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10 best torrent sites still working in 2024

top cleanest torrenting sites

Finding reliable and clean torrent sites is quite a challenge these days. Many of them are almost instantly taken down due to copyright complaints. Or, just when you find a seemingly perfect seeder-to-leecher ratio torrenting website, it turns out to be full of ads and malware.

Additionally, some problems may pop up if you use pirating websites willy-nilly. The biggest one, many countries, including the US, are highly against downloading copyrighted content. So, you can get a massive fine for accidentally downloading such files.

In this article, you’ll find the top torrent sites that are up and running in 2024. Additionally, we’ll share some tips that you can use to enjoy P2P file sharing trouble-free. Not to mention, we will recommend some of the finest VPNs to help you avoid various torrenting dangers.

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Whether it’s legal to use torrenting websites depends on the country and the content being shared. Using P2P as a file-sharing method is not inherently illegal. However, many pirating sites share copyrighted material without permission. And that is considered illegal in many countries, such as the US, Germany, and the UK. Engaging in such activities can result in legal consequences.

Countries that punish for torrenting copyrighted content

If you don’t want to get into trouble using torrenting sites, we recommend using legal alternatives, such as streaming services, online marketplaces, or platforms that offer authorized downloads. Alternatively, you can use a P2P VPN to avoid dangers and enjoy absolute peace of mind while torrenting.

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Top 10 cleanest torrent sites: overview

We’ve researched and tried 50+ top free torrent sites to find out whether they are operational, have little to no malware, and offer a wide variety of content. So let’s dig into the best torrent sites that still work. Once again, we recommend using only the best VPNs for P2P according to Reddit for safety, avoiding ISP bandwidth throttling, and fending off other digital threats.

1. The Pirate Bay – the best torrenting site with loads of content

The Pirate Bay Logo✅ Loads of seeders
✅ One of the biggest & oldest sites
✅ Easy to navigate
❌ Blocked in US & other countries

According to various internet users, The Pirate Bay is one of the oldest and the best torrenting sites. While it’s blocked in many countries, there are plenty of reliable mirror sites. Additionally, not many pirating sites can compare to TPB in terms of content. This site offers software, TV shows, ebooks, video games, porn, and so much more.

The Pirate Bay search

Thanks to its popularity, The Pirate Bay has a lot of seeders, so you can expect fast download speeds. Plus, many files go through the verification process to ensure that they are secure and malware-free. Furthermore, even if you’re new to torrenting sites, TPB offers a simplistic interface, so using it shouldn’t be too difficult. The only downside is ads, but you can easily get rid of them with a VPN with adblock.

Pirate bay mirror links: https://pirate-proxy.mov/ or https://piratebay.live/

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2. 1337x – versatile torrent search site with vast collection of files

1337x torrent site logo✅ Uses crypto donations to avoid ads
✅ Plenty of active users
✅ Sleek website design
❌ Lesser video games & software selection

1337x is often cited as the best torrent search engine, similar in quality to The Pirate Bay. According to TorrentFreak, it’s the second most visited pirating site in 2023. Whether you want to watch a TV show or find an old-school game, you will most likely find it on 1337x, as it offers a vast content selection. Moreover, there are plenty of seeders, so slow speeds won’t be an issue.

1337x torrenting site web design

Navigating the site shouldn’t be difficult, and it looks a lot better compared to TPB. There are barely any ads, as 1337x makes money through crypto donations. And while it’s pretty secure, you may still need a no-logs VPN to protect your privacy. Moreover, you’ll need to create an account to download any files.

1337x mirror links: https://www.1337x.tw/ or https://www.1377x.to/

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3. YTS – best place to torrent movies securely

YTS logo✅ Great selection of English & foreign content
✅ Fast download speeds
✅ Easy to use
❌ Quite a few ads

YTS or YIFY is often nominated as the best pirating website for movies. While it’s been targeted by a few lawsuits in the US, it’s still up and running. According to various sources, it has 70+ million users and over 40,000 movies. You can also choose the quality and subtitles of the content you want to see. While there are a few ads, you can get rid of them with a reliable ad blocker.

