12 Best Alluc Alternatives for 2023

Last updated: January 5, 2021
alluc alternatives
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Once upon a time, finding whole seasons of popular TV shows online was a real chore. But as streaming developed, websites appeared which aggregated the most widely watched shows, making them easily accessible for everyday web users. And Alluc was one of the most popular options. Naturally, this aroused the interest of copyright holders, and the owners started to receive threats and experience problems. The hassle eventually became so great that Alluc streaming ended in 2018, leaving its many users out in the cold. Fortunately, Alluc is not the only great free streaming site on the internet.. This article brings you some of the best Alluc alternatives in 2023.

Enjoy these Alluc alternatives anonymously using a VPN

The good news is that alternatives to Alluc do exist, and aren’t hard to find. The appetite for streaming has only become larger in the time since Alluc departed, and revenue-hungry web entrepreneurs have been happy to take its place.

However, copyright holders worldwide are becoming more militant about enforcing their rights, with high profile prosecutions in multiple jurisdictions. Thankfully, solutions are relatively easy to come by, and VPNs should be on top of the list.

VPNs encrypt the data that users send and receive while assigning every user with an anonymous IP address. When they work properly, VPNs make your online activity virtually invisible, without compromising connection speeds enough to make streaming impractical.

There are plenty of reasons to add a VPN to your streaming toolkit, beyond simply becoming invisible. It can make it tougher for ISPs to enforce “throttling” of high traffic connections, and allow users to bypass geo-blocking on sites like Netflix.

All of these reasons mean that smart streamers rely on VPNs. If you choose to go down this route, be sure to pick a reputable provider which actually encrypts data effectively, doesn’t leak your IP address, and delivers strong speeds. One leading option which we would recommend to check – NordVPN review. For more options, check out our Best VPN for Streaming list.

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Alluc alternatives – 12 Best Sites like Alluc

Since the demise of Alluc streaming has moved on, and several innovative new contenders have emerged, and we’ve put together a list of Alluc alternatives that tick most of the boxes of interest to everyday streamers.

1. FlixTor

Instantly familiar to Alluc movies veterans, and closely related to the PopcornTime family of sites, FlixTor is a popular source of movies and TV shows. Users can access a wide range of the latest movies, including up to the minute releases. There are a few high profile TV shows as well, including hits like Stranger Things, although this really isn’t the best place for TV addicts to search owing to the limited choice.

Other than that, one of the problems with Flixtor is accessibility. Its mirrors are regularly taken down and can be hard to locate, so it’s not the ideal solution for regular streaming. But if you can access the search engine, it’s a neat alternative to Alluc streaming.

2. MoviesJoy

When you visit MoviesJoy, the first thing that strikes you is a pop-up ad, which isn’t encouraging. However, if you persevere, this isn’t a bad option for refugees from Alluc streaming. It has a really nicely presented main page, complete with current Hollywood releases, as well as a handy search box. And the TV selection is excellent, ranging from crime dramas to situation comedies. Everything is easy to navigate, and the streams are fast enough to pass muster.

There’s also a good range of international content, from Denmark to Japan. But we do need to reiterate the problem with ads. If you aren’t happy to click through a few ads when launching a stream (or even browsing), this won’t be the site for you.

 3. Tubi

Also known as TubiTV, Tubi markets itself as a “free Netflix alternative”, which sounds a little too good to be true, right? Not exactly. Funded by ads, Tubi genuinely is free to use. Users just create accounts, start browsing, and watch whatever catches their eye. Which is where problems can start to appear.

Unlike some of the other sites like Alluc under discussion here, Tubi’s selection is fairly limited. There are some good movies and TV shows to watch if you have the time to search. But the quality is best described as “hit and miss”, with some real turkeys in among the gems. The speeds are fine, and the ads aren’t overly intrusive. But on the negative side, Tubi is a US-only operation, so if you’re keen to stream content anywhere else, a good VPN will be needed.

4. Ololo.to​

Ololo is the closest thing to the classic Alluc setup we’ve come across so far. In this case, the site acts as a web crawler for streaming content, aggregating TV shows, documentaries, movies, and all kinds of entertainment content in one place. So it should be instantly familiar to fans of Alluc streaming.

Unfortunately, so will the pop-ups, some of which can be incredibly annoying, and may freeze your browser. So having an effective pop-up blocker is essential if you plan to use Ololo.to regularly. With that in place, this is a really good alternative to Alluc. It’s very simple. Just search and watch – and that’s what many streaming fans want.

5. TwoMovies

Describing itself as a “social movie network”, TwoMovies tries to be more than a run of the mill Alluc alternative, and it gets a lot right. You can create a profile and share opinions with other users, rate the content you watch, and easily located similar movies or TV shows at the click of a button. Usefully, all of the movies available are linked to IMDB, which is great for fans who want to check out reviews or cast lists. And the choice on offer is vast, with 70,000 films and 10,000 TV shows.

It’s free to use, but registration is essential, which may put some people off.  However, if you are happy to create an account and you’re serious about cinema, this is probably the ideal streaming site. Nowhere else has the same range of information or coverage of obscure titles.

