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Best Kodi Nexus builds in 2024

Best Kodi builds that still work

Kodi builds are great if you want to avoid the hassle of searching and installing individual add-ons. They are especially useful if you’re a new user who’s not too familiar with the platform yet. In essence, with a few simple clicks, you can get a robust build that will give you access to your favorite streaming services, channels, and other video or audio content.

However, with so many different Kodi builds, it’s hard to choose the right one. Not to mention, some builds are discontinued and might not work on the current Kodi Nexus version. And let’s not forget that some content on Kodi is copyrighted, so watching it for free might get you into sticky situations.

Thus, in this article, we’ll list the Top 5 best Kodi builds that work on the latest Nexus version. We’ll review what add-ons they contain and their best use cases. And, of course, you’ll learn how to install and use them properly.

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Owning and using Kodi software is perfectly legal. However, some of Kodi add-ons might be dubious in terms of legal nature. Remember that Kodi add-ons are developed by third parties and usually contain copyright-protected content. So, knowingly or unknowingly, users may download that content, which falls into a legal grey area in certain countries or is simply illegal.

Kodi runs an open-source design, meaning you can find many unauthorized repositories. Furthermore, Kodi officially condemns piracy. Unfortunately, due to problematic add-ons and plugins, the service has been repeatedly penalized and shadow-banned in the past.

Ultimately, you must either be aware of your country’s jurisdiction or follow carefully which add-ons you download. Nevertheless, there is an easier way to avoid potential problems. You can get a reliable VPN, which conceals your downloads and activities from all prying eyes, including your ISP (Internet Service Provider). Thus, you won’t have to worry about unexpected fines if you accidentally download copyrighted content.

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Streaming on Kodi has never been more secure with the world-class NordVPN. The service cloaks your IP to prevent ISP throttling and hide which Kodi add-ons you download. On top of that, the blazing NordLynx protocol won’t hinder a second of streaming.

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How to choose a Kodi build?

Here are the main things that you should pay close attention to when picking a Kodi build:

  • Kodi compatibility. Other websites might recommend Kodi builds that are no longer compatible with the current Nexus version. Therefore, when choosing a build, double-check what version it supports.
  • Preferred content. Different Kodi add-ons and builds grant access to diverse media content. For instance, Nova TV is great for streaming sports, while Diggz Xenon focuses more on movies and TV shows.
  • Support and updates. Ensure the build has an active development community that provides regular updates and support to address any issues or security vulnerabilities. That way, you won’t have to suffer bugs, crashes, or outdated libraries.
  • Popularity and reviews. A good indication of whether a Kodi build is solid is whether it’s popular. Popularity usually means good quality. What’s more, you can check out user reviews to make sure it’s good or be aware of certain shortcomings to make an informed decision.
  • Sleek design. An intuitive and rocker design is essential if you want to enjoy using one or another Kodi build. It’s just really uplifting to run a Kodi that’s personalized and pleases your sophisticated eye.
  • Customization options. Don’t forget to assess the level of customization options available. The best Kodi build allows you to personalize settings, themes, and add or remove add-ons according to your preferences.

Top 5 Kodi builds overall

Kodi builds change all the time. Some older builds are no longer supported, while new ones take their place. So, we tested several dozen Kodi builds to see which ones are working and which are the best in the wild west of the web.

But before you pick out the most stylish and content-loaded Kodi build, make sure you also equip yourself with a VPN. Why? Because Kodi add-ons may contain copyrighted material, which could fall into the legally grey area in your country. And you may not even be aware of it. So, just to be safe, we recommend the best streaming-optimized VPN (to keep your binge sessions buffer-free, not just safe) – NordVPN.

1. Digzz Xenon – the most popular build for Kodi Nexus

Top add-ons: Asgard, Scrubs, The Crew, Rising Tides, DaddyLive, The Purpose, Gratis, Twisted, Portal, Quicksilver, Magic Dragon, The Crew, Live And Local, The TV App, and more.

Compatibility: All major OS, Firestick, Android TV box, Raspberry Pi, Chromecast, Nvidia Shield

Digzz Xenon is one of the most versatile Kodi Nexus builds. It comes packed with loads of add-ons that will help you enjoy the latest movies, TV shows, live sports events, and even play retro games. Not to mention, everything is neatly organized into sections, so it’s extremely easy to navigate. You can also customize the themes.

