There are many VPNS out there, so it can be difficult to decide which one to use. This is why we are in the business of writing VPN reviews.


The user interface of AVG Secure VPN is very clear and straightforward, which is refreshing because you often find VPNs that require a mastermind to understand the interface. AVG Secure VPN supports clients for Android, Windows, iOS and Mac, but not for routers, game systems or less-popular operating systems.

We will take a look at the many critical elements that make a VPN worthy of a subscription, including whether it can be used in China, to access Netflix, and to download torrents, whether it is secure and easy to use, if the customer support is anything to write home about, how much it costs, and whether it is fast. At the end of this AVG Secure VPN review, you will have a better idea whether this is the right VPN for you, or whether you need to look elsewhere. Without further ado, let’s jump right in.

Is AVG Secure VPN safe to use?

This is the first question that should be addressed when reviewing any VPN. AVG is most well-known for its free antivirus software, with free downloads for PCs, Macs and mobile devices. In terms of brand recognition, it has an edge.

While your devices will probably be safe from nasty viruses, your personal data will not be as secure as you would like due to the fact that AVG logs your browsing information (username, IP addresses, data transfer amounts and session duration,) and is a US-based VPN service. The information is kept for 30-day blocks. On the AVG Secure VPN Privacy Policy, they state that they don’t monitor what you are sharing and searching, but they will investigate if they receive complaints.

They also have strict rules against piracy, but that is quite normal in the VPN industry. If you take the time to look at AVG Secure VPN’s standard policy, you might not like what you read.

They actually have the right to collect loads of your personal data and to use it as they see fit — this includes your email address, SIM card number, phone number, location and your IP address. They also state that they are allowed to share your personal information with third parties. Your personal data can also be handed over to the authorities/government or when it is necessary for them to comply with legal processes that are valid.

AVG Secure uses the same security protocols as its sister product, Avast Secureline256-bit AES encryption with a choice of the following: OpenVPN, IPSec & IKEv2. But it doesn’t have a kill-switch to protect your information, in case you lose connection to the VPN server.

Remember that there is always a small chance that a DNS leak can occur, but there are many platforms that will give you the opportunity to test this. If your VPN does not encrypt the DNS queries on your device, a DNS leak occurs. If this should happen, your VPN immediately becomes useless because this will result in your ISP being able to view your browsing history. AVG Secure VPN did not appear to have DNS leaks, at the time of testing.

Speed and performance

Unfortunately, AVG Secure VPN lacks a bit when it comes to server locations. It can be used in only 21 countries and 29 cities, which is quite poor compared to other VPNs. These cities include Mexico City, Sao Paolo, Chicago, Dallas, Miami, New York, Salt Lake City, San Francisco, Seattle, Montreal, Istanbul, Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Prague, Warsaw, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Helsinki, Milan, Paris, Madrid, Frankfurt, London, Melbourne, Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong and Johannesburg.

Speed-wise, it is not too bad, depending on where you are in the world. In Europe, the speed was average, but it was really good in the UK. The test in the Netherlands was also impressively fast, while the US servers had below average results.

Installation, features and extensions

There is not really any set-up work required. When you open settings, you will see that you are able to disable or enable auto-connect, which usually connects to the strongest server available when you are on an unsecured WiFi connection.

You can also disable or enable Windows notifications, but that is pretty much it. The good thing is that there is a free trial, with no payment information needed. Just download, install and use as you like for up to 30 days. This is a big plus, considering not many other VPN services can match this free trial.

We’ve also established that AVG Secure VPN connects you to the endpoint with decent speed. AVG Secure’s fastest speeds are usually with the server closest to your geographical location. On the home screen, you will find your location and a big button that disables or enables the VPN. Below this, you will see a smaller button that will give you the opportunity to set your location. It is organized alphabetically according to the continent so it navigates really well. The settings are basic, but useful. All the usual choices are available.