YTS movies download

In terms of usage, YTS has an impressive website. When you press on a title, you can either download or watch the movie online. Additionally, the site displays ratings, reviews, summary, cast, and other details. You can make sure that the content is legit by reading the users’ comments. Lastly, you’ll need an account to enjoy YTS to the max.

YTS mirror links: https://yts.mx/ or https://www.yts.homes/

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4. EZTV – ultimate torrent site for TV shows

EZTV logo✅ Large database of TV series
✅ Can download entire seasons in one go
✅ Countdown list for new content
❌ Outdated interface

EZTV is a perfect torrent site for TV shows, cartoons, and anime. As it specializes in specific content, you won’t find any video games or software here. Nevertheless, the site attracts approximately 20+ million users monthly, so there should be plenty of seeders. Plus, you can download entire seasons and shows in one go.

EZTV website

It has a useful countdown feature for new releases. Moreover, you can filter files, which can make it easier to find the content you want. Nevertheless, there are quite a few problems with the interface. For starters, the whole website looks outdated. Plus, there are no images or reviews that could help you indicate the shows. Plus, there are no users’ comments, and you may get bombarded with ads if you don’t use a reliable VPN with ad blocker.

EZTV mirror links: https://eztv1.xyz/ or https://eztv.wf/

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5. AnimeK – user-friendly anime torrenting site

AnimeK logo✅ Great for old & new anime
✅ Excellent interface
✅ Vast amount of seeders
❌ Can only download one episode at a time

While less-known, AnimeK is one of the cleanest torrent sites for anime. It offers loads of Japanese, Korean, and Chinese shows. The anime is neatly organized, and you can find both old and new releases. Like EZTV and YTS, AnimeK focuses on tv shows, so you won’t find other types of content.

AnimeK website

The main page shows the most popular titles with images. When you press on a specific anime, you’ll find loads of useful information, such as descriptions, ratings, number of episodes, and tags. Moreover, unlike many other torrenting sites, AnimeK provides links to official streaming services that have the particular anime. And while this website is not as popular as the other, it still has plenty of seeders for great speeds.

AnimeK mirror links: https://animek.fun/

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6. FitGirl Repack – best torrent site for games & emulators

FitGirl repacks logo✅ Packed with the latest games
✅ Helpful troubleshooting section
✅ No ads, supported by crypto
❌ Plenty of malicious clone websites

One of the best game pirating sites is FitGirl Repacks. The website offers highly compressed games designed for people with slow/limited internet bandwidth. As FitGirl claims, “100% Lossless & MD5 Perfect: all files are identical to originals after installation.” Furthermore, there are plenty of download mirrors on the website, so you can choose where you want to download the game from.

FitGirl website

At the moment, there are 70+ pages of video games. Moreover, FitGirl Repacks offer PS3 and Switch emulators. If you’re having trouble installing your torrent game, there is a useful troubleshooting section. Moreover, there are no ads, as the website survives from crypto donations. There is only a minor problem: there are loads of copycat sites that are malicious. Thus be careful and make sure you’re on the original page.

FitGirl Repacks webiste link: https://fitgirl-repacks.site/

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7. AudioBook Bay – biggest audiobook torrent website

ABB logo✅ Content in different languages
✅ Useful search filters
✅ Requests feature
❌ Search is a bit wonky

AudioBook Bay is the ultimate torrenting site if you prefer listening instead of reading books. Yet again, it offers specific content, so you won’t find any video games or TV series here. Nevertheless, it provides audiobooks in different languages, such as English, German, or Spanish. Moreover, if you can’t find the content that you are looking for, there is a request feature.

ABB website

Furthermore, there are plenty of filters that can help you narrow down and pick audiobooks. You can always check out the forum if you’re unsure whether the mirror download is safe. Nevertheless, the search option could use some work as we got very random results. Moreover, there were quite a few ads that were quite distracting.

