How to change Netflix region in 2022

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Last updated: September 19, 2022
How to change Netflix region
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This article will tell you how to change the Netflix region and access multiple libraries in a few simple steps.

Whether you’re traveling around the world or moving abroad, you want to be able to watch your favorite shows on Netflix. However, you don’t get to watch the same films or series in every country due to legal issues.

The best way to go around this is to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN), which will mask your real IP and provide you with a new one from your chosen country. That way, you can stream many Netflix libraries from anywhere.

How to change Netflix region: 4 simple steps

  1. Download and install your chosen VPN. We recommend NordVPN, our #1 service.
  2. Connect to a server in your chosen country.
  3. Log in to your Netflix account.
  4. Start streaming!
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Best VPN to change your Netflix region

Not all VPNs are made the same – some work better for changing your Netflix region while others are simply better-suited for your needs.

You will find the list of the Top 3 VPNs from our best VPN for Netflix list in the table below. We’ll also discuss each criterion in more detail.

Country count59+95+63+
Simultaneous connections6Unlimited6
Average download speed1122 Mbps609 Mbps123 Mbps
Pricefrom $3.09/monthfrom $2.21/monthfrom $2.00/month
Can also unblockHulu, Amazon Prime, Kodi, BBC iPlayer, HBO GO, Disney+Hulu, Amazon Prime, Kodi, BBC iPlayer, HBO GO, Disney+Hulu, Amazon Prime, Kodi, BBC iPlayer, HBO GO, Disney+

Country count

Simply put, the more countries a VPN has, the better. You will be able to access a wider variety of Netflix libraries by choosing a VPN with a bigger location count. At the moment, Hotspot Shield offers the best deal – 85 countries.

When deciding which country to connect to, consider those with the biggest Netflix libraries in the world. You’ll find the list below.

Ideally, you should be looking for a VPN with servers in all those locations (or most of them).

All three VPNs we’ve included in the list have around 60 countries to choose from, so you should be more than ready to go.

Simultaneous connections

If you are not the only one using your Netflix account, simultaneous connections will be a great VPN feature for you. It determines how many devices you can use at the same time.

Families or flatmates will find it especially handy as each person will be able to stream Netflix simultaneously with more connections allowed.

When it comes to this feature, Surfshark is our number one pick. It offers its users an unlimited number of simultaneous connections. NordVPN and PrivateVPN allow for 6 connections, which would still be more than enough for most households.

It’s important to mention that you can have unlimited connections by setting your VPN up on your router. However, each device needs to use the same network, so your BFF living a few blocks away will have to get her own VPN.


When it comes to Netflix, the faster the VPN service is, the better. The speed of your chosen VPN will affect video quality and, therefore, your overall experience on these streaming platforms.

If you strive for the best experience on Netflix, streaming in Ultra HD should be what you’re looking for. To watch your favorite content in this quality, you would need a speedy VPN service. Of course, the distance between you and the server is as much important.

You won’t go wrong with any of the VPNs we have included. However, NordVPN is the absolute leader when it comes to speed.


Without a doubt, price plays an important role when choosing a VPN service for Netflix streaming. The longer your subscription period, the bigger discount you get. That being said, the drop-off varies among services – you will find VPNs that are two or more times cheaper than some competitors.

If you want to save, opt for Surfshark, which is the cheapest of our three choices for streaming Netflix. If you are willing to pay more, choose NordVPN – our overall number one pick.

  Other streaming platforms

If you love Netflix, you may also enjoy similar streaming websites, such as Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Disney+, or HBO GO. After all, having access to more platforms increases your options to find the content you want.

The VPNs on this list allow you to stream popular content platforms. However, NordVPN unblocks more than the others. Last but not least, be aware that in some cases, you might need a local credit card to get a streaming service account.

This is a common question that first-time users ask. And the answer is that it’s 100% legal to unblock Netflix with a VPN. That is if the country itself isn’t against VPNs, like Russia, China, or Iran.

Netflix is a paid service, so it’s not interested in losing clients just because they connect from other regions. As of now, we don’t know any cases of blocked or deleted accounts due to VPN usage. Therefore, if you see a message that Netflix detected a change in location, simply choose another server or another country.

Furthermore, don’t worry about copyright infringement. It’s Netflix, not you, that’s made agreements with the copyright holders. And they won’t be taking time to find a way to punish the users.

How to change Netflix region on your device

While the instructions on changing the Netflix region are pretty similar on all devices, we still decided to offer a step-by-step guide for Android, iOS, macOS, PlayStation, and SmartDNS devices.

Change Netflix region on Android

  1. Find your desired VPN on Google Play Store
  2. Start your VPN app
  3. Choose your desired server
  4. Launch Netflix and start streaming!

Change Netflix region on iOS

  1. Find your desired VPN on Apple App Store
  2. Launch the VPN app
  3. Choose a server in your desired country
  4. Open Netflix and start watching!

Change Netflix region on Mac

  1. Download the VPN from its website
  2. Install and launch the app
  3. Scroll to your desired server and click Connect
  4. Open Netflix and watch your show!

Change Netflix region on PS4 and SmartDNS devices

Virtually all VPNs lack an app for game consoles, including PS4. Here you can either connect it to the router or use an ethernet cable to share the connection from your desktop device.

There’s also a third option named SmartDNS. It also needs a router configuration, but it doesn’t encrypt your traffic, only hiding the IP address. This can be great if you simply want to unblock Netflix, and it also works with smart TVs, Roku, Amazon Fire TV & Fire Stick, and similar devices.

