In many ways, it’s gotten a lot easier to be a gamer in 2020. There aren’t just more games, but also more game torrents easily available online.

But whenever it comes to torrenting, it can be a big battle between finding a reliable torrenting site for amazing games, and finding that it’s been shut down.

Moreover, users should beware that downloading copyrighted content can get them in serious trouble. To avoid getting caught red-handed, you should obscure your online identity by using a proxy or VPN service.

Here are the five best VPN providers for sharing files anonymously:


When evaluating game torrenting sites, we had these requirements:

  • a good collection of games
  • sites free from malware and clickjacking
  • working torrents with good speeds
  • easy-to-navigate site
  • virus-free game files

With that, we were able to find you the 11 best torrenting sites that will allow you to game on well into 2020 and beyond.

Best Working Game Torrenting Sites

  1. TorrentsGames – Best curated game torrent site
  2. GazelleGames – Best for trusted game torrents
  3. Download Games Torrents – Best for new games
  4. The Pirate Bay – Best for popular game torrents
  5. FitGirl Repacks – Best for gaming enthusiasts
  6. RARBG – Most reliable for game torrents
  7. TorrentsBees – Best for games in other languages
  8. CroTorrents – Best for PC gaming
  9. Games Torrents – Best for Spanish-language game torrents
  10. TorrentSnack Games – Best for multiplatform games
  11. LimeTorrents – Best variety of game torrents

1. TorrentsGames – Best curated game torrent site


One of the first big names when it comes to game torrents sites that provide high-quality links to the best available torrents is TorrentsGames.

torrents games

This site is presented more as a well-curated list of available game torrents, rather than the regular search-and-find layout of the Pirate Bay, ISO Hunt, etc.

That means that, because it’s curated, you’ll also be able to stay up-to-date on the newest available gaming torrents, including finding hidden gems you knew nothing about.

The site makes it pretty easy to search and find torrents, with a well-organized linking structure based on the gaming platform (PC, PlayStation, XBox 360, etc.). It’s also pretty great that TorrentsGames gives you the torrent file directly, rather than jumping through random hoops to get your torrent file.

2. GazelleGames – Best for trusted game torrents


This is yet another popular game torrenting site. However, because of the continuous crackdown on torrenting sites in general, GazelleGames has taken the membership approach.

gazelle games

As you can see in the image above, when you go to the GazelleGames website, you’ll be met by a prompt asking you to log in first.

In fact, if it’s your first time visiting the site, you’ll need to register and go through an approval process before being allowed access to the site’s 60,000+ game torrents.

3. Download Games Torrents – Best for new games


Pretty similar in style to TorrentsGames is Download Games Torrents (a very keyword-y website title).

download games torrents

As can be guessed, this site allows you to download games torrents, but offers a pretty comprehensive, curated list of games as well.

In fact, a lot of its offerings are similar to TorrentsGames: the games are divided according to platform, it offers a featured game, and you can download the .torrent file directly.

Nonetheless, that’s all pretty good if, for example, TorrentsGames goes down, you’ll be able to find a pretty good alternative quickly.

4. The Pirate Bay – Best for popular game torrents


No real list of the best game torrent sites of 2020 can be complete without a mention of the king of torrenting sites, The Pirate Bay.

the pirate bay

Looking almost exactly like it did almost 10 years ago, the site is search-based, although you can explore titles by categories.

Of course, it’s a general torrenting site, so you can find many different things to download: movies, books, TV shows, etc.

5. FitGirl Repacks – Best for gaming enthusiasts


A popular option for gaming enthusiasts, FitGirl Repacks helps repack games so that they are available for different uses.

fitgirl repacks

The site (or the FitGirl personality) claims to have a love for compression, not cracking, and she doesn’t really take requests except on a special “Day of Requests.” These are all important to remember if you’re looking for certain repacked titles – you’ll have to wait on FitGirl to release it at her own speed.

Luckily, with 20 pages full of titles to choose from, we’re sure you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for.

6. RARBG – Most reliable for game torrents


Still going strong in 2020 is RARBG, a dependable torrent site where you can still download anything and everything, including games.


It’s easy to find game torrents, since you can easily just click on the ‘Games’ category on the left side of the page.

The torrent file link is directly at the top of the page, so you don’t even have to read everything to get what you want. The file downloads directly, with no spammy redirects or fishy downloads needed.

7. TorrentsBees – Best for games in other languages


This torrent site is dedicated to gaming files, and it’s well organized and pleasant to look at.

torrents bee

When you land on the site, you get to see the most popular games (luckily, you even have the option for different languages if English isn’t your native tongue).

Not only do you get a few pages of summary for the title you’re looking for, but you also get a video trailer. There’s a download link directly below the video that gives you the .torrent file.

8. CroTorrents – Best for PC gaming


This site is aimed directly at users looking for reliable PC gaming torrents only.


This is a good game torrent site, but not the greatest. For one thing, some of the games are very…specific (such as the “Super Seducer 2” in the screenshot).

Secondly, when you click on the giant green ‘Torrent Download’ button, you sometimes get sent to some strange web page. On your second or third try, however, you’ll get the magnet link to the torrent file, and everything seems to work fine from there on.

9. Games Torrents – Best for Spanish-Language game torrents


Games Torrents is a pretty good summary of what you’ll find on this site, although they should’ve added another few words: in Spanish.

Luckily though, you can easily translate with the click of a button (especially on Chrome), so it’s not much of a problem here if your Spanish is a bit rusty. Nonetheless, if you’ve been on a few torrenting sites, you can probably find your way around the place without much trouble.

Just be sure you don’t click on the big blue buttons (they take you to some other website). Just go for the nice white, not green, ‘Descargar Torrent’ button near the bottom.

10. TorrentSnack Games – Best for multiplatform games


Another nice-looking website with curated content that’s made specifically for gaming torrents, TorrentSnack Games is a good choice for any enthusiast.

games torrent snack

Like the other great torrent sites dedicated to gaming, this one organizes its content into gaming platforms, with a good summary (including images and videos) of the title being downloaded.

There’s a clear link and button for you to get the torrent file, without any funny redirects.

11. LimeTorrents– Best variety of game torrents


LimeTorrents (whether .info, .zone, or .whatever) is one of the more familiar general torrenting sites.

lime torrents

It has a wide variety of available files, but you should take this availability with a grain of salt: for newer titles, it can be quite hard to find seeders.

In fact, unless the title is quote popular, there seem to be no seeders or leechers, which means you may have the file stuck in uTorrent for quite a while before you can start playing it.

Torrenting safety when downloading game torrents

When it comes to torrenting, it would be very careless to not mention safety. I’m not just talking about safety from viruses and infections, but also safety from litigation or being chased by mega-corporations claiming copyright infringement.

For that, the best solution is going to be using a VPN (virtual private network). We’ve discussed VPNs a lot here, and we believe it’s the best way you can keep yourself safe.

Remember, with a VPN for gaming you can hide your true IP and location, making websites and browsers think you’re in a different city or country entirely. This means that no one will be able to track you – as long as you’re using a trustworthy VPN service.

We’ve gone over the best VPN services for torrenting, and we highly recommend you check it out. Find out why ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and CyberGhost are top choices so you can be safe while downloading your favorite games.

So, which of the best game torrent sites listed here are you using in 2020? Any major ones that we’ve missed?

Any that we’ve listed that you’re having problems? Let us know in the comments below!