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Australian open

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The 2021 Australian Open will start off on February 8 and go on until the 21st. It is the first Grand Slam tournament of the year and is eagerly awaited by tennis fans all around the globe. Unfortunately, the live stream is made exclusive to Channel Nine, which is geo-restricted to Australia. But tennis fans should not give up as VPNs (virtual private networks) can bounce around this obstacle without any problems.

Date:February 8–21, 2021
Location:Melbourne Park, Australia
Watch Online:9Now (free in Australia)
Watch on Cable:Channel Nine
Stream outside Australia:Use NordVPN

Stream Australian Open from anywhere with a VPN

Assuming you are outside Australia, but only want access to Channel 9 in real-time, you will need to unblock the channel to enjoy any of their services. Since the Nine Network is only made available to Australian audiences, here’s how you will go about unblocking the channel to watch the Australian Open 2021:

How to watch Australian Open online
  1. Pick a VPN provider (we suggest NordVPN)
  2. Download the app on your preferred device
  3. Log in and connect to an Australian server
  4. Tune in to the 9Now live stream online

Check out NordVPN

The main criteria for choosing a VPN is, of course, access to Australian servers. Most VPN will be able to deliver in that regard. However, considering that the Australian Open will go on for 20 days, most free trials periods will not do. Luckily, here is a short list of VPN providers that offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, which will allow you to enjoy the entirety of the Grand Slam without worrying about wasting your money.


Naturally, I recommend our top-rated provider – NordVPN. They have over 5100 servers in 60 locations, ensuring that there plenty of servers to go around for all tennis fans tuning in. NordVPN is also one of the fastest VPNs around so you’ll get to stream the matches in high quality without any stuttering. It also supports a wide array of devices and has a good track record of getting around restrictions. It would set you back $3.30/month.


Surfshark VPN is a more affordable alternative to NordVPN. With 3200 servers in 65 countries and an unlimited amount of simultaneous connections, this VPN is the perfect choice to share with friends. This VPN also won’t hold you back in terms of speed and is one of the best for streaming.  The cost adds up to a mere $2.49/month.


The cheapest, but by no means worse option is VyprVPN. Although they have only 700 servers, they are all owned by Vypr and can transfer you to over 70 locations. You can connect up to five devices with our special discount for only $1.66/month.

How to watch Australian Open from different countries

If you do not reside in Australia and would prefer to watch Australian Open without a VPN, there are some alternatives depending on where you live.

How to watch Australian Open in the US

The main broadcasters in the United States are ESPN and the Tennis Channel. You can access the ESPN live streams on their website or the mobile app. To log in, you will need credentials from your cable provider (if the package comes with ESPN in the first place).  Alternatively, you can get an individual subscription to ESPN which will cost you $5.99 per month or $59.99 per year. Sadly, there is no trial period. However, this can be remedied by using a VPN and connecting to 9Now in Australia.

How to watch Australian Open in the UK

Eurosport has the UK covered with the live stream of Australian Open. You can watch the matches live on the Eurosport Player. It can be accessed with log in details from a UK cable provider with the Eurosport package. Naturally, you can also get a pass for either a month (£6.99) or a year (£39.99) from the Eurosport Player website. But if that’s not up your alley then you can always use a VPN as discussed before.

How to watch Australian Open in Canada

Canadians can enjoy the Australian Open and other Grand Slam events thanks to TSN. TSN1, TSN2 and TSN5 will provide coverage on television, while TSN direct can be used to view the matches online. On Android or iOS, you can use the TSN Go app to watch the competition. As usual, you will need credentials from your Canadian cable provider to access all of these. On the other hand, you can simply sign up for an individual subscription to TSN Direct, which can be either $19.99 per month or $99.95 for six months. There’s also a day pass available for $7.99.

French speakers in Canada can observe the matches with French commentary thanks to RDS. Similarly to TSN, web and mobile versions of RDS are available, as well as individual subscriptions for the same price. And of course, using a VPN is also an option to watch the Australian Open.

How to watch Australian Open without cable

As mentioned before, it’s totally possible to watch Australian Open without a cable provider. Depending on where you live, you need only to get an individual subscription to the countries broadcaster. But my suggested option is to:

  1. Get whichever VPN is appealing to you
  2. Connect to an Australian server 
  3. Watch the competition through 9Now

How to watch Australian Open for free

Although watching the Australian Open for free sounds plausible, I would advise against it. Such streams are usually of poor quality and can even carry some potential security risks. Do not skimp out on this and get a VPN instead. There are plenty of affordable options and most providers have a 30-day money-back guarantee. This allows you to try out the service to see if it can unblock content successfully and the connection speed is good enough for you. Plus, once you have a VPN you can simply watch it on 9Now for free.

Australian Open 2021

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has made quite a few changes on how the Australian Open will work this year. For starters, the qualifying matches were held outside of Australia. Secondly, the number of allowed spectators will be reduced so that everyone could keep a safe distance. And finally, the start date has been pushed back to allow the participants enough time to quarantine themselves once they arrive in Australia. Refusing to comply with the rules will result in disqualification.

Still, none of these things should impact the first Grand Slam of the year in a negative way. Everyone is excited to watch some intense tennis matches.

The schedule and order of play will be decided a day prior to the first match so there is still time before we know who will face-off first. However, the preliminary schedule looks like this: 

  • 8 February – Men’s and women’s singles first round
  • 9 February – Men’s and women’s singles first round
  • 10 February – Men’s and women’s singles second round
  • 11 February – Men’s and women’s singles second round
  • 12 February – Men’s and women’s singles third round
  • 13 February – Men’s and women’s singles third round
  • 14 February – Men’s and women’s singles fourth round
  • 15 February – Men’s and women’s singles fourth round
  • 16 February – Men’s and women’s singles quarter-finals
  • 17 February – Men’s and women’s singles quarter-finals
  • 18 February – Women’s semi-finals and first men’s semi-final
  • 19 February – Second men’s semi-final
  • 20 February – Women’s final
  • 21 February – Men’s final

Last year’s men’s champion Novak Djokovic will be participating once again and is expected to do well this year. So far he has won the Australian Open eight times. Sofia Kenin will also participate to defend her last year’s champion title.


Can I Stream Australian Open?

Yes, you can stream Australian Open if you live in Australia or connect there through a VPN.

How can I watch Australian Open final?

If you live in Australia, you can watch the Australian Open final on Channel Nine. Alternatively, you can get a VPN, connect to an Australian server and watch online on 9Now.

Is Australian Open on Amazon Prime?

Australian Open will not be available on Amazon Prime. Instead, you need to get a VPN, connect to Australia and watch the stream on Channel Nine or 9Now.

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Disclaimer: Affiliate links help us produce good content. Learn more.

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