The only downside is that AVG Secure VPN has no kill switch. Yes, our tests didn’t detect any DNS leaks, but there is always a slight chance that your data can be leaked when your internet goes down.

A kill switch automatically kicks in when your internet connection fails and suspends internet traffic. This is a massive factor for VPN users that prefer their information to be safe and secure. Clients are available on Windows, Android, macOS and iOS with no configuration options for other devices.


Another reason why people choose to use a VPN is torrenting. There are currently over 250 million users globally that share files through BitTorrent and this is an astronomical number. If you know about torrenting, then you will be familiar with copyright infringements and pirated software.

Torrenting activities themselves are not illegal, it is the files that are in question. To be honest, most of the files that you are downloading or uploading are likely from illegal sources. Many people tend to ignore the fact that there are a lot of intricate details associated with torrenting, which is quite worrying.

However, a good VPN that allows you to torrent safely can make your torrenting experience hassle-free. AVG Secure VPN seems to works fine with all torrent websites. When asked by email, they confirmed that AVG Secure VPN supports P2P transfers on a number of different servers.

These include:

  • Prague, Czech Republic
  • Frankfurt, Germany
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • New York, USA
  • Miami, USA
  • Seattle, USA
  • London, United Kingdom
  • São Paulo, Brazil

How about Netflix? Can you connect in China?

In this department, AVG Secure VPN did well. It worked on Amazon Prime, Netflix, HBO GO and YouTube. It didn’t work on BBC iPlayer, but perhaps it has something to do with AVG Secure being a US-centric VPN. Other VPN services might have better support for BBC iPlayer.

Other than this, the AVG Secure VPN impressed with its seamless connection. So, if you need a VPN to connect to any of the US streaming platforms, AVG Secure VPN is a good contender.

As for the usage in China, the closest servers are in Tokyo, Singapore and Hong Kong. Assuming that AVG Secure VPN’s security protocols can get past the Great Firewall, you might be able to get decent speeds. But for your privacy protection, we don’t recommend using such a US-based VPN service provider for usage in China, even if you are an innocent web citizen.

Customer support

Unfortunately, AVG Secure VPN doesn’t offer a live chat option on their website. If you ever encounter any problems or have a question, you will need to make use of the support ticketing system and wait patiently until someone assists you via email.

They do offer to assist you over the phone, if need be. They advertise a US number, as well as a UK number and state that consultation is free. But, if you need to fix something more urgent and unusual, you will need to fork out $79 for a one-time session, which costs more than the two-year subscription.

They have a FAQ section with some basic technical information that includes system requirements, protocols and encryption, and they are very active on various social media platforms.

Don’t expect exceptional technical support, as it is usually delayed.


One of the better things about AVG Secure VPN is undoubtedly its pricing structure, and although it is not possible to opt for a monthly licence to start with, you are able to select this option later on during checkout.

This is what they state is included in all their subscriptions:

  • Private banking, shopping or chatting over an encrypted network
  • Secure private browsing with AVG Secure VPN
  • Anonymity by hiding your internet activity from governments, hackers and ISPs
  • Peace of mind knowing that they will not log your Internet activities.

The pricing structure is as follows:

  • 1 Year Subscription: $3.99/month (Total: $47.88/year)
  • 2 Year Subscription: $2.99/month (Total: $71.76 /2 years)
  • 3 Year Subscription – $2.49/month (Total: $89.64/3 years).

If you consider the features you’re getting for these prices, it’s not a bad deal. However, as established, they do in fact log your info and sell it to third parties.

Bottom Line

AVG Secure VPN has a solid reputation and if you are in search of a basic VPN, you can take advantage of their generous 30-day trial.

It a has a very user-friendly interface, plus you can stream Netflix and torrent. The pricing structure is one of the most affordable in the industry. But they don’t offer much customer support and no live chat.

The real big issue with this VPN is your privacy. Although protected when browsing around the web, it could be a different story with US-based government authorities and third parties. For this reason alone, we cannot fully recommend this VPN service.