Torrenting is a great piece of technology. In just a few minutes (or hours), you can access the content that you need, whether it’s for education, entertainment or business. Of course, while the technology is legal, the content that is usually shared on torrenting sites and clients is often in violation of copyright laws. Therefore, knowing where to get your desired content or software, or knowing which torrenting clients to use – and most importantly, how to use it safely – will be of utmost important to you. And that’s exactly what our Torrenting section is about.

What should you look for in the perfect torrenting site or client?

Primarily, for torrenting clients, it’s important that you are going to be able to use it quickly and effortlessly. Some torrenting clients can offer a whole host of advanced features, but it may be too complex for the standard user.

On the other hand, an overly-simplified torrenting client can be too simplistic and limiting for any user, as it won’t allow you to customize it or do specific tasks. Lastly, the torrenting client needs to be free of malware, adware, and in general annoying add-ons or bundles that can slow down your computer or much worse.

When it comes to torrenting sites, it can get a bit more risky. A lot of torrenting sites, which for a large part deal in copyrighted material, will need to make money somehow. They not only do this by using a lot of advertisement, but many can engage in less-pleasant things like clickjacking, incessant popups, and more.

Therefore, the first and most important thing for a torrenting site to have is a clean user interface that offers torrent files or magnet links and a minimal amount of non-intrusive ads. Beyond that, they have to be organized logically, so that you can easily find what you want.

Next, of course they need to offer a wide variety of content (over several genres or in just one specific field) so that you can have a greater amount of choice.

And these are the criteria we’ll be looking at here to make sure that you get the best sites and services for all your torrenting needs.