Digzz Xenon Kodi Nexus

In terms of add-ons, you can use Asgard or Scrubs to stream the latest movies and favorite TV shows. For example, you’ll quickly find The Office, Ashoka, or One Piece. If you’re an NFL or MLB fan, you can catch live games and replays on DaddyLive and Rising Tides. Moreover, for the highest quality content, we recommend getting a paid Real Debrid subscription for additional file hosters.

Best of all, the creators of this build are pretty active, meaning the updates are frequent, and there is a smaller chance of running into a bug.

Source link: https://diggz1.me/diggzrepo

2. Nova TV – lightweight build for Kodi 20

Top add-ons: The Crew, Homelander, Apex Sports, Asgard, Scrubs, Rising Tides, Centry Sports, Mad Titan Sports, Fights on Demand, Ghost, and more.

Compatibility: All major OS, Firestick, Android TV box

DoomzDay Wizard brings us Nova TV, a lightweight build that’s great for low-RAM devices like Android TV and Firestick. Its design is quite minimalistic, so it’s great if you don’t care much about random themes. In addition, we would say Nova TV is one of the best options for watching live IPTV anywhere.

Nova Kodi Nexus

Sports fans can enjoy loads of NFL, NBA, MLB, or UFC matches on Centry Sports or Mad Titan Sports. Serial documentaries or reality TV lovers can watch endless content through The Crew or Homelander. As Nova TV is completely free, some streams may be low quality. Therefore, you can integrate your Read Debrid account for high-quality video content.

Source link: https://doomzdayteam.github.io/doomzday

3. Green Monster – a build that improves Kodi interface

Top add-ons: The Crew, Homelander, Fen, Umbrella, Seren, Black Lighting, Maria, Crew Sports, The Loop, SportHD, Rising Tides, Sportowa, CrewIPTV, SSTV, Ghost Live TV, Fido Live TV, and more.

Compatibility: All major OS, Firestick, Android TV box, Chromecast

Green Monster build for Kodi Nexus comes from the same The Crew wizard. Similarly to Nova TV, it works splendidly on devices that don’t have much storage. Needless to say, this is one of the best Kodi builds thanks to its theme selection, linear interface, and broad library of entertainment content.

Green Moster Kodi Nexus

For instance, Umbrella and Fen are great for reality TV shows, trendiest movies, and classic TV shows. No wonder these add-ons are highly liked by Reddit. You can fire up The Loop and Ghost Live TV for sports and live TV.

Source link: https://team-crew.github.io

4. Plutonium

Top add-ons: Asgard, Magic Dragon, Shadow, M.E.T.V, Yoda, Overeasy, Medusa, Ghost, Red Queen

Compatibility: All major OS, Firestick, Android TV box, Raspberry Pi, Chromecast, Nvidia Shield

Plutonium Build is one of the most beloved Kodi builds. While there are several compelling reasons, let’s start with its sleek and user-friendly interface that enhances Koding sessions. In fact, Plutonium stands out due to its extensive collection of high-quality add-ons and repositories. This vast selection ensures a wide range of movies, TV shows, live sports, and other media content catering to various media-related needs.

Plutonium Kodi Nexus

Furthermore, the build is lauded for its stability and performance optimization. So, your viewing experience won’t be bittered by lag or errors, and the entertainment library will be kept updated. The cherry on top is that thanks to customization options, folks can personalize their Kodi setup with different themes, backgrounds, and layouts.

Source link: http://cmanbuilds.com/repo

5. XontriX – high-powered Kodi build

Top add-ons: Homelander, Patriot, Ghost, Genocide, Umbrella, Fen, Otaku, The Crew, Twisted Kids, Fido, Crew IPTV, Fetch!, Fluxus IPTV, The Loop, Rising Tides, The Endzone, and more.

Compatibility: All major OS

XontriX is a part of The Boys Wizard, which is excellent for computer devices. As the other builds, this one is packed with add-ons that will make your streaming experience more enjoyable. From the newest movies to the latest sports events, XontriX will give you access to loads of new content in a few clicks.

XontriX Kodi Nexus

The build is quite heavy, so we recommend using it on computer or high-RAM devices. Plus, Xontrix works best with Real Debrid as it provides links to highest quality links.

Source link: https://team-crew.github.io

Why use VPN with Kodi builds?

When using Kodi builds, it’s important to prioritize your online security and unlock the full streaming potential. One effective way to achieve this is by adding VPN to Kodi devices. Doing this offers numerous benefits that enhance your privacy, protect you from security threats, and grant access to geo-restricted content.

