There are many torrenting sites where you find Malayalam movies, but for a lot of these sites, finding the Malayalam titles is like finding a needle in a haystack.

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These sites have a ton of new Malayalam movies that are easy to find. All of these sites are free and currently active.


TorrentPK is an excellent torrenting site where you can find Malayalam new movie torrents.


What we like about this site is that you can see the seeder to leecher ratio right away. The site currently has over 1,300 Malayalam titles, and a lot of them are new movies. Thus, there is plenty to choose from.

We enjoyed how minimalistic the design is. The lack of clutter made everything easy to find. Overall, we really enjoyed this site and thought the download quality was excellent.


Torrentz2 is another site that has a lot of Malayalam torrents to choose from.

Torrentz2 site review

While we were able to find Malayalam new movie torrents here, many of the torrents were older one. The search function still worked well, and we were able to find what we needed. However, this did made it a little more difficult to find newer movies.

The database is quite extensive. We felt this was a good first place to start for beginners looking for Malayalam torrents.


A2movies.IN was one of the best sites we found for Malayalam torrents.

A2movies IN

This site offers bright colors and plenty of graphics to enhance your user experience. The site also has a wide variety of new Malayalam movie titles to choose from.

The site categorizes movies by year. All you have to do is click 2019, and you can find all the latest movies all in one spot. This site did have a lot of pop-ups, so you will want to use a pop-up blocker.

Overview of Malayalam new movie torrents

If you are looking for new movies to download, our favorite site for Malayalam torrents

Our favorite site for Malayalam torrents

We had a truly positive experience using this site. We were able to find a bunch of 2019 movies here that were easy to download and high-quality.

If you are looking for older movies, Torrentz2 is another excellent choice. They had a large selection, and we found the website simple to navigate.

Using a torrenting site is inherently risky. In many countries, governments are cracking down on anti-piracy and copyright infringement laws. Using a VPN service will keep your activity private and also help block pop-up ads. A VPN keeps people from seeing and tracking your IP address.

The best VPN services are ones you have to pay for, but most are pretty cheap. You’ll find free VPNs, but they tend to be riskier. One of our favorites is NordVPN.

This VPN service has a well-established reputation for keeping its users safe. The go through over 500 servers, so it is impossible to track. If you use this service, you can be sure no one will be able to track your torrenting activity.

So, which of the best Malayalam new movie torrents listed here today are you using in 2019? Are there any major ones that we’ve missed?

Any ones that we’ve listed that are having problems? Let us know in the comments below!

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