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Best 1337x proxy to get 1337x unblocked

Best 1337x proxy to get 1337x unblocked

If you have never heard of 1337x torrents, then you must have been living under a rock. That’s because this is one of the internet’s most highly regarded torrent tracker websites, combining a massive list of magnet links. As of 2024, 1337x is the third most popular torrent site on the entire internet!

1337x torrents are well known for being high quality and hugely diverse in selection, offering a wide spectrum of download options from movie, software, and even 18+ adult content. But before you start downloading anything, make sure to protect yourself using a VPN for torrenting. It hides your IP address and encrypts whole traffic, making it invisible for third parties, such as your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

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VPN usage is really essential

Before we start sharing URLs to access 1337x we must remind all our readers on the importance of using a VPN when accessing these websites in order to mitigate any risks and retain your anonymity. Remember that last year in California alone, over 1000 lawsuits were filed looking to prosecute torrent users. So your privacy is of paramount in these times.

Please be safe, not sorry, as using a torrent site regularly to download files, without taking precautions with a VPN for torrenting according to reddit, is like driving the wrong way on the freeway at night with no lights on! No one is lucky enough to avoid an accident, so just do not take the risk and be well prepared for your 1337x torrent endeavors.

History of 1337x

Before we begin, lets just recap briefly about the history of the 1337x site, just to bring you up to speed. For those that are unfamiliar, 1337 is pronounced ‘leet’ and is a very old hacker/cyberpunk terminology for an ‘elite’ power user – someone who can use computers in a myriad of ways to avoid detection, while getting access to anything they wish, is commonly given the 1337 haxor title.

The torrent site 1337x was founded in 2007 when the internet was a very different place, the wild web was heaving with popular torrent destinations, and 1337x quickly garnered the public’s attention.

It was always a popular site in the peripheral vision of the internet community, although that changed in 2016 with the seizure of Kickass torrents which catapulted 1337x into the limelight, rocketing its daily visitors up to brand new, all-time highs.

The site was banned due to its notoriety by Google and disappeared from search results for quite some time. This was due to a motion brought about from 2015 by Feelgood entertainment. During 2015 the site moved from its .pl domain to a .to top level domain to partly hide itself from the blocking and evade the measure put in place, causing many to call 1337x the nearest alternative to the Pirate Bay.

With an Alexa rank of 276 at the time of writing, it’s still a very highly visited destination, but the question is – how do people visit 1337x when it’s been blocked by Google and many ISPs? Well, with a 1337 proxy, of course, that will make sure you see 1337x unblocked in all its glory and be able to access those 1337x torrents once again. So without much further ado let’s unblock 1337!

Fast, reliable, and always full of high-quality 1337x torrents!

unblocked lol - 1337x proxy

Using this proxy is highly recommended as it was never offline during our testing period, and we were amazed at just how fast and responsive a service it was. There are literally thousands of 1337x torrent files and you can browse through them within seconds due to the rapid response time of the proxy servers.

The only real drawback is the mountains of advertisement pop-ups that come up whenever clicking on the site, but that’s just part of the parcel with using a proxy. We all know money has to come from somewhere to keep the service online after all.

With hourly updated listing and everything datetime stamped, it’s really a breeze to go through the torrent list and find lots of useful downloads available. There are as always plenty of seeders and leechers, so you won’t find any dead files that you cannot finish downloading which is a nice bonus.

Reliable, easy to use, and fast 1337x torrent experience, the ideal proxy!

unblockall - 1337x proxy

When you load this proxy it may take a couple of seconds to connect, but after the page cached in our browser the performance was snappy and never went offline. All the site images loaded and we had no problem at all in finding some great 1337x torrents for download.

The magnet links are all listed in the usual manner, with users able to navigate from category to category with just a few clicks and then find out more on the torrent details page. This makes it a very useful 1337x torrent proxy indeed.

This proxy was slightly more updated than others we looked at, and also had way fewer ads running and no pop-ups at the time of writing. So we really do think this is worth your consideration to have a good look at due to these factors.

On the negative side, the TV season selection was a bit thin on older seasons and more focused on the newer seasons popular in 2024, so if you’re looking for a blast from the past you may want to try another one of our 1337x proxies on the list here. Besides this, the site works like a dream and is highly recommended.

Quick to load, with loads of files, and easy to use. A great 1337x proxy for all to use!

unblocker - 1337x proxy

This 1337x proxy really works well, the page load speed is responsive and we were not left waiting around to see what was on offer. Of which there are plenty of files to choose from, you will not be disappointed when visiting this 1337x proxy at all.

With new torrents coming in every 15 minutes during our testing, we were surprised at just how many new seasons and movies were being scraped. This was far more frequent in updates than the other 1337x proxies we listed and that’s why we have included it in our guide.

Another very useful 1337x torrent proxy for your proxy list. Fast, reliable, and full of magnet links!

x1337x proxy

This proxy is working excellently, with all of the 1337x torrents you would expect to be featured, easily accessible via the proxy’s rapid response time. We tested browsing on this proxy over several days and didn’t notice any downtimes, strange phishing like advertisements, or annoying pop-ups. So feel it’s safe to browse here, but that’s no guarantee things may change in the future, so stay vigilant.

With slightly fewer updates than the other proxies in our list, this is not to say you should just ignore this proxy as it still has a wealth of magnet links for you to browse and works reliably enough to provide a great proxy torrenting experience.

A useful 1337x torrent proxy that should be bookmarked on everyone’s list, a vital mirror for accessing 1337x magnets.

1337x unblocked app - 1337x proxy

All the features you would expect of a 1337x torrent proxy are here, including search predictions and metadata for your movies. The pages load quickly and there are no annoying pop-up ads or things slowing it down. So the overall user experience is nice and well worth checking out.

On the downside, this site had some formatting issues that made reading the comments impossible whilst we were reviewing. Although this isn’t a huge deal for some, if you are looking to check the quality of the download and cannot read the comments, that’s not very helpful at all. This was the only negative when we used this proxy, and the positives far outweigh it so don’t let that put you off visiting.


As we’ve tried to show you, there are plenty of 1337x proxies to choose from. All come with their own set of pros and cons, but in the end, you should be able to find what you’re looking for in one or the other. Since it’s highly unlikely to see the original 1337x torrent tracker unblocked, we should get used to visiting multiple proxies, especially when they also can be taken down at any time.

While owning a torrent tracker website can be dangerous, so is downloading P2P files from it. That’s why you should protect yourself with NordVPN, our go-to VPN for safe torrenting. This provider will hide your IP and encrypt your connection with a military-grade cipher. As a result, neither your ISP nor any other third party will know what you’re doing online.

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So, which of the best 1337x unblocked sites listed here today are you using in 2024? Are there any major ones that we’ve missed?

Any ones that we’ve listed that are having problems? Let us know in the comments below!

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