The 5 best Yify proxy sites still working in 2023

Julie Cole
Julie Cole | Contributing Writer
Last updated: January 23, 2023
The 5 best Yify proxy sites still working in 2019!
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Proxy torrenting in 2023 is still as popular as ever, and now with news of the BitTorrent protocol getting fresh development work being spent on it, to create new technologies that embrace both blockchain-enabled cryptocurrencies and the power of the torrent swarm, the future is certainly looking bright as we enter the new year! Who knows what new torrenting sites may pop up out of these new technological advances, unabashed by conventional cloud hosting methods.

But before we get ahead of ourselves on the future – getting access to the best torrents is obviously on a lot of our minds in the present, and using a Yify proxy is a necessity for many in today’s modern age. Of course, we all know the key issue with proxy torrenting, is if the proxy is any damn good! Getting proxy torrents requires a good quality Yify proxy.

Moreover, safe torrenting requires a reliable Virtual Private Network (VPN). We highly recommend getting NordVPN, our top P2P VPN service. It effectively hides your IP address and encrypts the whole traffic, shielding you from third-party snoopers.

Top 5 VPNs for sharing files anonymously

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  4. Torrent-friendly VPN with free version
  5. Private & secure P2P VPN

Don’t know which Yify proxy sites are the best? Find out below!

How to get the best VPN for torrenting

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  3. Connect to a server in your chosen country
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Get the best VPN for Yify Proxies

Top 5 Yify proxy sites in 2023

Getting a good experience torrenting is about making sure we can access our favorite trackers, and get a good download and upload speed whilst on a Yify proxy. That’s what we’re going to be going in deep on in this guide, so you don’t have to waste time going through endless Yify proxy lists looking for a good one. We’ve gone through literally hundreds of yts proxy lists to find the best and compile them into this article for you.

So without much further ado, let us give you the rundown of the best Yifi proxy sites still working in 2023 for a perfect proxy experience! Just don’t forget to turn on a solid VPN for P2P before downloading.

Fast, reliable, and highly recommended! Huge categorized selection in high resolution, with plenty of metadata and reviews.

Yify Movies-net is an enjoyable site to use both aesthetically and functionally. There are loads of downloads to choose from and you can search using their built-in search feature to look up anything that has piqued your interest.

Having lists like popular, latest, and 1080p is really useful when you just want to have a look through some lists for good quality content. Overall the selection is staggering, with hundreds of new items added frequently, this is a great proxy for torrents that are new and still being seeded and also for those torrents that have been around for a few years.

There are related items displayed when viewing more information, so you can find other interesting movies similar to your taste. A trailer is also provided for quickly checking what the movie is about. Additionally, the actors are listed from the feature and we can click their names and then go through all of their filmography that is listed on the site.


Quick to load, easy to browse. A well-put-together website for accessing Yify content, although it was having some problems when we checked it.

YTS unblocked

The site has a huge selection of movies and an easy-to-use search. With a nice presentation making it easy to navigate and find interesting movies. Also, the addition of technical specifications for the content makes film buffs a good-looking download for their 4K cinema displays able to find the more superior selections not offered on other proxy torrent sites.

YTS unblocked2

Here a 720p Blu-ray and 1080p are available. Being able to step up the settings does make all the difference in enjoying the experience on a big screen.

The nice thing about this site is there are plenty of comments and reviews, and we noticed the actors feature is also implemented – so looking for other movies by the same cast is easy! This is certainly a very nice feature we enjoy a lot.

But it’s not all perfect here – when we last used YTS.unblocked none of the images were loading past the home page, so this did give us some concerns about the reliability of the service. Whilst testing over the period of several days, the images did load sporadically.

For this reason, we cannot say that this is the best site, but it’s definitely on the top list due to its speed and selection. Looking at many other sites we tried such as that look identical, although on further usage just forwarded to some third-party sites that had nothing to do with torrenting, so watch out for fake imitations!

Rapidly fast loading, reliable, and with a huge selection of small size downloads!


This proxy is certainly a well looked after machine, working much better than the rest – after trying literally hundreds of other proxies that were just redirecting endlessly or if they did not, not able to display the thumbnails of movies: was unlike all of those and able to outperform and do it all!

YTS-gs 2

You get screenshots, the cast and director, and of course plenty of information on the file’s technical specifications again. What’s great is this all loads very quickly, with no 404 images or waiting around for the server to respond, and they even implemented the anti-DDOS features of Cloudfare. This way, you also know the service isn’t going to just disappear or go unresponsive when a competitor/some script kiddy starts doing a bot attack on their servers, which is very convenient indeed.

Many locations are included on this site, meaning you have a plethora of trackers to launch your magnet from and that seems to be the case across all of the items we checked. So no files are too centralized and are spread out across the network well, meaning you shouldn’t ever get snagged not being able to find a viable download source.

YTS-gs 3

Overall it was hard to find a down point about this yts proxy, with an API and RSS feature fully functional. How can you go wrong? Highly recommended for both novice yts proxy torrent users and intermediate users alike.

