What are the best Kodi builds for 2023?

Julie Cole
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Last updated: January 23, 2023
What are the best Kodi builds for 2019?
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We’ve gone on a mission to find the best Kodi builds for 2023. Builds are a great way to install all the Kodi addons you need in one go. Moreover, builds make it easy to change skins and give Kodi a new look.

So, what is Kodi? Simply put, Kodi is a freeware media center app. You can use it to have all your video content (including files and streaming services) in one place. However, using Kodi addons, you can turn the app into so much more – a hub where you can access TV channels, films, and TV shows for free.

Before you choose a Kodi build from our list, ask yourself: “What do I need Kodi for?” Some of these Kodi builds are great but may not meet your needs. We try our best to explain what makes each of them tick.

There are currently around 16 Kodi builds operating as they should, and they are well worth trying out if you are a fan.

Always use a VPN with Kodi

Kodi is based on open-source code, which makes it available to anyone. The Kodi builds on this list were created by third-parties. Many of them give access to copyrighted content for free. This is illegal and can get you into trouble.

Make sure you use a VPN when using Kodi. If you access copyrighted material without a VPN, then your identity can be tracked by your Internet Service Provider and ultimately passed on to authorities that request it. The best Kodi addons and Kodi builds are no use if you get caught using them.

Additionally, some of the best official Kodi addons, such as BBC iPlayer or Hulu, have geo-location restrictions. This means that you can officially only watch them in countries where this is allowed.

VPNpro rating: 9.6 / 10

To avoid this, use a VPN to cloak your identity and location. The VPN will change your IP address by routing your data through a remote server so that you can access geo-blocked content and remain safe from any prying eyes. Here is our list of the best VPNs for Kodi if you need a suggestion.

The 5 best Kodi builds

Here are the five best Kodi builds that we recommend. You may note that earlier popular Kodi builds, such as Wookie Build, FireTV Guru, and Cinema Build are now no longer on the list. That’s because they are no longer online. Things change all of the time in this world!

1. Titanium Build

Titanium is one of the best Kodi builds, and it’s been live for some time now, offering live TV, films, sports and more. The build includes a number of featured addons, such as Royal We, Stream Hub, Gobble, Maverick TV, Project Cypher and more. It’s also one of the highest performing builds currently available, so you can install it successfully on devices with lesser specs.

2. Misfit Mods Lite Build

Several Kodi builds really do take the user experience to the next level, with endlessly categorized addons and varied animations. Misfit Mods Lite Build is a bit different, however, in that it is simple, has good performance and is light on space requirements.

It’s also one of the oldest of the Kodi builds. This explains its simplicity and admirable performance. You’ll find a vast range of content with custom menus and different ways to search for what you want. You can also ensure you are up to date at all times with dozens of available addons.

3. Durex Build

Durex has experienced its fair share of highs and lows, but it’s still one of the best builds currently available for download on Kodi. The Durex Build is back to full form after a short period offline. It transforms your Kodi into a hugely powerful streaming machine.

You’ll discover a vast number of content categories and addons. This Kodi build makes lots of different content available: from cartoons and sports through to live TV shows and music. There are also paid addons which you may prefer to use as they tend to be more reliable than the free alternatives.

4. Kodi Collusion

Kodi Collusion is an interesting new kid on the block. This build needs just 200 MB of space on your hard drive. It’s designed for users who aren’t interested in endless dynamic elements and widgets and who want a clean, simple, and effective system with well-performing add-ons and a massive library of rich streaming content. You won’t even need a powerful device to install it on, making this an excellent choice for simplicity.

5. BK Nox Build

This is one of the best Kodi builds from our perspective, but not a new one. It’s actually been offline for a while and then received a fresh update. We like what we see here – it’s well designed and has a cutting-edge interface with plenty of subtle animations.

The BK Nox build operates well even on basic devices such as Amazon Firesticks, and there’s plenty of content with films, live TV, child-friendly content, 4K content, and more.

Other great Kodi builds

If you’re looking for further recommendations for some of the best Kodi builds, then consider these options as well:

  • Nefarious Kodi Build
  • FuryX Kodi Build
  • Nova Build
  • Maze Build
  • Sky Darks Build

As you can see, there are lots of good Kodi builds for those looking to get the widest possible range of content, the richest array of addons and other gizmos, and features such as animations and widgets.

The trick to choosing the best Kodi build is to decide exactly what you are looking for.

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  1. Silke Lind

    I’ve been looking at downloading Kodi and have been overwhelmed by all of the different builds. They all claim to be the fastest and best. Your list of 10 builds helps narrow down my choices and it makes my decision easier to make.

  2. Yanish Peter

    Titanium build has some rich features and I vividly know that a whole lot of work went into the design of the addon and that is exactly what we want for IT companies that understand the need for value for money received.

  3. Charles K

    Thanks a lot for the article. I’m thinking about using Kodi but I wasn’t sure which build was the best so this was helpful. Now I just have to choose a VPN to go with it, I was thinking of NordVPN as it seems to be the best VPN out there.

  4. 1000eddie

    Geo-restriction bypassing is what got me into using VPNs. I wanted to be able to see any show no matter if I was from the US or not. A VPN is a must when using Kodi especially since there are existing legal issues with it. I recommend the Titanium Build, it rocks.

  5. Castillo A.

    Do you have alternatives to ExpressVPN and NordVPN when using Kodi? They’re a little out of my budget. Maybe something simpler, without so many features? Thanks, the help is appreciated!

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