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When you’re a torrent freak and have a “Hallelujah!” moment.

“A hundredth time: No, we have nothing to do with the TOR project” – we can hear in our mind’s ear the representatives of VPNetworks LLC explaining their name choice. No wonder why this is the first answer in their FAQ, too. The reality is, it has everything to do with BitTorrent and torrenting.

As a matter of fact, TorGuard is much more than just a secure and private channel for torrent users. This is one of the fastest and most secure VPN services available today on the market.

TorGuard boasts a robust VPN server fleet of 3000+ servers in 50+ countries, which puts it among the greatest. This provider doesn’t have virtual servers, so you can trust the offered locations on an “as is” basis.

Although its clients may be a bit unfriendly at first with all the possible options to set, you will find that this VPN has a lot of great security and privacy features for you. Whatever your reasons may be to use a VPN service, we are sure that TorGuard is one of the best choices currently on the market. Of course, there is great competition for the top 10 VPN places.

So, let’s see if our TorGuard review can land this service among the greatest ones.


Security & Privacy: Is TorGuard safe to use?
Speed: One of the fastest VPNs in 2018 
How to download and install it
How to use TorGuard
TorGuard for Netflix
TorGuard for Torrenting
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Apps and extensions
Pricing: Complex but reasonable
TorGuard by Reddit
Bottom line: Impressive performance

Security & Privacy: Is TorGuard safe to use?

TorGuard, i.e., the BitTorrent guardian, is operated by VPNetworks LLC under US jurisdiction, with the parent company, VPNetworks LTD, LLC, located in Nevis (in the Caribbean). Do these facts make TorGuard safe to use? Let’s see the details.

Gmail privacy issue may affect TorGuard VPN

According to a WSJ report, Gmail has serious privacy issues by allowing third-party app developers to have access to users’ private emails for all kinds of reasons. Since lots of VPN providers use the Gmail service to communicate with their customers, this “scandal” may raise some privacy-related concerns.

If you want to learn which other VPN providers may be affected and how this may pose a threat to you personally, please click here to read our whole report on this email leak case.

Safety first

This VPN has a strict no logs policy as disclosed in its very short and straight-to-the-point Privacy Policy:

“TorGuard does not collect or log any data from its Virtual Private Network (VPN) or Proxy services.”

However, if you read this policy carefully – and you should always do that before investing your money in a VPN service or buying any software –, you realize that this “no logging” policy is only partially true. TorGuard does collect certain personally identifiable information when you sign up for its services, for instance. But, the company claims that there is no way to link you, your IP address, or your physical location to any traffic you may make online. This is somewhat comforting until you read on and find this line:

“No data is ever provided to a third party unless required to do so by law.”

So, here’s the deal with VPN providers under US jurisdiction (Five Eyes country): They can be forced by law to provide user data or monitor users. And, as you can see, TorGuard makes no secret of their willingness to do so, too.

Yet, truth be told, this VPN has never been able to provide useful or identifiable information to the authorities since they have no such logs. Period.

Satisfied? Do you think now that TorGuard is safe? If not, let’s see what this VPN has to offer for your online security, privacy, and overall anonymity.

TorGuard offers premium security and privacy features and not only for BitTorrent users. It automatically disables IPv6 and blocks any potential DNS or WebRTC leaks as well (even though someone did report accidental leaks by a bug in the protection). This VPN also has a kill switch to make sure that no sensitive information leaks in case of a connection drop.

All the main VPN protocols are supported: OpenVPN, IKEv2, L2TP, and IPSec. In addition to these, TorGuard also provides you with the Stealth VPN feature to bypass Deep Packet Inspections (DPI). This feature is extremely useful in censorship-freak countries like China. It applies SSL VPN in order to prevent any entities from blocking your VPN traffic. Stealth VPN uses the following protocols: OpenVPN Stealth, ShadowSocks, STunnel, and OpenConnect.

TorGuard claims that they have no virtual servers, i.e., there are no fake locations. This is important when you don’t want to end up sending sensitive information through a server that is indeed physically located in a country where VPNs and user privacy are not really favored, to say the least.

To recap our TorGuard review so far: Enemies of the state, beware! However, if you have nothing to hide and you don’t use this VPN for illegal activities, you may have just found one of the best VPN services on the market that also comes with impressive speeds.