Kodi main page with NordVPN

Here are the key reasons why using top streaming VPNs with Kodi builds is highly recommended:

  • Legal concerns. Third-party developers create Kodi add-ons that may not be officially licensed, potentially raising legal concerns. A VPN helps mitigate these dangers of using Kodi by providing full online anonymity.
  • Privacy protection. By masking your IP address, VPNs make it challenging for Internet Service Providers (ISPs) or governments to track your online activities. This includes downloading Kodi add-ons without fear of authorities snooping over your shoulder.
  • ISP throttling. VPNs prevent ISP throttling by encrypting your internet traffic and routing it through different servers, thereby preventing bandwidth limitations.
  • Bypass geo-restrictions. VPNs enable access to geo-blocked content by connecting you to servers in different regions. This allows you to reach region-exclusive streaming services content from anywhere in the world, including sports events like NASCAR or Premier League matches.

What are the best VPNs for Kodi builds?

To find the best Kodi VPN addon, we tested 26 services and looked for ones tailor-made for streaming. Since Kodi is a multi-platform software, we instantly focused on VPNs with wide support for PCs, mobile, and streaming devices like Amazon Firestick and Android TV. Other essential features for Kodi VPNs include high-grade encryption, airtight IP leak protection, a kill switch, and multiple simultaneous connections for everyone in your household.

Here are the Top 3 VPN recommendations for Kodi enthusiasts:

  1. NordVPN – it’s the overall best Kodi VPN that works with most versions of the platform. This leading service effectively combats malware attempts and hides your activities from any third parties (bye-bye, ISP throttling. The icing on the cake is the buffer-free streaming performance, thanks to NordLynx. The network of 6300+ servers in 111 countries guarantees unparalleled geo-block circumvention capabilities.
  2. Surfshark VPN – another excellent VPN for Kodi that makes your streaming sessions lag-free and protected. The latest Nexus update has added stability to the speedy WireGuard protocol. Moreover, the colossal fleet of 3200+ servers in 100 countries leaves no stone unturned when accessing regionally locked content on Kodi and outside of it.
  3. CyberGhost – this Kodi VPN comes in clutch with streaming-optimized servers run on the next-gen WireGuard protocol. As such, you can stream content on Kodi privately and without worrying about buffers. It even offers one of the biggest networks of 11700+ servers covering 100 countries. Meanwhile, each IP puts a veil on all prying eyes, and security measures keep you safeguarded during Kodi sessions.

Get the best VPN for Kodi builds

Can you use a free VPN for Kodi?

Using free VPNs for Kodi might seem appealing, but we do not recommend going costless for several reasons. Most free providers lack the capability to bypass geo-restrictions or effectively hide IP on Kodi devices, compromising your online security.

Additionally, free VPNs often come with unwanted features such as user trackers, intrusive software, and slow loading times due to severe data limits and limited server options. These issues can significantly impact your streaming experience and expose you to potential security risks.

However, if you’re set on skipping out on a subscription, the second best option comes in the form of free trial VPNs. The available trials and money-back guarantees offered by any top VPN for Kodi give full access to all features and premium performance completely risk-free. Generally, it’s a safer alternative for accessing geo-blocked content and enjoying your favorite shows on Kodi without compromising your privacy or your wallet.

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How to install a Kodi build?

Each install procedure differs, but we can provide general guidelines. However, remember that some Kodi add-ons may have illicit content unbeknownst to you, so always use a reliable VPN, like the high-end NordVPN. Also, you need to manually install Kodi builds from repositories. In order to do that, you have to enable add-ons from unknown sources.

  1. Go to Settings > System Settings ⚙️ > Add-ons > Unknown Source > Turn the option On.
    Kodi settings - add-ons section
  2. Go back to the HOME screen
  3. System Settings ⚙️ > File manager > Add source
  4. Enter the source URL and name for your build. Click OK
    Entering source URL on Kodi
  5. Go back to the HOME screen
  6. Add-ons > Add-on Browser
  7. Install from the zip file (agree to warnings) > select your build name > select .zip file
    Installing Luxray on Kodi via zip file
  8. Wait for notification that your addon is installed/enabled
  9. Go back to the HOME screen > Add-ons > Program Add-ons > Select Your build > Install (Fresh install)
    Proceeding with a Kodi build installation
  10. Wait for the installation to close
  11. Reboot your system. This might take a while
  12. Enjoy your Kodi sessions to your heart’s content!