AudioBook Bay mirror links: https://audiobookbay.is/

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8. MyAnonaMouse – best torrent database for books

MyAnonaMouse logo✅ Over 60,000 torrents
✅ Great in terms of seeders
✅ Offers both ebooks & audiobooks
❌ Requires invitation

If you’re looking for free books, the best place to look for them is on the top torrenting site – MyAnonaMouse. It’s a private tracker that offers a selection of ebooks, audiobooks, magazines, and comics. It’s estimated that the website contains over 60,000 torrent files! However, you’ll need to pass the interview process to be admitted.

MyAnonaMouse website

When you gain access, you’ll see the list of content. If you want to narrow down your search results, there are plenty of useful filters. Moreover, on the list, you’ll see the category, name of the content, file size, and seed/leech ratio. There is also a forum and a handy FAQ section. And if you want to support the page, there is a donation option.

MyAnonaMouse mirror links: https://www.myanonamouse.net

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9. LimeTorrents – Advanced torrent search engine

LimeTorrents logo✅ Variety of content
✅ One of the oldest sites
✅ Open domain files
❌ Partly powered by ads

Another oldie and goodie is LimeTorrents, which has come a long way since its inception in 2009. This one differs from most other torrent websites on this list because it is not a torrent tracker but a meta-search engine (it collects search results from other torrent websites). Nevertheless, it offers almost everything, from TV shows to porn.

LimeTorrents website

While it’s not the most modern-looking site, LimeTorrents is relatively easy to use. It looks similar to TPB and 1337x. There’s also a voting system that can help you determine whether the file is safe or not. Another useful feature is related torrents that can help you find similar content. The biggest downside is that you will get bombarded with ads and unsolicited pop-ups.

LimeTorrent mirror links: https://www.limetorrents.lol/ or https://www.limetor.com/

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10. MacTorrents – best torrenting site for Mac

MacTorrents logo✅ Latest software for Macs
✅ Responses section
✅ Simple & effective interface
❌ Speeds are a bit slow

MacTorrents is the best torrenting site for macOS users. It offers the latest software, games, and applications for Apple computers. For example, you can download Adobe Photoshop on this torrent site. However, be sure to use a VPN to avoid copyright strikes.

MacTorrents website

The interface is quite simple, as there are a few simple sections. When you press on a file, you’ll get a description and download links. Plus, to find out if the file is safe, you can check out the comments section. There are a few problems, such as ads and popups. You can use an adblocker to stop them, but the website will ask you to turn it off every few minutes.

MacTorrents mirror links: https://www.torrentmac.net/

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How we picked & tested the best torrent site?

We analyzed & tried 50+ popular torrenting sites to see whether they work and provide enough quality content. Here are the main things we took into consideration:

  • Reputation. Popular pirating sites are more likely to have bigger libraries and reliable downloads. Moreover, user reviews and recommendations can help gauge the reputation of a torrent site.
  • Security. We chose websites that offer safety measures to enjoy a trouble-free torrenting experience. For example, user feedback mechanisms and active moderation to prevent malicious files or scams.
  • Download speed. The number of seeders (users who have fully downloaded the file and continue to share it) and leechers (users downloading the file) can indicate the health and speed of the downloads. Higher seeders usually result in faster downloads and greater reliability.
  • Library size & variety. Different sites may specialize in specific types of content, such as movies, music, software, or games. Nevertheless, they should offer a large variety of those files.
  • Ad intrusion. Many torrenting sites survive out of ad revenue, so they are filled with self-clicking pop-ups and malicious ads. Therefore, websites that are supported by donations or very few advertisements ended up higher on the list. Plus, many Redditors use ad blockers to avoid unsolicited ads.

How to download from torrent sites

Getting torrent files from pirating websites is pretty straightforward. Mainly, you’ll need a reliable torrent client such as uTorrent or qBittorrent to obtain the content. After that, all you have to do is follow the steps below:

  1. Pick a reliable pirating site to download from. But before getting anything, protect yourself and avoid troubles with NordVPN, currently 74% OFF
    Using TPB with NordVPN
  2. Choose a file you want to get. You can press download or magnet link
  3. Customize your download location, categories, and more in the torrent client pop-up window
    Downloading torrents customization
  4. Confirm your download and wait till you get it
  5. Enjoy your content!

