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No. of servers: 3,000+

Price from: $4.17

#13 out of 215 VPN providers

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Anonymous payment options

8 simultaneous connections

Advertisement and malware blocking

Excellent for torrenting

Great security

Stealth VPN feature (obfuscation)

What others say about TorGuard:

TorGuard might be considered a little pricey compared to other VPN services in the market, however, the level of security and the countless features it provides makes it worth the money.

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Of course, all the convenient features in the world won’t help you if your VPN isn’t secure. Fortunately, TorGuard employs some of the best modern technology for keeping your data safe.

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TorGuard is a well respected and highly subscribed Virtual Private Network (VPN) service that can certainly be considered above average.

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What is TorGuard

TorGuard (or “Torrent Guard”) is one of the most fully-featured VPN services on the market. Although TorGuard VPN has its parent company VPNetworks LTD, LLC in Nevis (an island in the Carribean), according to the official website, it is operated by VP Networks, LLC in Orlando, FL. There is some ambiguity over the structure of the organization because other sources indicate that TorGuard is owned by Data Protection Services, LLC – also an Orlando company and also related to a Mr. Benjamin Van Pelt, who seems to own both companies.

This means TorGuard is subject to all of the issues related to being based in the US – powerful government agencies demanding access to user data, corporate surveillance, and so forth.

For what it’s worth, TorGuard is a strict no logs policy VPN service. What’s more, it has a great palette of privacy and security features. In addition to the DNS/IPv6/WebRTC leak protection and the kill switch, TorGuard also offers Stealth VPN protocols. These extra protocols can help you bypass VPN blocking measures in countries like China.

With 3000+ servers in 50+ locations, TorGuard has good global coverage. Hence, the connection speeds are among the fastest on the market. This allows users to stream HD or, depending on the chosen server, even 4K videos, game online, bypass geo-blocking measures, and torrent.

Aside from the primary platforms (Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iOS, and Android), TorGuard also offers Chrome and Firefox proxy extensions, and pre-configured routers. All this, at relatively low prices. But that’s not all.

TorGuard has extra options for you in addition to the basic plans. These include regular Dedicated IPs, Streaming IPs, Residential IPs, and DDoS Protected IPs. Of course, these come with an extra monthly cost too.

TorGuard Facts

Company name VPNetworks LLC, Data Protection Services LLC, and VPNetworks LTD, LLC
Company name VPNetworks LLC, Data Protection Services LLC, and VPNetworks LTD, LLC
Global presence 50+ countries
Global presence 50+ countries
Money back policy no
Money back policy no
Business Location Orlando, FL (US) and Nevis, Caribbean
Business Location Orlando, FL (US) and Nevis, Caribbean
Privacy Strict no logs policy
Privacy Strict no logs policy
Number of servers 3,000+
Number of servers 3,000+
Free / Trial version 7-day free trial if you currently use another VPN | 30-day free trial if you switch from your current VPN to TorGuard
Free / Trial version 7-day free trial if you currently use another VPN | 30-day free trial if you switch from your current VPN to TorGuard
Other Names TorGuard VPN
Other Names TorGuard VPN

Where TorGuard is based and why it is important

Before we dive into the location details, it’s necessary to mention that the jurisdiction the VPN functions under is not everything. Certainly, a surveillance-friendly location is a risk factor if a VPN has no clear zero logs policy. That’s even more so the case if the VPN has a history of compliance with data requests. Fortunately, TorGuard has you covered.

TorGuard Location: Orlando, Florida, US

First off, TorGuard is based in the US. As you may know, the US is an important actor in international surveillance alliances. Namely, it’s one of the founders of the infamous Five Eyes (FVEY). This may be concerning to people engaged in sensitive online activities.

In the US, ISPs (Internet Service Providers) can log your online activities. What’s even worse, they can sell the collected information to third parties. Of course, this is said to be done for marketing purposes and to serve you with customized ads.

Remember, if your ISP knows what you do, so does the government.

Fortunately, TorGuard is one of the few VPNs on the market that take your anonymity very strictly. Thus, even if this VPN is operated out of the US, the company shouldn’t be able to share any useful data with the authorities even if forced.

What does a TorGuard location say?


Five Eyes alliance member


US jurisdiction


ISPs can log and sell personal data

Compare TorGuard VPN with other VPN providers

You may have an understanding already how crucial it is to find the best possible VPN service. When there are over 1,000 VPN apps out there, it takes some time to spot the needle in the haystack. There’s more to lose with the wrong decision than just a few Mbps download speed. Thus, we believe that VPN comparisons are one of the best ways to learn more about the potential and safety of a particular service.


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Available plans and pricing

Since the TorGuard website isn’t the most user-friendly, you may get confused about the pricing plans. This company has not one but a handful of cybersecurity tools. So, you’ll find several plans for the Anonymous VPN, Anonymous Proxy, Business VPN, and Anonymous Email packages too.

