What is KissAnime? 7 KissAnime Alternatives

Jan Youngren
Jan Youngren | Chief Editor
Last updated: August 26, 2020
What is KissAnime? 7 KissAnime Alternatives
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What is KissAnime?

The world of anime is definitely an interesting one, and we think one of the best places to watch it is at KissAnime. Established since 2017 on the KissAnime.ac domain, the site features one of the world’s largest list of anime in English language, providing a curated list which users can add additions to and report bad links.


Is KissAnime safe?

Besides actual links to movies, KissAnime acts as a news source with all the latest anime news also listed. There also are even some variants sister sites of KissAnime such as KissCartoon and KissAsian, making the offering very large indeed.

Having all of this offered does make you wonder is KissAnime safe, and some of the time there can be bogus links placed on the site to content that really should not be appearing.

Is KissAnime legal or is KissAnime illegal?

The content on the site is submitted by users. Due to this, the area is full of user generated content, meaning some copyright infringement has definitely taken place over the course of the site.

In plain English, this means that although the site in itself is legal in nature, the content being added has not had the actual permission given of the copyright owners. So we advise you to take caution when browsing.

Why is KissAnime so slow?

Sometimes the site is really slow and despite all of the good features the site has, you may want KissAnime alternatives that can give you everything KissAnime does and more especially when the servers at KissAnime down. So we have compiled this guide for the best 7 KissAnime alternatives for your viewing pleasure!

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Using torrents in and of itself is not illegal, but when downloading copyrighted content you may be breaking the law, as we have seen in the US. Big Hollywood movie companies are taking action to file lawsuits against individuals that download movies inside the US, for example.

Prior to downloading your first anime torrent file, check out our Best VPN for torrenting list.

So as long as you have taken your safety precautions and are using a VPN, then let’s begin looking through the top 7 KissAnime alternatives you can use when KissAnime is down!

All of these sites have been checked and do not contain broken links or viruses so you can have peace of mind when browsing.


Stream over 45,000 titles legally! An incredible addition to anyone’s KissAnime alternatives bookmark list!


Anime planet offers a massive selection of over forty five thousand titles for your streaming pleasure! It’s a huge portal with a packed search engine for you to binge watch hours of anime with. Just sign up for an account and get stuck in, this is one of the best KissAnime alternatives we have found on the internet.

And we feel the positive points don’t just stop there, there are no annoying advertisements getting in the way and no questionable links. Just that good old anime that you came for in the first place!

Featuring many curated lists, the browsing experience is intuitive and highly satisfactory. Making anime planet the number one pick on our list that we are recommending for you!


Free anime, direct from Japan! Fast tracked to you with no delay.


AnimeLab features so many titles, it’s definitely going to take you a while to work your way through the list. It’s 100% free and legal, and has a really nice user interface. The only drag is it’s exclusively for Australians and New Zealanders. So you users from outside of those countries will not be able to use the site.

For users who can access the site, they will be able to use their iOS and Android devices and be able to enjoy any of the site’s huge library of titles. AppleTV, Chromecast and PlayStation are also supported, making AnimeLab an incredible offering indeed.


Fast, online anime streaming.


This site is more reminiscent of KissAnime in its look and feel, the layout is simple but packed with anime titles. Meaning you really will have a lot to choose from when looking through its catalog.

There are categorized lists by genre and a search feature, also manga and Asian movies are included in the deal. Making this site quite a big resource for anime and Asian cinema fans alike.
Episodes are presented with screenshots and easy to find as offering both English and original Japanese names.

One down side about using this site is there are loads of advertisements, and this makes the pages load quiet slowly. Overall, however, we feel this is just a small annoyance and does not detract from an otherwise excellent browsing experience.


A wide spectrum of anime, presented in a polish high quality style similar to Netflix


Using this site is really nice, and we recommend you take a look as soon as possible! There really is a lot of truth in the saying ‘beauty is in the details’ as every small minute detail seems to have been put under alot of focus and attention on this excellently crafted KissAnime alternative!

