The VPN industry is at an all-time high, which might make it quite difficult to choose a VPN solution that works for you. There are many factors that need to be taken into consideration, and in this VPN Unlimited vs Windscribe review we cover all of the most important factors.

The main goal of a VPN is to hide your true IP address while providing security and privacy for your personal information and data. Both Windscribe and VPN Unlimited offer their users high-end security.

Both unblock Netflix and allow you to torrent. If this is the most important factor for you, Windscribe will be your best bet. VPN Unlimited only has limited torrenting capabilities.

The pricing structures of the two VPN services are also on par with each other but VPN Unlimited offers their users a lifetime package, which is always a fishy but potentially good deal. Windscribe has a limited free version, which means that you are able to test the waters before you subscribe for any of the available paid plans. Windscribe and VPN Unlimited support most devices and both interfaces are simple and easy to use.

We didn’t find any DNS or IP leaks when we ran our tests, so again they are head to head.

After looking at all the factors for this VPN Unlimited vs Windscribe comparison, do we recommend either of these two VPN services? Both have a lot of perks but they also have cons. Keep reading this VPN Unlimited vs Windscribe comparison to see if one of these VPNs can be your next privacy tool.

Security and privacy

Windscribe supports OpenVPN and IKEv2 and uses the AES-128-GCM cipher (for browsing extensions) and AES-256 cipher (for desktop apps). This is a great level of encryption that even the neediest users will appreciate.

VPN Unlimited also uses Advanced Encryption Standard to encrypt your information. Most VPNs, including both contenders in this VPN Unlimited vs Windscribe battle already use AES-256 — in this sense, they are equal.

VPN Unlimited also has the KeepSolidWise stealth protocol. This brilliant solution OpenVPN modification makes it possible to bypass firewalls that use Deep Packet Inspection. It is especially great for users in countries like China, where VPN use is heavily restricted.

Logging policies

Windscribe does not log their users’ data which is a definite plus, but they are within the Five Eyes jurisdiction (countries include Canada, UK, New Zealand US and Australia). Windscribe is based in Toronto, Canada.

On the other hand, VPN Unlimited logs quite a bit of data on its users. They also based in a Five Eyes country — in New York, USA. Therefore, Windscribe wins in this category.

Speed and performance

Windscribe demonstrates great speeds across the EU server, the UK server, and the US server.

VPN Unlimited may have over 500 servers in 70 countries, leading one to expect the speeds to be half-decent, but it’s around average. Although it isn’t the slowest VPN we have tested, there are better (and cheaper) VPNs if performance is the most important aspect.

In terms of speed, Windscribe vs VPN Unlimited is not even close — the former is considerably faster.

Torrenting and streaming

VPNs create a secure tunnel around your torrenting traffic to protect you, but not all of them allow P2P traffic in the first place. If that’s your objective for subscribing to a VPN, such a service won’t do you much good.

Windscribe allows torrenting and also offers tutorials on setup for various torrent clients. VPN Unlimited has a more complicated outlook in terms of torrenting. They sometimes “have to subside connection speeds because of torrenting” and allow P2P traffic only on some servers.

When you try connecting to Netflix through the normal Windscribe servers, you will most likely be disappointed, but they do have “Windflix” servers — specifically for Netflix. Both the US and UK Windflix servers worked without issue.

VPN Unlimited manages to access Netflix. We have tested their servers in the US and Canada and it worked seamlessly. So, if you want a VPN purely for Netflix, both of these VPN services will do the trick.

Apps and extensions

Both Windscribe and VPN Unlimited boast about their user-friendly apps and our tests revealed that both VPN services were true to their word.

The Windscribe install file didn’t take long to run and almost in no time we were connected to the Dallas server. We were quite impressed overall.

We were equally impressed by the software of VPN Unlimited. It has a nice interface and is easy to launch. The sidebar adds to the convenience.

But because Windscribe offers apps for an incredible number of platforms and gadgets, Windscribe takes this round.


Windscribe offers three plans.

The monthly plan at $9.00 per month, the annual plan at $4.08 per month.

These prices are pretty average but they do offer a free plan as well. You are able to request a refund if you are not happy with their service, but you can only do this within 3 days of subscribing, and you need to use less than 10GB of bandwidth during this short period.

VPN Unlimited also offers three subscription options.

The one-month subscription is per month, the annual subscription is $5.00 per month and the lifetime subscription is $199.99.

Unlimited lifetime access is definitely a strong selling point. They don’t offer a free service but they offer a 7-day money-back guarantee, so if you are unhappy with the service, you can easily get your money back.

Customer support

When you have a query or experience any problems when using your VPN service, customer support is there to help. Once you’ve taken out a subscription and a problem crops up, you will definitely want peace of mind, knowing that you can reach someone for help.

Windscribe VPN features a chatbot and although this might sound awesome, our test revealed that “Garry,” although prompt, couldn’t really answer our questions in detail. Luckily, that’s not the only way to receive customer support. There is also a knowledge base with FAQs, install guides, a support ticket system, and a Reddit forum.

VPN Unlimited has now added a live chat feature as well as an email address and a ticketing system. They too have a Knowledgebase with a lot of information to browse through. Where VPN Unlimited once faltered, they have now stepped up. We will have to call this one an even match.

VPN Unlimited or Windscribe VPN: which one is better?

As you can see from this VPN Unlimited vs Windscribe review, both these VPNs have some positive attributes and a few cons as well.

To use either, it is important to know how each tool can help you. For example, when it comes to VPN Unlimited, the ability to connect 5 devices at once is always nice. So are the obfuscation servers, DNS leak protection, and easy-to-use apps. Not so nice is the logging policy and the speeds it offers.

When it comes to Windscribe, we have to give them the edge in this comparison. It may be a slight edge but if we had to choose between them we would select Windscribe. Better leak protection, double hops, no logs, ad blocking, compatibility with lots of platforms and reliable Netflix unblocking all come together to create a pretty package.

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