6. GoMovies

Based in Vietnam, GoMovies is another free movie streaming site that has prospered in the wake of Alluc, and it’s not hard to see why. This is one of the simplest streaming sites in our list, consisting of a search box and very little else. After entering the name of the show or movie you want to watch, GoMovies delivers a selection of options, with plenty of HD content thrown into the mix. And the coverage is pretty good, with modern and classic films all ready to stream, as well as TV shows from the 60s to the 00s. On the other hand, GoMovies is ad-supported, so expect a few ads before any stream commences. But if you can stomach this, it’s a very strong contender for the best alternative.

7. Popcornflix

Not to be confused with Popcorn Time, Popcornflix has a superb collection of TV shows, with up to date seasons from modern favorites, plenty of cartoons and family entertainment, cookery shows, comedy, and international productions (the UK content is particularly strong).

The movie selection isn’t quite as impressive, but not bad at all, and each entry has information about the length, cast, and origin of the films involved. However, many titles aren’t available everywhere in the world, and geoblocks are common (another good reason to enlist a VPN).

8. Popcorn Time

One of the most famous alternatives to Alluc and movie streams, Popcorn Time is probably already familiar to readers. Unlike some of the sites featured here, it’s completely based around P2P streams, delivered by a standalone client. This could raise some security concerns, although this isn’t a huge issue if you use a quality VPN.

Other readers may have come across the Popcorn Time malware agent. This ransomware attack is definitely a nasty critter but isn’t actually delivered by the streaming site’s software, so that shouldn’t be a huge concern. As far as choice goes, Popcorn Time excels, while the client searches for the fastest possible streams, which is a neat, and very welcome feature. Ads are present (of course), but are no worse than other alternatives to Alluc.

9. AZ Movies

As the name implies, this site seeks to offer the “A to Z” of movies, and does so via a slick, attractive interface. All of the most recent blockbusters are present and ready to stream straight away (although we did find some gaps in the classics section). Each title is rated, and tucked away in the right genre section. Users can search by an actor (a nice touch), or call up the latest releases to keep in touch with developments. As such, this is a classic imitation of the Alluc directory – but with one major fla: there’s no TV content. If you want to stream today’s biggest films, it’s fine. But TV fans should look elsewhere.

10. MovieWatcher

Specializing in offering HD movie streams, MovieWatcher is another uncomplicated, effective alternative to Alluc, and one that streamers will find very, very familiar. You can filter movies by release date, genre, and popularity, and the coverage is good, with all of the latest films available to stream – often in extremely high resolution. The HD content sets MovieWatcher apart, and it also offers a good array of TV shows, all organized into series for convenient block viewing. So far, so good.

However, there’s obviously a lot of copyright infringement occurring here, so be sure to protect yourself with a VPN if you do choose to use the site. And the presence of pop-ups can be irritating as well.

11. Yesmovies

Another increasingly popular option for Alluc veterans, Yesmovies covers both TV and cinema fairly well, offering a regularly updated library of recent films, complete with IMDB ratings to guide viewers to the very best content. The TV selection is decent, with some relatively obscure shows on offer, such as the Hot Zone or British drama Good Omens. So if you can’t find shows elsewhere, having Yesmovies in reserve is a handy alternative.

The alphabetic browsing system is also useful for quickly locating content, although a search box is present as well. As usual, expect a few ads here and there, and be sure to add a VPN to your armory when using the site. Otherwise, this is a solid alternative to Alluc.

12. MovieNinja​​​

Finally, we come to MovieNinja, which probably has the most eye-catching name of our Alluc substitutes. But does it measure up as far as movie and TV streaming goes? The site began life in 2014 as a project to create a Netflix alternative, which actually delivered accurate recommendations for users. Nowadays, it’s a freestanding movie streaming platform which closely resembles Alluc, and places less stress on recommendations (which is a shame). Even so, the selection is broad, especially regarding movies from 10-15 years ago, which some sites might miss. All of the latest releases are here, as are hit TV shows, from Chernobyl to Watchmen. Slick, fast, and full of content, MovieNinja is a fitting successor to Alluc, but – as with all streaming sites – equip yourself with protection before firing up any movies or episodes

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  1. Corey

    Yesmovies ftw! Your alternatives article helped a lot.

  2. Jasmine

    Konrad Strauss, thanks for great alternatives. I was a user of Alluc.
    However, why exactly these websites? I’m not saying they are bad or something, it’s just why Putlocker or PrimeWire are not mentioned here? They also are a worthy alternatives in my opinion. Anyway, I did try couple of mentioned here, and what was the best for me is Popcorn Time. I also do use Nord for it.

    1. Konrad Strauss Author

      Hello Jasmine and thanks for the comment! I decided to omit Putlocker because it got shut down and it’s probably for the best to look for an alternative. The same can be said about PrimeWire – it’s now full of malicious ads. And yes, Popcorn Time is still my favorite as well. Happy streaming! Konrad

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