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How to watch Naked Attraction online in 2024

How to watch Naked Attraction

Naked Attraction is a UK-exclusive dating show that lets a single contestant choose from six potential partners based on glimpses of their naked bodies. The premise is controversial but proved to be extremely popular among viewers.

Sadly, the fascinating TV series is only available on the All 4 streaming service in the United Kingdom. However, that’s not a problem for eager viewers with a VPN (Virtual Private Network) subscription. The service can grant a UK IP address and remove geographical restrictions on your desired streaming services.

Read on to learn how to watch Naked Attraction using a well-performing VPN service in the US or anywhere else.

How to watch Naked Attraction online
Number of seasons:11
Watch in the UK:Channel 4, All 4
Watch elsewhere:Get NordVPN 69% OFF + 3 months free

How to watch Naked Attraction online with a VPN

  1. Purchase a VPN that can dress you up as a UK resident. Our favorite tailor is NordVPN, available for 69% off
  2. Download the software on your primary TV-viewing device
  3. Connect to a server in the UK to unblock the All 4 streaming service
  4. Visit the All 4 website or app and tune into Naked Attraction anywhere!

Unlock Naked Attraction with a VPN

Shortlist of the best VPN to stream Naked Attraction

  1. Best VPN for watching Naked Attraction
  2. Naked Attraction VPN with impressive country variety

Why do you need a VPN to watch Naked Attraction?

Naked Attraction is constrained not only by age restrictions but also by geographical limitations. The raunchy dating show is only available on the Channel 4 streaming service All 4, which broadcasts exclusively in the United Kingdom. And while the platform is available for free (if you don’t mind occasional ads), it blocks visitors who aren’t endowed with a UK IP address.

Thankfully, that’s not a problem if you’re willing to purchase one of the best VPNs for streaming. These services can change your location and unlock exclusive content from other regions. You can enjoy foreign movies, TV shows, music, video games, and other forms of entertainment.

Furthermore, surfing the web without a VPN is like being a Naked Attraction participant, except your privates are exposed to everyone. Constant onlookers include your ISP (Internet Service Provider), network administrators, and nefarious hackers. Meanwhile, a VPN dresses you with unbreakable AES-256 encryption to hide your activities from prying eyes.

Investing in an ultra-secure VPN also prevents digital infectious diseases from malicious ads or malware. Some industry leaders can even keep your system clean by scanning incoming files. However, that may seem overkill if you only want to watch Naked Attraction abroad. And so, let’s move on to the matter at hand.

Best VPNs to watch Naked Attraction online

A VPN for Naked Attraction must fulfill a fair number of criteria if it’s to unlock the geo-blocked show and ensure a positive experience.

  1. Servers in the United Kingdom for granting a UK IP address
  2. A VPN kill switch to prevent exposure in case of disaster
  3. Flawless DNS leak protection to keep your IP address completely hidden
  4. Modern tunneling protocols for lag-free HD streaming
  5. Fully-featured apps for popular devices
  6. 24/7 customer support for swift assistance

Unsurprisingly, only the first criterion is essential. Still, the remaining ones will ensure you don’t encounter frustrations while indulging in Naked Attraction.

We tested numerous VPNs with Channel 4 to see which work best at exposing the coveted dating show to foreign audiences. Ultimately, we picked three providers that have different pros and cons. Check them all out before making a final decision.

1. NordVPN – ultimate Naked Attraction unblocker

Top VPN provider
Number of countries covered
Number of countries covered:
Number of servers
Number of servers:
24/7 live chat, Email
  • Mind-bendingly fast with NordLynx
  • Packed with top-of-the-line features
  • Excellent streaming performance
  • 10

NordVPN is the #1 VPN for unlocking Naked Attraction anywhere. The service commands a massive fleet of 6300+ servers across 111+ countries, allowing customers to attain any version of the dating show easily. Meanwhile, the proprietary NordLynx protocol will ensure lag or buffering issues don’t ruin your viewing experience.

Besides All 4, NordVPN is a top choice for unblocking BBC iPlayer, Netflix UK, ITV, and many other streaming services from the United Kingdom. You can utilize the VPN on almost any device you desire, including Android TV, Amazon Fire TV Stick, PC, and mobile devices. On the flip side, gadgets without VPN app support can enjoy geo-block removal via Smart DNS.

Complete access to Naked Attraction will set you back a mere $3.09/month. Check the available NordVPN coupon codes if you’re itching for greater discounts. And don’t worry about potential regrets because you can get a swift refund using the 30-day money-back guarantee.

For a deeper investigation of NordVPN, read our NordVPN review.

