With a lifetime plan at only 20 dollars, SpyProof VPN is a low-cost investment with some decent features. But how trustworthy is it?

SpyProof markets itself as an anti-DDoS VPN for gamers, with support for the major platforms plus consoles – PS3, PS4, and Xbox. It’s also good at bypassing geo-blocking, allowing users to access entertainment platforms such as Netflix or, as is more relevant for gamers – Twitch.

That’s what it says on the website, but the whole thing is likely a scam.

Is SpyProof VPN safe to use?

SpyProof VPN seems to use PPTP as the main protocol, which is outdated and insecure. PPTP traffic is vulnerable to brute force attacks, which means this VPN service is no good if real privacy and anonymity is what you need.

The service apparently has “anti-DDoS mitigation technology,” but it’s not entirely clear what this technology is and the site doesn’t offer much information.

There’s no ToS or Privacy Policy document to be found on the site at all. Even the FAQ section has been closed off from non-users, which means that you can only access it after already having paid for the product. Needless to say, this is extremely worrisome.

Finally, the site is not even HTTPS, which is a nail in the coffin.

How to download SpyProof VPN

As previously mentioned, this is the slightly objectionable part – you can only download the VPN after you’ve selected a plan and entered your contact details.

Apart from this, setup is uncomplicated and quick. It activates instantly and you can simply hit Connect to get the VPN running in literally a matter of seconds.

Apps and Extensions

SpyProof is available Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, and consoles (PS3/PS4/Xbox).

It’s also hard for us to determine whether multiple simultaneous connections are allowed concurrently, but at the time of writing this doesn’t seem to be the case on any of the payment plans. However, you can set it up on your router, meaning that all devices you connect to on that wifi would come under the VPN connection.

An interesting thing stood out to us – it seems that you cannot connect a jailbroken iPhone to SpyProof VPN.

SpyProof VPN for Netflix

As advertised prominently on their website, this is where SpyProof shines: the VPN unblocks everything from Netflix, Hulu and Twitch to Spotify and Pandora.

A good way to test this on, say, Spotify, is to go to your Settings and enable the option for displaying unplayable songs. Unlike Netflix or Amazon Prime, Spotify will then show you what content exists out there but is unavailable in your region. The name of the song, album, or artist will be greyed out.

Once connected to SpyProof VPN review the same previously-unavailable music, and it should be playable now.

Since SpyProof also offers switching between multiple IPs, you can simply hop from server to server if you find your Netflix connection interrupted.

SpyProof VPN for torrenting

SpyProof doesn’t mention torrenting anywhere on its website. And even if it did, the security level provided by this VPN is not enough for torrenting.

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Is it good for users in China?

If you’ve skipped straight to this section to find this out, our opinion would lead us to a resounding no. PPTP is an outdated and insecure protocol. And there’s also the matter of there being no Privacy Policy. Using a VPN is entering into a relationship of trust, and in countries with restrictive regimes, using an untrustworthy VPN might lead to huge problems.

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The only active support is for troubleshooting, and the ticketing system otherwise is abysmal. Regardless, there are detailed and user-friendly tutorials to set up the VPN on any device you’d want, but there have been (unconfirmed, but substantive) reports of users reaching out to find out more about their Privacy Policy and being met with radio silence (or worse, having their accounts deleted).


We mentioned a lifetime subscription at the top of our SpyProof VPN review, that’s only 20 dollars. Compare this to their twice-a-year plan that is 15 dollars ($2.49/month), or $7.99 for a month (much lower than the industry average), and it seems highly lucrative.

However, it should be said that lifetime subscription is frequently a scam. The lifetime ends when the company goes away with your money. In this case, we’d say that’s extremely likely.

At least you can pay in Bitcoin, which makes the whole no-HTTPS-situation a little bit better.

Bottom line

Don’t buy it under any circumstances.