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NordVPN Meshnet explained: what is it and how to use it

What is NordVPN Meshnet rewiew Netflix is Meshnet safe

The average VPN (Virtual Private Network) service protects customers by connecting them to a server network operated by the provider. But what if you could take this up a notch and create encrypted networks using your own devices?

Enter NordVPN Meshnet. It’s an easy-to-use solution for linking devices and enabling users to securely share files, create LAN parties, collaborate with colleagues, and complete various other tasks.

Read on as we review NordVPN Meshnet, and you’ll quickly learn why it’s worth getting excited about.

The pros and cons of NordVPN Meshnet

NordVPN Meshnet is an exceptional feature you won’t find among other top VPN services. That means you might not be aware of how beneficial it is. Naturally, it isn’t perfect and includes some drawbacks as well. Below is a summary of the main pros and cons of Meshnet.

NordVPN Meshnet prosNordVPN Meshnet cons
✔️Available for free
✔️Convenient file-sharing
✔️Route traffic through remote devices
✔️Secure collaboration with coworkers
✔️Easy LAN creation for gaming
✔️Supports linking up to 60 devices (10 you own and 50 external)
❌Requires the NordVPN app
❌Exclusive to desktop and mobile

Ultimately, the pros and cons of NordVPN Meshnet depend on your creativity and how you use the one-of-a-kind feature. And so we must dive deeper into this tool to learn its full potential.

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What is Meshnet of NordVPN?

NordVPN Meshnet can best be described as a secure way of remotely creating LANs (Local Area Networks). The feature directly connects your devices via encrypted tunnels and allows you to enjoy the perks of being on the same network without distance limitations. For example, you can easily send files to other gadgets or reroute your connection through another device to gain its IP address.

Best of all, this feature works both with devices you own and external ones. Plus, a Meshnet network can support up to 60 devices – 10 of your own and 50 from other users.

Currently, NordVPN Meshnet is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS devices and is completely free to use.

How does NordVPN Meshnet work?

Essentially, Meshnet creates a private network between various devices of your choice. You can link any computer or mobile phone with NordVPN installed and Meshnet enabled. Once the feature is active, the device gains a unique name (similar to an IP address) that you can share to join someone else’s network.

Opening the Meshnet settings menu allows you to fine-tune each network device’s permissions for improved security. That means you can disable specific features if you don’t wholly trust particular gadgets from external users.

Furthermore, connections are powered by NordVPN’s NordLynx tunneling protocol, which is based on the swift and open-source WireGuard protocol. This leads to devices on Meshnet networks enjoying top-notch security and privacy without significant performance issues.

Why do you need NordVPN Meshnet?

Let’s have a detailed look at Meshnet’s capabilities and a few use-case examples that showcase the tool’s versatility.

  • File sharing. Meshnet is a great alternative to email and cloud-based file-sharing products. It lets you securely send documents to friends and family without file size or type restrictions. Most importantly, the exchange is entirely private because there’s no need to upload the files anywhere. Instead, they’re sent directly to the recipient from your device through an encrypted VPN tunnel.
  • Gaming. Connecting multiple devices via Meshnet is a great way to easily create LAN-powered multiplayer lobbies for various games. This is essential for old-school video games that don’t provide any online servers for users to connect to and require self hosting. Additionally, you can use Meshnet to connect to your home IP address while gaming elsewhere to prevent issues on online games that don’t appreciate players switching locations.
  • Streaming. NordVPN Meshnet will help you bypass Netflix’s password-sharing crackdown because all family members can periodically connect from the same IP address. Furthermore, this maneuver lets you access your home region library while tuning into Netflix abroad. Conversely, a friend in another country could use NordVPN Meshnet to lend you a foreign IP address and allow you to unlock a different Netflix library for free. Best of all, this method applies to any other streaming service too, such as Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Max, and Disney+.
  • Security. You can use Meshnet to improve your overall cybersecurity anywhere by connecting to your security tools remotely. For example, NordVPN has guides for combining Meshnet with Pi-hole, AdGuard Home, Whoogle, and your own DNS servers.

Since the tool is relatively new, we’re sure there’s more untapped potential in Meshnet. And so, you can be on the cutting edge of discovering its perks by downloading it and taking it for a spin yourself.

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NordVPN Meshnet is a one-of-a-kind tool that grants perks unavailable with other VPN services. You can share IP addresses, send large files privately, securely collaborate with colleagues, and much more. Best of all, the feature is available entirely for free!

