The best Kickass proxy to get Kickass unblocked

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Last updated: November 19, 2020
The best Kickass proxy to get Kickass unblocked
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Kickass Torrents (commonly abbreviated to KAT) has long been one of the most infamous and respected torrent trackers, founded in 2008 it features mostly all the biggest swarmed torrents and enabling users to search through literally hundreds of thousands of actively updated, archived torrent files.

In 2014 KAT became the most visited torrent website online and finally went offline in July of 2016 when the domain was seized by the US government. The official proxy servers were shut down by the staff at the same time.

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The story of KAT’s demise starts back in July 2016, when the United States Department of Justice announced that it had seized the domain and had identified its alleged owner as being Mr Artem Vaulin, who is a 30-year-old Ukrainian man known to use the online identity as “tirm.”

After being charged with a four-count U.S. criminal indictment Mr Vaulin was detained in Poland, and his remaining domains were taken offline voluntarily after the seizure of the domain name by Kickass torrent team members.

Now following the seizure of the original KAT domain multiple unofficial mirrors have been put online by the enthusiastic torrent community. These have no connection to the original team who have been urging users to exercise caution due to what has transpired. Despite these warnings a number of these mirrors have since been taken down for DMCA reasons.

iTunes paper trail

Mr Vaulin was arrested after investigators cross-referenced an IP address he used for an iTunes transaction with an IP address used to log into KAT’s Facebook page. The FBI also posed as an advertiser and obtained details of a bank account associated with the site.

Interestingly the investigation was led by special agent Jared Der-Yeghiayan, who also tracked down Ross Ulbricht, the operator of the online black market Silk Road.

The criminal complaint, filed in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois by Homeland Security Investigations, said that it was in possession of full copies of KAT’s hard drives, including its email server. The investigation suggested that KAT made over $12 million per year in advertising revenue.

Due to this controversy surrounding using torrents going forward in 2020, and the many legal cases we have presented thus far, the website has been blocked by many ISPs and is difficult to access without using a Kickass proxy to unblock the site. But there are still ways if you are inclined and take precautions.

We know there are plenty of Kickass proxy lists to unblock KAT, but which ones are working exactly? And what KAT proxy is going to be a waste of time? We delve deep in this guide on how to get Kickass proxy unblocked for good!

The best Kickass torrent proxy sites

Finding a good KAT proxy to make sure Kickass Torrents is accessible on your internet connection requires some patience, as the web is littered with plenty of cheap imitations that just forward you to endless pop-ups that don’t give you any access to a Kickass proxy at all.

Using a VPN helps you protect your identity but it wont help get Kickass unblocked like you need, so using a kick ass proxy list will help you in solving your dilemma. Thing is, as we have found through looking through these endless lists online, many Kickass proxy links are bogus and just don’t work!

Also what you need to take care of when using a KAT proxy is that it is genuine and not adding any phishing or tracking to your session whilst using the proxy. All of the proxies we list here have had the source code checked and we could not find anything at time of writing, this is not a guarantee that it could not happen in the future – but from what we can ascertain, everything is good for now.

Using this site means you get quick access to unblock KAT and reunite you with your favorite torrent files.


Browsing the site is easy, and it’s just like using the old Kickass Torrents of the good old days. This is one to KAT proxy to safe to your Kickass proxy list for certain. The page load time is good, and there are no 404 images to be seen. Finding your magnet links could never be easier! is a highly respected KAT proxy that has been online for quite some time, providing users with a plethora of magnet links and regularly updated. This one should be saved to anyone’s Kickass torrent proxy list.


There are plenty of series torrents and movies to be found, alongside the huge assortment of software that you would expect from a Kickass proxy. We can be certain we can get all the files we are looking for by using this KAT proxy.

A great Kickass proxy site with a easy to remember domain name! This proxy has everything you will be looking for in a Kickass torrent proxy, it’s fast and stable with no phishing or strange ads running. Definitely a good example of how a Kickass proxy unblocked the site for us.

Kickass Torrents-cr

This Kickass proxy provides all of the links we’d expect from Kickass Torrents, it has the screenshots also and has plenty of user comments. The torrents on the site are regularly updated and there does not seem to be any data missing. There are plenty of screenshots for the more organised torrents and we were able to find plenty of excellent downloads when using this proxy.

Although the site does sometimes respond a little slow during our testing, we were certain you will find the experience enjoyable and that’s why we are featuring it in our list of how to get Kickass Torrents unblocked. So if the site is loading slowly when you try, please give it five minutes and try again, as it’s reliable enough to give a few chances.

A short easy to remember Kickass torrent proxy for your proxy list. Although the torrents are not the freshest, you may want to check in here if other Kickass proxy links are not working, as it has all of the back catalogue and is very fast when responding to search requests


Interestingly, the search volume on this KAT proxy is much higher than on many others we checked, despite it not having the latest torrents and showing only results being tracked within the past 24 days.

Despite not having the latest torrents, this KAT proxy does have a huge amount to search through. Pages and pages of archived torrents are all there with their magnets ready for you to start downloading. So don’t feel afraid to try some searches and see what comes up, you never know what you might be able to dig up!

We hope you enjoy using these KAT proxies and find successfully can view KAT unblocked for your proxy torrenting needs now.

Remember to always protect yourself online with the use of a VPN and never take silly risks by downloading strange files or using websites you do not trust.

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Disclaimer: Affiliate links help us produce good content. Learn more.
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  1. nolen

    thanks for the kickass proxy article. i nearly forgot it exist. works like a clock

  2. arialbold works good on my end. It returns the search result pretty fast. Easy to use too

  3. Tara Misu

    At the beginning of 2017, the torrent landscape looks quite different from a year ago. With the shutdown of KickassTorrents and, two of the largest players in the scene disappeared.

  4. darlenewong works fine. I have tried this in the past but the page will have loading issue at times. Any idea why?

  5. Jimmy676

    Tracking KAT and shutting it down doesn’t necessarily mean the end to the proxy. It all depends on your skills and zeal. Though most ISPs distanced from it and does not allow its access, it can still be tracked. IT inclined persons will agree with this

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