  1. Turn on SmartDNS in your account settings. This varies depending on your VPN, so don’t be afraid to contact customer support.
  2. Startup your PS4. Choose Settings, Network, and Set Up Internet Connection.
  3. Under How do you want to connect to the network? choose Wi-Fi.
  4. Under How do you want to set up the Internet connection? pick Custom.
  5. Connect to the Wi-Fi.
  6. Tweak the settings accordingly: IP Address Settings –> Automatic, DHCP Host Name –> Do Not Specify, DNS SettingsManual. Now choose Primary DNS.
  7. Enter your SmartDNS server IP and hit Done.
  8. Choose Next and tweak the following settings: MTU Settings –> Automatic, Proxy Server – Do Not Use, Internet settings updated –> Test Internet Connection.
  9. Restart your PS4.

How to change Netflix region video review

Alternatively, you can watch one of the videos below, where each step is discussed in more detail. You will also find the best VPN for Netflix overview.

How to get American Netflix | You can watch US Netflix anywhere!
How to CHANGE Netflix region in 2020 | LIVE TUTORIAL

Can a free VPN unblock Netflix?

To be fair, only some free VPNs can unblock Netflix. That’s because the provider needs to invest in new servers and IPs to allow choosing multiple regions. Therefore you shouldn’t be surprised that a free VPN lets you choose from just a few countries.

Bandwidth limit

Another thing is the bandwidth limit. Streaming in high quality means downloading many GBs, and such traffic costs money. That’s why you’ll get either a daily or a monthly limit (10 GB/month tops) that won’t be enough to follow your beloved series in HD unless you use more than a few providers.

Slower speeds

If that wasn’t enough, expect slower speeds with a free VPN for Netflix. While the performance can be enough for streaming in HD, choosing a faraway country can make things complicated due to latency.

Lack of features

Finally, free VPNs often lack features. They might not have SmartDNS, split tunneling, or enough locations. You should also forget the 24/7 live chat and accept that solving your issues will take days, if not weeks.

Having said that, we can’t recommend a free VPN for unblocking Netflix. You should get a reliable premium option instead.

Which Netflix libraries are the best?

Your options on what shows or films to watch on Netflix depend on your location. Say you’ve been living in the US your whole life, and recently you had to relocate to Australia for work. Chances are, you won’t be able to watch all of the same content.

In this case, you can use a VPN to virtually move back to the US or any other country that has your favorite movies and TV shows in its Netflix catalogs.

Here is the list of the Top 10 countries with the biggest Netflix libraries:

CountryTotal videosMoviesTV series
Czech Republic
United Kingdom639042002190

As you can see from the table, country size has nothing to do with the number of available videos. However, the library size also doesn’t mean that the Czech Republic is the best choice for Netflix. That’s because adding a few hundred unpopular entries instead of a few hottest anime shows will leave many users unhappy.

That’s why Netflix Japan and the US (which is even not on this list) continue to be two of the most popular libraries. Some say that the most popular doesn’t mean it’s the best, but we’d like to stay out of this discussion. However, we’ll reply if you leave a comment for us below.

Final thoughts on changing your Netflix region

Changing the Netflix region is not complicated at all when you are using a reliable VPN service.

When choosing a product for your Netflix streaming, consider country count, simultaneous connections, streaming speed, price, and what other content platforms you could stream using your VPN.

If you’re looking for an affordable option with unlimited simultaneous connections, opt for Surfshark. However, if you don’t mind paying a little extra, choose NordVPN as it will ensure the fastest streaming experience with no interruptions.

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How to change the Netflix region?

Unfortunately, like most streaming platforms, Netflix works only in your country due to legal reasons. However, you can change your virtual location with a VPN. Some services offer more than a hundred locations to choose from, meaning that your show will be available in one of them.

Can I change my Netflix region on the phone?

Once again, Netflix doesn’t allow changing the region on any device. That being said, a VPN app for Android or iOS can do that easily. Of course, not all services are good at unblocking Netflix, so we advise choosing one from our Best VPNs for Netflix in 2022.

How do I change my Netflix UK to the US?

You can’t do that without moving to the US unless you use a VPN. The best services will help you unblock Netflix in dozens of countries. We recommend NordVPN, our #1 provider for streaming.

What does Netflix proxy error mean?

If Netflix detects that you’re using a proxy or a VPN, it will display this error message. If you’re OK with your local library, simply shut down the service that’s been causing this.

However, for accessing a library in another country, use a VPN that’s good at avoiding Netflix geo-blocking. You can find the list above in the article.

I'm still getting the proxy error. Please help me.

If you can’t unblock Netflix with a reliable VPN service, you may want to contact its customer support. They should know the right server in each country. However, sometimes the problem can be on your side. In such case:

  1. Disable location services on your browser or device.
  2. Clean your browser’s temporary files, cookies, and cache.
  3. Disable IPv6 on your device.
  4. On Windows, open the command prompt and flush the DNS cache with ipconfig /flushdns.

If none of that helps, contact your customer support again.

I live outside of Japan. Can I access its Netflix library?

Netflix has separate libraries for each country. However, there’s a way to avoid such geo-block. All you have to do is get a reliable VPN for Netflix, connect to a server in Japan and start streaming. If that doesn’t work, just try another server, and that should do the trick.

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