Last update: 09.11.2018


Putting “Trust” in the name of your product is ambitious, but we think Trust.Zone VPN lives up their name.

From our Trust.Zone VPN review, you’ll see that it is a dependable but basic VPN for an affordable price. With excellent security features and access to Netflix, it’s a good choice for the majority of users.

Trust.Zone uses the OpenVPN protocol with AES-256 encryption. Furthermore, the company is located in Mahe, Seychelles. Besides being jealous of their island paradise, users can rest assured by the fact that Seychelles is not a member of any intelligence-sharing alliance like the Five Eyes.

This isn’t the fastest VPN out there but we appreciate how upfront they are about it. The network consists of 128 servers in 31 countries. Although the VPN has comprehensive networks in the US, Europe, and Australia, we were surprised to see that there is only one server each in Africa and South America.

One of this VPN’s biggest advantages is its affordable price point. While the monthly plan is $6.99/month, the annual plan is $39.99/year which works out to just $3.33 per month. Furthermore, it’s available across a wide variety of devices including mobile, desktop and more.

Besides security, the second most important thing for most users is a VPN that allows them to use Netflix from anywhere in the world. Trust.Zone VPN not only gives users access to Netflix, it allows unrestricted P2P use, making it a great option for torrenters.

The great news for users in China is that this VPN can still be used there even after the recent ban on VPNs. According to their site, 95% of their customers have had no issues with the service.

We were disappointed to see that their customer support channels are quite limited. There is a Troubleshooting section with about two dozen questions, however, the answers are quite brief. Your other option is filling out their email contact form, but it’s worth bearing in mind that they only offer support during their set business hours.

To figure out whether this is the tool for you, read our full Trust.Zone VPN review!

Is Trust.Zone VPN Safe to Use?

While researching for our Trust.Zone review, the thing we most wanted to check for is how trustworthy the VPN. After all, it’s in the name! We were happy to discover that it really does live up to its name. With a series of advanced protocols, it keeps the user’s data private and browsing history secure. Trust.Zone VPN boasts AES-256 bit encryption, a kill switch, two protocols (OpenVPN and L2TP over IPSec), and even a warrant canary.

Without getting into a lot of technical details, the protocol is essentially the tunnel that your information goes through when you’re online. Although this VPN only offers you two options, the fact is that OpenVPN is considered the industry standard. This is because it’s a secure open source piece of software, which is being constantly improved by developers.

The kill switch is an important security feature because it disconnects you from the internet as soon as your VPN connection breaks. This, therefore, prevents anyone from seeing your private data. Recently, Trust.Zone VPN has added extra DNS leak protection measures. With more DNS  leak protection, none of your information ever leaves the VPN’s gates.

Finally, a warrant canary shows you that the VPN has never been asked to provide their users’ data to a government agency. Although this is an indicator of past security rather than future security, it shows that the company is willing to be transparent about any data requests they receive.

Privacy policy

It is understandable that users are serious when it comes to the privacy policy of the VPN service they are using. Therefore, we carefully read the document for this Trust.Zone VPN review. The good news is that you can truly rest at ease – this is one of the best security policies among VPN services available to consumers today.

No server, regardless of where it happens to be located in the world, logs data on clients. This is to provide the guarantee that all your files are secure and that your anonymity and privacy are maintained at all times. No usage is ever traced back to your own personal IP address.

Speed & Performance

Many customers are happy to report that they love using Trust.Zone as their preferred VPN service, since they have been disappointed by other VPN services. This company ensures that the internet functions properly. Many VPN services can cause the internet to become extremely slow when connected to a VPN server – particularly one that is far away from the user’s location.

However, users report no issues accessing sites such as Facebook or YouTube, streaming, or torrenting. In fact, customers are so pleased about the speed of this VPN, that they act as word-of-mouth advertising agents, boasting about the speed and allowing the company to continue gaining new clients on a regular basis.

The truth is that most clients are happy with the powerful performance of the VPN service when trying to stream via platforms such as Netflix. Tests for our Trust.Zone VPN review demonstrate the same thing. Yet, do note that there are some who claim the VPN service can be weak in some European countries, such as in Spain. This can be disappointing for consumers, especially when there is no daily customer care support service to reach out to for help. Overall, however, the performance of this VPN service has been getting high ratings.

How to download & install Trust.Zone VPN

For Windows users, downloading and installing Trust.Zone VPN is a breeze. You’ll need to start by signing up with your email address and confirming your email by clicking a link that is automatically sent to your inbox.

From there, simply download and run the .exe file. Finally, double-click the yellow shield logo and you’re good to go.

