Inconsistent speeds, long latency, and frequent connection drops can make even the most secure VPN useless. Which is why a fast VPN is what you should be looking for.

In our 2020 Fastest VPN list, we try to find services that don’t sacrifice security for speed.

We took our time to test the different VPNs on the market so that you wouldn’t have to. Below, you will find the list with the winners of the field, letting you choose the VPN with the highest average speed.

Also, all of these services are secure. You will find more info on each product’s privacy features, but for now, let’s just say that we haven’t included any providers that could seriously harm your privacy and anonymity while browsing.

Here’s the table with the Top 7  VPNs with best speeds in 2020:

Baseline average speed was 250 Mbps

1. NordVPN

NordVPN service logo
  • Average speed – 70 Mbps
  • Pricing – starts at $3.49/month
  • Features: military-grade encryption, strong kill switch, no leaking issues, Tor over VPN, Double VPN, excellent for torrenting, registered in privacy-friendly Panama

If you’re looking for the fastest VPN – NordVPN is your ultimate choice. It would work excellent whether you are using it for regular browsing, or for streaming your favorite content on Netflix. So to answer the question “How fast is NordVPN?” briefly – it is very fast.

Additionally, NordVPN has world-class security features, like military-grade encryption, kill-switch, and true no-logs policy. All of them protect your anonymity at the highest level. Since it is based in Panama, you don’t need to be afraid of the 14 Eyes surveillance machine.

NordVPN is one of the most popular VPNs today and has over 5500 servers in 58+ countries. It is excellent for 4K (UHD) streaming, P2P file-sharing, and online gaming. Therefore, we could easily name it the fastest VPN for torrenting and streaming.

Let us also not forget about the affordable price tag. Go to NordVPN to choose your payment plan to see whether you like the product. If not, they have a 30-day money-back guarantee

2. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN service logo
  • Average speed – 68 Mbps
  • Pricing – starts at $6.67/month
  • Features: military-grade encryption, strong kill switch, no DNS or IPv6 leaks, Registered in privacy-friendly BVI, great server list (3000+ servers in 90+ countries), allows P2P traffic on all servers

At number 2, we have another market favorite – ExpressVPN. This service has more consistent and reliable speeds, while many others have high peaks and low valleys. Based on our ExpressVPN speed test, it’s close to being the fastest VPN provider on the market today.

Additionally, ExpressVPN offers not only one of the best VPN speeds but also a high-quality overall service – yes, a kill-switch and military-grade encryption are included, as well as a strong no-logs policy.

The only issue is a fairly high price and lack of a free trial – these are the main reasons why some may opt for the frontrunner. However, you can get their 30-day money-back guarantee – go get it on ExpressVPN.

Other than that, choosing this provider will ensure both fast and secure browsing and a great streaming experience.

3. Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield service logo
  • Average speed – 65 Mbps
  • Pricing – $2.99/month
  • Features: military-grade encryption, strong kill switch, no leaks, huge server network, intuitive apps for all major platforms

When looking for a fast VPN provider, you shouldn’t overlook Hotspot Shield. The product was launched more than a decade ago, and it is well-known not only for its fast connection establishment (it takes 2 seconds while most VPNs take around 8) but also for great overall speeds that are not far from our top choices.

Their in-house Catapult Hydra protocol certainly has something to do with that. Go test it out by downloading Hotspot Shield.

However, if maximum online security and privacy are more important to you than having no speed issues while streaming your favorite TV show, you might want to choose some of the other providers. Hotspot Shield has had some logging issues in the past.

4. Mullvad VPN

Mullvad VPN service logo
  • Average speed – 60 Mbps
  • Pricing – from $5.5/month
  • Features: anonymous registration and payment, solid P2P performance, high levels of encryption, a comprehensive list of guides on the website

The less commonly known Mullvad managed to climb up to 4th place in our Fastest VPN in 2020 ranking. We were quite impressed by the speeds we experienced while testing this VPN.

It proved to offer a decent P2P performance, which is an excellent indication of a speedy provider. You would have no problem getting your chosen content in less time than using many other VPN services available on the market.

One thing to mention, though, Mullvad doesn’t have native apps for all major platforms, including iOS and Android. Nevertheless, this Swedish VPN offers full anonymity, starting from account creation and ending with payment options.

With its 500+ regular and 50+ WireGuard-only servers, it may not have the biggest network. Yet, if you need a speedy VPN for torrenting, you’ve just found one for a relatively good price – Mullvad speeds are definitely impressive.

See for yourself how fast Mullvad VPN is by downloading the VPN on their website.

5. Surfshark VPN

Surfshark VPN service logo
  • Average speed – 51 Mbps
  • Pricing – starts at $1.99/month
  • Features: 24/7 live chat support, unlimited simultaneous connections, good for Netflix and torrenting

We are always happy to see high-quality VPNs that are cheap. Surfshark has only recently entered the market, but its speed tests are far from disappointing.

Surfshark has covered the globe with a fleet of 1000+ servers located in 60+ countries that should provide great connectivity across the globe.

This VPN unblocks Netflix and is fast enough to stream even in 4K. What’s more, Surfshark VPN is torrenting-friendly and allows an unlimited number of simultaneous connections. The latter feature is great for those living in a big family, or in a shared apartment with roommates.