Featuring high quality 1080p streaming and direct download links, you really are spoilt for choice when using this site. The player is essentially the same as YouTube or Netflix and works just as well.

There are a few advertisements but they blend seamlessly with the page and don’t cause much distraction. All of the advertisements we saw when testing was for anime so it’s all on trend and not giving you some odd banners for something completely irrelevant to your tastes.

Overall, the pages load rapidly, the streams are uninterrupted and they buffer up quick. Having 1080p quality on offer makes the display look really nice on larger monitors / displays and means MasterAni.me is one our favorite KissAnime alternatives that we have added to this list. We hope you enjoy the experience and feel it worthy to save to your bookmarks too!


A long player in the space, online since 2006. Featuring a huge range of anime with a large back catalog


Crunchyroll features both shows and a forum, meaning thousands of users check the page regularly and there is always something new to check up on. Hundreds of titles are on offer when browsing through the genre categorized sections, for hardcore anime fans a release calendar is also included so you will never miss an update to your favorite anime.

What’s really nice with Crunchyroll is they offer a premium ad free service, this was one of the only sites we found to offer such a service, and they are even doing a free 14 day trial if you interested in checking that out.

Overall, the site has around 25,000 licensed titles so legality is not an issue. Because of this we feel it’s a great KissAnime alternative that you should save to your bookmarks. If you are a frequent visitor of the site you will need to check out the premium section, but the free content will suffice for any casual viewers.


A massive selection of content, a worthy KissAnime alternative for your consideration


AniWatcher has a huge amount of content for you to browse through, presented in a easy on the eyes theme that gives you plenty of information about the titles which are offered in both subs and dub variants.

The trending and ongoing links mean you can easily jump into the latest, most popular anime and not miss out on anything. This makes the experience very useful and you can be rest assured everything is 100% licenses and free for your entertaining pleasure.

Besides the clean user interface with large box covers and plenty of details, there also is a thriving chatbox with thousands of avid anime fans online discussing the latest anime news. You can join in simply by clicking in the bottom right of the page and launching the AniWatcher chatbox. At time of writing there were over 2,500 users online and growing!


A feature packed KissAnime alternative that’s quick and easy to use


We couldn’t call this list of KissAnime alternatives complete without including GogoAnime! This site features one of the internet’s largest database of anime we could find, including all kinds of wild and rare titles, and it’s also rapidly growing as its always updated with all the latest most popular anime!

Browsing through from the home page, visitors will quickly see what we are talking about here! The recent releases list, ongoing series and recently added series are bountifully stocked with a wide assortment. Running any searches in the sites search feature should provide lots of results for you review.

What’s nice also about using this site as a KissAnime alternative is that movies and shows are separated and easier to browse, so the list is more organized and less confusing. This makes this site definitely worth adding to your KissAnime alternative bookmark list!

So, which of the these KissAnime alternatives listed here today are you using in 2020? Are there any major ones that we’ve missed?

Any ones that we’ve listed that are having problems? Let us know in the comments below!

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Disclaimer: Affiliate links help us produce good content. Learn more.
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  1. Trent O

    AnimeLab is alright, and Crunchyroll too, they both works fine, though I actually prefer to download the full torrents of an entire season or serie in once.

  2. mayorofsafetytown

    Has anyone tried VRV? It’s pretty good for anime, and it has a lot of other good stuff on it, too. I think it’s a great alternative to any anime site, and some of their stuff is free without having to watch illegally.

  3. Jane Doe

    I’ve tried GogoAnime and Anime-Planet and they are both very good. The second is probably better as it has a lot of interesting features and you can indeed find yourself investing hours upon hours watching anime here. Yet I also like Gogo, it’s just a personal fave of mine.

  4. Dammy Gosh

    I like the fact that the site is filled with user generated contents, it makes it easy for people to find various resources they need for all kinds of projects. Kissanime is definitely a creative platform, and yes it is also entertaining.

  5. Rob Rodriguez

    AnimeLab is so much better then “KissAnime” works better although took a little navigating around but i got it and love it thanks

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