Comic books have a surprisingly long history. The first comic book was printed in 1837 and the modern comic book dates back to 1933. Naturally, the world of comic books has changed a lot in the last 180 plus years.

Readers used to have to search through specialty shops and resellers to find their favorite comics, but digital publishing and advancements in the internet have created a burst of accessible content. The modern reader has so many options available that the only thing holding them back is finding the most reliable place to obtain their comic books.

That is where torrenting comes in handy.

With a reliable torrenting site you can find a culminated list of hundreds of comic book torrents for fast and easy download. There’s no need to torment yourself with a search for the best places to torrent comics. We’ve done the research for you.

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Here is our breakdown of the 10 best places to find comic book torrents in 2020:

    1. EBOOKEE
    2. The Pirate Bay
    3. 01Torrent
    4. 1337x
    5. Books-Share
    6. TorrentOff
    7. Kickass Torrents
    8. WorldWide Torrents
    9. GetComics
    10. TorrentRoom


EBOOKEE, as suggested by the name, is an eBook torrenting site that offers thousands of comic book titles.


This site has a fairly messy homepage, but what EBOOKEE lacks in sleek styling, it makes up for with a fast and efficient search engine. One of the nicest features of EBOOKEE is the frequently updated top ten list that helps you find hidden treasures among their many titles.

Although there is no “comics” category on the main menu, the “comics” tag located in the middle of the landing page means the site can be easily used for your comic book torrenting needs.

Ebookee comic books

2. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is likely the oldest site on our list, and it has the catalog to show for it.

The Pirate Bay

Although The Pirate Bay is a highly used, well-known website, the downside is that its URL is constantly changing. However, a list of proxies to access the website can be found at

Pirate Bay comic book torrents

If you are willing to use a proxy to access The Pirate Bay, you will likely find it worth the trouble! There are hundreds of comic book torrents available on the site and searching by “other” is a quick way to find them among all the music and videos.

3. 01Torrent

01Torrent has a large collection of comic books that can be found under the site’s “eBook” section.

01Torrent for book torrents

01Torrent is one of the most intuitive websites on our list, with an easy category and search system.

Unfortunately, this website does contain a fairly large number of click-triggered popups, which can make overall use a bit frustrating, but Its large catalog plus the availability of pop-up blockers makes 01Torrent worth checking out.

4. 1337x

 1337x is another site with a huge catalog, but overwhelming amounts of popups and ads.

A review of 1337x torrent site

1337x has a larger list of comic books than many of the other sites we’ve listed, and the layout of the webpage is intuitive and visually pleasing.

You’ll want to use this website with a pop-up blocker, especially since the ads tend to be adult rated, which is not abnormal for a torrenting site that carry adult movies. Despite this issue, 1337x is definitely one of the best comic book torrenting sites on our list!

5. Books-Share

Books-Share is a fast, pop-up free, easy-to-navigate place for comic book torrenting.


Like other sites on this list, Book-Share has a fast search engine, but with the added benefit of working with subjects and ISBNs. The website has a designated comics and graphic novels section, which is not something many of the other sites have had available.

Another great thing about Books-Share is that they are constantly seeking new titles from the community, which means new titles are being added frequently.

books-share comic books

6. TorrentOff

TorrentOff is another search-to-find style website, which boasts of having millions of available files.


Like the other search-to-find sites, there isn’t a specific “comics” category, but hundreds of comic book torrents are mixed among the other labels.

Thankfully, when you search for a comic book title on TorrentOff, the search results do use a “comic” tag to help you quickly locate your choice among the list.

TorrentOff comic book torrents

7. Kickass Torrents

Kick Ass Torrents is one of the oddest sites on our list, but it is here for good reason. - Kickass Torrents mirror

The landing page is incredibly messy, but it openly offers more information on the torrents than any other site we’ve looked at. There is no apparent rhyme or reason to the listing of items under their category tabs, but there are more results than most other sites we’ve searched.

The best thing about Kick Ass Torrents is that despite the messy appearance of the rest of the site, the search engine lets you break your results into easy-to-skim, tabbed categories!

KickAss Torrents mirror 2

8. WorldWide Torrents

Another visually striking website – WorldWide Torrents has a sleek landing page with useful category tabs, including one specifically for comics.

WorldWide Torrents

This site is great for its large selection of comics and graphic novels. Unfortunately, click-triggered popups can make searching on this site a little more strenuous than others.

Additionally, once you navigate away from the homepage, there is no longer a floating search bar. Clicking the search function takes you to a separate, clunky search page, which isn’t what you expect after landing on such a well-designed home page. Despite this, the available files, categorized searching, and large amount of seeds makes WorldWide torrents a great choice for comic book torrenting.

9. GetComics

GetComics is the only comic books specific torrenting site on our list, which means they have one of the best comic books selections available.


One of the nicest features of GetComics is that all of the organizational tabs and categories apply specifically to comics, making it the easiest way to find exactly what you are looking for.

They even have an indie week section where you can download a large group of independently published comics at once to help you find something new to enjoy!

10. TorrentRoom

The last site on our list – TorrentRoom has a simplistic landing page with an easy-to-navigate menu.


This website, like other non-comic specific torrenting hubs on our list, does not have a specific comics category. However, the category list is laid out nicely, so you can easily find the “comics” subset, located within “other.”

With over 91,000 titles currently listed within the comic book subset, TorrentRooms has just as much to offer as some of the more well-known websites we’ve discussed.

TorrentRoom comic books

Safety while searching for comic book torrents

Comic book lovers have an entire world at their fingers when it comes to the amount of comic book torrents available online. The overwhelming amount of options can often lend to being less mindful of the importance of safety when torrenting.

Hackers can and will find their way into your private information if you are not wary of what you click, download, or install when torrenting.

In addition, it’s easy to accidentally pick up malware and viruses that can devastate your computer and personal files. This isn’t even to mention the personal responsibility taken on in regard to copyright laws and the federal punishments implemented upon those found guilty of digital piracy.

This is why it is so important to use a good VPN when seeking comic book torrents. A VPN will protect your digital identity through multiple methods, though most accomplish this by re-routing your IP address to one that is shared.

Using a VPN doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice your downloads speeds. Many VPNs, including NordVPN and ExpressVPN, offer fast downloads with top-notch security.

Flawless privacy practices, advanced security features, and reliable geo-unblocking capabilities make NordVPN the undisputed industry leader. Whatever your needs, this VPN has you covered – all starting from just $3.49/month.
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Which site is the best?

When it comes to comic book torrents there are many amazing options out there. If you are looking for a really obscure or hard-to-find title, wading through some of the more popular sites like The Pirate Bay is a good option.

But, if you are wanting the overall best experience you should take a look at GetComics.

GetComics is our favorite site for downloading comic book torrents.

Their sleek design, comic book specific features, and support of independent works all work together to give you the overall best experience.

Couple that with the use of a great VPN and the comic book world is your oyster. Check out our list of the best VPNs to help decide which matches your needs.

So, which of the best comic book torrents listed here today are you using in 2020? Are there any major ones that we’ve missed?

Any ones that we’ve listed that are having problems? Let us know in the comments below!

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