We love that Surfshark is not only a fast VPN but it is also a safe one. It is based in the British Virgin Islands – a privacy-friendly location with no data retention laws. The VPN itself has excellent security features that would enhance your anonymity and privacy while browsing.

They now offer a limited-edition deal for you to save up to 83% – go check it out on Surfshark VPN website.

6. TorGuard

TorGuard service logo
  • Average speed – 50 Mbps
  • Pricing – $4.17/month
  • Features: excellent security, a great server list, 8 simultaneous connections, very good for torrenting

Another less publicly acknowledged VPN provider has made our list. TorGuard is a fast product with some other attention-grabbing features.

Aside from being fast, TorGuard has all you need for torrenting, online gaming, and other uses. However, you may not always get lucky when streaming Netflix US.

Nevertheless, TorGuard offers great global coverage as well as a good deal of security and privacy. TorGuard has proven to be one of the fastest VPN services in 2020, at the same time being highly affordable

If you’re up for trying out a less obvious choice, you would hardly find a more decent option than TorGuard. By the way, TorGuard offers 8 simultaneous connections – go get them on their website.

7. Astrill VPN

Astrill VPN service logo
  • Average speed – 42 Mbps
  • Pricing – $10.00/month
  • Features: excellent security and privacy, decent server list, 24/7 live chat and great knowledgebase, awesome for torrenting and streaming

Last, but surely not the least appealing option for those seeking the fastest VPN provider is Astrill VPN.

It will be a life-saver for those who love torrenting and streaming. Astrill has 320+ servers in 60+ countries. Therefore, you would enjoy every minute of your screen time without even thinking about any speed issues.

While Astrill VPN speed tests are great, let’s not forget its excellent security and privacy features. You would not only unblock Netflix with zero problems but could also enjoy the knowledge that you are private and anonymous online.

The only big downside in this fairy tale is the pricing – it’s not cheap and offers neither a free trial nor a money-back guarantee. Therefore if you don’t want to lose your money for nothing, we advise checking how Astrill fares in your location.

If it works decently, do not hesitate and get Astrill VPN now.

Why you need a fast VPN

A better question to ask is why wouldn’t you need one. A fast VPN makes every single activity online smoother and speedier.

A fast VPN is particularly important when your online activities involve intense data traffic. Naturally, these activities cannot tolerate buffering, lagging, or connection drops. Therefore, for the best possible experience, you’ll need a high-speed VPN.

In some cases, those speed-hungry activities may involve someone’s specific work – like if you’re working with data analysis or video editing. However, many people would benefit from investing in a speedy VPN service.

To know if you’re among them, answer whether you enjoy video streaming (Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video, and so on), online gaming, P2P file-sharing (torrenting). If so, a fast VPN should end up on your must-list.

How we ranked VPNs on this list

Why does our fastest VPN list look the way it does? To compile it, we considered only one metric – average speed.

We ran and reran speed tests from Europe on our top VPNs. Our tests spanned several days and they were performed multiple times at different hours of the day.

By doing so, we have found the average speeds for servers in the US, UK, and Australia. We combined upload and download, calculating an average speed used to rank services. After that, the only thing left was completing the list by presenting each VPNs capabilities in terms of performance, and other key factors – namely, security and privacy.

In case you are wondering, without a VPN, our baseline download and upload speeds were both around 250 Mbps on average. The tests were performed using OpenVPN over UDP (except in the case of Hotspot Shield).

How to make your VPN connection faster

There are several ways you can make your VPN connection faster:

  1. Make sure that your Operating System is not downloading an update in the background.
  2. Try to reconnect to a location multiple times. Unless you’re connecting to a specific or dedicated IP, you may be assigned a different one every time you try to connect to a location.
  3. Check the app Settings menu and change the VPN protocol if possible. Usually, IKEv2 is said to be the fastest and one of the most secure protocols. However, it’s not always available. If privacy is not so important, you may also try OpenVPN UDP instead of TCP, or something else. Just make sure you’re not making yourself vulnerable with the outdated PPTP protocol.
  4. Connect to the VPN server closest to your physical location.
  5. Check the app Settings menu to see whether any special features are switched on, such as Obfuscation, StealthVPN, or Stunnel. These can slow you down.
  6. Know your baseline speeds in order to not have false expectations of higher speeds.
  7. Purchase the right VPN service for you. We advise you to use free trials or the money-back guarantee option to test several choices.

Which is the fastest free VPN

Windscribe is our top free VPN service in terms of speed. Its average speed is 31 Mbps.

What is more, Windscribe has no identifying logs and is equipped with a decent variety of security and privacy features. These include advertisement and malware blocking, double hops, port forwarding, static IPs, a firewall, and wifi hotspot security.

This VPN also has dedicated Netflix streaming servers: Windflix US and Windflix UK, offering one of the fastest streaming experiences on VPN.

Fastest VPN FAQ

Which VPN is the fastest?

NordVPN has proven to be the fastest one in the numerous tests that we took.

Is the fastest VPN any good?

Yes, it sure is! As we mentioned, all the VPN that we have included are not only fast, but also safe. Therefore you won’t be sacrificing your privacy and anonymity while browsing.

How much speed do you lose with a VPN?

With a reliable VPN service you won’t be losing much speed. All the products from our list are among the best you would find on the market.