2. Surfshark VPN – well-rounded Naked Attraction VPN

Top VPN provider
Number of countries covered
Number of countries covered:
Number of servers
Number of servers:
24/7 live chat, FAQ
  • Infinite device connections
  • Wide-reaching server network
  • Blazing-fast using WireGuard
  • Some features cost extra

Surfshark VPN is a viable option if you’re looking for a provider to unblock Naked Attraction for an entire fan club of the show. One account permits unlimited connections and has over 3200 servers across 100+ countries for unlocking every conceivable version of the dating spectacle. Plus, you won’t notice any speed drops, thanks to the inclusion of WireGuard.

The service grants easy-to-use apps for practically every device that you can watch Naked Attraction on. For example, you’ll find Surfshark apps for desktop, mobile, browsers, Android TV, and Fire TV. Conversely, you can unblock foreign streaming content without using applications with the help of Smart DNS.

Acquire this VPN for a measly $2.29/month and enjoy Naked Attraction without geo-restriction issues. Don’t forget to snag a Surfshark coupon code to take advantage of the enormous discounts available. And remember about the 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re left unsatisfied.

For a deeper investigation of Surfshark VPN, read our Surfshark VPN review.

How we tested these VPNs to watch Naked Attraction

Here’s a detailed explanation of why some features are more important than others when considering VPNs for Naked Attraction.

  • Number of servers in the UK. A greater number of servers in the United Kingdom leads to more UK IP addresses, making it easier to unblock Naked Attraction abroad. Additionally, more servers have an easier time facilitating fast connection speeds.
  • VPN kill switch. Having your true whereabouts slip through because of an unexpected connection drop can potentially get your streaming account blocked. Thankfully, a high-quality VPN kill switch will prevent that.
  • Absence of DNS leaks. You’ll have no issues getting around geographical restrictions if your VPN connection is completely airtight and free of leaking issues.
  • Fast tunneling protocols. Tunneling protocols play a huge role in determining your connection speed. As such, we picked providers with the most modern technology available.
  • Apps for desktop, mobile, and streaming devices. A good VPN should be easy to set up on your preferred TV-watching vessel. Most VPN services offer fully-featured apps for computers, mobile phones, Android TV, and Amazon Fire TV platforms.
  • Router configuration files. If apps are unavailable, obscure streaming devices can enjoy VPN content-unblocking benefits via manual router configuration.
  • 24/7 customer support. The best VPNs on the market allow you to avoid time-consuming troubleshooting procedures by offering 24/7 customer support.

After careful consideration, we picked NordVPN as the ideal VPN for unblocking Naked Attraction abroad. So don’t hesitate to try it out as soon as possible.

Unlock Naked Attraction and other exciting UK shows with NordVPN, the best tool for bypassing geographical restrictions. Sign up today and rest easy, thanks to the 30-day money-back insurance.

9.8 /10
Breakneck speeds with NordLynx
Excellent streaming capabilities
30-day money-back guarantee

Where to watch Naked Attraction online

Naked Attraction has no shortage of international spin-offs to attract foreign audiences. This is great news for multiple reasons.

For starters, there’s likely a local alternative if you can’t access the original UK version. On the other hand, it also means you can unlock an endless supply of Naked Attraction episodes with a VPN service. Below is a glance at some of the most popular versions of the show.

Naked Attraction unblocked with NordVPN

How to watch Naked Attraction in the UK

The Naked Attraction version that started it all is free if you have a UK IP address. Then All 4, the online version of Channel 4, becomes available, and you can tune in simply by creating an account. The platform has exclusive access to all 11 seasons, meaning a VPN with UK servers is vital for die-hard fans abroad.

How to watch Naked Attraction in the US

Sadly, it’s impossible to watch Naked Attraction in the US without the help of a VPN. To make matters worse, there’s no American version to satisfy locals with a homebrew alternative. That means US residents have no choice except using a VPN to unlock the original or foreign Naked Attraction.

  1. Sign up for the best VPN with UK servers. Our findings suggest that NordVPN is #1 in this regard
  2. Download the VPN software on your main TV-watching device
  3. Connect to a server in the United Kingdom
  4. Open Channel 4 and enjoy Naked Attraction in all its unobstructed glory!

Watch Naked Attraction in USA

How to watch Naked Attraction in Canada

Canadian residents can enjoy the first half (5 seasons) of Naked Attraction on Hayu. Meanwhile, accessing the second half requires a swift VPN provider with servers in the United Kingdom.

