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7 Best Alluc Alternatives for 2024

Best Alluc alternatives right now

Once widely renowned as the go-to spot for free movies and shows online, (also known as “All you see”) has been out of the page for quite some time already. During a surprisingly long 13-year run, this site has garnered enormous popularity among avid media enjoyers around the globe before shutting its doors in 2018. And since all the best content nowadays is split between dozens of pricey subscriptions, there’s no surprise in the rising demand for such solutions.

While its many users were just left out in the cold, multiple alternatives came into the picture with free content to offer. However, there are some malicious impostors among them including copycats with their predecessor’s name. As we checked out the best Alluc alternatives, we managed to find a handful of free options that still work.

But before going forward, there are a few things you should get familiar with. Alluc and some of its brethren are quite synonymous with potential online hazards and dangers. As such, we highly recommend to learn more about these sites, what risks they pose, and how to avoid them up next!

Before you try any alternatives

The good news is that Alluc alternatives do exist and aren’t that hard to find. The appetite for streaming has only become larger in the time since Alluc departed, so revenue-hungry web entrepreneurs have been happy to take its place. Taking advantage of an easy cash grab, some flood these sites with unmonitored ads, which in some instances, lead straight to malware just a click away.

Attention before streaming

Moreover, due to mass media departure to the digital streaming realm, copyright holders worldwide are becoming more militant about enforcing their rights. This, of course, goes hand in hand with some high-profile prosecutions in multiple jurisdictions. Unfortunately, problems of legality go beyond just hosting such services. As these services often provide copyrighted content among legit free offerings, you can take part in online piracy without even wanting to.

For example, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are actively monitoring your web traffic in some countries. This means, that if they catch you visiting sites like even accidentally, you can receive a fine, a copyright infringement notice, or outright internet suspension. However, some easy solutions for all these problems are relatively easy to come by, and high-grade VPNs should definitely be on top of your list.

Stream the best movies with the best VPN

NordVPN’s rock-solid encryption guarantees uncompromised user anonymity and provides robust protection against malware through Threat Protection. Moreover, thanks to the blazing speeds delivered by NordLynx protocol, it’s the ultimate choice for enhancing your streaming experience, all while keeping your online activities safe and secure. Try NordVPN today!

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How to stream Alluc alternatives anonymously

Virtual Private Networks encrypt the data that users send and receive while assigning every user an anonymous IP address. When they work correctly, VPNs make all your online activities virtually invisible without compromising the fast connection speeds required for an optimal streaming experience.

There are plenty of reasons to add a VPN to your daily streaming toolkit, including:

  • Anonymous browsing. Sometimes, even just visiting sites blacklisted by your ISP can lead you into some uncomfortable conversations, to say the least. Encrypting your whole web traffic with a VPN ensures your online activities are only your own business.
  • Faster connections. Even streaming completely legal content is fully visible to your ISP. Some internet providers, especially in the US, are notoriously controlling the connection speeds of their customers depending on their online activities. Routing your traffic through a VPN server is the easiest way to bypass any ISP throttling, allowing you to enjoy better loading speeds.
  • Blocking ads. Most Alluc-like websites are usually filled to the brim with ads. Sometimes they even include some extremely annoying pop-ups, which take your screen for free real estate. Top VPN providers, such as NordVPN or Surfshark, offer built-in ad blockers that stop any intrusive ads from loading on your screen.
  • Malware protection. Some “free content services” don’t monitor their pages for potentially harmful links or ads. As such, even a single accidental click can lead you to malicious websites with pre-prepped malware. Luckily, the most secure VPNs are already familiar with those and will cut your connection to such sites before they even load.

All of these reasons mean that smart streamers rely on VPNs. If you choose this route, be sure to pick a reputable provider that actually encrypts data effectively, doesn’t leak your IP address, and delivers speedy connections. NordVPN is a leading option which we genuinely recommend due to its high reputation regarding security, privacy, and breakneck speeds.

