Clario Review: VPN with All-in-one Cybersecurity Package

Exceptionally user-friendly
Last updated: December 20, 2022

Clario is a service powered by NordVPN and with antivirus features based on Bitdefender. It’s user-friendly and relatively cheap.

Minimum Price:
$5.75 / month
Apps available:
macos android ios
Alternative VPN options:
1. NordVPN
9.6 / 10
2. Surfshark VPN
9.4 / 10
Disclaimer: Affiliate links help us produce good content. Learn more.
Disclaimer: Affiliate links help us produce good content. Learn more.

Clario is a fresh face in the cybersecurity industry. It offers a different approach to the old ways of ultra-technical antivirus and digital protection apps. Instead, it’s exceptionally user-friendly and focuses on the app’s benefits rather than the technical details. Customers can choose what security use cases are most relevant to their needs, and the app does everything automatically.

Best of all, Clario has a strong backbone comprised of well-known cybersecurity companies. Its VPN (Virtual Private Network) functionality is powered by NordVPN, while the antivirus features are based on Bitdefender. In this Clario review, we’ll have a look at how well this security package works and if it’s worth the price.

🌏Country:United Arab Emirates
📑Logs:No logs
💰Price:From $5.75/month
💻Servers:20 servers in 15 countries

Clario pros and cons

✅Easy to use❌No app for Windows
✅24/7 live chat on all apps❌Inconsistent features across platforms
✅Relatively cheap
✅One subscription protects six devices

If you are searching for a cheaper option that works with Windows and boasts 5408 ultra-fast servers in 59 countries all around the world, try NordVPN.

Get the best VPN

NordVPN is our top-rated VPN provider, known for unparalleled protection, the fastest speeds, and global coverage.

9.6 /10
Excellent for streaming
24/7 live chat

Speed test

Since Clario includes a VPN, it’s paramount to conduct a few speed tests to see how connectivity is affected by the app. Naturally, these tests are far from ideal but should provide a general sense of how Clario performs. We performed the tests by enabling Clario VPN for Android with the Ookla speed test.

Download (Mbps)Upload (Mbps)
Base speed57.2062.16
Fastest server38.7551.94
United Kingdom24.2145.76
United States35.4745.73

My base download speed was 57.20 Mbps without a VPN connection, while my upload speed was 62.16 Mbps. By default, Clario connects to the fastest available nearby server. In my case, it resulted in a speed reduction of about 30%. Meanwhile, the most significant reduction was when connecting to far-away servers in Australia, where I lost around 70% of my speed.

Overall, performance was quite good, the app established VPN connections swiftly, and I didn’t notice any lagging while doing typical online activities.


Clario covers all of the cybersecurity essentials. First off, it includes a VPN for secure and private connections at home or on the go. Additionally, you can use the app to scan your device for malware, block malicious web domains, and limit the number of web trackers.

Plus, the app can monitor your data (email address, passwords, credit card numbers, phone numbers, SSN) for various breaches. If anything happens, it will inform you about it and suggest a course of action. It’s even possible to keep an eye on specific website accounts, for example, Instagram. Moreover, spyware detection will ensure that none of your installed apps are leaking personal information, such as text messages, saved contacts, or photos.

If you’re not very tech-savvy, it might be difficult to wrap your head around the potential danger of such leaks. Thankfully, Clario users frequently praise the expertise that customer support agents share. Best of all, it’s available 24/7 via live chat, allowing you to get assistance quickly and efficiently.


Clario is available on Mac, iOS, Android, Chrome, and Safari. Unfortunately, Windows and Linux users are left with nothing. Additionally, each version of the app provides different features, with the desktop version offering the most. Let’s have a glance at some of these features.

  • Antivirus protection. Android and macOS devices get the best selection of antivirus protection features. Both can detect malware and perform system scans for existing viruses. Meanwhile, since antivirus software is not allowed on the Apple App Store, iOS users have to make do with privacy-enhancing features.
  • VPN. You can enable Clario VPN for iOS and other platforms. Each gains the full spectrum of VPN benefits, including encryption, unlimited bandwidth, Wi-Fi protection, and a good selection of servers.
  • Data breach monitoring. All platforms are fully-equipped with personal data breach monitoring. Clario will notify you if your email address, passwords, credit card numbers, phone numbers, or SSN are leaked.
  • 24/7 customer support. Reaching out to experts is straightforward from all app versions if you need assistance.
  • Adblocking and anti-tracking. Unsurprisingly, ad and tracker blocking features are available on the desktop browser extension versions. Meanwhile, the iOS version can block ads but not trackers.
  • Safe search and browsing. macOS devices get real-time web browsing protection via filtering, instant prompts about dangerous sites, and phishing site blocking.
  • Spyware detector. This Android-exclusive feature detects if apps are leaking sensitive information, such as SMS, contacts, photos, geolocation, or messaging app texts.
  • Instagram account protection. You can add your Instagram account, monitor it for breaches, and prevent account theft.


Clario gives two pricing plan options:

  • $12.00/month for the monthly subscription and three device protection
  • $5.75/month for the yearly subscription and six device protection

Clario pricing

As you can see, the long-term plan provides a significant 77% discount. Additionally, the short-term plan only grants protection for three devices, while the yearly subscription allows six simultaneous devices. Also, keep in mind that most VPN providers offer various discount codes that grant better deals from the default pricing.

You can test out the service by utilizing its 7-day free trial. After that, your subscription is protected with a 30-day money-back guarantee, giving you more time to get a feel for the product.

Interface and ease of use

Clario stands out with its user-friendly interface and emphasis on simplicity. Users have to answer a few simple questions about their digital security priorities when installing the app. The app then suggests features that will address those concerns. This method works as an introduction to the app and its features.

Clario VPN on Android

Once completed, the app dashboard is split into six categories – Identity, Browsing, Device, Money, Network, and Files. For example, the Device category includes antivirus and spyware detection scans. Meanwhile, Identity is for data breach monitoring and Instagram account protection. On the other hand, Browsing and Network tabs are for enabling VPN security. Naturally, the number of available categories will depend on the operating system you’re using.

You can also reach out to customer service agents via the search box from the app. They are available 24/7 and are distinguished by their names and photos.


Clario has the right idea with its unified and easy-to-understand approach to digital security. The app provides extensive protection from various online threats and doesn’t bog users down with complicated terminology. Instead, it explains everything in a simplified manner and works wonderfully under the hood.

The main issue with Clario is device compatibility. At the moment, each platform has a different selection of available security tools. Plus. only the macOS version has been audited by av-test and av-comparatives, garnering satisfactory results.

However, mobile users have an excellent selection of security features. Most importantly, the mobile version monitors your personal data for breaches and notifies you immediately if something bad happens. And if you’re unsure about the severity of the situation, you can always consult the 24/7 available experts. Plus, new features are constantly developed for all platforms.

Overall, Clario is worth considering if you’re looking for an easy-to-understand and all-in-one cybersecurity suite.

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