Are you a fan of Hindi language movies, with their complex stories, captivating soundtracks, fascinating dances and colorful scenery? We know how much people love watching Bollywood films, as well as other Hindi movies.

You can often find the latest and best Indian movies online for free, but knowing which website will have the right content, as well as be easy to navigate and use is often difficult.

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To help you follow your passion for Hindi movies, we’ve rounded up some of the top torrent sites with Hindi movie torrents that are working in 2020.


RARBG is an excellent site for multiple types of torrents, especially movies and TV shows. The home page displays news related to movies and show business, so you’ll need to navigate to the Torrents tab to actually see the torrents available.

We liked the fact that RARBG has a community of dedicated uploaders who share the latest content, and unlike many other sites, this site has strict quality standards so most of the movies and content is high quality. It has about 700,000 torrents available and 500,000 users, with the numbers increasing daily.

99HD Films

99 HD Films has a dedicated section for Bollywood and other Hindi movies, where you can find a treasure trove of movies filled with action, romance, and all other genres. As always, it’s best to torrent anonymously, using a service like ExpressVPN.

On 99HD Films, you can find movies tagged and categorized by various phrases and tags. However, the torrent health, age and number of seeders is not visible, so you won’t know which ones are going to work.

We definitely recommend this site for Hindi movie lovers as you will get not just the movie’s summary, but the website’s layout makes it very easy to find movies of any genre you want. However, you may not find the exact movie you want, as they don’t have many older movies.

Best HD Movies

This is the site for latest Bollywood movies, but unlike traditional torrent websites, there’s only a browsing option available. Each page has a list of Hindi movies that you can download, but you can’t search for a particular movie.

This does make the site a bit less useful for Hindi movie enthusiasts. Also, the torrent health, age and number of seeders is not visible, so you won’t know which ones have enough seeders for good speeds.

We recommend this site for people casually looking for some Hindi movies to watch, but not looking for any one movie in particular.


With a rather cluttered interface, Extratorrents doesn’t win any style points, but it is great for Hindi movie fans. This torrent site really delivers the goods, with thousands of Hindi movies available for download.

However, keep in mind that you’ll have to spend some time searching for what you need, as there isn’t a dedicated section for Hindi movies. We love the fact that the health of each torrent is clearly visible and you can sort movies by the number of seeds.


We like Limetorrent’s simple layout and easy to use interface. You can find whatever you’re looking for quickly by browsing through the top 100 torrents or using the search option located at the top of the page. Users can also create accounts in order to create bookmarks, provide feedback and chat with other users.

On the downside, many older Hindi movies may not be available or have healthy torrents, so in such cases, you may need to look elsewhere.

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is a legendary website for torrents, and you might know that the original site was taken down and since then various mirrors and reincarnations have come and gone. The Pirate Bay is easy to use, and has a simple, minimalist layout.

The home page has a search field for finding what you want and you can also browse the top torrents in multiple categories.

While the quality standards for content aren’t as strict as in some other torrent sites, the large user base, millions of torrents and uploader community makes this a good place to find both new and old Hindi movies. The VIP/Trusted user tags can help you identify the fake or bad torrents.

This site is recommended for finding recent Hindi movie releases, but due to poor torrent health, your options for finding older movies will be a lot lower than in some sites.


Torlock isn’t as well known as the other sites on this list, but it is a decent site for Hindi movies. With few banners, pop-ups and 5 million verified torrents, this website is a joy to use.

The pros of this site include that it’s easy to see the health of a torrent, it has high quality content, and searching for what you want is straightforward.

For those who prefer browsing, the option to browse through the top torrents in various categories is also available. Amongst the cons is the small number of Hindi movies, the lack of a dedicated Hindi movie section and difficulty in browsing Hindi language movies.


Zooqle is based off the torrent data from Bitsnoop, so it has a huge database of torrents, although some of the torrents are quite outdated. Although there’s not a dedicated Hindi movies section, you can browse and search from a large selection of Hindi movies.

On the plus side, you can see a description, photo and short summary of each movie, making it easier to decide if you want to watch it. The downside to Zooqle is the small number of Bollywood movies and the age of some of the torrents, so you might not find seeders on many of them.

Use Zooqle to find older releases for Hindi movies, but due to poor torrent health, you might face problems. So this won’t be your first choice.

Kickass Torrents

The name Kickass Torrents is familiar to any old torrents enthusiast, and it’s seen its share of ups and downs recently, having been taken down and then getting reincarnated on various mirrors.

It offers a familiar, clean interface and you can browse through recently uploaded movies. On the downside, the search function seems to be broken currently so finding the Hindi movie you want to watch will not be easy.

Bottom line, we think this is a good option for finding recently released Hindi movies and popular movies.

Torrent Downloads

This site offers torrents in various categories, and has a simple, clean interface with easy to visualize torrent health and

Torrent Downloads has quite an extensive collection of Hindi movies, both old and new. However, older movies are often not seeded, so don’t expect to to find something too esoteric. But if you want to watch the latest Hindi movies, you’ll easily find them here.

Safety while using torrents

While watching movies through torrents is both fun and costs you nothing, it can also be risky!
If your online activity is tracked by an intellectual property protection agency or law enforcement, you could be fined or penalized for downloading or watching a movie.

In addition, hackers could gather information about your whereabouts or computer through torrents, allowing them to access your personal data.

The best way to protect yourself from these dangers is to keep yourself anonymous online, using a VPN. A great VPN service such as ExpressVPN or NordVPN not only keeps you safe from legal consequences when downloading illegal torrents, it hides your location and IP address, allowing you to access websites that are often blocked in your region.