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Norton Secure VPN has all the essentials you need for daily browsing. Coming at a very affordable price, too, this provider is a great choice for those who want a VPN that runs silently in the background.

Minimum Price:
$2.49 / month
Apps available:
windows macos android ios
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Norton is widely known for offering a comprehensive antivirus solution and many other cybersecurity tools. However, fewer have probably heard of Norton Secure VPN, the company’s virtual private network service.

Norton Secure VPN is user-friendly, has a solid security toolkit, and is one of the cheapest VPNs available. Furthermore, subscribers can pick from 5000+ servers across 30+ countries, torrent on select servers, and unblock a handful of popular streaming services. The speeds are enough for comfortable browsing, so if you’re looking for a service for daily web surfing and public Wi-Fi protection, it’s an ideal choice.

So how much does Norton Secure VPN have to offer? We ran a series of tests to see how it performs in terms of speed. usability, privacy, streaming, torrenting, and overall value-for-money. Without further ado, let’s dig in.

Norton Secure VPN overview

🏆 Rating:⭐7.3/10
🖥️ Servers:5000+ servers in 30+ countries
📺 Streaming: Amazon Prime Video, Max, Disney+, BBC iPlayer
🔛 Torrenting:Yes
❔ Support:24/7 live chat, phone line
🛡️ Logs:No-logs policy
💵 Price:From $2.49/month
🏷️ Coupons:Norton Secure VPN coupon 50% off
🆓 Free version or trial:No

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Norton VPN: pros & cons

✅Easy to use & install
✅Works with other Norton software
✅Solid security toolkit
✅P2P-optimized servers
✅No-logs policy
✅Highly affordable
❌Poor Netflix functionality
❌Lack of transparency about security & services
❌Inconsistent speeds
❌Poor device support
❌Poor torrenting support

Norton VPN: plans and pricing

Plans1-year1-year upfront
1 device
5 devices
10 devices

Norton Secure VPN offers a few pricing options, depending on how many devices you want to secure simultaneously.  The plan with 10 connections costs twice as much as the plan with 1. And most VPNs don’t make you pay so much more for extra connections. Naturally, annual subscriptions end up being cheaper than monthly subscriptions if you plan on using the product for an extended period.

You can also get the VPN bundled with Norton antivirus, though that will cost extra. However, this is a great combo that takes care of malware threats while ensuring anonymity online. Compared to other solutions, it’s cheaper and offers a much better VPN service.

Norton VPN and antivirus bundle

Annual plans also give you a 60-day money-back guarantee, while most VPNs offer 30-days tops. It’s more than enough time to check if this VPN is right for you and commit for really low pricing. Then there’s a 14-day money-back guarantee for the monthly plans. A welcome choice since most services don’t offer refunds for monthly subscriptions.

While there’s no free trial, there’s a lengthy 60-day money-back guarantee for the annual plan you can use to test the service. It’s more than enough time to check if this VPN is right for you and commit for really low pricing. Then there’s a 14-day money-back guarantee for the monthly plans. A welcome choice since most services don’t offer refunds for monthly subscriptions.

Furthermore, subscribers can pick a plan according to how many devices they want to use simultaneously – 1, 5, or 10. We appreciate the flexibility since people aren’t being forced to sign up for pricier alternatives with a big device count they might not necessarily need.

Regarding payment options, Norton Secure VPN accepts credit cards, PayPal, and Google Pay. However, there’s a distinct lack of anonymous payment methods who don’t want their VPN purchase to be linked back to them via bank statements. Even having Bitcoin support would be a vast improvement.

Speed and performance

Average download speed351 Mbps
Number of servers5000+
Number of countries30+

Norton VPN facilitates average speeds, making it suitable for daily browsing. It uses the OpenVPN and IPSec tunneling protocols for connectivity, older yet reliable protocols still used by many premium VPNs today. You can see how such services compare by checking our VPN speed test.

Server coverage is pretty good, although the number of available countries could be better. Norton VPN runs a network of 5000+ servers across 30+ countries. It has servers in all continents, ensuring subscribers have a connection point near them for better connectivity.

Disappointingly, there isn’t much information about the specifics of these servers. Who owns them, are they bare-metal, are there any 10Gbps servers, how many locations are virtual, and whether there’s RAM-only technology. Thus we can assume that Norton VPN is renting servers from third-party data centers. Many other VPN providers do the same thing, so this isn’t surprising.

Besides, Norton Secure VPN doesn’t offer city-level locations. Simply put, when connecting to a country you won’t know where exactly your connection is. It’s not a  dealbreaker for European countries. However, should you choose a US server your connection might end up being thousands of kms farther away than you expected, resulting in poorer speeds and quality. 