  1. Purchase a well-performing VPN with servers in Britain. We recommend NordVPN to fulfill this task
  2. Install the provider’s app on your preferred streaming device
  3. Reroute your connection through a server in the UK
  4. Open the All 4 streaming service and enjoy Naked Attraction in Canada!

How to watch Naked Attraction in Australia

Australians can only indulge in 4 seasons of Naked Attraction locally on 9Now. On the flip side, gaining a UK IP address by changing your location with a VPN is the best way to catch up with the remaining seasons.

  1. Subscribe to a reliable VPN provider with hardware in the UK. Can’t go wrong with NordVPN
  2. Download the VPN app on your intended streaming device
  3. Gain a UK IP address by connecting to a server in the United Kingdom
  4. Visit All 4, log in, and watch Naked Attraction in its entirety!

Watch Naked Attraction in Australia

How to watch Naked Attraction in New Zealand

Only season 6 of Naked Attraction is available in New Zealand through the TVNZ+ streaming service. Unsurprisingly, that’s an unfortunate predicament if you want to watch all seasons of the show. As such, your best bet is to acquire a solid VPN to remove geographical restrictions on the All 4 streaming service and watch all seasons of Naked Attraction.

  1. Get a top-shelf VPN for removing geographical restrictions. We always reach for NordVPN
  2. Install the VPN software on your favorite TV-viewing gadget
  3. Pick the United Kingdom as your server connection option
  4. Open All 4 and watch Naked Attraction no matter where you are!

How to watch Naked Attraction on your devices

Unlocking the full Naked Attraction experience with a VPN will require a different approach, depending on your preferred viewing device. Here are some general guidelines for getting started on the most common streaming options.

How to watch Naked Attraction on computers (Windows, Mac)

Enjoying Naked Attraction on PC is pretty straightforward because most VPN services offer easy-to-install apps for Windows and Mac.

  1. Subscribe to a reliable and PC-friendly VPN service. Our top choice for any OS is NordVPN
  2. Download and install the VPN app for your device from the provider’s official website
  3. Log in to the application and connect to a server in the United Kingdom
  4. Open All 4 and enjoy Naked Attraction anywhere!

Watch Naked Attraction on PC

How to watch Naked Attraction on mobile (Android, iOS)

The process to unlock Naked Attraction on mobile is similar to PC, but you may need to take a few extra steps for foolproof unblocking.

  1. Purchase a VPN that’s compatible with your mobile device’s operating system. We recommend NordVPN
  2. Search for the VPN app on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store
  3. Download the application and log in with your credentials
  4. Reroute your connection through a server in the UK
  5. (optional) Create a new Google Account or Apple ID and set it’s home region to the United Kingdom
  6. Download the All 4 app which houses all seasons of Naked Attraction
  7. Log in with a free account and watch the dating show on the go!

Unlock Naked Attraction on mobile

How to watch Naked Attraction on streaming devices

Watching Naked Attraction with a VPN on the big screen can be difficult if your device doesn’t support VPN software. This drawback is relevant if you own a Roku, gaming console, Apple TV, or any other smart TV. But no need to fret because there’s a solution that works regardless of what type of gadget you use as your home theater. Here’s how it goes.

  1. Subscribe to a router-compatible VPN service. I’d use NordVPN as my home protector
  2. Download a UK server configuration file from your provider’s website
  3. Ensure your router supports manual VPN installation
  4. Open the router’s settings by going to or a similar IP address on your web browser
  5. Set up the VPN connection on your router
  6. Use another device to ensure your IP address and location changed
  7. Connect your streaming device to the router network
  8. Tune into All 4 and watch Naked Attraction on any streaming device!

Stream Naked Attraction on TV

Can’t watch Naked Attraction with a VPN: solution

Naked Attraction is feeling shy and won’t show itself even though you changed your location with a VPN to the UK? Here are some tips to get the ball rolling if something isn’t right.

  1. Check for IP and DNS leaks. Ensure details about your location aren’t slipping through IP or DNS leaks. Use third-party tools like to verify everything is solid.
  2. Connect to another server. There’s a chance your current server’s IP address is flagged by the streaming service and thus can’t bypass geo-restrictions. You can conveniently fix this by connecting to another server.
  3. Enable Stealth VPN. Another unlikely obstacle is the complete blocking of virtual private network traffic. You can bypass VPN restrictions by enabling VPN masking features. But remember that connection speeds will take a severe pounding due to the complexity of this technology.
  4. Update your software. Maybe your VPN is underperforming because it’s outdated. Ensure updates aren’t pending on your app and you’re using the latest version.
  5. Try different unblocking methods. The best thing about industry leaders is they provide multiple options for unblocking content. For example, Naked Attraction fans can try utilizing VPN browser extensions or other proxies to unblock the spicy dating show.
  6. Contact customer service. You’re free to delegate the troubleshooting to customer support agents to speed up the process.
  7. Pick another VPN. Consider switching to a more reliable streaming VPN if your current provider is struggling with Naked Attraction.