Remember: P2P file sharing can be quite dangerous. Malicious actors can trace your IP address, and your ISP can see your online activities. In both cases you can get in big trouble. Therefore, we recommend using a secure VPN that will safeguard your devices and P2P efforts.

Why use a VPN with torrent sites?

Using the best VPN for torrenting sites is pretty much mandatory due to security and privacy concerns. A reliable virtual private will safeguard your data and precious information by encrypting your data. Plus, thanks to anonymity features, you won’t have to worry about the government, your ISP, or snoopers tracking your every move and download. Not to mention, you can bypass geo-blocks and access restricted torrenting sites that are not available in your country.

If you can’t decide which VPN you should pick for exploring torrent search sites, here are a few suggestions:

  1. NordVPN – the top choice for torrenting and other activities. It offers Threat Protection, which will fend off malicious ads and viruses. Moreover, with 6300+ servers in 111+ countries and NordLynx tunneling protocol, you’ll get your files in no time. Plus, you can enjoy specialized P2P servers for maximum performance.
  2. Surfshark VPN – it’s the best option for multiple devices, thanks to infinite connections. The provider allows torrenting on all 3200+ servers in 100+ countries. Moreover, the WireGuard tunneling protocol ensures top-notch speeds wherever you might be. Ads and malicious sites will be a thing of the past with the CleanWeb feature.
  3. Total VPN – the best budget-friendly option for surfing torrenting websites. For extra security, you get the reputable TotalAV antivirus with the VPN. Moreover, it facilitates commendable speeds for quick downloads and uploads.

Get the best torrenting VPN

Best torrent sites: Reddit’s opinion

Reddit can be a valuable platform for discussing and sharing opinions on various topics, including torrent sites. To find the best pirating sites, we surfed the most popular subreddit – r/piracy. It offers a huge megathread with multiple resources and mirror links to websites.

Torrenting sites megathread on Reddit r/piracy

The best torrenting sites are marked with a goat emoji (🐐), signifying GOAT status, meaning highly regarded by the pirate community. Here are the top cleanest torrent sites according to Reddit in each category:

CategoryTop torrent download site
All purposes1337x, RuTracker
BooksAudioBook Bay
Video GamesDODI Repacks, FitGirl Repacks

Of course, if you live in a country where downloading P2P files is illegal (such as the US), we recommend checking out Reddit’s best VPNs. That way, you’ll avoid troubles and get access to blocked torrenting sites.

Torrent sites you should avoid

In general, you should avoid entering unknown torrenting sites. They may contain malware and ads riddled with viruses. Of course, there are a few old pirating sites that were very popular in the past, but got taken over by malicious actors. Here are a few examples of P2P download sites that you shouldn’t use:

  • KickAssTorrents (KAT). While it was a reliable site to look for torrent files, it got shut down back in 2016. You can still find proxy sites, but they are low-grade fakes filled with malicious files and heaps of annoying ads.
  • RARGB. It was one of the best and most visited pirating websites until the site announced a shutdown in May of 2023. So, if you see RARGB in your search results, avoid it, as it may be a dangerous fake.
  • TorrentGalaxy. While it looks similar to 1337x, it’s a downgraded version of the site. Plus, there are simply too many popups and ads to torrent in peace.

How to use torrenting sites safely?

While the best way to stay safe is to choose a reputable torrenting website. There are a few more things that you can do. For example, you can use additional safety tools like VPNs and antivirus software. Virtual private networks will help you encrypt and anonymize your traffic, while antivirus will detect and eliminate any potential threats.

Moreover, you should pay close attention to the files you are downloading. Some pirating sites offer comment and rating sections that inform other users whether the content is safe and reliable. Moreover, be wary of files that claim to be something they’re not or are unusually small in size, as they may be misleading or potentially harmful. Lastly, don’t click on any suspicious links and ads, as most of them are malicious.