Top Alluc alternatives – 7 Best Sites like Alluc

In the ever-evolving landscape of online streaming, finding reliable sources for free content can be a daunting task. Since the demise of Alluc, dozens of new contenders have emerged in the market. However, some shady websites, often offering free streaming but requesting private details or payment information, are usually scams aimed at exploiting unsuspecting users.

Therefore, it’s crucial to exercise caution when seeking alternatives to Here, we will introduce you to the 7 best Alluc alternative websites that still work. As a disclaimer, you can try them at your own risk, as the landscape of free online streaming can be unpredictable and subject to legal and security concerns.


Instantly familiar to Alluc movie veterans, and closely related to the PopcornTime family of sites, FlixTor is a popular source of movies and TV shows. Users can access a wide range of the latest movies, including up-to-the-minute releases. There are a few high-profile TV shows as well, including hits like Stranger Things, although this really isn’t the best place for TV addicts to search owing to the limited choice.

FlixTor homepage

Other than that, one of the problems with Flixtor is accessibility. Its mirrors are regularly taken down due to high amounts of copyrighted content, so it’s not the ideal solution for regular streaming. But if you can access the search engine and keep yourself anonymous with a VPN, it’s a neat alternative to Alluc streaming.


When you visit MoviesJoy, the first thing that strikes you is a pop-up ad, which isn’t encouraging. However, if you persevere, this isn’t a bad option for refugees from Alluc streaming. It has a really nicely presented main page, complete with current Hollywood releases, as well as a handy search box. And the TV selection is excellent, ranging from crime dramas to situation comedies. Everything is easy to navigate, and the streams are fast enough to pass muster.

MoviesJoy homepage

There’s also a good range of international content, from Denmark to Japan. But we do need to reiterate the problem with ads and the “questionable” legality of its contents. If you aren’t happy to click through a few ads when launching a stream (or even browsing), this won’t be the site for you.


Also known as TubiTV, Tubi markets itself as a “free Netflix alternative”, which sounds a little too good to be true, right? Not exactly. Funded by actual legit ads, Tubi genuinely is free to use. Users can create accounts (which are optional), start browsing, and watch whatever catches their eye. Which is where problems can start to appear.

Tubi homepage

Unlike some of the other sites like Alluc under discussion here, Tubi’s selection is fairly limited. There are some good movies and TV shows to watch if you have the time to search. But the quality is best described as “hit and miss”, with some real turkeys in among the gems. The speeds are fine, and the ads aren’t overly intrusive. But on the negative side, Tubi is a US-only operation, so if you’re keen to stream content anywhere else, a good streaming VPN will be needed.

TwoMovies (DosMovies)

Describing itself as a “social movie network”, TwoMovies, also known as DosMovies, tries to be more than a run-of-the-mill Alluc alternative, and it gets a lot right. You can create a profile and share opinions with other users, rate the content you watch, and easily locate similar movies or TV shows at the click of a button. Usefully, all of the movies available are linked to IMDB, which is great for fans who want to check out reviews or cast lists. And the choice on offer is vast, with 120,000+ films and 18,000+ TV shows.

DosMovies homepage

It’s free to use, but registration is essential, which may put some people off. However, if you are happy to create an account and you’re serious about cinema, this is probably the ideal streaming site. Nowhere else has the same range of information or coverage of obscure and niche titles.


Based in Vietnam, GoMovies is another free movie streaming site that has prospered in the wake of Alluc, and it’s not hard to see why. This is one of the simplest streaming sites in our list, consisting of a search box and very little else. After entering the name of the show or movie you want to watch, GoMovies delivers a selection of options, with plenty of HD content thrown into the mix.

GoMovies homepage

And the coverage is pretty good, with modern and classic films all ready to stream, as well as TV shows from the 60s to the 00s. On the other hand, GoMovies is ad-supported, so expect quite a few ads before any stream commences. But if you can stomach this, it’s a very strong contender for the best Alluc alternative.