Speed: One of the fastest VPNs in 2018

When you’re choosing a VPN, apart from the security and privacy factors, you are most likely interested in the download and upload speeds you can expect. With 3000+ servers in 50+ countries, TorGuard can offer you one of the most impressive speeds today. Of course, there is no direct correlation necessarily between the number of servers and speeds per se.

Even if occasionally you were to connect to a less ideal or faraway server, you wouldn’t really feel the difference while streaming HD videos, gaming online, or watching your favorite shows on Hulu. While speed tests may vary and provide inconsistent results, we can still say that the overall TorGuard download and upload speeds were found very fast by our review to satisfy any user needs.

How to download and install it

Basically, there are two easy ways for you to download TorGuard from its website. Interestingly, there is no dedicated download menu. Instead, you need to scroll down to the footer and click either the Downloads link in the Support/Help section or the VPN Software link in the VPN Services section.

If you click the Downloads link, you end up on the Downloads page, where you can click the Download button next to any client you may need. If you click the VPN Software link, first, you will be redirected to a general VPN Software page, where you need to click on your platform first. However, you will end up on the same Downloads page in the end.

Installing TorGuard is very simple. Just follow the steps in the installation wizard and you should be done in a minute.

Purchasing a plan may take a bit longer since you need to choose certain options like your billing cycle, simultaneous use, shared (free) or dedicated IP (extra cost) you want as well as add-ons. You need to make sure you know what you are investing in, so you should read every word carefully on these pages.

How to use TorGuard

Even if you have no account yet, you can launch the TorGuard client, which will open with a “too much information” type of screen compared to more user-friendly apps like Avast VPN or ZenMate.

There are no recommended servers based on lowest latency or load, nada. This is quite off-putting for beginner VPN users and for those who simply would go with a recommended best possible server to spoof their IP address.

Of course, when you try to connect to a chosen server without logging in to your TorGuard account, the login screen will come up. Sorry, no free VPN today. Well, you can always try to go for the 7-day money-back guarantee if you want to try this premium VPN service for free.

The main screen and the whole VPN app (all platforms included) are not reflections of user-friendliness. As a matter of fact, TorGuard VPN could be best for more serious and advanced VPN users since it offers loads of settings and options to tweak.

The basic options on the main screen are:

  • Select Server…
  • Tunnel Type: OpenVPN or OpenConnect
  • Protocol: UDP or TCP
  • Port / Auth: Auto, 995 (SHA1), 4443 (SHA256) | Stealth, and so on
  • Cipher: AES-256-GCM, Blowfish-CBC, AES-256-CBC, etc.
  • STunnel enabled (checkbox)
  • Auto connect at TorGuard launch (checkbox)
  • More Settings…
  • Connect (button)
  • Sign Up for an Account here! (link)

As you can see, this is way more than most top VPN apps display on their main screen. Yet, we miss, for example, the global map to choose locations from like the ones TunnelBear and NordVPN offer. But mostly, we miss the default or recommended options, the lack of which can be a bit disappointing for novices at first.

If these settings are not enough for your appetite, you can click the More Settings… link and feed yourself with the dozens of settings and options the following tabs offer you:

  • General
  • App Kill
  • Scripts
  • Network
  • Proxy
  • Servers
  • Debug

Certainly, a sort of paradise for the more tech-savvy users to customize the hell out of this VPN.

In general, our TorGuard review has found that this VPN app could be a bit difficult for novices to make the best out of all it has to offer. Yet, it is indeed a well-equipped tool for the best possible online security and privacy you may desire.

TorGuard for Netflix

Are you looking for the best VPN for Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, and other media streaming services? Well, we have bad and good news for you.

The basic TorGuard VPN service doesn’t seem to work with either Netflix US or Netflix UK since its servers could be blocked already. This is where most VPN providers fail actually due to the shared static IP addresses they offer for streaming.

However, this can be circumvented by purchasing a TorGuard dedicated IP address for $7.99 per month, which can enable you to access all your favorite streaming services, including Netflix. Please note that other premium VPN services like NordVPN or ExpressVPN can still unblock Netflix without the extra cost of a dedicated IP.

TorGuard for Torrenting

BitTorrent seeders and leechers, listen closely! Why? Because you may have just found your VPN for torrenting. According to our TorGuard review, this is one of the fastest and safest, and thus, one of the best VPN services you can find today for P2P file-sharing and torrenting.

Apart from the main VPN client, you can simply use the Anonymous Proxy (which is the cheaper option) for BitTorrent and uTorrent file-sharing.

