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Vuze for Mac: everything you need to know

Vuze for Mac: everything you need to know

Vuze is one of the most famous torrent clients out there. Due to its simple and flexible nature, Vuze for Mac is used by thousands of users worldwide. As most of the applications for Mac come with a cost, a free torrent client like Vuze Mac is quite favorable to budget users.

First things first: be safe while torrenting

It’s important for us to mention that you need to be safe while torrenting. After all, there have been far too many cases of overzealous corporations or governments clamping down on torrenters.

For this reason, we highly recommend using a top-tier VPN for Mac in order to keep yourself anonymous while sharing and downloading torrents. Luckily, we’ve already gone through the best VPNs for torrenting.

Torrenting can be safe and private by choosing one of the best VPNs for torrenting listed in our table below:

  1. The best VPN for torrenting overall
  2. P2P-sharing torrent VPN with infinite connections
  3. Affordable VPN for torrenting with extra security tools
  4. Torrent VPN with great P2P features
  5. Private & secure P2P VPN for torrenting

Basic features

Vuze for Mac 1

Though there is a paid version called Vuze+ for all the platforms, you will get most of the necessary features in the free version. Let’s take a quick overview of the basic features offered by Vuze for Mac.

  • Access to torrent bundles
  • Magnet link
  • Integrated meta search
  • Plug-in library
  • Web remote control
  • Device playback
  • Swarm discovery
  • Burn DVDs*
  • Built-in antivirus*
  • Ad free*
  • Play media during downloads*

*features that are available in the paid version only.

Most of the torrent users don’t have to use the paid features way too often. It is quite understandable that the free version of Vuze is one of the vastly used torrent clients for Mac users.

Vuze for Mac installation guide

Though the installation process of this torrent client is quite easy and simple, we should run you through it.

  • Go to vuze.com, and download the latest version for Mac.
  • Then you have to mount the disk image you have just downloaded.
  • Accept the GPL license agreement, without this the installation process will not go forward.
  • Finally drag the vuze.app file to application directory, and then double click it.

Setup guide

You require a proper Vuze setup for making sure that you get the best out of the application. For getting decent download speed to satisfy you needs, make sure that you have the right set up.

  • When you will open the Vuze app for the first time after installation, a ‘Configuration Wizard’ will pop up. You can provide more basic information here. Though most of the users go with the basic default set ups, we would recommend you to optimize for your internet connection. Select the options according to your internet connection speed. If you are not sure about your connection speed, then go to speedtest.net and know accurate information. The idea configuration is to set your download and upload speed at 80% of your connection’s speed.
  • When you are done with the transfer and connection page, click Next and you will go to the NAT/Server port page. If you want to change the default port 6881, then choose a number from 49160 to 65534 and enter in the box. Click the ‘Test’ button to check if that is okay. If you get a message that the port is alright, then simply go to connection settings. Otherwise test another number and find one that is alright.
  • As I have said above, set your download and upload speed at 80% of the original download and upload speed of your connection. You can then start using Vuze for Mac at its best capacity.

Download files using Vuze

Interacting with the Vuze UI is very simple. Take some time to be familiar with all the features and menu lists. Get familiar with the structure of the interface first. Locate where the download bars are, know how to limit speed and prioritize files.

Vuze for Mac 2

You can use the built-in search option to see if you can find your desired torrents. If you want to download the torrent manually, then look for reputed torrent sites. Beware, downloading from sites with bad reputation might make your computer affected by viruses.

Vuze for Mac 3

While downloading using a torrent, always try to download the ones that have a good seed-to-leech ratio. Starting the download process is simple. Just right click on the torrent file, and select start download. If the seed-to-leech ratio is good, then download will be faster. For example, a 40 to 50 seed-to-leech ratio is better than 10 to 50 any day.

You can find the downloaded files easily in the Vuze Downloads folder in your computer’s Downloads section. This is the default option and this folder is automatically created. You can also choose your own download location according to your convenience. Simply go to the menu and select Preferences. Select Downloads change the location.

Vuze for Mac 4

Things we liked

  • Really small setup file compared to other torrents for mac
  • Very easy UI for light users
  • Password protection available
  • Built-in search option
  • Can build new torrents
  • Settings are flexible and easily customizable
  • Auto-download options for new RSS feed items
  • Different settings options for different kind of users
  • Web remote control
  • Built-in media player

Things we didn’t like

  • Wants to install unnecessary files while downloading the setup file
  • Requires Java
  • Pushes quite some Crapware

Final take

In conclusion, we would say that Vuze Mac is definitely one of the best torrent clients for Mac. It does have a few drawbacks, and the configuration part can be a bit tricky for users who don’t want to bother that much about technicalities. But once the user gets hold of the UI, there are very few better option than Vuze.

Vuze for Mac lets you download tons of files together, but it is better not to download way too many files at the same time. The paid version might be convenient for the power users though. Considering the price tag, Vuze Mac is obviously worth give a shot! If you don’t like it after using it for a while, simply uninstall Vuze Mac and try other torrent clients.

So, have you used the Vuze app for Mac before? What are your thoughts on this Mac torrent client? Let us know in the comment section!

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    There are two freeware BitTorrent clients that really stand out from the crowd: uTorrent and Azureus (now known as Vuze). Since these are the most popular ones, it’s only natural that a lot of people argue about which one is a better torrent downloader: Azureus or uTorrent? Both of them have their pros and cons, some of which are listed below.

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