Best Malayalam new movie torrents in 2023

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Last updated: January 20, 2023
Malayalam new movie torrents
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There are many torrenting sites where you find movies, but for a lot of these sites, finding the Malayalam titles is like finding a needle in a haystack. With that in mind, we present you with the top Malayalam movie torrent sites and ways to unblock them with a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Downloading Malayalam movie torrents without a VPN is not safe. Make sure you choose a reliable service from the list below.

Before downloading Malayam torrents, consider getting a good VPN for torrenting, to hide your IP address and encrypt your traffic. This way, you’ll avoid issues with copyrights and get extra protection online. Also, most VPNs can unblock other streaming content as well from anywhere in the world.

How to download Malayalam torrents with a VPN

  1. Choose a solid VPN. We recommend NordVPN, now with 68% off
  2. Connect to a country where torrenting isn’t blocked
  3. Visit one of the recommended Malayalam P2P sites
  4. Start downloading!

Get Malayalam torrents with NordVPN

Can’t find the best Malayalam movies? Find them on the best torrenting sites listed below!

Best VPNs for downloading Malayalam movie torrents

Here are the Top 3 VPNs for downloading Malayam new movie torrents safely in 2023:

  1. The best VPN for downloading torrents
  2. P2P-sharing VPN with infinite connections
  3. Affordable VPN for torrents

Best Malayalam torrent sites that still work in 2023

These sites have a ton of new Malayalam movies that are easy to find. All of them are free to use and currently active. As always, don’t forget to turn on a solid torrenting VPN by reddit before downloading!

Here’s a quick list of the top Malayalam P2P sites for finding movies:

  1. Torrentz2
  2. A2movies.IN
  3. Zooqle
  4. AIO Search

1. Torrentz2

Torrentz2 is a great P2P site that has a lot of Malayalam torrents to choose from.

While we were able to find Malayalam new movie torrents here, such as Nayattu, many of the torrents were older. The search function worked well. However, this did make it a little more difficult to find newer movies. We had to use Beta Search a couple of times which allegedly searches 100% of the database.

Overall, the database is quite extensive. We felt this was a good place to start for beginners looking for Malayalam torrents in 2023.

2. A2movies.IN

A2movies.IN was one of the best sites we found for Malayalam torrents.

Even though its design is quite pathetic, finding the movie titles is pretty easy. The site also has a wide variety of Malayalam movie titles to choose from. That being said, we found more new content on Torrentz2.

The site categorizes movies by year. All you have to do is click 2023, and you can find all the latest movies all in one spot. This site has a lot of pop-ups, so you will want to use a pop-up blocker.

3. Zooqle

While this P2P site has multiple categories, including games, books, and anime, Zooqle is also great for Malayalam movie seekers.

Zooqle for Malayalam torrents

The biggest disadvantage of Zooqle is required registration. However, it takes just a minute because you don’t need to verify anything. We couldn’t find the latest movies, but those released six months ago or later were there.

Each title has more than a few torrents, so you should find the one that works. The quality ranges from 480p to 1080p (HD).

AIO Search is different from the rest of the entries on this list. That’s because it’s an aggregator that searches through other P2P sites and gives you a direct link.

AIO Search - Malayalam torrents

With more than 20 torrent sites are checked, you can be almost sure that if AIO Search didn’t find your Malayalam movie, it’s probably not available anywhere else. The problem is that you have to check every torrent site manually, but it’s still better than loading each page on your own. Once again, you may not find many movie titles from 2023, but the best ones are there.

The best perk of each Malayalam torrents VPN

NordVPNBest VPN for Malayalam torrents
SurfsharkUnlimited devices
PrivateVPNCheap VPN for Malayalam torrents

Overview of Malayalam new movie torrents

If you are looking for new movies to download, our favorite site for Malayalam torrents
A2movies.IN. We had a truly positive experience using this site. We were able to find a bunch of 2023 movies here that were easy to download and high-quality.

If you are looking for older movies, Torrentz2 is another excellent choice. They had a large selection, and we found the website simple to navigate.

However, using a torrenting site is inherently risky. In many countries, governments are cracking down on anti-piracy and copyright infringement laws. Using a VPN service will keep your activity private and also help block pop-up ads. A VPN keeps people from seeing and tracking your IP address.

The best VPN services are ones you have to pay for, but most are pretty cheap. You’ll find free VPNs, but they tend to be riskier. Therefore, our favorite service for P2P is NordVPN. It has a well-established reputation for keeping its users safe while they’re downloading Malayalam or any other torrents.

So, which of the best Malayalam new movie torrents listed here today are you using in 2023? Are there any major ones that we’ve missed?

Any ones that we’ve listed that are having problems? Let us know in the comments below!

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Disclaimer: Affiliate links help us produce good content. Learn more.
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  1. jns

    So A2movies.IN is the best site to download malayalam movies? I was thinking Torrentz2 would be one of your choices (maybe even the first one). If you can, please create a malayalam movies download sites list with 10+ such websites. I always like to have a few options in case one or more of them gets taken down. Will start using A2movies more plus check Torrentz2 for older movies. I also like to check out the tamilrockers website from time to time.

  2. noirrabbit

    I would add a vote for Torrentz2. I’ve had a pretty good success getting videos from my home country there. It’s very helpful, and good to see so many people having an interest in it! I’ve got to see if I remember some of my favorites, I have been in the US too long.

  3. Vivaan

    Torrentz2 is a site I often use nowadays. It has a large database of Malayalam movie torrents and much more. Great speeds for downloads and diversity make this site a must go to.

  4. Dawn Appleton

    I’m so embarrassed by my lack of basic geographic knowledge. I never heard of Malayalam films and was initially confused what torrents these sites provided. Quick browser search indicates it’s in India. Am I right? I definitely need to brush up on my geography. However, I never need to brush up on VPN’s because this site covers everything!

  5. nordictruck1

    Great! This is a good opportunity to know more about the Malayalam movies. I’ve seen a good one and I was hoping where I could find more of it. Cool that this guide is available for us.

  6. Bob Scott

    Thanks! This will make it a lot easier for me as I try to learn more about the Malayalam language. I think it sounds pretty cool, but I didn’t have a lot of places to hear it before.

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