PureVPN Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals in 2021

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With Black Friday and Cyber Monday drawing near, VPN providers are offering up never before seen discounts on all of their subscription options. PureVPN is among them with an 82% discount on the two-year plan.

Don’t miss out on this fantastic offer and get yourself one of the best VPNs currently available!

Get the best PureVPN Black Friday deal!

Getting top-notch security and privacy at a bargain is an easy three-step process:

  1. Choose a PureVPN subscription. You’ll get the best savings on the PureVPN two-year plan for 82% off!
  2. Download PureVPN and connect to any nearby server
  3. Reap the benefits of excellent digital security and privacy!

Get the best PureVPN Black Friday deal

All PureVPN Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals

PureVPN Black Friday 82% off

Even after Black Friday and Cyber Monday ends, you can still find all available PureVPN deals by visiting our dedicated coupon page. You’ll see that many well-known VPN services are offering substantial discounts for their subscriptions, giving you plenty of solid options to consider.


PureVPN Black Friday offer details
Subscription time:Two years
Money-back guarantee:31 days

If you’re not sure whether PureVPN is the right choice, there’s a generous 31-day money-back guarantee included with all subscriptions.

Why should you order PureVPN on Black Friday?

PureVPN is a reliable VPN option that customers can use in a variety of ways, such as:

First off, PureVPN stands out in the VPN industry with its expansive network of 6500+ servers in 70+ countries. If you don’t want to use a shared IP address, it’s possible to get a dedicated IP from seven different locations (US, UK, Australia, Canada, Germany, Malta, Singapore). Plus, you’ll have excellent connectivity with the IKEv2 tunneling protocol.

VPNs are commonly used for circumventing geographical restrictions, and PureVPN is no exception. It’s a top choice for unlocking more TV shows and movies on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, and countless other platforms. Furthermore, it’s compatible with a staggeringly-diverse selection of devices, including Android TV, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Chromecast, Raspberry Pi, and many more.

Unsurprisingly, the service provides much-needed security as well. For starters, it’s equipped with an internet kill switch to prevent the exposure of your real IP address. Additionally, it isn’t plagued by WebRTC or DNS leaks when the VPN is enabled. Therefore, it will keep your payment information secure and your Black Friday shopping habits private.

PureVPN security features

Here’s a summary of what PureVPN has to offer:

  • Dedicated IP. All customers of a VPN service share standard servers. That means that many online services potentially block those IP addresses. Meanwhile, a dedicated IP is used exclusively by you and won’t be affected by others.
  • Split tunneling. Not all applications need to go through the VPN connection. With split tunneling, you can customize which apps should be secured in the VPN tunnel and which should ignore it.
  • Port forwarding. Torrenting is frequently restricted by ISPs (Internet Service Providers). Thankfully, a VPN can lift these limitations and even improve your P2P upload and download speeds when port forwarding is enabled.
  • DDoS Protection. When PureVPN is on, your network is protected against DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks.
  • Privacy. PureVPN is based in the British Virgin Islands and went through multiple independent audits to verify its no-logs policy claims.

There’s more to PureVPN than meets the eye. Check our detailed PureVPN review for an in-depth analysis of this provider.

Which plan should you choose?

PureVPN Black Friday 82 percent discount prices

PureVPN lets you choose from three different subscription plans:

Naturally, we recommend picking the lengthiest two-year plan because it offers the most significant 82% discount. Plus, you’ll have plenty of time to reconsider, thanks to the 31-day money-back guarantee.

Payment methods include credit cards, PayPal, and CoinGate for facilitating cryptocurrency payments. Just remember that the last option is non-refundable.

Upcoming PureVPN Cyber Monday deal

If you miss out on Black Friday deals, there’s still Cyber Monday on 29th November. It will likely entail similar bargains to Black Friday, but it’s still worth checking out if something different becomes available.

Bottom line

While VPN services offer significant discounts year-round, getting a virtual private network to secure your online shopping spree is crucial for preventing data leaks and theft.

Cybercriminals see the holidays as an opportunity to prey on unsuspecting shoppers who don’t secure their data with a VPN. Ensure that your transactions are secure and hidden by grabbing the PureVPN Black Friday deal!

And if you’re interested in other VPN providers, visit our dedicated Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals page and find the one to call your own.

Which VPN will you buy on Black Friday? Share your preference by leaving a comment!

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Will PureVPN include a Black Friday sale in 2021?

Yes, the PureVPN 2021 Black Friday sale is already available. It offers an 82% discount on the two-year plan.

Can PureVPN protect your personal data?

PureVPN is equipped with a kill switch and AES-256 encryption. Therefore, it is fully capable of protecting your data against leaks and monitoring.

Is it worth getting PureVPN on Black Friday?

Yes, getting PureVPN on Black Friday is worth it because the provider offers a better discount than usual.

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