The 10 best audio book torrents sites in 2021

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Last updated: December 23, 2020
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Audio books have existed for decades, but in 2021, we’re listening to them more than ever before. It’s no secret that many of us have busy jobs, busy commutes, and all-round busy lifestyles, so finding time to immerse yourself in a book is often very difficult.

Like podcasts, audio books give us the freedom to enjoy great content as we go about our lives. Not only this, but the audio book narrator essentially ‘performs’ the novel, which can enhance the most exciting parts of a story and make it more emotionally affecting.

For torrent users, the good news is that many sites contain large collections of audio book torrents. The bad news is that very few of them actually specialize in audio books. The worse news is that many of those that do are invite-only.

As such, whether you’re an audio book fanatic or are simply interested in joining the format’s rapidly growing listenership, we’ve provided you with a list of the ten best sites to use in 2021.

This way, you can ensure you always have a great story on hand to keep you company while you’re working, commuting, or even just cleaning the house.

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AudioBook Bay

AudioBook Bay is easily the most well-known audio book torrent site currently in operation—and for our money, it’s possibly the best.

AudioBook Bay for audio book torrents

Its content is well-organized and sortable by language, genre, and age. The site boasts a large community of friendly users who actively review new uploads, which makes it easy to know which torrents can be trusted.

The only downside is that you are required to make an account to download torrents. However, this costs nothing and allows you to join the request forum, which the admins seem to respond to relatively frequently.

AudioBook Bay forum


Torrentoff is one of the lesser-known torrent sites in general, but its collection of torrents for audio book far surpasses most of its competitors’.


This is a user-friendly torrent site with a clear, straightforward design. Like many non-specialist torrent sites, however, Torrentoff doesn’t feature a specific category for audio books.

Torrentoff search results

This can make the search function seem chaotic. Also, the results page does not display the seed-to-peer ratio of each torrent, which makes the search process even more time-consuming.

If you manage to navigate it, however, it’s highly likely Torrentoff has the audio book you’re looking for.

Sumo Torrent

Sumo Torrent is another under-the-radar torrent site that contains a far greater number of audio book torrents than most of its competitors.

Sumo Torrent review

This site also has an ‘audio book’ search option that quickens the process of locating your desired torrent. A further advantage is that it displays the seed-to-peer ratio of each torrent on the results page.

Sumo Torrent advanced search

This display function also allows to spot ‘poisoned’ torrents, which usually have an inflated number of seeders to trick users into downloading malware. Unfortunately, Sumo is particularly susceptible to this, so please beware to avoid torrents with abnormally high seed counts (pictured below).

Sumo Torrent search results


LimeTorrents is among the most beloved torrent sites in general, with many users praising its enormous collection of torrents and ease of use.

LimeTorrents review

This collection includes thousands of audio books. While it lacks Sumo Torrent’s advanced search filtering, LimeTorrents succeeds because of its security functions; it is highly unlikely you will encounter a poisoned torrent here.

LimeTorrents audio book search results

Indeed, LimeTorrents appears to be one of the most genuine torrent sites there is. Alongside AudioBook Bay, we’d absolutely recommend this site as the best places to satisfy your audio book cravings.


When it comes to torrents, many people say, ‘if it exists, it’s on Seedpeer.’

Seedpeer torrent site review

This could be true, but it isn’t necessarily a good thing. Like some other audio book sources included here, Seedpeer apparently has no filter for poisoned torrents.

(Let’s face it: the audio book for Stephen King’s 1984 novel The Eyes of the Dragon does not have 355 seeders.)

It also seems impossible to sort results by ‘seeds’, which makes it even harder to find proper torrents on Seedpeer. Nevertheless, it is still worth checking out if your desired torrent is nowhere else to be found.


With The Pirate Bay facing likely termination, 1337x has emerged as a worthy successor to the torrenting giant.

A review of 1337x torrent site

This torrent site contains mostly newer content, so its overall repertoire is somewhat lacking in comparison to LimeTorrents and Seedpeer. What it lacks in range, however, 1337x makes up for in reliability, security, and accessibility.

1337x audio books

Due to its popularity, 1337x’s torrents are usually well-seeded, which means that torrents downloaded from this site are often quicker than from sites with weak trackers. As such, this is a great place to visit if LimeTorrents is down or if its torrents are downloading too slowly.