Instead of a one-click installation process, Mac, Android, and Linux users will need to manually set up the standalone OpenVPN app in order to get it up and running. We haven’t tried doing that for this Trust.Zone VPN review, but usually the process is not that difficult.

Luckily, the Setup Tab on the Trust.Zone website provides step-by-step instructions for how Mac, Android and Linux users can get online. However, this is where Trust.VPN’s basic customer service can be frustrating.

We’d like to see them release more dedicated clients as the service becomes more popular.

How to use Trust.Zone VPN

Regardless of which mobile or desktop version you’re on, once Trust.Zone VPN is installed, using it is very easy. The basic interface is simple and user-friendly. It automatically connects you to the fastest server but you can easily change to different server locations.

There are clearly illustrated icons along the bottom of the service panel where you can navigate to different servers and see your connection status. The cog symbol, which will bring you to the Settings tab, includes some advanced settings which more seasoned users will appreciate.

Apps & Extensions

As mentioned above, this VPN only has a dedicated client for Windows users. All other users will need to configure the VPN through OpenVPN.

That said, between the OpenVPN and L2TP/IPSec protocols, Trust.Zone VPN is usable across many platforms. This includes Mac OS X, iOS, Android 4.4 and above, Linux, Xbox, PlayStation, and Amazon Fire TV (Fire Stick).

Trust.Zone VPN for Netflix

Great news for movie lovers and television fans – we tried streaming Netflix for our Trust.Zone VPN review and determined that it will give you access to Netflix content from all around the world! The VPN is good at allowing customers to bypass blocks, enabling them to access popular streaming sites such as Netflix and BBC Player, along with many others.

Trust.Zone VPN for Torrenting

Along with giving you worldwide access to Netflix, Trust.Zone VPN also allows unrestricted access to P2P servers. Just imagine, you now have access to every movie that’s ever existed. The servers do not fail and deliver the files as expected.

Can it be used in China?

Finally, users in China will be thrilled to find a VPN that manages to break through The Great Firewall of China. Officially, China has banned most VPN software. This one, however, has been able to maintain coverage for this market.

Currently, according to their website, 95% of their users in China have not had any issues with the service. User reviews mention that the VPN not only allows them to watch Netflix from around the world, it gives them access to social media sites as well. Apparently, the key is to use OpenVPN Port 443, which disguises VPN traffic as TLS traffic.

Additionally, users in other highly restricted countries, including the UAE and Iran, have been able to use Trust.Zone VPN as well.


As mentioned in the introduction, customer service is an area that we found lacking. We have to think that this is the trade off for such an affordable VPN option.

Customers who run into issues when setting up or using Trust.Zone VPN will want to start by looking at the company’s FAQ and Troubleshooting pages, both of which can be found under the “Support” tab on the navigation bar.

If you can’t find an answer here, you’ll need to contact the company directly. They do not offer a live chat option, unfortunately. Instead, you can fill out the form on the support page and they’ll get back to you during their business hours. Of course, this means that you could wait several days if your problem crops up late on a Friday or Saturday.


This is one of the most affordable paid VPNs we’ve come across and that definitely contributes to why we recommend it for first-time users.

Users have three options when they sign up for Trust.Zone VPN. All membership plans come with the same features, including unlimited data transfer, bandwidth, and server switching. Additionally, you are allowed 3 simultaneous connections regardless of which membership option you opt for,

  • Monthly – $6.99
  • 3 Months – $14.85 ($4.95/month)
  • Annual – $39.95 ($3.33/month)

In addition to the membership plans, they offer two add-ons.

  • A personal dedicated static IP address for $6.99/month (quite cheap in comparison to other VPNs who offer this feature)
  • An additional three simultaneous connections for $1.91/month

We were amazed to see that it’s possible to get a secure connection, access to Netflix, and the ability to torrent securely for less than the price of a Starbucks coffee.

In terms of payment options, they accept payments from a majority of platforms. At the time of writing this Trust.Zone VPN review, they were offering a 10% discount to users who pay with Bitcoin. Additionally, they accept Paypal, all major credit cards, Alipay, WebMoney, UnionPay, Qiwi and many more.

Conclusion of our Trust.Zone VPN review

Trust.Zone VPN has proven itself to be a highly dependable VPN service that ensures your privacy and security. While it does not have great customer support, many questions are answered on their site. Finally, this seems like a versatile little tool, capable of getting you into Netflix, let you torrent, and bypass the Great Firewall of China.

The price for the offering sounds about right. The encryption is ultra-powerful to ensure your privacy and safety at all times, and the service is easy to use. Furthermore, the speed is pretty good – it’s no wonder the company has over a million users and is growing each day. If we can just see some more apps and servers, our Trust.Zone VPN review will be all praise!