Not to be confused with Popcorn Time, Popcornflix has a superb collection of TV shows, with up to date seasons from modern favorites, plenty of cartoons and family entertainment, cookery shows, comedy, and international productions (the UK content is particularly strong). And best of all – perfectly legal.

PopcornFlix homepage

The movie selection isn’t quite as impressive, but not bad at all, and each entry has information about the length, cast, and origin of the films involved. However, many titles aren’t available everywhere in the world, and geo-blocks are common (another good reason to enlist a VPN).


Just like with most websites with reputation, Movies2watch offers surprisingly fresh content by tons. Leaving site accounts as an option is also applaudable as it doesn’t require you to dump any of your personal info. Additionally, the movies and shows are super easy to navigate and the Top IMDB recommendation feature offers some great content to discover.

Movies2watch homepage

The main drawbacks of Movies2watch are the typical annoying ads every few clicks if you’re not packing a reliable ad blocker. If you can ignore those, then Movies2watch might be your new online streaming hub. That said, it still hosts a truckload of copyrighted content, so we’d highly recommend concealing your online activities with a VPN if you plan to check it out.

Final thoughts

While the allure of alternatives may be tempting, it’s crucial to exercise caution. Copycat websites claiming to offer similar services are often unsafe and can lead to scams or privacy risks. Additionally, it’s worth noting that using such sites can put you in legally questionable territory, making discretion a top priority when considering these options.

To navigate this uncertain terrain, be sure to include a VPN as your trusted companion. A quality VPN, such as NordVPN, not only ensures your safety and privacy when exploring Alluc alternatives but also enhances the overall quality of your streaming activities. By encrypting your online traffic and allowing access to geo-restricted content, a VPN can empower your streaming experiences while minimizing potential online risks.

Have you used Alluc during its heyday? Which Alluc alternative do you think is the best? Let us know by leaving a comment!

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Is Alluc still working?

No, the free online streaming service Alluc was shut down in 2018. Due to the high volume of copyrighted content hosted on the site illegally, the owners of the website were forced to close the doors. However, since its closure, there are still numerous Alluc alternatives offering the same services.

Why users need a VPN for streaming?

VPNs provide a range of advantages for streaming enthusiasts. Firstly, they employ advanced encryption, ensuring private browsing while effectively bypassing ISP throttling. Moreover, VPNs let you avoid geo-blocking, opening access to broader content libraries across various streaming services.

What is the equivalent of Alluc?

Popular alternatives to are FlixTor, Tubi, and GoMovies. These platforms offer a wide selection of movies and TV shows and can be accessed for free. However, always pay attention to the legality of streaming in your region and use a secure VPN to protect yourself on these sites.

What happened to Alluc?

Due to continuous legal action against the site, has been shut down as of March 8, 2018. However, nowadays there are multiple Alluc copycats are still hanging around on the net but they are mostly pumped up with malware. Luckily, there are quite a few popular and fairly safe Alluc alternatives.

How to watch movies on any Alluc alternatives safely?

The safest way to enjoy movies on Alluc alternatives is to use a VPN. Using VPNs to encrypt your online traffic not only lets you browse such websites privately but also protects you from lurking malware and eliminates ISP throttling. These sites are inherently unsafe, so a VPN should be your first line of defense.

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    Yesmovies ftw! Your alternatives article helped a lot.

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    Konrad Strauss, thanks for great alternatives. I was a user of Alluc.
    However, why exactly these websites? I’m not saying they are bad or something, it’s just why Putlocker or PrimeWire are not mentioned here? They also are a worthy alternatives in my opinion. Anyway, I did try couple of mentioned here, and what was the best for me is Popcorn Time. I also do use Nord for it.

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      Konrad Strauss January 27, 2020 at 9:10 am

      Hello Jasmine and thanks for the comment! I decided to omit Putlocker because it got shut down and it’s probably for the best to look for an alternative. The same can be said about PrimeWire – it’s now full of malicious ads. And yes, Popcorn Time is still my favorite as well. Happy streaming! Konrad

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