Torrent safely with NordVPN


While many sites are getting shut down due to breaking copyright laws, there are still plenty of great torrenting websites. Whether you’re looking for a specific TV show or software, there is a huge probability that a certain torrent engine searcher will have it. Among our favorites are 1337x and TPB, as they offer the widest selection of files.

But remember, downloading copyrighted music, movies, and apps is illegal and may result in financial problems. Therefore, you should always check if the content you want is public domain material. If you want to avoid accidents, we recommend using a virtual private network, such as NordVPN. It will ensure that no one tracks and punishes you for accidentally downloading copyrighted content.

What torrenting site do you use? And do you utilize a VPN while torrenting? Let us know by leaving a comment!

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Is using torrenting sites legal?

In essence, torrenting sites are legal. However, it all depends on the files it contains. Many torrenting sites offer copyrighted content, and downloading such shows, movies, or games is highly illegal in some countries.

What is the best torrent site for TV shows in 2024?

According to our research, EZTV is the best TV show torrent site. It offers loads of content from all over the world. Plus, it has a lot of seeders, and you can download entire seasons in one go. Alternatively, you can look for TV shows on 1337x or TPB.

Which torrenting sites are safe?

The pirating sites are 1337x, AudioBook Bay, and FitGirl Repack. That’s because they either require registration/invitation, are supported by crypto donations, or both. Plus, their content gets reviewed, so there’s very little chance that they will contain malware. Nevertheless, you should use a reliable VPN, such as NordVPN, to avoid problems with ISP and copyright holders.

What happens if you torrent without a VPN?

If you torrent without VPN, you might get in financial trouble with copyright holders. That’s because getting copyrighted content in most countries is illegal. Additionally, if you don’t use a trustworthy VPN, such as Surfshark VPN, malicious actors can take advantage of you, or you might catch a nasty virus or malware.

Does RARGB torrent site still work?

Unfortunately, RARGB has stopped working in May 31, 2023. So, don’t fall for a fake torrenting site with the same name. As an alternative, you can use the top 10 recommended pirating sites.

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  1. mike August 11, 2023 at 5:25 pm

    LimeTorrents has way too many popups. Its so difficult to use, when it doesn;t need to be.

    1. avatar
      Mikaela Bray August 18, 2023 at 5:07 am

      Hi mike!

      Thank you for commenting. Yes, LimeTorrents may bombard you with ads and pop-ups. That’s why we recommend using a robust adblock.

  2. Luo Bow June 11, 2023 at 12:29 am

    1337x at the library. Seemed OK. So, I use on my phone and constantly getting popups, other sites, advertisements, playstore, etc. Now I’m use to RARBG and getting a few ads but will usually work after 2 or 3 popups. 1337x, never stops. After over 20 popups, ads, etc. That’s it. Anybody have any advise? I’m all ears. Thanks

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      Mikaela Bray June 16, 2023 at 6:17 am

      Hi, Luo Bow!

      Thank you for your question. Did you try using adblocks? They should prevent any popups, ads, and malicious sites. You can find reliable ad blockers in our article.

  3. YankeDocNJ June 7, 2023 at 9:45 pm

    Don’t know if anyone can answer this question – one way I judge a site is “does it send me to a spam site when I click on links”? YTS does. 1337x does. Pirate Bay does not. Why do these sites do that? And should that not disqualify them from one of these lists? Very annoying…

    1. avatar
      Mikaela Bray June 16, 2023 at 6:19 am

      Hi, YankeDocNJ!

      Thank you for leaving a comment. We would suggest using an ad block when entering these sites. They will prevent spam, ads, popups, and other annoying things. You can find reliable ad blockers in our article.

  4. Marty May 31, 2023 at 3:28 pm

    RARBG just shut down 5/30/23

  5. Joana Sebastian September 3, 2019 at 11:37 pm

    Not only finding a best torrents site is a battle but even to cope up with them is a battle as their servers get into a problem with a particular country so the performance lacks might hurt us as a user. So there are times to use different VPNs for watching movies, downloading applications or software, etc.