Other Kodi builds

If you’re looking for further recommendations for some of the best Kodi builds, then consider these options as well:

  • Crewzion
  • CrewMinent
  • EzzerMacs
  • Grindhouse
  • Fallout
  • DaButcher

As you can see, many good Kodi builds are for those looking to get the broadest possible range of content, the richest array of addons and other gizmos, and features such as animations and widgets.

The trick to choosing the best Kodi build is to decide exactly what you want.

Discontinued Kodi builds

Before we delve into a list of discontinued Kodi builds, it’s important to note that discontinued builds may no longer receive updates or support. Consequently, that poses potential dangers, leaving them vulnerable to security risks and compatibility issues. Discontinued builds were once flourishing and popular among Kodi users, but their hour of glory has passed. Due to various reasons like developer disengagement or changing priorities, they are no longer actively maintained.

While some discontinued builds may still be functional, opting for actively supported and updated builds is generally recommended to ensure a secure and up-to-date Kodi experience. Now, here’s a list of some notable discontinued Kodi builds:

  • Titanium Build
  • Kodi Collusion
  • Nefarious Kodi Build
  • Maze Build (Kodi 18)
  • Innovation (Kodi 18)
  • Equinox
  • Durex
  • Xanax

However, if you run an older Kodi version and use a VPN, you can freely opt for these builds without having to worry much about possible security issues.

Stream on Kodi worry-free with VPN

Kodi build wizards with working builds in 2024

Kodi wizards are all-purpose, multifunctional tools that simplify the installation and configuration process of Kodi builds. Kodi builds are pre-configured packages that come with customized skins, themes, layouts, and a selection of pre-installed add-ons. However, it’s the Kodi wizards that you download said Kodi builds from directly.

Finding a Kodi build wizard with working builds is no easy task, which we have simplified for you. Here’s a list of Kodi build repositories where you can find our recommended Kodi builds and others as well.

  • Doomzday Wizard. Top builds: Doomsday and Nova TV, Beer Time, Kodeine, Sports 101.
  • Chains Wizard. Top builds: Carbon, Flixer, Arkham city, Masters of Horror
  • cMan Wizard. Top builds: Edge, Eternals, Fallout 19, Kingdom, Nitro, Mad Dragon, Simplex,
  • The Crew Wizard. Top builds: Green Monster, Crews Odyssey, Crewzion.
  • Stream Digital Wizard (Kodi 19). Top builds: Echelon reloaded, Shinx, Luxray, Moondrop, Lucid, Rockstar

*Note: You may also have heard of Diggz Chef Wizard, we don’t include this to the list as it’s removed most of the popular builds and support from the wizard.

Parting shots

Kodi is one the most popular free-content hubs for fans of media. One of the most dynamic things about Kodi is its builds. Finding the best Kodi build might be some taxing business since they change; some fade into oblivion while some emerge as fresh new options. We have succeeded in searching for the best Kodi 20 (Nexus) builds.

While Kodi is totally legal as a platform, the add-ons are developed by third parties for free. In short, some plugins may fall into a legally grey area or be straight-up illegal, depending on the jurisdiction of your location. For that reason, a VPN can protect you from prying eyes. Moreover, prevent ISP throttling and unblock geo-blocked content on Kodi. Your best shot is NordVPN, the #1 streaming VPN with a colossal server fleet and no less-than-stellar performance.

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What are the best Kodi builds?

Our recommended best Kodi builds are the top 5: Luxray, Odyssey, Plutonium, Nova TV, and Green Monster. These Kodi builds are the best because they have regularly updated content libraries, great interface and customization options, device compatibility, and huge content categories.

How to download the best Kodi builds?

You download Kodi builds on the platform from Kodi Wizards. While each installation procedure differs based on the build, the general guidelines involve having to download the build from the Kodi wizard via the community hub link. Then, you install Kodi using the downloaded zip file, following a linear process.

Are Kodi builds legal?

Kodi itself is completely legal. However, Kodi builds may offer Kodi addons that stream pirated copy-protected content, which is absolutely illegal. We do not advocate copyright infringement, and please use Kodi builds at your discretion or with a VPN like NordVPN to protect yourself from prying eyes.

What are Kodi wizards?

As with Kodi repositories to Kodi add-ons, Kodi Wizards, usually Kodi program add-ons, are the compilations of a selection of Kodi builds, and they also offer Kodi maintenance functions.

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