermore, they also offer guides, blogs, and FAQs that can help you troubleshoot any issues.

Astrill VPN vs ExpressVPN – which is better?

Astrill VPN🥈ExpressVPN🥇
Device compatibilityLoses❌Wins✔️
Customer supportTie🤝Tie🤝
Total wins0 out of 105 out of 10

After comparing Astrill VPN and ExpressVPN, it’s clear that ExpressVPN is the better service. It’s much faster, offers a better level of security & privacy, unblocks a myriad of streaming platforms, and supports a broader range of devices. And it’s even cheaper of the two.

On the flip side, Astrill also has impressive features and good speed, giving ExpressVPN a good competition. Besides, both VPNs’ customer support is top-notch, with 24/7 live chat, email support, and a knowledge base option. While Astrill VPN is a solid service, it can’t compare to the robustness and versatility of ExpressVPN.

In summary, if you’re looking for a VPN that provides fast speeds, reliable security, and excellent customer support, ExpressVPN is the clear winner.

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Is Astrill VPN better than ExpressVPN?

No, Astrill VPN is not better than ExpressVPN. It’s pricier, has slower speeds & limited device support, and isn’t suited for streaming.

Which is faster – ExpressVPN or Astrill VPN?

ExpressVPN is faster than Astrill VPN. It has better upload and download speeds in different regions across the globe, thanks to the Lightway protocol. Furthermore, it covers a significantly larger amount of countries.

Is ExpressVPN good in China?

Yes, Express VPN works reliably in China thanks to their stealth server technology. It activates automatically when the software detects that the connection is being monitored.

Can I watch Netflix with ExpressVPN?

Yes, ExpressVPN works very well with Netflix and at unblocking geo-restricted content from a lot of countries. Their fast connection speeds will also allow you to watch HD and 4K content without any problems.

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    While ExpressVPN worked really well for me in China OUTSIDE of Beijing, Astril is the only VPN that I and many others can get to work I side Beijing. Within the capital city it seems like they do a LOT of work to squash VPN usage. That said though, Astril also charged me way more than it says in this article. It’s insanely expensive, but it’s literally the ONLY VPN me and most other foreigners in Beijing can get to work.

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