When you are in the market for a VPN, there are numerous things that need to be weighed up. One of the most important aspects is undoubtedly privacy and security because if a VPN can’t offer you these two basic elements, why would you use a VPN in the first place?

In this PureVPN vs TorGuard matchup, we put both VPNs through numerous tests. In most tests, TorGuard walked away in the top spot.

We discovered that although PureVPN looks good on the surface, they don’t really deliver on their promises. They claim that users are able to access Netflix but when we put it through the test, it turned out that even though PureVPN managed to unblock Netflix, their streaming servers were incredibly slow, dropping our speeds more than 80%.

TorGuard also offers Netflix, but at a hefty price tag that they conveniently forget to mention when you purchase a plan. TorGuard also took the top spot in the security category. They have a built-in kill switch that gives users a second layer of security and we found viruses when we installed the files, as well as no DNS leaks. When we tested PureVPN, we discovered DNS leaks and our true IP address was also exposed, which is quite shocking in our opinion.

If your main attraction is torrenting, both VPNs will work for you as they both offer unrestricted torrenting. TorGuard, however, guarantees optimal download speeds, specifically designed for torrenting, which again put them one step higher.

Their pricing structure is more or less the same and both are reasonably priced compared to other VPNs although TorGuard offers a 7-day money back guarantee.

Features are also something to consider when isolating one VPN service provider from another and although we were impressed by PureVPNs features, none of them worked consistently. TorGuard, on the other hand, offers fantastic features that work seamlessly and constantly.

Both VPNs offer 24/7 customer support and a live chat option, but while TorGuard offered impeccable service, we were utterly disappointed by PureVPN’s live chat response.


TorGuard seems to be very serious about security. We put them through the same tests that all VPNs face and they passed, admirably.

Their secure VPN also has a built-in kill switch that activates when your session expires, providing a second layer of security to preserve the integrity of your browsing activities. Their installation files were also squeaky clean so we can confirm that TorGuard is safe to use.

When you use a VPN, you expect your service provider to protect your data while hiding your true IP address. If a VPN fails to deliver security, there is no point in having a VPN in the first place.

Unfortunately, PureVPN isn’t really up to this simple task. Our test results revealed DNS leaks and when we contacted their customer support, they were utterly useless. Not a good start at all.

Speed and performance

We always run the same speed test when we review VPNs and unfortunately PureVPN didn’t really get good marks in this category.

We ran tests on their EU, UK, Asian and US servers and ironically the slowest server was located where they are headquartered. We can’t see that anyone will be buying their VPN for their “super fast streaming and browsing speed.”

TorGuard passed our speed test with flying colors and pulled off a download speed of 54 Mbps, which is quite respectable. The US servers, EU servers, and UK servers did really well while the server based in Hong Kong suffered a bit, but not much.

Just keep this in mind if you are planning to route through Asia. But other than that, we can assure you that their speeds are solid.

Unblocking Netflix

Both PureVPN and TorGuard claim that Netflix works but this isn’t exactly true.

All the PureVPN servers (Netherlands, Canada, and the United Kingdom) except those in the United States were blocked by Netflix.

It’s possible to access Netflix with TorGuard, but only if you get lucky with one of the US servers, such as Atlanta. But this may change in the future as more servers and IP addressed get blocked. Another solution with TorGuard, which will cost you an extra $7.99 per month, is to purchase a dedicated streaming IP. This should make it possible not to get black-listed or detected.

Torrenting and P2P

PureVPN allows you unrestricted torrenting, which has become quite rare these days. Most VPN services shy away from P2P servers but it is clear that PureVPN is not one of them.

TorGuard is also pro-torrenting and goes as far as to state that their servers are optimized for maximum performance when downloading torrents. This alone shows their commitment, which is a good sign.


PureVPN and TorGuard are quite affordable compared to other VPNs.

TorGuard has a monthly plan – $9.99/month, a quarterly plan – $6.66/month, a semi-annual plan – $4.99/month and an annual plan – $4.99/month.

PureVPN offers a monthly plan – $10.95/month, a six month plan – $8.33/month and an annual plan for $6.49/month.

Features and compatibility

One of the biggest perks of PureVPN is their features – if they work, that is. They offer 5 simultaneous connections, split tunneling, a kill switch, DDoS protection, a NAT firewall, and advanced port forwarding. It is one of the most impressive repertoires we’ve seen in a long time, but after reviewing various forums and customer reviews, it was clear that these features don’t all work – which is quite a pity.

TorGuard offers top-notch technology to keep your personal data safe, which includes IKEv2, OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, PPTP, and SSTP. So, if you prefer to use any of these protocols, you are able to switch whenever you want.

They also offer 5 simultaneous connections, over 3000 servers in 50 countries, anonymous IP and torrenting. And, all these features work seamlessly.

Customer support

TorGuard offers some of the best customer support we’ve seen in the VPN industry. They offer live chat and support tickets, all 24/7. And, this is not a glorified advertising gimmick – we ran our tests and were pleasantly surprised by their response time and professionalism.

PureVPN also has a live chat option but as previously mentioned, the service we received was atrocious.

TorGuard vs PureVPN: which is better?

TorGuard has a very transparent logging policy and they make it very clear that they don’t log any browsing information. They collect your information when you purchase a VPN subscription, but that’s it.

PureVPN says that they don’t log any information or data but if you read the fine print, you will realize that this statement isn’t exactly true. They state that they do record (a.k.a log) your bandwidth and connection.

Which one do we recommend? If you want a secure VPN that respects your privacy while offering you brilliant features, access to Netflix, great customer support and unrestricted torrenting, TorGuard is your best bet.

PureVPN promises you the moon and the stars but unfortunately, they do not live up these standards. In all our tests, TorGuard was the forerunner, so the conclusion is quite obvious:

We recommend TorGuard without a doubt.

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