9.8 /10
Available for free
Supports up to 60 devices in one network
Secure NordLynx-powered connections

How much does NordVPN Meshnet cost?

As you probably know, NordVPN is arguably the best premium VPN on the market. Thus, you would be right to assume that Meshnet is also locked behind a subscription. Thankfully, that’s not the case, and, actually, NordVPN Meshnet is entirely free!

You might be wondering why such a powerful feature isn’t paywalled. The short answer is that NordVPN is committed to empowering everyone with online security and privacy. Additionally, there are almost no maintenance costs involved with Meshnet because it doesn’t require any infrastructure to operate. After all, everything runs on customer machines.

So don’t hesitate to download NordVPN and try out Meshnet yourself. Plus, you can get a taste of all the other perks of NordVPN through the 7-day free trial and 30-day money-back guarantee.

How to use NordVPN Meshnet?

A great thing about Meshnet is how easy it is to set up and use. You simply have to install the NordVPN app on your device, log in, enable Meshnet, adjust permissions, and you’re good to go. We’ll provide a detailed step-by-step guide below.

  1. Download and install the NordVPN software for your device. Meshnet is available on all desktop and mobile operating systems. Download NordVPN for OS
  2. Open the app and log in. Alternatively, create a new account (there’s no need to subscribe to take advantage of Meshnet). NordVPN Windows app login screen
  3. Find the Meshnet tab on the NordVPN app (It’s shaped like four interconnected nodes. On PC, it’s on the far left side, while on Android, it’s in the bottom menu). NordVPN Meshnet tab
  4. Toggle Meshnet on to enable it on your gadget NordVPN Meshnet disabled
  5. Once Meshnet is enabled, your device will gain a unique name and internal IP address (e.g., account.name-everest.nord). Below are buttons for accomplishing specific tasks like sharing files and routing traffic. NordVPN Meshnet enabled
  6. Click on one of the linked devices to adjust its permissions. NordVPN Meshnet device permissions menu
  7. Enjoy Meshnet however you see fit!

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NordVPN Meshnet: video explanation

Check out our video review of NordVPN Meshnet and other features included in the app if you still can’t wrap your head around this one-of-a-kind tool.

NordVPN features review 2022 | What is Meshnet?


Meshnet is an exceptional tool with many potential uses that other VPN services can’t provide. It’s famous for its file-sharing, security, collaboration, and LAN-creation benefits. Best of all, the feature is free, allowing anyone to reap its security and convenience benefits.

At the same time, Meshnet is just a tiny part of the package and has limitations. Thus, we recommend acquiring a complete NordVPN subscription to experience the full spectrum of benefits a solid VPN can grant.

Are you interested in unlocking the potential of NordVPN Meshnet? What would you use it for? Share your ideas with other VPN enthusiasts!

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How does NordVPN Meshnet work?

NordVPN Meshnet works by connecting multiple devices you and your friends or colleagues own into a single network. Then you can redirect your web traffic through one of those devices to gain its IP address. Furthermore, you can easily share files of any size or type.

What are the benefits of NordVPN Meshnet?

NordVPN Meshnet is a convenient way to establish a private network between multiple remote devices. Once enabled, it allows you to easily share files, route connections through other devices, create shared folders, and host LAN multiplayer games.

Is Meshnet the same as VPN?

No, Meshnet is not the same as a VPN. For starters, it doesn’t grant any servers for users to connect to. Instead, it allows you to access devices you already own remotely. However, like a VPN, the connections are encrypted and unreadable to third parties.

What does Meshnet of NordVPN do?

Meshnet securely connects remote devices into one private network and facilitates two-way online communication. Then you can use the tool to transfer files, create shared folders, play LAN-powered multiplayer games, and collaborate on various projects. Most importantly, NordVPN Meshet is entirely free to use.

Can I share files using Meshnet?

Yes, Meshnet is an excellent way to share various files with others. It’s more secure than email or cloud-based options because you don’t have to upload your files to third-party servers. Secondly, the files are sent through an encrypted tunnel, rendering them unreadable to unwelcome snoopers.

Is my data safe when using NordVPN Meshnet?

Yes, your data is safe when using NordVPN Meshnet because the tool uses the ultra-secure NordLynx tunneling protocol. It’s a proprietary version of WireGuard with improved security and performance.



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