Rutracker is a Russian torrent site that contains an excellent collection of everything—including audio books.

Rutracker review

Of course, the immediate downside to this site is that it’s in Russian. However, the layout is easy to navigate if you’re familiar with other torrent sites (although Google’s page translation is certainly useful in this regard).

The only other problem here is that Rutracker is an ugly website that uses an embedded Google search function. Either way, neither of these things prevent it from being good, and Rutracker’s collection of audio book torrents is second to none. is a meta search engine for torrents, much like the beloved

The reason we didn’t include, however, is that it tends not to pull many results for audio books. This is where succeeds—it’s a far superior search tool than its more popular competitor.

Torrents-me search results

The only real disadvantage is that it doesn’t update its mirrors for sites like The Pirate Bay. In that case, you need to find a proxy for the blocked site and replace the URL of the search result. Aside from that, we have no real complaints with this one.


MagTors is a relative newcomer to the torrent scene, and for the moment, it is the fastest-loading torrent site available.

MagTors site review

Its collection of just three million torrents seems tiny compared to sites like iDope, which contains over six times that amount. Nevertheless, MagTors boasts a huge amount of audio book torrents, making it one of the most reliable sites for audio book fanatics in 2021.

MagTors audiobook page

Upon closer inspection, MagTors also seems to be a largely secure torrent site, and its masthead reports that it contains ‘Only Verified Torrents.’ For those in a hurry, this site should be your go-to.

WorldWide Torrents

Lastly, we have WorldWide Torrents, another worthy newcomer—if you can handle the ads.

WorldWide Torrents

Indeed, this one is prone to pop-ups and in-page ads that make the site lag. It’s also less attractive and secure than newcomers such as MagTors, with a reasonable risk of torrent poisoning.

WorldWide Torrents search results

Nevertheless, if you exercise caution while browsing WorldWide Torrents, you can take advantage of its superior search functions and its vast range of torrents for audio books that give this site an advantage over plenty of competitors.

Safety while using torrents

Whatever you’re torrenting, you should always be careful to exercise proper caution. Copyright trolls are becoming increasingly litigious, and your IP address can be easily tracked by these legal bodies.

The best way to remain safe while torrenting is to use a virtual private network (VPN), which conceals your IP address by re-routing it around the globe—thus making it impossible to track you.

A common misconception of VPNs is that they cause your connection to lag. This is completely untrue, as the best VPN services for torrenting allow you to enjoy unlimited download speeds while ensuring total security.

Conclusion: what is the best audio book torrent site overall?

All of the torrent sites we’ve included have their upsides and downside, but the best all-rounder by far is AudioBook Bay.

Our #1 pick for audio book torrents is AudioBook Bay.

It’s comprehensive, reliable, and has a great community to guide all users toward the best torrents. So long as you’re using one of the best VPNs for torrenting, you can’t go far wrong with this one.

So, which of the best audio book torrents listed here today are you using in 2021? Are there any major ones that we’ve missed?

Any ones that we’ve listed that are having problems? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Elmer Phudd

    Since the demise of Demonoid, which I have used as my primary p2p site since just after it opened, is the best I’ve found for audiobooks, though it sometimes has some surprisingly popular titles lacking. The associated site, is a good ebook site as well.

    1. claudiano

      Oh thanks! I do a lot of audiobooks because I’m always so busy, and I have a lot to do with my hands, so audiobooks are the way to go! Between that and travel, I end up listening to a lot of audiobooks, so a new site to look for them on is a lifesaver!

  2. NN00

    Haven’t yet used AudioBook Bay so thanks for the recommendation. Been using PirateBay, 1337x and other general torrent sites for all my needs but maybe it’s time for a change.

  3. Karamazov

    I’m so glad I found this article, since I love to listen to audiobooks but most subscription services are sooo expensive. These websites are the best!

  4. Marcia S.

    This list is a lifesaver! I made a new year’s resolution to read more books, but I’m already so busy, I’m going to have to rely on audiobooks more. Glad I found this!

  5. Barnaby Doyle

    2019, I have resolved to acquire more knowledge than ever consciously. Basically, I am strategic about it, and part of my focus is on audio books. Considering my very busy daily schedule, I have audiobook as my easy way out to achieve this set goal.

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