Best Norton Secure VPN alternatives

Security and privacy

Norton VPN currently utilizes these tools to help keep yourself safe:

Compared to other premium services that have been here for a while, Norton Secure VPN mostly comes with the basic security toolkit. However, for the price, it is more than enough. And the provider keeps updating their apps with handy features, like the recently implemented split tunneling and kill switch (only for Android and Windows). So, they’re definitely heading in the right direction.


You’re getting industry-standard encryption – AES-256. It’s an unbreakable cipher cyber criminals would need billions of years to brute force. Hence, your data is safe and unreadable and there’s no way third parties or Norton VPN itself can see what you’re doing online.

Tunneling protocols

Norton VPN supports the following tunneling protocols:

  • OpenVPN
  • L2TP/IPSec

OpenVPN is one of the most popular VPN protocols many services utilize even today. It’s reliable, fast, and compatible with many operating systems, hence the widespread implementation. In Norton VPN’s case, OpenVPN is only available for Windows users, which is not ideal for macOS, iOS, and Android owners since it’s faster than L2TP/IPSec.

Speaking of which, L2TP/IPSec is a bit outdated regarding performance due to how it’s coded. While it’s a suitable option for those with a weak internet connection, don’t expect fast browsing.

We can’t help but note that Norton VPN hasn’t implemented WireGuard yet. This lightweight tunneling protocol surpasses all the old ones by a long shot, facilitating faster speeds. It could even improve the service’s speed average, which Norton VPN would benefit from.

Norton VPN kill switch

If the VPN stops working, a kill switch immediately shuts off your internet connection, preventing data leaks. As such, this is a must-have feature that the VPN provider or potential subscribers shouldn’t overlook.

Norton VPN offers a system-wide kill switch that works, well, on the system level. It cuts off the internet for the whole device. Alternatively, some providers have app-level kill switches instead. These allow you to select which apps stop working whenever the VPN connection drops.

Norton VPN kill switch

The problem with Norton VPN is that the kill switch is only available on Windows and Android apps. In a way, Apple owners are being neglected here. A VPN connection might drop even for a second without you noticing, exposing you. These people aren’t getting the much-needed tools to help prevent that from happening.

IP and DNS leak protection

Another crucial feature is leak protection. It ensures that your IP address stays hidden and that your DNS requests, which document your online activities, remain invisible.

No leaks were discovered during testing. We ran several DNS leak checks, and the only DNS server found was Finnish (we were connected to a server in Finland). WebRTC requests also didn’t leak any geolocation data.


When it comes to jurisdiction, Norton VPN is based in the United States, a core member of the Five Eyes alliance. It’s definitely not the best place to set up shop, as the country is known for spying on its citizens and lowkey pressuring companies into gathering data about their users. VPN providers headquartered here aren’t excluded from this and often receive data requests from the government.

One way to battle this is to adhere to a strict no-logs policy. That is, to refuse to gather any information about your subscribers. Norton VPN does this (at least, that’s what they state in their privacy policy). However, the service doesn’t utilize RAM-only hardware, which would make data logging impossible altogether.

No-logs policy

Norton VPN claims not to log any information about what users do on the internet. The company states that it only collects subscriber information for communication purposes, together with mobile device data and aggregate bandwidth usage.

Claiming this is one thing, but a better question is, “Where’s the proof?” The VPN has been around for a while, yet it hasn’t undergone a no-logs policy audit, which would increase the service’s credibility. When it comes to data logging, we can’t take such statements at face value when there’s no independent documentation to back them up.

Does Norton VPN work in China?

Unfortunately, Norton VPN isn’t capable of bypassing internet firewalls. It doesn’t work in countries that utilize Deep Packet Inspection (DPI), like China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and such. Furthermore, you’ll have trouble making the service work on networks that block VPN traffic.

The issue lies in the fact that Norton VPN doesn’t have StealthVPN or any sort of obfuscation feature that would mask VPN traffic. If combating internet censorship is of the essence, we recommend checking out secure VPNs that offer such tools.

Other technical features

As for other perks, Norton VPN does have neat extras, although it can’t compare to such feature-packed providers as NordVPN and Surfshark. Subscribers additionally benefit from:

The Ad Tracker Blocking feature blocks both adware and user trackers, available on Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. We ran it through the AdBlock Tester – the blocker showed a success rate of 73 points out of 100. It encountered roadblocks when trying to disable gifs, static images, and flash banners, as most VPN ad blockers do.

Split tunneling is another handy tool that lets you select which apps work with the VPN connection and which don’t. Currently, Norton VPN offers this only on Windows and Android apps.

Finally, there’s Wi-Fi security, which automatically enables the VPN if you connect to an unsecured network. Moreover, you can pick whether it starts automatically or gives you a warning message first, letting you enable the VPN yourself. Wi-Fi security can only be found on iOS and Android apps.