However, if you are looking for a VPN with more versatility for less money, you should also check out our other VPN reviews or comparisons

Live chat support

In addition to NordVPN and its award-winning customer service agents, our review has found that TorGuard also has a fast, effective, and “24/7/365 world-class” live chat support. This is indeed a must when it comes to top-notch VPN service providers.

You can contact the live chat support on the website by clicking the Chat now labeled pop-up header in the bottom right corner. Once the window comes up, you need to enter your name, email address, and your question, then, click the Start the chat button.

In the footer of the official website, there is a Questions? section, where you can also open up the live chat support window if you click on the Live Chat button.

Another option is that a support agent contacts you a few moments after you load the website (or, at least, the automatic message may appear so). In this case, the pop-up comes up automatically and the “agent” informs you that they are there to help with anything you may need.

You can also submit a support ticket if you have an account. For this, you need to scroll down the page and click the Submit Ticket link in the Support/Help section of the footer. Although there is a general 24-hour response time given, the TorGuard support may surprise you and send you the requested answer as fast as within the hour. Now, this is what we call proper and decent customer service.

The third option for you to ask for support is by calling a toll-free phone number; however, this is only available from the US.

Apps and extensions

TorGuard VPN is definitely one equipped quite well with powerful apps and extensions. Apart from the main platforms, such as Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iOS, and Android, it also has Chrome and Firefox proxy browser extensions, as well as routers pre-configured with the TorGuard software.

Why is it useful to have a router with VPN? Well, it can actually provide ultimate cybersecurity to your home against possible cyber attacks. Nowadays, our home is filled with smart devices like TVs, heating systems, or fridges. If a hacker can break into their network, he can take control of all the devices. For example, it would be possible for a cyber criminal to use your smart TV or your security cameras to spy on you, set a very high or low temperature in your house, and so on.

While other premium VPN services may offer browser extensions for free, TorGuard has a separate pricing plan called Anonymous Proxy.

Pricing: Complex but reasonable

TorGuard offers a number of plans for the Anonymous VPN, Anonymous Proxy, Business VPN, and Anonymous Email packages. Our main focus now is the Anonymous VPN, so here are the prices:

  • 1-month plan: $9.99 per month
  • 3-month plan: $19.99 ($6.66 per month)
  • 6-month plan: $29.99 ($4.99 per month)
  • 12-month plan: $59.99 ($4.99 per month)

You also have a 7-day money-back guarantee in case you change your mind. These prices are very similar to TunnelBear’s. However, in this case, you get way more for these amounts.

Good news for online privacy fans that apart from the usual credit cards and PayPal options, you also have Bitcoin and Litecoin, Alipay, Gift Card, and other alternative options for payment.

According to our review, TorGuard is certainly a great value for these prices and worth considering, but the purchase procedure and pricing plans could be confusing for beginners.

Remember that you can always find better deals and special offers for other competitors, which may be worth checking as well before you make the call.

TorGuard by Reddit

It seems that TorGuard has some serious presence on Reddit. A quick search can result in hundreds of threads and comments, which clearly shows how interested computer users and VPN fans are in this particular VPN service.

Apart from the usual comparisons like TorGuard vs NordVPN or TorGuard vs ExpressVPN, you can find comments about how to use TorGuard for Netflix US or other major streaming services, how to use TorGuard Stealth VPN, setup questions and answers, a lot of promotions for 50% off deals, payment options, and so on.

One of the most recent Reddit posts regarding this VPN is in connection with how to use TorGuard with Netflix Japan. However, this post is most likely a promotional post about how to purchase a dedicated IP to be able to stream all the major media streaming services.

Bottom line: Impressive performance

We surely like TorGuard VPN even if it operates under US jurisdiction. In summary, we can say that this VPN service is one of the fastest available now on the net, it offers a great variety of protocols and other important security and privacy features. And, all this, at a relatively low price.

Of course, if you are a first-timer, you may find its clients a bit difficult to use with all the settings and options. Nevertheless, if you have any technical issues, you can always contact the excellent live chat support and get them sorted in a matter of minutes.

Hackers and cyberstalkers may not go for this US-based VPN (even if its parent company is based in Nevis) for safety reasons. But, then again, such a privacy tool is not really for serving illegal activities. On the contrary, it is for serving our own right to anonymity and privacy while online.

All in all, we can conclude our TorGuard review by stating that this VPN service needs to be there at the top of the list somewhere among the best 10 VPN services even if that list is already crowded.

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