  6. Ben August 29, 2019 at 6:17 pm

    It’s really a surprise to come across such a list of torrents sites. Among the list, the most favorite torrent sites would be movie sites its because many find it going to movies are expensive while watching tv shows hard to suit in their timings.

  7. Thames Foyer August 1, 2019 at 6:44 pm

    The list is exclusive with all the pros and cons which makes it easier to identify the likely torrent sites to do our downloads or p2p of TV shows, movies, music, games, software torrents, and more.

  8. Erik July 31, 2019 at 4:14 pm

    Express VPN is the one that helps me to accomplish my requirements than any other VPN’s. Even if they do they hinder in some other ways with the applications or websites.

  9. Benjamin July 21, 2019 at 3:55 am

    There are people who are addicted to tv shows and series so they’ll find EZTV more helpful to watch them in their free times without obstructing their work schedules. It’s really a boosting factor in using torrent software.

    1. avatar
      Jan Youngren August 5, 2019 at 7:54 am

      Yup – for TV shows, EZTV is easily our favorite. However, TPB still wins for overall: software, games, movies, books, and everything else

  10. truedevil67 July 18, 2019 at 9:28 am

    Glad to know that you actually used NordVPN whoile torrenting. It works for just about any applications. I no longer can use Pirate Bay as it is now blocked where I live. Thank you for a list of alternatives I can look into

  11. Paul Colte June 30, 2019 at 3:23 am

    Doing illegal things must not be encouraged, Torrents could be used in many beneficial things but not with downloading movies as they are made with other efforts and money.

  12. Jack Ryan June 20, 2019 at 6:35 pm

    I haven’t heard of 1337x but it sounds to be more convenient to use, irrespective of the requirements of the users from movies, tv shows, software, applications, etc. But their dummy links could create disinterest in using it.

  13. Morgana May 18, 2019 at 8:11 pm

    Thanks for the list! Of course Pirate Bay is at the top, but I like having more options in my back pocket, just in case. The list of which sites NOT to use is really helpful, too. Don’t need to waste my time on them now.

  14. Sinister_Slime April 6, 2019 at 2:51 pm

    A good exhaustive list. TPB is obviously all time favorite. Another good source not mentioned here is mkvcage.

    1. avatar
      Jan Youngren August 5, 2019 at 7:33 am

      Great tip. We’ll check it out!

  15. Makeetelich February 14, 2019 at 10:22 pm

    In my opinion Fenopy.eu is one of the best torrent site around. It had been banned for a short time but is online now. I love all of the features that they offer. It’s been around since the beginning, founded in 2005 and is the first web 2.0 Torrent website for torrentfiles. I’d be interested in your review of thm.

    1. avatar
      Jan Youngren August 5, 2019 at 7:32 am

      Hi – thanks for the tip. We’ll be sure to check it out to make sure our torrents list is up to date.

  16. peggyrogers February 14, 2019 at 4:34 am

    Oh man! I didn’t know that PirateBay was still RUNNING. That site used to get me everything back in the day, ahah. I’d probably get a VPN if I were gonna download stuff from it again. I’ve been looking at Express VPN anyway…seems like it might be the best choice just to keep my privacy, but if I can still use Pirate Bay it’s probably a good idea even more so. Thanks for the tip guys!

  17. pirate8bae November 28, 2018 at 1:41 pm

    TPB and RARBG are GOOD. Followed by 1337x. One can also add hdsector to the mix too. It’s an excellent alternative.

    Another very convenient way to look for torrents is to use BitChe application. It searches many sources simultaneously and has option to search private trackers with login as well.

    1. avatar
      Jan Youngren November 29, 2018 at 9:59 am

      Hello, thank you for your insights! It seems to be really useful alternative!

  18. Simon November 2, 2018 at 2:18 pm

    Wow, thanks for this list, using torrents was a bit scary but I’ve started using Surfshark. Researched a bit about how VPNs work and checked my IP several times, – Surfshark always changes it on my demand, plus the speed drop is barely visible. Very happy about my purchase.

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