How to install CellarDoor TV on Kodi

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Last updated: January 6, 2021
How to Install CellarDoor TV on Kodi
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Kodi is one of the world’s most popular ways to store, watch, and listen to all of your favourite content. With endless customization options including themes, add-ons, and much more, it’s plain and simple to get the software running exactly how you’d like it.

While there are official add-ons available via the platform which are officially endorsed by the makers of the software – XBMC Foundation, you’ll find that you can also get your hands on a whole host of third-party add-ons via custom builds too. These allow you to access a wealth of content at the click of a button including many movies, TV shows, and so much more.

CellarDoor TV just so happens to be one of the most popular custom third-party builds available to install right now. But, just what exactly is it? What features does it offer? Continue reading, and we’ll delve deeper into these questions and show you how to get this awesome custom Kodi build up running on your set-up in no time at all. Here’s what you need to know.

What is CellarDoor TV?

As we mentioned earlier, CellarDoor TV is a custom third-party build which you can install on your version of Kodi. Once installed, you’ll be able to access a wealth of popular add-ons and content which aren’t available with the stock version of Kodi. So, if you’re looking to get the most out of the media software, this particular build will most definitely go a long way.

Easily installable on many devices such as Android TV boxes, Windows devices, and many others, you’ll find that it is one of the most popular builds available, and it’s easy to see why. After all, the huge number of add-ons it installs at once means that you have plenty of add-ons to choose from when it comes to getting your entertainment fix.

CellarDoor TV allows you to access popular add-ons which includes the likes of Flixnet, Elysium, UK Turks Playlists, Covenant, and so much more. So, this certainly saves a lot of hassle as you won’t need to manually install each of these add-ons separately.

In the next section, we’ll cover exactly what you can do to get the build installed on your device with our complete in-depth guide. Continue reading as we provide our step by step instructions.

How to Install CellarDoor TV on Kodi

    • Launch the Kodi application on your chosen device
    • Click on the settings icon (⚙) then proceed to click on System settings
    • You will then need to ensure that apps from unknown sources are allowed, otherwise, you won’t be able to install the build
    • You then need to go back a step, click on File Manager->Add Source-><none>
    • Type in the following URL: then press OK, after which you will need to name the file as something you can recognise (underneath the box you typed the URL in)
    • You will then need to head back to the main menu, click the Add-ons menu, after which you will need to click the open box icon
    • Click Install From zip File, then proceed to the folder you have just named, click the file, you will then need to wait for a CellarDoor TV Repo message to appear
  • Click Install from repository->CellarDoorTV repository->Program add-ons->Install CDTV Wizard->Install
  • You will then need to wait for an “Add-on installed” message, after which you can enable your chosen settings. Continue and ignore the “Build Menu” option
  • Return to the main menu click on Add-ons->Program Add-ons->CellarDoorTV Wizard->CDTV Builds. Make your choice of build, click standard install and wait
  • Then, you will need to either wait for Kodi to force close or you can simply manually restart the app or your device. Your build will then be installed!

After the installation process has been completed and you have restarted, you might just find that it takes a little while for the final stages to complete.

Why you should use a VPN

When it comes to using third-party add-ons on platforms such as Kodi, it’s incredibly important to keep yourself protected so that you don’t find yourself getting on the wrong side of the law. Many of the add-ons included with CellarDoor TV provide access to copyrighted material, and so if you are caught by your ISP accessing such material without paying for it, you could get yourself into a heap of trouble.

But, just how do you protect yourself when browsing online? You might ask. Well, you’ll find that the answer comes in the form of a VPN, otherwise known as a Virtual Private Network. Offering the perfect solution to all your online privacy concerns, you’ll be able to benefit from such features as IP address masking, solid encryption protocols, and so much more – each working hand in hand to keep cybercriminals and any other snooping eyes well away from your personal information.

Check out our list of Best VPN for Kodi

However, just bear in mind that not all VPNs are created equal. There are both free and paid tools available, although the latter is probably the better option if you’d like to gain access to the best features without any restrictions. You’ll find that a subscription doesn’t have to break the bank either – with cost-effective options such as NordVPNand TorGuard available from just $3.29 and $3.89 respectively!


So, there you have it! You’ve now discovered exactly what CellarDoor TV is all about and hopefully, the installation process will have been completed without a hitch. Once you have everything up and running, you’ll have access to a wealth of content that you wouldn’t be able to with the stock version of Kodi.

So, if you’re looking to substantially increase the library you have access to, you certainly won’t be disappointed with CellarDoor TV. However, just remember to get a VPN installed on your devices before streaming any content – it’s far better to be safe than sorry!

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  1. Yema P

    It does sound really interesting ! I’m still new to Kodi and I’m learning so much about it thanks to this website ! Thanks a lot for all your work, it’s great content !

  2. P001

    Kodi keeps getting better and better and there are constantly new third-party builds showing up that improve the overall experience. And yes, you do need a VPN to use this without worries. I mean, why would you want to get into trouble because you watched who knows what show? Just pay the $3 monthly for Nord VPN and stay safe. That’s how I do it.

  3. Jerry

    I’ve been experimenting with Kodi for years and this is, by far, the most detailed, accurate and easiest guide to installing a great build. I did the installation successfully on Kodi 1.8. Thank you so much for this valuable information and your time.

  4. Sabrina Gill

    Do you have any tutorial on how to install CellarDoor TV on Kodi? I couldn’t find it on your site.

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