Those of us with VPN connections are well aware of their benefits. As well as providing an additional layer of privacy and security for our devices. For example, VPN connections enable us to stream Netflix content in whichever country in the world we desire. Nevertheless, Virtual Private Network users frequently complain about one annoying side effect of using it: Netflix blocks VPN connections. So, when you connect and hit this block, you will need to log in to it from a direct connection. But why does Netflix block my VPN, you may ask? Let us explain by providing you some reasons as well as giving a few handy hints regarding how to bypass the Netflix VPN ban.

Netflix and VPN connections – like oil and water?

Up until the start of 2016, many web users would deploy VPN connections to watch shows on Netflix. As you probably know, it has different versions for US, UK and South America (among other regions). Shows might appear on the US Netflix but take months to reach the UK version (and vice versa), or a particular movie might only ever be available on the South American Netflix. UK customers, for example, who wanted to watch US content on Netflix would thus often resort to a VPN which made them appear to be connecting to the service from the US so that they could watch all the series and movies they desired.

In January 2016, though, all of this stopped: Netflix announced that it would be blocking VPNs, to the discontent of a large swathe of its customer base. The American video streaming service claimed that this was in order to stop users from accessing inappropriate content and to comply with cross-border content restrictions. Many users claimed that this was simply frustrating: they couldn’t access their legitimate subscriptions anymore, or they were in the middle of a series and now couldn’t finish it. Other users had graver concerns. Many Netflix watchers in countries with poor LGBT rights, for instance, could use VPNs to protect their identities as they watched LGBT themes on Netflix. In many countries, such as China, this service is not available at all without a VPN.

So, which VPNs still work with Netflix?

We already know the answer to the question: Why does Netflix block my VPN? Or, at least, why it goes to great lengths to do so. No wonder why many VPN providers have given up to fight it. Yet, there are a few soldiers left to unblock Netflix — that beloved partner in crime.

So we’ve made a list of the best VPNs for Netflix that still work, and have high download speeds as well as server coverage which are something to look out for when it comes to video streaming.

How to get around Netflix VPN block

There is one thing that you can bet on: as soon as the internet community hits a problem, they will instantly start looking for a fix. As a result, you will find that people have found ways to bypass this VPN ban.

  • The first thing to bear in mind is that Netflix has not managed to ban every single VPN. So, if you try a few (particularly Australia based VPNs which for some reason tend to slip through the net), you should eventually hit one that lets you access Netflix.
  • In addition, if you get yourself a smart DNS server, and set up a VPN with this, you will often find that Netflix’s VPN blocker is not able to withstand your efforts.
  • Another option, which many users are resorting to, is simply to create what is known as a ‘Personal Cloud VPN’ which still works with Netflix.

Hopefully, “Why does Netflix block my VPN?” is no longer a question for you and these above tips help you understand how to get around Netflix VPN block. Good luck with that.