Other Norton products

Norton productWhat does it do?
Norton AntivirusReal-time malware protection
Norton GenieAI-powered scam detection
Norton LifeLockIdentity theft protection
Norton AntiTrackTracker blocker
Norton Privacy Monitor AssistantRequests personal information removal

Norton also offers other solutions for keeping yourself safe and private online. You can get the VPN bundled with different tools according to the package. Several all-in-one plans also come with secure cloud storage, password managers, dark web monitoring, and such.

Coming from such a reputable company, these are a great choice if you need additional protection apart from the solid Norton Secure VPN. And the pricing is quite affordable as well, letting you shield yourself from online dangers without shelling out.

Is Norton VPN good for streaming?

Streaming serviceStatus
Other Netflix libraries✅Yes (US, Australia, Turkey)
BBC iPlayer✅Yes
Amazon Prime Video✅Yes
YouTube TV✅Yes

If security isn’t a top priority, you likely need a VPN to get around geographical restrictions and streaming. It’s common knowledge that streaming services like Netflix provide different content libraries around the globe.

Alternatively, some platforms, for example, Max, are strictly blocked in most parts of the world. Whatever the case, a VPN can change your location and grant you access to movies and TV shows that aren’t typically available in your region.

Norton VPN with BBC iPlayer

Sadly, Norton VPN let us down in this category as well. It doesn’t work with Netflix at all – we couldn’t get access either to the regional libraries or Netflix US. Another streaming service it struggled with was Hulu.

While Norton VPN bypassed BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, and Max restrictions, the video quality wasn’t the best. As we mentioned previously, this service would greatly benefit from WireGuard. The VPN also isn’t compatible with any streaming peripherals or smart TVs, and the lack of Smart DNS limits what kind of devices you can use it on.

Overall, if streaming is a priority, we suggest picking a different VPN for streaming.

Is Norton VPN good for torrenting?

P2P activities are another frequent VPN use case. That’s because some countries restrict torrenting due to its association with digital piracy. However, file-sharing isn’t always used for copyright infringement and thus shouldn’t be blocked entirely.

Norton VPN allows torrenting on specific servers, but that’s about it. There’s no SOCKS5 proxy or port forwarding, and the speeds aren’t the best for P2P file-sharing. Moreover, we wouldn’t choose this VPN for torrents because of its jurisdiction and unverified no-logs policy. There are many better torrenting VPNs in the market.

Norton VPN device support

A modern household has a technological device in practically every nook and corner. However, no internet-connected device is immune to intrusions from cybercriminals. This is why it’s paramount that a VPN would be compatible with as many devices as possible. At the very least, it should be manually configurable on routers to conveniently secure all devices on the network.

Norton VPN supported devices

Norton Secure VPN only has dedicated apps for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. Furthermore, it’s impossible to configure the VPN manually on other devices. It’s certainly not a multi-device VPN, but if you don’t have anything else you want to secure apart from PCs and phones, it’s a good, user-friendly choice.

Desktop apps: Windows

The Windows client is available as a separate application or built into the antivirus suite, depending on your plan. Either way, the application is simplistic in design, making it intuitive to navigate. First-time users won’t have a problem making it work.

Norton VPN Windows app

Subscribers can enable Norton VPN by pressing the On button. And if you want to change the server region, all you have to do is click the > button next to the current location and pick one from the list. However, while you can select a different country, there’s no option to connect to a specific server.

Norton VPN settings menu

As for the features, you can toggle them from the Settings menu. Every feature has a brief explanation of what it does, so you won’t be enabling them blindly. The app includes:

  • Auto-connect, which automatically connects the VPN whenever your computer starts up
  • Auto VPN, which turns on the VPN whenever you connect to an unsecured or compromised
  • Wi-Fi network
  • A kill switch
  • Ad Tracker Blocking
  • Split Tunnel

Norton VPN’s Windows client includes only one tunneling protocol – OpenVPN. Overall, it’s a minimalistic, user-friendly app that even a grandma won’t have any issues using.

Desktop apps: macOS

Since the interface is almost identical to the Windows app, Norton VPN’s macOS client is also pretty easy to use. Press the On button to turn it on and change the VPN region by clicking on >.

Norton VPN macOS app

However, the macOS application comes with certain drawbacks. There’s no split tunneling feature, for one. The second, much bigger issue is the lack of a kill switch. It’s a crucial VPN component that ensures your privacy in case the connection ever glitches out and drops. Not having it makes the app less secure to use.

Mobile apps: Android

Norton follows the same design principles for mobile applications, so user-friendliness is a given for Android. You can freely download the client from the Google Play Store.

Norton VPN Android app

Here, you’ll find the same feature selection available on the Windows app. Again, you can’t pick any specific server from a particular country or even filter them by speed.