Slower, but still reliable and full of features such as RSS and trailers!


This YTS ag proxy may take a half-minute to start responding, although once you have cached the site and loaded it a few times, it will speed up and is reliable to provide a great user experience that includes trailers. That’s why we are still including it in our top list.

Having trailers makes the browsing experience oh so much easier! Not knowing what you are downloading, or having to open separate tabs for youtube can be quite a hassle, so being able to just quickly jump into a 30-second rundown of the movie really does make using this site enjoyable.

The selection is huge, with many documentaries being listed that were not on other proxies we looked at. The technical information is great, as is having the cast and director all listed with links to their relevant works.

Despite being a bit slow of the starting blocks, it’s a good user experience if you give it a chance and is better than many other yts proxy sites out there. We managed to find plenty of good links and had a great experience using this proxy.

A fast, lightweight, and simplified service with the essential features left in.

Yifytorrent2 bypassed wtf

The look and feel is a bit old school, but that just adds to the charm of this Yify proxy. The pages load fast and there is little extra code or fancy designs to bog down the connection, making it optimal for lower speed and high latency or mobile connections.

Having a huge assortment to select from with the latest often updated, having daily uploads and categorized lists means browsing around for your next YTS proxy torrent session is a breeze. The quality of the movie is highlighted over the box cover with 720p or 1080p easily visible. Mp4 downloads are also offered for lightweight content ideal for mobile viewers.

Yifytorrent2 bypassed wtf2

You can browse the movies by year and quality, or just search the list. The frame rate, run time, IMDB rating, and genres are all listed on the movie details page, although there are no trailers on this proxy. There are detailed descriptions and the cast and director are also listed, but sadly there are not any related links to take your browsing further.

Despite the negative points of this proxy, it’s still very much worth your time to give it a look if you are looking for a special proxy for torrent sites, due to its lightweight and fast loading time. Using it as a search engine brings good results and means we can find a wide array of different titles.

Fast, lightweight and simple, worked well under our rigorous testing

Yifytorrent2 bypassed icu

The look of this YTS proxy is identical to the previous one we just reviewed but the functionality is slightly worse as the page load has increased in time even further.

But the page load being higher, does have a reason. This proxy includes screenshots and related movies! So there are some benefits to be had out of the slightly longer wait for each page to render when browsing. The trade-off is probably worth it somewhat as you can take a look at the file quality in the screenshots and avoid any bogus downloads that are not looking too hot.

Yifytorrent2 bypassed icu2

Overall it’s a usable and fun experience on this yts proxy, out of all the proxy torrent sites it’s not a stand-out one due to there being no trailers or API functionality. But it does hold its own with the screenshots and functionality such as the daily lists, and mp4 download options.

Using the search we were able to find all of the movies we were testing for and there was a large selection to browse through, although we did see numerous duplicates listed on this Yify proxy site. It’s not perfect but it definitely works well enough for us to recommend as a useful resource for your proxy torrenting needs.

Safety while using torrents

It’s better to be safe than sorry when using a torrent, that’s why proxy torrenting has become so prevalent in order to protect from the dangers of piracy and copyright laws. Using a torrent by itself is not illegal, but where that changes is in the content of the torrent being downloaded.

Now if the person downloading the torrent is caught, we know he can be in a whole world of issues due to the copyright laws of the united states. As we see in 2023, thousands of people have been sued in the United States for downloading from the Pirate Bay, as over 1,000 lawsuits have been filed.

Those numbers are provided courtesy of legal analytic company Lex Machina. The California-based law firm revealed that an average of 85 cases were filed per month last year, totaling 1,019 file-sharing cases.

Use a VPN

Using a proxy is one layer of protection but besides that, a VPN (Virtual Private Network) is the ultimate level of anonymity and encryption you can find online. It offers you the ability to jump from location to location and change your IP to a new one whenever you wish.

VPNs also protect your web browsing when you are using airport lounge wifi, at Starbucks, or staying at a guesthouse and are not sure about other devices on the network. When you connect with a VPN, it creates a secure tunnel between your machine’s network card and the VPN server, providing a bridge to the public internet that is encrypted and robust to avoid any potential eavesdropping or packet sniffing on the local wifi network.

Besides this, the benefits of a VPN prevent you from leaking information that a cracked wifi dongle may be listening for in the library or cafe also, just by connecting with wifi we are broadcasting, and these public networks, even if trusted at our university or apartment building – can still be susceptible to bad actors.

A VPN provides a complete solution to prevent anyone from trying to collect your information or attack your accounts because everything sent over the VPN connection is encrypted, similar to how we now use an HTTPS connection rather than HTTP.

For the best torrenting experience, use NordVPN, our top VPN for P2P, and Yify proxy sites in combination.

So, which of the best Yify proxy sites listed here today are you using in 2023? Are there any major ones that we’ve missed?

Any ones that we’ve listed that are having problems? Let us know in the comments below!

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