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How to unblock xHamster from any US state in 2024

Unblock xHamster

The iron hand of porn ban continues to grip more and more websites in the US, including xHamster. Since March 2024, xHamster has required users from Virginia, North Carolina, Utah, and other US states to verify their age with an ID. Though the point of xHamster age verification is to protect minors from adult content, many Americans consider this an infringement on their privacy rights. But one can hardly argue against the law.

For this reason, you face an age verification message each time you visit the website. But there is a way to bypass this requirement and unblock xHamster in any US state. A reputable VPN service grants you an IP address in a country where the porn site is perfectly available and legal.

Unblock xHamster anywhere with NordVPN

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Stick with me through this article to leave with a solution in your hands. Our methods have been tested by me and fellow experts, getting xHamster unblocked in the US and elsewhere.

How to unblock xHamster with a VPN

  1. Subscribe to streaming-friendly xHamster VPN. My #1 pick is NordVPN, now 72% OFF
  2. Download the VPN client from provider’s website or app store
  3. Register a VPN account, pick a pricing model, and proceed to install the app
  4. Connect to a server where xHamster is available, like Los Angeles or Canada
  5. Now you should find xHamster unblocked once you open the website

Unblock xHamster in US

Why do you need a VPN to access xHamster?

You need a VPN to unblock xHamster if you reside in a US state where age verification is required as a pass-through. The crux of it is the US Age Verification Law. Porn websites in US states like Texas or North Carolina have to comply and require users to verify they are over 18 before granting them access. That’s what you see trying to open xHamster in, say, North Carolina:

xHamster age verification in North Carolina

xHamster.com reads your IP address and location data found in web cookies and DNS requests. This makes bypassing the age verification a murky business. Unless you pick a reliable VPN to mask your IP address and outfox the site into letting you through. The service encrypts your web connection and grants a foreign IP address – a time-tested formula.

How to unblock xHamster in Texas or bypass age verification in US states

Age verification on xHamster Virginia or other states evaporates in the face of a sturdy VPN service as one unblocks porn anywhere. After comprehensively testing 27 providers’ ability to unblock xHamster and secure a seamless viewing experience, I conclude that NordVPN is the best option.

The service also bypasses the complete Texas xHamster ban where not even an ID grants you passage. Other states do let you enjoy porn if you verify your age, while Texas has cut off all ties with spicy content.

Texas xHamster blocked

Thus, you need an especially capable VPN to unblock xHamster Texas. And no better candidate than NordVPN as per my tests. But whichever provider you choose, the good news is that equipping and using a VPN is a breeze. No IT certificate is required, just follow these steps:

  1. Pick a reliable xHamster VPN. NordVPN is the fastest one for bufferless streaming
  2. Pick a pricing model and create an account to start using the VPN
    NordVPN registration
  3. Download VPN application to your streaming device, but only from an official source
  4. Install the client on the chosen gadget, then boot it up
  5. In the main panel, connect to a server where xHamster is available, e.g., Seattle
    NordVPN Seattle server
  6. Lastly, head to xHamster to tickle your pickle to your heart’s content!

Unblock xHamster with NordVPN

Author’s tip: if you’re watching via browser, consider cleaning the cache. Web cookies store personal data like your actual whereabouts, potentially voiding VPN attempts to mask it. Clearing them up before hopping on xHamster.com is a good preventative measure. Likewise, disable GPS tracking on your device before proceeding to the website

Where is xHamster blocked or requires age verification?

Currently, xHamster is restricted in several US states. There isn’t an official list of the American regions that demand xHamster age verification. I gathered the list based on the folks who have reported from various states and then tested these claims. Here they are:

Of course, the website is also banned in some countries aside from the US. These are some of the countries with an iron grip on porn distribution:

  • India
  • Thailand
  • Turkey
  • UAE
  • Russia
  • China
  • Malaysia
  • Kazakhstan
  • Iran
  • Iraq
  • Qatar
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Syria
  • Vietnam
  • Cuba

On a global scale, anti-pornography laws prevail in countries with internet censorship tendencies. Recently, legislation against explicit sites like xHamster or PornHub was set in motion to protect children from inappropriate content. The senators believe that requiring ID resolves the issue. While it may, it causes havoc among adults who want to preserve their privacy. Sadly, people speculate that more states will join the xHamster age verification fever.