But we’re here to present to you the Anonymous VPN pricing plans, which comes with a first month for free if you cancel your current VPN subscription. You can also apply for a 7-day free trial if you have an account with another provider and send the last bill via email.

There are basically 4 plans as follows:


$ 9.99

per month

No Savings

Billed monthly


$ 4.99

per month

Save 50%

$29.94 in total


$ 4.99

per month

Save 50%

$59.88 in total


$ 4.17

per month

Save 58%

$100.08 in total

Strangely enough, TorGuard charges a relatively high amount for its proxy browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox. Though, many other VPNs offer these tools for free. Here are the Anonymous Proxy plans:

  • Monthly: $9.99
  • Quarterly: $19.99
  • Semi-annually: $29.99
  • Annually: $59.99

For these prices, you get unlimited bandwidth, SOCKS5 proxy, malware blocker, and 8 simultaneous connections.

But there’s more. TorGuard can also provide you with regular Dedicated IPs, Streaming IPs, Sports IPs, and Residential IPs. All these mean an extra cost of $7.99 monthly.

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Platforms TorGuard supports

With TorGuard, you can protect the most popular platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android). There are also browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox. Also, you can manually configure TorGuard to work with, Apple TV (AirPlay), NAS, Chromebook, Raspberry Pi, and routers. In fact, this provider offers several different pre-installed VPN router models, including flashed DD-WRT and Tomato VPN routers.

TorGuard Windows
TorGuard Mac
TorGuard Linux
TorGuard iOS
TorGuard Android
TorGuard Chrome
TorGuard Firefox
TorGuard Routers

All the clients are more or less the same. One of the things that link them is the user-unfriendly interface. It seems that the TorGuard VPN apps have the Settings page right on the home screen. However, for more experienced users, the settings can come in handy when setting up more secure or faster connections. In fact, TorGuard VPN offers a great variety of settings for those who like to tweak around.

TorGuard and entertainment

Not all the VPN users are hackers, political/environmental activists, or journalists who have a lot to lose if identified. Many people simply want to entertain themselves by watching TV shows, movies, and sports events (e.g., UFC fights, NHL, and F1), or gaming. These users only need an app to bypass geo-blocking measures that keep them relatively safe and anonymous. Let’s see what TorGuard has to offer for your entertainment.


Since one-third of VPN users seem to be Netflix streamers, this is probably one of the most popular media centers. In fact, many users only invest in VPN software to be able to stream their favorite TV shows and movies. However, you need to make sure that the VPN service you’re about to purchase is able to do so. Netflix works rigorously to block access for VPN users.

At the moment, it seems the Atlanta server of TorGuard is able to unblock Netflix US, the other servers may encounter problems. Of course, TorGuard is a dynamic VPN service whose server count is always increasing, so the situation may change for the better.

The situation is worse for BBC iPlayer; TorGuard doesn’t seem to get through. However, reports claim that you can use this VPN for streaming Hulu, which could be a relief. In any case, this service is a bit hit and miss for streaming, unless all you want is YouTube and Facebook.


Torrenting and P2P


Considering that TorGuard was originally created as a secure and private channel for BitTorrent users, it’s probably one of the best choices for torrenting. The speeds are very good, so you can easily download or upload large files. What’s more, TorGuard provides a high level of security, which should be more than enough for P2P.

More and more countries try to hunt down torrent users as well as VPN users. The main reason is, of course, copyright infringement. However, torrenting and file-sharing are not necessarily related to pirated materials. Still, you’d better watch your back; or, as the saying goes, better safer than sorry.


To play censored games online, first of all, you need to spoof your IP address. Then, it’s best to have a VPN that can protect your anonymity. Last but not least, the service should have decent speeds and low latency as well. TorGuard VPN seems to have it all. If in doubt, why not go for the 7-day free trial if you’re eligible for it?


China? Consider it solved.


China is probably one of the most censorship and surveillance-heavy countries in the world. Of course, it’s not China alone that wants to limit the people’s access to certain materials on the web. Iran, Russia, the UAE, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia are also among the countries that like to control what their citizens can see online. What’s more, in some of these countries you can’t even legally use a VPN. China is somewhere in the middle.

As of February 2018, all non-approved VPN services have been banned in China. The Great Firewall has become almost impenetrable. Only government-approved VPN services can be used legally. This means that you’ll really need a VPN solution that can keep you secure and anonymous.

Although TorGuard was also forced to remove its local servers, this service made sure that the affected users can still use it. It’s advised that the Stealth VPN feature is applied via Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, or Vietnam. But, if you’re lost, the official website has useful information about how to connect to TorGuard VPN in China.

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