How to install Titanium on Kodi

Julie Cole
Julie Cole | Contributing Writer
Last updated: January 6, 2021
How to Install Titanium on Kodi
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Kodi is often the first port of call for those looking to get their next fix of entertainment. After all, it’s a one-stop shop for storing, streaming, and playing music, video, and more. So, it’s easy to see why it is so immensely popular around the world.

What’s more, the ability to install third-party add-ons, themes, and builds means that customization options are limitless. This allows you to adjust the look and feel of the software to suit your needs.

Titanium just so happens to be one of the most popular third-party Kodi builds available right now. You can add it to your set-up in a few simple steps, which means you’ll soon be well on your way to streaming all your favourite movies and TV shows with plenty of add-ons installed as part of the Titanium setup process on Kodi.

So, what exactly is Titanium? How do I install it? What can I watch on Titanium? Continue reading as we answer each of these questions and more. Without any further ado, here’s everything that you need to know.

What is the Titanium Kodi Build?

There is a whole host of custom builds available for the Kodi platform, which means that you’ll only be a few short steps away from getting your version of Kodi customized to your liking. Titanium is one of the options at your disposal – providing access to additional features and add-ons which aren’t available on a standard installation of Kodi.

Titanium just so happens to be one of the most popular builds right now, and it’s easy to see why. After all, this particular build pre-installs a plethora of add-ons for you as part of the installation process, making life far easier, particularly for those who are limited in terms of technical knowledge.

Third-party add-ons that are available via Titanium include Live TV, sports, TV shows, and film add-ons. Continue reading as we provide our step by step instructions on how to install Titanium on Kodi.

How to install the Titanium add-on on Kodi

  • Launch Kodi on your device
  • Click on the settings icon (⚙) and then click on the System Settings section
  • Ensure that apps from unknown sources are allowed
  • Go back to the settings menu, click on File Manager, Add Source, then click <none>
  • Type in the following URL: then press OK. You will then be taken back to the previous page where you will need to name the folder (choose something that will allow you to easily identify it later)
  • Head back to the main menu, click on Add-ons, then click on the icon that looks like an open box in the top left
  • Click Install From zip File, then locate the file you’ve just named, click the file (this may be a different number if a newer version has been released)
  • After this has been installed, go back a step and then click install from repository: Supreme Builds repository > Program add-ons > Supreme Builds Wizard > Click Install
  • You will then need to wait for an “Add-on installed” message, after which you may be presented with a pop-up or two – simply click Dismiss. Return to the main menu, then click on Add-ons->Program add-ons->Supreme Builds Wizard->Supreme Builds and make your choice of server to download the latest version (e.g. USA Server). Then click Standard Install to keep your existing add-ons or Fresh Install to start from scratch
  • Wait for Kodi to install the build. It should automatically force close. If not, you can simply manually restart the app or your device and then reopen Kodi. After the add-ons have configured themselves, your new build will be ready to go!

Why you should use a VPN

It should go without saying that keeping yourself protected is of paramount importance in an age where cyber attacks are on the rise and the authorities are snooping in on exactly what you are doing online. Not taking the proper precautions might well be one of the biggest mistakes you’ll ever make. So, in order to prevent any prying eyes from accessing your private information, you will need to make use of a VPN (Virtual Private Network).

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If you do exactly that, you’ll be able to benefit from features such as IP address masking, data encryption, and so much more. Each of these features combined will ensure that your ISP and the government won’t be able to track your every move online. This is something that you’ll no doubt want to prevent if you’d like to enhance your online privacy considerably.

Online privacy should be one of your biggest concerns when it comes to using custom builds on Kodi, as such third-party content allows you to access a wealth of copyrighted material for no cost. Getting caught accessing this without permission or payment can potentially lead to you receiving warning letters, having your internet connection cut off, or perhaps even a fine or jail time.

Therefore, it’s important to invest in a VPN before you even consider using such builds as Titanium. You can find more information about the best VPNs available right now by checking out our many VPN reviews. This will allow you to make an informed decision on which particular service suits your needs. You’ll then be able to make use of custom Kodi builds with complete peace of mind.

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  1. Momo

    The Titanium build for Kodi is not as easy to install as one would think so this was a helpful guide. Kodi is great and all but why are these cool builds difficult to install? Can’t things be a little simpler?

  2. James R

    Thanks a lot for the guide, I was looking for one and stumbled upon your site ! It’s great content ! I’m learning so much already, I’ll keep on reading your articles !

  3. Dennis Aucho

    Thanks for all your hard work, Julie. I just installed Kodi & the Titanium build (from the US server) and it went flawlessly! You have a new follower and sharer, and I’ll be coming to your site any time I have a question about my FireStick! Keep up the excellent work!

  4. Kodifreak

    There is no doubt that Titanium Kodi build is quite popular and unquestionably highly rated build by far. I am facing one problem: recently I updated Titanium Build and now it won’t play anything. Even Firestick won’t play anything using Kodi. Can you please tell how to uninstall and start all over again?

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