Unblock xHamster anywhere with NordVPN

How to access xHamster using proxy

One of the most popular methods to unblock xHamster is using a proxy. In a nutshell, you need to open a proxy site and then copy and paste the xHamster.com link into the search bar.

Unblock xHamster proxy

This should grant you access to the site, but it’s no foolproof means. For example, PlainProxies is a good xHamster proxy, among some others. However, my tests showed a success rate of only 60-78%. So, the VPN is much better, especially if you want to unblock xHamster Texas where you’re dealing with a complete ban.

xHamster is not working: quick fixes

xHamster not working can generally occur due to geo-restrictions or the infamous age verification. There could be several other things if it’s not the culprit behind your issues with the site. Your ISP may be interfering, or it could fall to a third-party app or some DNS issues. Here’s what you can do:

  • Use a reliable porn VPN. Web traffic encryption automatically resolves many issues, from age verification blockage to bandwidth throttling, causing blurry videos. Besides, good providers have advanced features that could offer specific solutions if need be.
  • Disable SafeSearch. It could be that you have safe search enabled on your browser or via a third app like an antivirus. Ensure you have that off before venturing into explicit pages like xHamster.
  • Try a different browser. It could be something with your browser settings that messes with the website. Opting for a different browser might do the trick.
  • Check for third-party interference. Any protective software like an adblock, antivirus, or even device firewall might halt your visits to unsightly sites, so to speak. That’s because many less popular porn web pages contain possible malware. But since xHamster is secure, you can easily disable such apps or extensions before entering it.
  • Flush DNS cache. Finally, your DNS might be at fault here. That tends to happen due to a load of cache, which clears up after you reset your internet connection.

Enjoy UHD porn with #1 xHamster VPN

Conclusion of Texas porn ban

Adult content restrictions are spreading in the US like wildfire, with states like Texas and North Carolina implementing stricter regulations. Hence, the tacky xHamster age verification problem. A VPN is a reliable solution if you live in an area that requires an ID before unloading after a hard day. Though you can also try to unblock xHamster via proxy, it doesn’t hold a candle to porn VPN in terms of privacy and effectiveness. Or stream quality, for that matter.

NordVPN is the best xHamster VPN because it got xHamster unblocked virtually 100% of all time during my test runs. In short, the service keeps your identity anonymous and grants you an IP address to trick xHamster into thinking you’re connecting from an area with no law issues against it. The icing on the cake is the fastest speed in the market, quickly booting everything in 4K.

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Does xHamster require age verification in the US?

xHamster age verification occurs in US states with anti-pornography laws: Utah, Texas, Mississippi, North Carolina, Montana, etc. However, this legal movement may spread further in America. But nothing to worry about if you have a sturdy VPN. Services like NordVPN easily unblock xHamster without ID.

Is xHamster disabled in Texas?

Yes, xHamster is not available in Texas. The only way to slip around the complete Texas xHamster ban is to use a reliable VPN service. I find NordVPN the best xHamster VPN since it unblocks the site each time, maintaining HD quality and privacy.

Why can't I access xHamster in my state?

You likely can’t access xHamster in your state due to local laws demanding age verification. But you can bypass this requirement and unblock xHamster easily with NordVPN. The service has over 2000 US servers in porn-free states, passing my tests with flying colors. Plus, it’s the fastest VPN for porn.

How do you unblock xHamster adult site?

You can unblock xHamster with just a few clicks using a reliable VPN service. As per my tests, the best xHamster VPN is NordVPN, which never fails to grant access to the site without submitting my ID. In the VPN dashboard, connect to a US server in pornography-friendly state to get xHamster unblocked.

What is the best VPN for xHamster?

The best xHamster VPN is NordVPN. After extensive research, I only rely on this provider to bypass xHamster age verification demand without a hassle. It propels stellar performance and offers a streamlined user experience with extra features for keeping a low profile. The latter is especially handy.

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