How to watch Naked attraction online for free

Some dating show enthusiasts might want to watch Naked Attraction online for free. Unfortunately, that’s quite an unlikely scenario because of the many drawbacks of free VPNs. Here’s a rundown of the most pertinent limitations.

  • Absence of UK servers
  • Extremely slow connection speeds
  • No streaming device apps or router configuration
  • Monthly data limits
  • Abysmal security features

The above-mentioned combination of downsides makes it almost impossible to watch Naked Attraction for free. However, all hope is not lost if you’re completely broke yet yearning for the controversial dating show.

A ray of hope glimmers in the form of free trial VPNs. These providers offer the complete package for a limited time without monetary requirements. Naturally, there are other terms and conditions you should pay attention to. However, it’s a path worth considering if you want to binge-watch a season of Naked Attraction in one week without paying a dime.

NordVPN, the #1 provider for Naked Attraction, offers a 7-day free trial on the Google Play Store. You can claim it using an Android device and then use the service without limitations. So don’t hesitate and unlock Naked Attraction anywhere.

Try out NordVPN

What you should know about Naked Attraction

Naked Attraction has been running for 11 seasons and shows no signs of stopping despite the numerous complaints from outraged viewers. Specifically, the broadcasting watchdog Ofcom receives complaints because of the show’s frontal nudity. However, Ofcom doesn’t see anything wrong because Naked Attraction is purely a dating show, features no sexual content, and is broadcast after hours.

The show’s format has one chooser and six potential matches. In each round more of the contestant’s bodies are shown while the chooser eliminates one candidate each time. The picker undresses to make the final choice once only two potential mates are left. After that, the winners go out on a date and provide feedback for the viewers.

International Naked Attraction spin-offs

Episodes of the original Naked Attraction have run dry? Try some of these foreign spin-offs to please your need for nudity! All you need is a VPN provider with servers in the appropriate region and access to a suitable TV channel or streaming service.

CountryName Channel
DenmarkDate mig nøgenTV 2
FinlandNaked Attraction SuomiDplay+
GermanyNaked Attraction – Dating hautnahRTL II
ItalyNaked Attraction ItaliaDiscovery+, NOVE, Real Time
NetherlandsUndress for LoveRTL XL
NorwayNaked Attraction NorgeDiscovery+, TVNorge
PolandMagia nagości. PolskaPlayer, Zoom TV
RussiaNaked Attraction RussiaOkko
SwedenNaked Attraction SverigeDiscovery+, Kanal 5


Witnessing Naked Attraction abroad in its entirety is possible only if you have a suitable VPN to remove geographical restrictions. The service must include UK servers, solid security features, and lightning-fast connectivity to guarantee a frustration-free streaming experience.

Spare no expense and purchase NordVPN, the top VPN for watching Naked Attraction anywhere.

Would you invest in a VPN to unlock all possible versions of Naked Attraction? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment!

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How to watch Naked Attraction in the US?

A VPN service is the only way to watch Naked Attraction in the US. It will grant you a UK IP address, which is necessary for accessing the All 4 streaming platform, home to all 11 seasons of the show. Furthermore, the platform has an ad-supported free version, meaning you only need to pay for a VPN for unblocking Naked Attraction.

How to watch Naked Attraction for free?

Naked Attraction is free in the UK because the All 4 streaming service doesn’t require a subscription. However, you’ll need a VPN to change your location to the United Kingdom if you’re elsewhere. You can temporarily utilize a provider’s money-back guarantee to unlock Naked Attraction for free. We recommend NordVPN and its generous 30-day money-back guarantee.

Can you watch Naked Attraction on Netflix?

No, Naked Attraction is completely unavailable on Netflix. Instead, you can view all 11 seasons for free on All 4, the UK-exclusive streaming service. Fans outside Britain can unlock the spicy dating show by changing their locations using a VPN for Naked Attraction.

What is the best VPN for Naked Attraction?

NordVPN is the ultimate VPN for unblocking Naked Attraction Abroad. It’s packed with hundreds of UK servers, provides top speeds with NordLynx, and is compatible with various streaming devices. You can sign up immediately to binge-watch Naked Attraction and get a refund via the 30-day money-back guarantee.

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