Mobile apps: iOS

While Norton VPN’s iOS app is the same as the Android client design-wise, we can’t say the same about functionality. Simply put, it’s missing a lot of the features.

Norton macOS app

The iOS client only has the auto-connect option. There’s no ad blocker, split tunneling, or Wi-Fi security. And again, the kill switch is missing, too, greatly decreasing its security level. Basically, the only thing you can do on it is enable the VPN and change the region.

Norton VPN customer support

Customer support optionAvailability
24/7 live chat✅Yes
FAQ and written guides✅Yes
Phone line✅Yes

With so many VPN uses cases, you’re bound to come across some issues. It could be related to server performance, unblocking content, or compatibility with different devices. Whatever the case, it’s good to have knowledgeable customer support agents available.

Norton VPN stands out in this regard as it provides an exceptional variety of methods of reaching out to customer support. For example, you can get assistance via live chat, phone call, email, or through written guides on the knowledge base online. Most importantly, everything is available 24/7.

Alternative VPN options

After a quick overview of Norton VPN, it’s crystal clear that the service is quite average compared to other VPN providers. Therefore, here are a few VPN suggestions in the same price range that offer significantly more benefits.

  1. NordVPN. Unsurprisingly, we recommend not skimping on digital security and getting the #1 VPN service on the market. Starting at $3.39/month, NordVPN provides unparalleled protection, air-tight privacy, and exceptional device compatibility.
  2. Surfshark. If funds are tight, consider Surfshark VPN. It costs $2.19/month, grants unlimited simultaneous connections, excellent streaming performance, and reliable security features. Plus, you can upgrade your subscription to include protection against viruses as well.
  3. IPVanish. This VPN ranks high among affordable yet reliable solutions. However, the minuscule $2.19/month price includes the WireGuard tunneling protocol, reliable geo-unblocking and streaming abilities, and top-notch privacy.

Conclusion: should you get Norton VPN?

Norton Secure VPN is a good VPN for the price tag it’s available for. Coming from a cybersecurity-focused company, it’s a solid choice that also works well with other Norton products. You can even get the VPN bundled with an antivirus and other protection solutions for ultimate online security.

Functionality-wise, Norton VPN comes with all the essentials any such service must have. And the provider is constantly working toward bettering the VPN, as the arrival of split tunneling and a kill switch indicates. Plus, it includes automatic Wi-Fi protection, a much-needed feature for those who constantly surf the web on unsecured public networks.

If you need a service for torrenting, streaming, or bypassing online censorship, this provider still has a lot to improve in these regards. And it is going in the right direction. However, if you’re content with a solid solution for daily usage that you can turn on and leave running in the background, Norton Secure VPN is great.

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Is Norton VPN good?

For its price, Norton Secure VPN is a solid VPN. It comes with the essential security toolkit, plus a few extras, is highly affordable, and has everything you need if you’re looking for a service for daily browsing.

Can I put Norton VPN on my router?

Norton VPN does not provide manual configuration files. As such, it’s impossible to set up a router with a Norton VPN connection. You need to get a router-compatible VPN if you want to secure your home network.

Which VPN is the best?

The best VPN currently available is NordVPN. It’s affordable, compatible with a wide array of devices, provides strong security, exceptional privacy, and reliable streaming performance.

 7.3 / 10
Total score
$2.49 / month
Minimum Price
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  1. GearedToRule May 17, 2019 at 4:03 am

    When it comes to Wifi Privacy, all you need is Solid encryption and Norton definitely provides that. I would give this a slightly higher rating than 5.8

  2. Gabriel Henry March 24, 2019 at 9:04 pm

    Everyone seems to be jumping on the vpn bandwagon whether it’s a small developer or an established firm like Norton. Honestly, I can’t imagine a mainstream firm such as Norton providing cutting edge services because they’re part of the establishment. I’m not impressed by Norton’s antivirus either. It’s decent but it gets by on reputation IMO.

  3. Gabin Letruc February 20, 2019 at 5:15 pm

    I really don’t trust Norton. I know it has changed lately but I still remember their “antivirus” and protection software as the worst, so I won’t trust them with my private informations. Thanks for the review anyway.

  4. Pete February 14, 2019 at 2:06 pm

    Norton wifi privacy seems to work fine on my mobile, but on a tablet and PC it frequently either doesn’t start or stops working for no apparent reason. On a couple of occasions it wouldn’t respond at all and I had to restart my PC to get it to work. Only had it for three weeks and am considering buying something else to replace it.

  5. James Rodríguez January 27, 2019 at 12:59 pm

    This is a decent VPN by Norton. Definitely a good one on the list given the price and features it offers. The quick review section above does not mention if this works in China or not?

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